LIVE BLOG: Winter General Meeting *snowflake emoji*




brb getting snacks

update: back. Got snacks. Still no quorum :””(

update: more snacks. more people. no quorum.

update: only need 8 more people until quorum! At that point I may stop crying but idk



7:56pm: Peter Howe, our knight in shining armour/old man just made quorum! Haritha, the raddest and baddest (in a good way) chair just called up to order!

What is a GM? It’s the most important meeting! Big ticket items! Everyone gets to vote! Your voice is important for the future of your union. Everyone has the same decision-making power here. Haritha is also going over some basic meeting how-to. People have every right to know what they’re voting on.

The computer behind Haritha awakes. It’s a tiled background some sort of muscular rock climber. Sofia Zaman is quoted as shouting “Oh no!”

We are talking about motions, not people. Keep your thoughts on your friends and enemies out of it.

Let’s get going!

We’ve adopted the agenda and are heading on to executive reports.

First up, Alex Bryant (our President). Two weeks ago, the KSU wrote letter in support of York and U of T’s teaching assistant unions. We celebrated bottled water free day. Presidential search committee: we got lots of student feedback! 8 page report! Students do not want another “white lawyer dude”. Voting on the profile of the ideal candidate at BoG meeting next week. College Task Force: hasn’t done anything useful since interim report. Staff review committee: looking at hospitalities manager and office and campaigns coordinator. The HM needs big revisions. Senate review committee: reviews whole relationship between Dal and King’s. Merging with Dalhousie is NOT on the table. If you have opinions about this stuff, look at the report and go to consultations centre. Working with new BoG reps (Me! And Taylor!) who are super cool! Lots of projects. First meeting on the 16th. Rampant misogyny: #fuckery. We made a statement about the recent Howe hall incident, and are happy to chat with y’all about this. Kyril points out you can also go to Kim Kierans, the University’s equity officer.

Next, Student Life VP! Alex McVittie! Changeover, she says, has been real cool. Goals: micro aggression seminars and consent workshops during frosh week, displaying student art, a society newsletter, organize alumni events, updating sick tray requests. Ratifying societies: SNARC and Night Sky Society (both cool af). Dodgeball tournament happened and raised over $400 for Halifax Humanities. Also reshaping CUBE coordinator position: Alex Rose and Joe Fish have been rehired. Working on keeping Peter Wilson room a student space. Academic committee: talked about retention. Awards night in the wardy tomorrow! 6 free cakes (huge gigantic cakes. 3 chocolate, 3 vanilla).

Financial VP Aidan is up! Rockin’ the blundstones. Changover has been smooth and lovely. Has learned a lot about weird day to day task- next up, big projects! Vice presidential review committee has also been meeting. Budget Advisory Committee: releasing a June budget. They are the committee that creates the University’s budget (not the KSU’s). Shoutout to Finance Committee! Sofia and Aidan went to a consent culture workshop, plus Consent+ day happened and was a huge success. They also released a statement on misogyny recently.

Hannah Kaya, chillin’ with dat blue hair, is up now. External VP. She has been busy with policy and perogies and the postcard campaign in general. We have over 220 signed now. Sign them in the KSU office. Red squares and banner in solidarity with Quebec students. Sust King’s also had a successful event with SEEDS. We are also working on getting better Memorandum of Understanding procedure. It is the document that determines the future of NS post-secondary. Face The Future policy document is related to this. It’s No Secret campaign: federal elections campaign. CFS-NS GM this weekend! A bunch of us are going! New Sust Officer was hired and Campus Safety Coordinator is being restructured. She also mentions that although the misogynistic events we’ve seen  have been at Dal, King’s is not isolated and we need to combat sexism and rape culture on all levels.

