LIVE BLOG September 27th

IMPORTANT THINGS: Consultation tomorrow at 3:30-5:30 in the red room with the committee on student fees. BE THERE. Even a reduced proposal is not acceptable. Any increase to tuition fees is unacceptable. There is also an assumption of a 3% increase on tuition fees every year that we need to deal with. Keep pushing against this. Fees are also increased by 3% even when there is no inflation applied to them.

This is, as Hannah Kaya as so nicely pointed out, my penultimate live blog. Probably.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this even is, it’s somewhere between The Watch’s live tweets (located HERE, def recommend) and the official minutes, which come out after council and are posted on the KSU official website (the website you are currently on. Wow.)

And we’re getting started at 10:10am, with the recognition of being on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory.

After a few adjustments to the agenda (Alex forgot to submit all her motions. A+)

10:12am Councillor reports!

Taylor (Board of Governors rep) starts off. He did a presentation about the BOG at the town hall. Seems like students are really jazzed to learn more about the BOG

I was next, and mentioned the CTF and the upcoming board meetings. I couldn’t make it to the town hall.

Hannah (Science rep) couldn’t make it to the town hall either. She was “in the lab”. I do not know how science works. Excited to work with new science rep.

Joy is reporting on the Day Students’ Society (Here is their facebook page). The piano has been approved and can be moved from the chapel to the wardy! They also purchased a vacuum that societies can use to clean up the wardy after their events! I love the DSS! Also desperately need a new ice machine, trying to find funding. Attempted to hire a Chief Returning Officer (CRO) but the person did not show up. Nominations open, set to close on Tuesday. RUN FOR POSITIONS ON THE DSS!!!! IF you are a day student!!!!!! Maritime night October 15th! Trivia starting soon! Joy has also joined a subcommittee of the Campus Master Planning Committee that will be dealing with non-resident student spaces.

Melina (Arts rep) is up! So stoked on the town hall. Also went to the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Annual General Meeting: rearranged their budgeting system, which means they can get more funding. Started meeting with heads of upper year programmes, excited to help out whoever comes into the arts rep position.

Alright! 10:22 and we’re on to exec reports.

Alex Bryant, the prez, is up first. His report outlines the timeline of the committee on student fees. Hopefully we can go into the consultation session with vigor. 2 main things: Any increase on fees for FYP is unacceptable and we are tired of consultation that leads nowhere. GO TO THE CONSULTATIONS and SPEAK UP. Click here to see Alex’s letter to the board regarding the tuition increases. The committee on student fees is meeting at 2:30, immediately before the consultation.

Presidential search committee is working hard. The short list will be public around November.

The incidents of sexual harassment and indecent exposure. There were so many that Alex couldn’t even find all the police reports. A week ago there were 5 back to back. If you see reports like this, share it to the KSU facebook page, share it amongst yourselves.

Taylor mentions that George comes up a lot in discussions about tuition and it would be a good idea to let everyone know about presidential search.

Alex McVittie, Student Life VP is up now! Reporting on Campus Master Planning Committee (CMPC). Residences are top priority. Angel’s roost got updated. Recruitment is affected by our bad residences. PLan for the new bays: widened hallway, bays all connected, floor-style living rather than bay-style, common area with no walls on each floor, don on each floor. Apparently we do not know where our property actually ends, which makes it tricky to install an elevator. So, because it’s pretty much impossible to make bays accessible, we want to focus on making Alex Hall really really accessible. Doing the bay renovations would require closing the entirety of residence for a whole year, so it’s kinda tricky.

Athletic wear is on its way! Excited excited!

Town hall was super successful. Remember to go to the consultation on Monday. Very important to hear students advocating for themselves.

10:37, aka time for Aidan to finance VP it up. She sent her first fax.

Town hall and federal election are related here. Tuition is an election issue, and it’s a discussion that needs to be had at the federal, provincial, and college level.

Finance committee! We should work on a more comprehensive financial policy for our union. Hoping to work on this all year. We vote through all our funding requests, whereas some unions don’t. Let’s have a more broad policy to work under. Spend responsibly. At the GM, there will be elections to finance committee! Next week on Wednesday! Come and join finance committee!

