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Minutes from Council on October 16

Minutes from Council on October 18

Executive Reports


Fun and Relatable Introduction for the Readers

Council time! M@L Jacob here, feeling good feeling great. This week I’m very excited because I created a keyboard shortcut on my computer that automatically inserts the current time, so that I can timestamp the live blog as I go along without having to check the time manually. 7:21:22 PM. See! I’m getting this ready the night before!


Agenda and Minutes

10:06:45 AM. We’re starting! No changes to the agenda or the minutes, both are approved!


Councillor Reports

10:07:44 AM. Lianne is organizing a newsletter and working on study snacks.

I have been meeting with Aidan and I went to Bylaw Review Committee and Finance Committee. Fun stuff!

FG worked on a banner and on tabling on postering and she’s going to a Dal Science Society meeting tomorrow (SPOOOOKY) and also she’s doing a science newsletter and will send out the first one soon! Also she’s going to do a meet and greet with science students after reading week and it will involve SLIME.

10:10:25 AM. Drew is also working on a newsletter and trying to get in touch with the heads of arts societies (SORRY DREW I’LL REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL ASAP).

Curran and Liam are working on a letter that they can’t really tell us a lot about right now!

Lucia met with other res reps and is organizing a ‘cue cards with cocoa’ event so that res students can study for midterms before the DAY OF ACTION this week.

10:11:55 AM. Riel’s been doing DOA stuff and working on this event with Lucia too. After the Day of Action he’s going to work on promoting the ISIC!


Exec Reports

See the link at the top of the page for PDFs of the full reports!

10:13:01 AM. Aidan went to a student-government roundtable, the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education only stays at these for 15 minutes, WTF?? It’s a student-government roundtable not a student-government speed-dating round, KELLY.

Wu-Tang night was cancelled earlier this week, Aidan’s explaining that this is one incident within a larger reality of systemic racism on campus, and the KSU is committing to taking action on this in a few ways, including anti-oppression training for Wardy staff, working with racialized students on campus to find solutions and meet their needs, and hosting a community forum to discuss issues of racism and cultural appropriation. People with questions or who want resources can email Aidan at

Last year’s grad week coordinators recommended that no grad week coordinators be hired this year and that the SCC do this organizing work.

The fifth annual Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture will be given by Joseph Boyden!

10:21:23 AM. Brennan has written “#AllOutNov2” six times at the top of his report. He’s excited for students to take action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brennan met with me to change over Member at Large! This was super brief but useful! Thanks B!

Brennan says the best things in life are free and education is pretty great so it should be free!

10:26:40 AM. Zoe is whizzing through her report!

We had an extra Council meeting on October 18 because there were some late funding requests.

Zoe’s going to the National General Meeting of the CFS near the end of November. The KSU is submitting a motion condemning the Chronicle Herald’s use of scab labour and resolving to donate $500 to the strike fund. Apparently the CH has been targeting King’s journalism students to work as scabs, eww.

10:29:43 AM. Gina is focused on the Day of Action.


10:33:05 AM. JS is reporting briefly she’s been awake for a long time. There are lots of handbooks left in the office! Come get one!


Orientation Week Coordinators Report


10:34:54 AM. Jon Brown Gilbert is here to present this report. The other coordinators are Sam Cotton and Verity Thomson.

I have now seen / been involved with 4 orientation weeks and their subsequent reports, and in my humble opinion this is by far the best and most thorough report I have ever seen, which is refreshing! They have detailed every step they took and every event that happened during the week. It’s also worded like a changeover document, with suggestions and reminders for what to do next year, which is awesome. Read the whole thing when I upload it!

Orientation Week registration was way higher than expected, they ran out of everything. Some NSCAD students in res registered too which helped. Jon’s not sure why these numbers were so good. They promoted a lot on social media but most of their engagement here was from upper year students… He said that the personal follow-up phone calls and the digital mailout they made direct contact with a lot more people and were able to answer people’s questions right away.

Seriously come back and read this whole report it’s really really good. Aidan is saying this out loud, “hats off to the coordinators for this.” She’s shouting out people interested in being coordinators next year because there’s an awesome foundation now!

Jon’s confirming as well that there’s awesome digital infrastructure now in Google Docs etc., there’s a folder with documentation for every section of this report.


Action Items

FUR 7.1 BIRT the King’s Foreign Film Society receive $33 in contingent funding to purchase bread and cheese for a screening of Day for Night on November 1st. FC (Finance Committee) recommends approval.

