LIVE BLOG: Fall GM (Hogwarts Theme!)

Hey there!

It’s your main homie, Zoë and I’m back atcha with another smooth n juicy live blog!

Just ate a great apple. We’re halfway to quorum (the amount od people we need to have this meeting) in the wardy, so if you’re reading this and are not in the wardy, I highly recommend joining us!

I also realized that I lied to all of you last live blog. I claimed it was my penultimate, but I think that this one is in fact that. Which is sad (bc liveblogging gives me something to do during council) but also super exciting because it means that a new Member-at-Large will be elected soon!!!!!!!! (For those of you who aren’t aware, the live blog is usually written by the member-at-large, but when I was elected BOG rep I just kept doing it as there is currently no member-at-large. BUT NOW YOU CAN BE THE NEW MEMBER AT LARGE!!! OR ARTS REP!!! OR SCIENCE REP!!! OR J SCHOOL REP!!! OR RESIDENCE REP!!! OR FIRST YEAR REP!!!! PICK UP NOMINATION FORMS OUTSIDE THE KSU OFFICE OR CONTACT KATE ASHWOOD AT CRO@KSU.CA)

7:13 and we’re still waiting on quorum! *HARRY POTTER THEME SONG PLAYS*

7:17 WE MADE QUORUM!!!!!

We begin by acknowledging that we are on unseated Mi’kmaq territory and by getting a really cool rundown on Robert’s Rules of Order from Gwen, our awesome chair!

Then our agenda and minutes are adopted!

Now onto exec reports!

Alex Bryant is kicking thing off. He has a lightning bolt scar on his head! it’s the boy who lived! HE’s also the president! The exec has been in office for 6 months and 3 weeks. Today he will focus on all the ass we’ve been kicking about tuition things. Yesterday the Chronicle had an article about us! It was also picked up by the NDP! Some of the senior admin team are very upset because we are winning: the initial proposal was to increase FYP tuition by $1000 over three years. Now they want to wait a year and then push it through. We are going to be beat this. We are going to ask you for things in the next 15 days (before the next board meeting): maybe stand places, maybe write things. Stay tuned!

Alex McVittie is wearing a very large T Shirt and looks great! She is our VP Student Life!!! Her duties around academics, societies, and athletics (new athletic wear this year)! This year she wants to provide more athlete support, meet more frequently with academic committee, create better training for society executives!

Now it is Aidan! She is our Finance VP and has great freckles! Starting in September, things have been wrapping up in terms of financial statements. Hoping to move on to cool projects!!! Wants to teach people how to budget and use the union’s services, including building up a travel bursary policy. Fighting the battle on tuition fees is a struggle that really never ends!

Hannah Kaya is up! Cool boots! External VP! She begins by introducing herself as Student Life VP! Good job Hannah! 2 actions we did last year: sent a bunch of postcards to admin demanding a more sustainable financial plan AND did a board of governor’s action where we told the board what high tuition means for them! In June she represented King’s at the Canadian Federation of Students national meeting! ELECTIONS ARE COMING UP! See the top of this live blog for info!!

Sofia Zaman is here!!!!!! She is Communications VP and has a point-form list! She does TWAK and also chairs bylaw review committee. Will do an elections report this year to say what has gone well and what needs to change. Nominations packages outside the KSU office! Due this Friday at midnight!


7:33 Our first action item is that if we lose quorum at some point during this meeting then we can do the rest of these motions at council. HOPEFULLY we do not have to do this. Voting time: it passes!

Alex also lets us know that at 8 this room becomes a bar so we may be stamped. Stamps are fun.

Okay, now we’re on to the budget! Aidan is (of course) at the helm of this as FVP!

The draft budget was passed at the spring GM, but this uses the actual enrolment rather than projections. This is a guideline as to how the union will spend its money, not necessarily an exact report on what is in out bank account. Levies are dues that we pay to our levied societies (south house, ckdu, etc.) which are voted on by referendum and we do not have control over. Union dues are the amount of money each student pays to the union.

We budgeted for 1050 students, last week we had 1014, and now we have 1027! So we’re doing an amendment to the motion to reflect our actual enrolment. Aidan is doing “some excel fun stuff” Budget stuff: (bullet points!)