Sofia Zaman our cool Communications VP is up! TWAK: tried to do the first one on a FYP Monday #mistake. Social media is happening! KSU has a snapchat: @KSUnion. Sofia has been working on the website and social media in general. Everything is a party! Consent culture, also. Our statement on the misogyny is available at



First, we’re voting on having any motions we don’t get to (if we lose quorum) go to council. Kyril asks if we can lower quorum. We cannot. Quorum is 5% of our membership, in the bylaws. We cannot change the bylaws. It passes!

Budget! Now we are getting a super cool budget report by Aidan. She also made a fun helpful cheat sheet about how to read the budget. So this is a projected budget, first up. All our money comes from student dues, so it varies based on enrolment. This budget is based on projected enrolment.

We are all following along on the budget here, so uh I guess just visualize this? Levies are designated sums of money separate from the rest of the Union’s money. We have some levied groups, such as CKDU, South House, The Watch, WUSC and NSPIRG. The amount we pay them are non-negotiable and are determined through referendum. We also pay for orientation week with levies, along with societies. We found out that we do a ton of printing for societies, so we’ve increased the budget for this. We’ll talk about the wardy and galley later.

Fees! They have increased based on inflation. Cool. Part time students pay part-time dues. the yearbook has been abolished.

Expenses! We hire two people: the campaigns and services manager and the hospitalities manager. We also have our Union Hired Positions (UHPs). They each get paid $500. There are also honoraria to exec. We have committee budget lines (mostly for snacks), various banking and bookkeeping fees, supplies, etc. Awards funding has been cut (Alex bought 6 cakes because she had too much money. So like, avoid cake wastage.) There have been some funds shifted around in relation to campus safety and campaigns, but it all makes sense. Added a budget line called “special projects” so that students can make stuff happen even if they’re not a ratified society. With all things considered, we should finish with a $96 surplus.

Okay, so Aidan is giving some info on the galley levy. I look really trashy at the mo because I put on fake nails but only had time to paint my left hand so my right hand is just white plastic nails. Alex Bryant moves that the Galley levy be renewed, to be evaluated at next year’s winter AGM. Essentially, this same motion happened last year. We’re working on getting the galley to a point where it can operate without the levy, but that is not the case yet. In the long run, hopefully the business will be independent.

OK, time to vote on the motion to renew the Galley levy! Not the whole budget. The motion passes!

Time for budget debate. Claire asks about the HM salary. Seems like not enough will be budgeted for that cost. Aidan says this amy not be the right space to discuss it, as the hiring committee has not finished consulting and hiring.

Anika says she supports exec changeover budget being cut, but wants this to hopefully return in future years. Exec are underpaid.

Gabriel asks why 2014-15 projected numbers were used instead of actuals. Aidan says that the actuals will be available in the fall.

Taylor asks how the events budget was split up. Aidan says $400 for the main budget and $200 for study snacks.

Jacob asks about study snacks. Aidan says that the study snacks budgeted for here are different than the study snacks the res reps run.

Joy asks why levies are increasing when enrolment is decreasing. Aidan explains it in a way that makes sense but that I don’t think I can explain. Ask her about it!

Caitlin asks why the campus safety coordinator budget has gone into the campaigns budget. Aidan says that $300 is not a lot, this allows EVP and CSC to work together more closely.

Gabe asks what happens to the surplus money. Aidan says anyone can motivate to move it somewhere else in the budget. She says we also have a contingency fund if needed in the future for bigger needs.

Taylor asks for the rationale behind the special projects line. Why is this here? Is it needed? Aidan says that this was wanted this year by a number of students who didn’t have another way of getting funding.

Anika clarifies Caitlin’s question about the Campus Safety line: it makes sense to have them combined for this year as the position is reimagined.

Taylor asks why the University charges so much for our internet and phone. Aidan says she’s never seen the contract but will look into this.

Jacob says that we need to look at the exec honoraria. He says in the future we should consider putting aside $1000 so that the summer honoraria can be payed to both the FVP and the SLVP. Aidan agrees. Money is tight, but our exec deserve to be paid fair wages.

We vote on the budget and IT PASSES!!!!!! EVERYONE GETS MONEY!!!!!!!