10:47:21 AM. This film is in French! Motion passes.

FUR 7.2 BIRT the King’s Wordsmiths receive $25 to purchase a gift card to the King’s Bookstore as a prize for a 6 Word Story Competition that ends November 21st. FC recommends approval.

10:48:10 AM. This is our first funding request from the Wordsmiths this year. Can I just jump in here and say that this competition is an AWESOME idea and I can’t wait!?? The stories will be published in their journal, the Octopus. They’re expecting 15 entries. JS loves this request and supports it a lot. Motion passes.

FUR 7.3 BIRT the Dal/King’s Fashion Show Design Society receive $1000 in non-contingent funding to help cover the costs of putting on their Vaudeville Fashion Show Fundraiser on March 5th. FC recommends amendment.

10:49:59 AM. There are people from Vaudeville here. Zoe’s talking first though.

This motion was tabled from last Council so that we could get more info re: number of King’s students, attendance, ticket sales, and charity. About 7 King’s students directly involved, usually 20-30 attend, charity this year is Laing House, event usually raises $1,500.

Charlotte and Courtney here to talk about this. So far this year there are 20 King’s students involved, it sounds like there are more interested. They have been trying to reach out to King’s students, did a FYP announcement, reached out to some societies directly, working on being very inclusive. Written in to TWAK, in touch with King’s Photography Society, etc.

This year’s charity is Laing House, Halifax drop-in centre for youth living with mental illness and mental health issues. 100% of the ticket sales from the show go directly to the charity. Tickets are $10 (previous years higher), first 50 tickets are $5, this is basically a donation directly to charity so they feel it’s fair and accessible.

Zoe thanks them for coming, is adding financial background. Total event budget is about $3,500, requesting $1,000 from KSU and getting other funding from DSU and Dal After Dark. Last year Council approved $1,000 and the year before $500. FC wasn’t sure if $1,000 makes sense for the KSU given the level of involvement of King’s students.

I’m asking about ticket sales and attendance numbers, wondering how much they’re expecting to raise for Laing House this year from ticket sales. Courtney says $1,500-$2,000.

Aidan is talking now, she says this is a great event and she’s stoked it’s happening. The show happens in the McInnes Room in the Dal SUB, this costs about $2,000 to book out for this event. She’s wondering if they’ve thought about other venues that could be cheaper. Charlotte’s explaining that they hosted it at a hotel and it cost even more—every DSU society can rent the McInnes Room once for free which is what they do, this cost is for tech and to pay people to staff the room for that event. They’ve looked into it and this is actually the most cost-effective way to do it. Also it’s way more accessible on campus.

I asked what their backup funding plan is if we don’t approve their full request. They’re saying they’ve funded it personally as an Executive in past years (UM??) and that they refuse on principle to take funds out of the ticket sales, which are donated to charity. They’ll work their butts off and fundraise through the whole summer if they have to. In the past they’ve paid bills themselves and had to be paid back, this year for the first time they have money to pay these things from society funds.

11:04:09 AM. Gina’s concerned about how much of the society funding budget line this funding request would make up.

Zoe: about $15k in society funding this year, $4k allocated so far, at about $11.5k (I know those numbers don’t work, I’m trying my best here). This funding request makes up about 10% of our remaining society funds.

Aidan’s wondering how they’re doing DSU funding, how this works, how much they’re getting. Courtney says they’ve also asked for $1,000 and are trying for a $1,500 sponsorship. They won’t know about this until the end of January.

11:06:43 AM. Aidan is in favour of this motion in full, but says there’s a structural issue here, we just can’t afford to fund such a large portion of this event. The society should work to partner with the DSU so that they can cover more of this, Aidan wants this event to happen but for people to work to make it work better with our budget. Motion passes.

11:08:40 AM. We’re in recess for 9 minutes.

Overheard while in recess, Brennan brainstorming for the Day of Action playlist: “Boy Problems but in brackets ‘and by boy I mean fees.'”

Having trouble getting up on this rainy Sunday? Here’s Kevin Spacey disguised as Kevin Spacey.


FUR 7.4 BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $160 in non-contingent funding to purchase wine and cheese for the launch of their journal Babel on November 2nd. FC recommends approval.

11:17:46 AM. We’re back! This request was also tabled at last Council bcs there wasn’t a detailed budget and they didn’t have alcohol approval. We now have this better breakdown, it’s mostly wine and cheese. Let’s be honest, it’s mostly wine.

EMSS is also using some of their own money and some money from the faculty.