  • Levies: we cannot change these
  • Health and dental plan: we cannot change this
  • Society funding
  • Canadian Federation of Students fees: we also cannot change this
  • Salaries for our two staff people:
  • Campaigns and Services Coordinator: runs our health plan and office
  • Hospitalities Manager: manages the wardroom and galley
  • Fixed fees like bank account fees, audit and bookkeeping fees
  • Contingency line: we have cut our contingency line because of decreased enrolment
  • Sexual health products cost less this year! Yay!
  • Decreased travel and conference budget to cut costs. We will only be sending two representatives to the CFS national general meeting this year
  • Wardroom contingency fund was cut because they have their own
  • We currently have a surplus of $1 358 in our budget

Now we’re voting on amending the budget to reflect our actual numbers of students. It passes!

Jacob moves to increase each exec honoraria by $200, which would use up $1000 of our surplus. Alex Bryant speaks against this amendment, saying that we should put the money in contingency instead to absorb dues when people drop out.

Another student asks why Jacob put this forward. Jacob says that this fund should be constantly increasing because it makes the positions inaccessible. They do a lot of work and should be paid fairly.

We vote on the amendment. It is defeated.

Aidan proposes an amendment, saying that $200 should be moved to exec changeover and the rest of the $$ should be moved to the contingency fund. It passes!

Now we vote on the full budget! It is adopted! WE DIS SOMETHING!

8:05 Another motion! This one is that exec honoraria be payed in 6 instalments (each month) rather than twice (each term). Bylaw review committee changed this! This makes the positions much more accessible.

(I am going pee brb)

(I am back from pee hello)

Alex Bryant is making an amendment to the motion saying that we do not have to approve the $$ at council but it will instead just be payed out every month. This is important because if someone was to not fulfil their duties they should be impeached, not not paid. The amendment passes!

Gwen clarifies that all our exec are paid honoraria. They are technically and legally volunteers. Wowie zowie!

8:21 Okay! Now we’re electing people to finance committee! Finance committee recommends funding requests from societies to council and also does policy work. Plus they get to hang with Aidan on the regular! So fun and quirky!!

Quorum is called and we still have quorum! Sofia begins to cry.

Nominations are open!

Katie Buckley (She is a very organized and thoughtful person. When she was a child, she made budgets for fun. She would make a great member of the finance committee), Nuala Polo (Was part of finance committee last year, great intuition about funding requests, valuable to have people with experience and ideas of precedent), Joy Shand (Served on finance committee last year, had a lot of good time, sits on council as the Day Students Society president, has lots of institutional memory), Charlotte Sullivan (Currently KSU scribe, has bookkeeping experience, experience with budgets, wants to be a part of more committees), Helen Lee (Second year student, studying economics, very pragmatics, great ideas, listens to opinions and comes out with good compromises), Vicky McEwen (Second year student involved with KTS and many KSU societies, interested in finding out more about things going on on campus and about how society funding works), Liam Doherty (Second year student, never been on a committee, wants to start off here. Best way to get involved is to just step right in, would like to further understand how finances work at King’s), and Brenda Wambui (CSP psychology student, has run a business where she was responsible for 20 payroll, keeps it all accurate. Wants to be involved in the KSU) are the nominees!

Voting is a long and fun process. Sofia is not great at counting but she is trying her best for sure.

Katie Buckley, Joy Shand, Nuala Polo, and Brenda Wambui are elected to the position!

8:39 We’re now filling a few spots on academic committee! They represent academic concerns of the membership, approve curriculum changes.

Rach Klein (works on SNARC, which is SUCH a good committee, works on making curricula v v v representative and awesome, super organized and great in meetings), Hannah MacDougall (cares a lot about academic future of King’s, wants to make sure everything stays cool, keep the community atmosphere around FYP, increase community aspect of upper year programmes, is involved with other societies on campus), Gabriel Goodman (Been at King’s a long time, has been first year rep, has been involved in the union and the CFS, interested in consulting with all programmes and advocating based on their interests, pays attention to social justice and representations, wants to work in solidarity with staff at King’s and with King’s students who don’t take any classes at King’s), Katy Weatherly (Passionate about curriculum and all the academic life that King’s has to offer, believes in listening to diverse voices and listening to people throughout all traditions, does “love her Plato” so wants to strike a balance between the famous people and the less-represented authors), Danielle McCreadie (lives and breathes King’s! She is the second person to do a combined honours between journalism and EMSP, works at the bookstore, great human), and Kyril Wolfe (Third year classics student, works patrol, “a bit of an asshole”, involved in community life at King’s, wants to listen to students concerns and present them to the committee) are the nominees.

Rach Klein, Hannah MacDougall, and Danielle McCreadie are elected tot he position.

A motion to task the bylaw review committee with doing a report on when by-elections should be held (especially in relation to fall-elected councillor positions). It passes!