LIVE BLOG: Council October 18



Jk it’s not an emergency, we just missed some funding requests or something.



3:31 – We’re starting!!!!!!!!!!!

The agenda is so short lol.

Zoe is explaining why this meeting is happening—filing error in the office!! These funding requests were put in the wrong mailbox. Zoe felt this was unfair, so we’re meeting again to approve them! Thanks councillors! You rule! It’s Monday at 3:30!

3:33 – 2.1 FR: Le Salon, $23 contingent for snacks for some meetings. Motion passes.

3:34 – 2.2 FR: Le Salon, $112 contingent for partial funding for eight students to see a Live from the MET showing of Don Giovanni on Oct 22. I asked if there’s precedent for sending students to see shows. Zoe said she’s not sure, there is definitely precedent for ‘covering costs’. Aidan also supports it, this is a niche event and Le Salon has been very modest in the past and it’s great that they’re now leaving the quad! Cedric says Le Salon is “frigging awesome”. Curran would like to know what the connection is between this show and Le Salon. Zoe says that the show is in French. Part of Le Salon’s mandate is to see operas, she’s quoting their constitution and it sounds super legit. Motion passes.

3:37 – 2.3 FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $248.97 for costs of McNabs Island Hike and overnight trip for 20 students on Oct 22-23. Some of these students will stay over and camp. These costs are for boat rentals/fees to get to the island, and tent rentals and some snacks. This FR would put K-OSS over the $1000 mark for funding this year. They’re also under-budget so far though, and one of these events may not happen. Zoe is talking to them about it regularly. Brennan is asking re: budgeting, how much more money Zoe expects K-OSS to request this year. She says they do want to do a lot, may also work with other working groups to spread out funding between sources.

I have 17 tabs open!!!!!!

Curran is wondering, re: this $1000-mark thing, if there’s some kind of limit, or how much societies usually use. Zoe says she doesn’t have stats on this, it varies enormously by society, this request isn’t out of the ordinary it’s just a lot. JS points out that there should maybe be some sort of framework for these kinds of questions, she loves this event and supports it but wants to make sure that this kind of thing remains sustainable. Aidan points out that society funding doesn’t allocate money per-society, no one is entitled to any, it’s up to the FVP to spread it out over the year. Motion passes.

3:47 – Adjourned!! WHAT A BREEZE!