DC things: DC is the company that our ATM is from. Our surcharge is $2 for now, hopefully it will not go up.

Excited to be able to change honoraria to make exec positions more accessible.

Our enrolment is 1014 this year, which is lower than our projection. We needed to change the budget to find around $4000. Minor changes: didn’t need to spend as much on sexual health products (leftovers from last year), added $100 for menstrual products, reducing amount of people going to CFS national meeting, reducing contingency line. (THIS IS THE BUDGET. LOOK AT IT. THINK ABOUT IT. TALK ABOUT IT. FEEL LIKE YOU KNOW MATH)

Joy points out that the ATM fee is $2.50. Aidan says she will look into that.

Taylor asks if there has been talk of changing up the ATM? Aidan says nah, not really. If anyone has concerns about the ATM email!

10:49 Hannah, External VP is up now! We’ve been registering a lot of people to vote! Yay!

Dal is having a student issues debate on Sept 28th. Meet at the flagpole at 6. (Green, Liberal, NDP will be there!) Student leaders will be moderating the debate! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EVENT.

Talk to Hannah about signing up for tabling!

Went to cats against catcalling event, could have been better attended but went well.

Princess Mononoke screening with SustKing’s

Lots of interest especially from first year students RE tuition increases. Let’s remember to stay in touch with students after consultation.

Okay! Sofia Zaman is up! Bylaw review committee has been super super rad. Amendments coming through at the GM.

Nominations for councillor positions are open until midnight on Friday!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE RUN!

10:55 time for Jenn to report on hospitalities! She is the new Hospitality Coordinator!

She’s been working on HR, contracts, and suppliers. She also implemented square Point of Sale on an iPad, which will be super super useful. This month is something of a test. If you see flaws, let us know and be cool.

Working on making payroll smooth and creamy like galley coffee.

Managed to collect the levy!

New menu items!

New suppliers! New cucumbers! They are a hit! Keeping things local and seasonal!

Added ethernet cables!

Opened the wardy for a couple of private events over the summer, which went well. The summer was very exciting and difficult. The KSU exec have been super awesome.

Joy mentions that all the MFA students LOVED the galley while they were here for their program.

Sofia asks Jenn to talk about new menu items: Got a confection oven! Can roast root vegetables. Make own soup someday! Roasting own tomatoes and garlic! Trying to do a sandwich a week (maybe a month). Smoked salmon on bagels and in grilled cheese! omg omg omg these sound so good. The produce will be based on local, sustainable things. Trying to buy seasonal veg. Holy heck what are y’all doing get the galley right now.

Alex mentions how awesome Jenn is.


11:02 ACTION ITEMS!!!!

A couple travel bursaries:

Hannah Barrie is requesting a $100 travel bursary to go to a ringette championship. Apparently ringette is kind of like hockey? It passes!

Rebecca Steele is requesting $100 to attend the Memorial University debating tournament. Aidan is talking to Sodales about how best to apply for travel funding. It passes!

Alrighty, now Contemporary Studies Programme is requesting $250 to contribute to a speaker’s fee for a lecture on Bob Dylan on October 14th (So cool?). Melina mentions that this came to the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society and was rejected twice. Alex says this event is not from a society and is not by or for students. We cannot fund academic social life. It was proposed by a retired professor and shouldn’t take money from our society funding. It could be a “swell event” but “there are lots of swell events.” Joy also speaks up, saying that if departments need our funding to pay for their events that is super lame and bad. In the future lets talk about events that are cohosted or not run by King’s students. Aidan responds, saying that it is sad that Across The Board cuts actually affect us this much that a department cannot pay for its own events; it indicates a bigger issue. The motion fails.

11:15 Society ratification! We omnibus the motions, but they concern King’s Record, Dance collective, Young Alexandra Society, Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble, King’s Tabletop Gaming Society, Blue Devils Hockey, and the Wordsmiths. These are all super cool n fun societies! They all pass!!!!!!!!

11:19 New Business

Aidan is “informally tasked” with compiling info about travel bursary policy!

Adjourned. Peace out. See you on the flipside. Go the the galley. Fight the power.