LIVE BLOG: Council April 7th

This is our last in-person council of the year! NOOO *cries*

This is also a super special fun time council, occurring at 2pm.

2:06pm: We are getting going with some super fun and quirky agenda revisions. Essentially, we’re doing some things out of order and correcting some errors.

SO we’re starting with action items.

First up, the Wordsmiths want some money to purchase snacks for their AGM/publication party. Requesting $28. It passes! That was easy!

Next up, the CSP Society is requesting $124.20 to print their journal on some higher quality paper. (Side note: It’s very hard to type with fake nails on). Michelle is here to motivate. She says that the fancier paper will make it very nice, and they’re also a couple pages over what they expected. She says the journal has already gone to print. This would make them more durable. Aidan says we still have $5000 left in society funding. They don’t pay until April 10th. It passes! Party!

A travel bursary! This one is for Bethany Hindmarsh to go to the Canadian Philosophical Association meeting in Ottawa. Sarah Clift will also be there! Total cost of the trip will be $745.42, and she is requesting a $100 bursary. Aidan moves to amend it to $200, saying that we still have 5 travel bursaries. The amendment passes. The motion passes. MONEY.

Now voting on the Scribe Honorarium. It’s $250 and she is cool and deserves it. It passes! GO GWEN.

2:19: Haritha reminds us that we can go in camera if need be.

Next up, honorarium for Emma Kenny, the Campus Safety Coordinator, also $250. It passes!

Another $250 honorarium! This one for the sustainability officer. It passes!

Now the honorarium for Alex Rose and Joe Fish, who are our two CUBE coordinators. $125 each. They work super hard and are generally cool. It passes!

OK, so now we are electing a person to the campus safety coordinator search committee, as one person has left the committee. Ali (Ally?) is a 2nd year GWST student and is involved with south house and more, Bethany has worked with the don team, has been a frosh leader, and sounds extremely knowledgeable and capable. Vote! Bethany Hindmarsh is elected! Slam dunk!


2:27pm: oral reports and goals of councillors!

Hannah Yapphe is up now! She hosted an info sesh for first year science students, but it had low turn out. Trying to sort out the best way to communicate with FYP Science students.

Meagan Norland says the j-school students had a celebration, working on getting a master’s student from China, and is meeting with some students interested in the journalism rep position for next year.

Melina Zaccaria is reporting now. Academic committee went well, DASSS AGM happened, EMSP and CSP doing journals, and has enjoyed writing her report (which is 5 pages long).

Joy Shand is our funky fresh new DSS rep! She was just elected president of the DSS. She also has cool hair. Everyone is excited about the year and they just had their AGM. Welcome to council.

My report! Prepping for board meeting mostly!

Fiona is now reporting. She is now the communications VP for the DSS and is excited to strengthen that relationship.



President Alex Bryant is up first. He calls out and names the misogyny we’re currently dealing with, and reminds all to take care of themselves. #fuckery. Presidential search committee has been meeting and has made a profile of an ideal president. He has also been working on the Senate Review Committee, which addresses the Dal/King’s relationship. The CTF continues to do nothing. At the upcoming board meeting we will be voting on lost of important things. Currently working on the hospitalities manager position. Grad week is also happening! The coordinators are rad (although there are only two this year)! Galley board still hasn’t met :””( Jacob Baker-Kretzmar asks why the task force would stop meeting, Alex says that they haven’t been doing what they need to and following the mandate. The task force is unfocused at the moment.

Now the other Alex, Alex McVittie, is reporting. She had to explain that ratification of societies must be done by students. Also met about the CUBE position and is getting some reports from societies. Wants to have a conversation about retention. Nervous about the general meeting. Awards night is in two days! Also cakes!

Aidan is up, reporting on $$$. She starts by calling out a ton of misogyny on dal campus- the instagram account and the graffiti. A statement was written on behalf of the union by her and also Sofia and some other folks. Also working on grad week! Finance committee is cool! Presidential search stuff happening as well. Vice-presidential review is also going on, working with Taylor on this. Budget Advisory committee keeps being postponed. Looks like a June budget will be released instead of an April one.

BUDGET TALK! Aidan has made a really cool sheet called “how to read the budget” #weareartsstudents. She has distinguished part-time and full-time students. Projected enrolment has dropped this year. Fees have sightly increased to account for inflation. Added a snack budget for councillors! The wardroom contingency fund has also been struck. Jacob asks about leftover money from this year. Aidan says we budget based only on enrolment projection because actuals are unknown and our bank account is “constantly in flux”.

Hannah Kaya’s EVP report is now, and although she isn’t here, Sofia is reading it out. Policy and Perogies meeting was cool! You can still sign postcards in the KSU office. The CFS-NS meeting is this weekend and a ton of KSU students are here. The South House AGM happened and is awesome. A lot of other things as well. Hannah is always working hecka hard.

Sofia Zaman is doing her communications report! General meeting! TWAK!


3:14pm Search Committee reports!

The Campus Safety Coordinator Search Committee will be here full-on later, but they essentially met once to talk about the role. Applications have been extended to tonight! Apply!

Sust Search! Matthew Green has been selected. He is goal oriented, wants to build strong community. We are waiting to vote on this until Aidan is done peeing. She’s back! Now we’re voting on hiring Matthew Green. It passes! Go Matthew!

Scribe search! They have selected Charlotte Sullivan as their recommendation for this year. She has been involved in the union and is a note-taker for FYP, has a good idea of what a scribe was, and is involved in the union. It passes! Holler. Charlotte is also one of my roommates and I can confirm she is rad af.

Kate Ashwood is being recommended for the CRO position. She has been involved with the union and is super committed to making voting accessible. It passes! Go Kate!

CUBE search committee! Alex Rose and Joe Fish are being recommended. We’re doing it in two separate motions, but I am lazy so THEY BOTH PASS! YAY SPORTS.

Orientation week coordinator search committee! This was hotly contested. Robin Brace, Meg Collins, and Allison Graham are being recommended. All sound hella rad. Voting time! It passes! FROSH

Chair search committee! There were two awesome applicants. They are recommending Gwendolyn Moncrieff-Gould. She has been our scribe for the last two years and has done it so so so well. She has lots of cool ideas and conflict resolution tips and more. Lots of experience in council. Voting time! It passes!

3:30pm: ADJOURNMENT!!!