The count is called and we are found to be 4 under quorum. We are taking measures to reestablish quorum!


As we attempt to reestablish quorum, the chacha slide blasts from our speaker system.


Sofia is reporting on Bylaw Revisions.

“Shall don’t mean shit” and other fun grammatical errors have been cleaned up. Also, residence reps have been renegotiated. Election policy has been updated. Sofia is always funny and cool. Environmental affairs committee has also been updated- members-at-large and detailed expectations. Memorandum of association created (idk legal stuff?) We get to see prepubescent Alex Bryant (you are missing a lot by not being at this meeting tbh). Campus safety coordinator and sustainability officer are now called “external ambassadors”

Anika asks if the changes to the environmental affairs committee will mean that we do not elect the members-at-large to the environmental affairs committee anymore. Haritha says yes.

Ali asks what exactly we are voting on. Sofia says the amendments to the bylaws.

Katy asks about the King’s residence leadership programme. How will the shift happen and what will the responsibilities be? Sofia says the residence leaders will have responsibilities like battle of the bays, etc. The res reps will communicate with council and help out, so the position has been divided.

Hannah asks for a point of personal privilege to get Alex’s creepy face off the screen

Jacob shouts out the rad work of the CRO and BRC.

VOTING TIME!!! It passes!

OK, so Taylor asks if we can adjourn and take the extra to council. Emma Morris and Jacob says the BRC and elections committee should really be elected here and now because they are committees of the union and are needed in September.

10:05PM Kyril calls the count. We have 51. Need 3 more. We have 10 minutes to reestablish quorum! WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE! JUST 3 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Electing the elections committee! They essentially make sure elections run smoothly and deal with rules being broken. Nominees are Jacob (worked on elections this year, can make posters), Emma Morris (was CRO last year and was awesome), Vicky Coo (would like to be get involved, is good at getting people involved), Kyril (Would like to be involved with the KSU), Thomas Goessart (was on elections committee this past year and really “stepped up to the plate”), Jessica MacIsaac (has student council experience and wants to be involved with the KSU), Ali Graham (she is super organized, organized the DASSS conference and is on south house board), Jake (was on elections committee, has experience). Voting time. We will elect 6 people and the 7th will be an alternate along with Kyril (if he is elected).

Elected: Ally, Vicky, Jacob, Emma, Jessica, Jake

Alternates: Kyril, Thomas

VOTING! It passes!

Okay! Next up Bylaw Review Committee! They do lots of cool, hard work on amending bylaws.

Nominees: Nick Harrison (Is new to KSu, but was an elections committee alternate. Excited!), Melina Zaccaria (was on BRC this year, good understanding of Bylaws, on council, knows lots, inot law and more), Curran McConnell (took legal writing course in high school and has some info in this area, going into math and csp, lots of policy ideas, committed to this school and community, bylaws allow us to work well in this community), Jacob (Was communications VP, chaired bylaw review committee, hugely familiar with this work, loves it, lots of history and background, wants to continue work the BRC did this year), Emma Morris (was CRO this past year, did lots of rewriting of elections policy, very interested in UHP policy and enjoys procedure), Gabriel Goodman (poli sci student at Dal, loves structure and rules, would be suited to small details, served on council first year and has background in this, wants to make union equitable, has enough time), Kyril (2nd year student, interested in campus life, good with grammar)

This is so hard omg so many qualified people and only 3 slots. Seriously wtf. Why are we all so cool. I want BRC to be gigantic to include all these peeps

Spaces field with Jacob, Emma, and Curran.

Voting time!

Gabriel asks if we can have alternates. Jacob says that elections is the only one with alternates. Everyone on BRCis allowed to be there even if they run for something. Can just elect people if one drops out. Kyril asks if we can have one alternate. Curran says we would need to add alternates to all then. Aidan moves to call the question. It passes. The vote happens immediately.

Main motion passes! GO BRC PEOPLE!

Alex Bryant motions to adjourn.

It passes!