Zoe: we have three funding requests coming up from EMSS, going to speak to them together here for some context. They currently have enough in their bank account to use $45 for this funding request and $100 for the trivia night request and still have $125 left. Zoe’s explaining that we don’t like societies keeping money in their accounts over time, this money is the Union’s not the society’s and they should spend through it.

FC discussed amending one of their requests to account for this bank account balance, this will come up in more detail later.

EMSS is expecting about 60 people at this event, drinking about 350mL of wine each. We are getting super specific about alcohol quantities this year and I love it.

Aidan confirms that yes, this is last year’s edition of BabelMotion passes.

FUR 7.5 BIRT EMSS receive $500 in non-contingent funding to print 75 copies of the journal Babel. FC recommends approval.

11:23:16 AM. These journals will cost $6.66 each, says Zoe: “OMINOUS!”

Gina asks why this couldn’t be contingent, I explain that the bill for a journal is huge and no one student should have to pay it, Zoe adds that in the past the KSU has paid these invoices directly and this is something we could look into. Motion passes.

FUR 7.6 BIRT the Contemporary Studies Society receive $284.14 in contingent funding to purchase drink tickets, snacks, and prizes for a Trivia Showdown being co-hosted with EMSS on November 22nd in the Wardroom. FC recommends approval.

11:25:26 AM. This item and the next one are connected. CSS and EMSS are hosting a huge fun trivia night! I’m explaining this event—it’s going to rule!! This amount is a maximum based on registration numbers.

Aidan asks what the maximum cost of this entire event is. Zoe is reading numbers, the maximum cost of the entire event in total is $945. Both societies are asking for contingent funding and putting their bank account balances towards it too. Motion passes.

FUR 7.7 BIRT EMSS receive $292.50 in contingent funding to purchase drink tickets, snacks, and prizes for a Trivia Showdown being co-hosted with CSP Society on November 22nd in the Wardroom. FC recommends amendment.

11:30:48 AM. Zoe’s explaining this, it’s the same event, the number is different because the societies have different bank account balances. EMSS’s reported bank account balance was wrong (I WROTE BOTH THESE FUNDING REQUESTS IT WAS MY FAULT, SORRY Y’ALL) so Zoe is suggesting amending this motion down by $100 to $192.50.

Aidan’s wondering if this money had been allocated for something else. Consensus seems to be that it hasn’t, or if it has they will apply for more funding later in the year.

Curran asks if anyone from EMSS knows about this amendment. Zoe says she doesn’t think so. I note that I wrote both these funding requests and I know about it. Lol.

Aidan suggests we keep it at the full amount if we’re not sure. JS adds that our next Council meeting is before the event so they could ask for more. Zoe suggest we do amend it down because there’s a lot of funding being allocated here. Amendment passes ($192.50).

JS asks what we’ll do for drinks if there are underage team members. I hadn’t thought of this, but I assure everyone that we will make sure they get something! Motion passes as amended ($192.50).

FUR 7.8 BIRT the Arts Abstract receive $99.75 in contingent funding to pay for film and developing for Shots on a String, running throughout the year in the Wardroom. FC recommends approval.

11:39:55 AM. This has been running for a while and it’s awesome! I also submitted this request haha. Requesting funding for 5 rolls of film and developing costs.

I’m explaining more, it’s really fun and has been great! We’re going to attach it somewhere, probably near the garbage?

Brennan is in favour, says this is one of the most inventive uses of society funding he’s seen. Thanks again B! Motion passes.

HON 7.9 BIRT that Sam Cotton receive the second half of his honorarium as Orientation Week coordinator for 2016.

11:43:39 AM. Aidan’s speaking to these. It’s weird that we do these individually, it’s very much a team effort. These motions are coming to Council now because up until now things weren’t fully concluded, like their report and other wrap-up. Aidan suggests that we release all of these honoraria!

Aidan: Sam had incredible energy and was a joy to work with. He was in charge of logistics which can be dry but he made it fun! He put in loads and loads of hours.

Brennan notes that the honoraria are $1,500 each, paid half during the summer and half now, so these motions are for $750 each. He also reiterates that Sam is awesome.

Aidan’s correcting the honoraria amounts, it’s not exactly $1,500 according to an agreement made with the coordinators in their contracts based on how much time each of them spent in Halifax this summer.

Zoe adds that the total amount budgeted for these honoraria is the same, it’s only the distribution that’s different. Motion passes.

HON 7.10 BIRT that Jonathan Brown Gilbert receive the second half of his honorarium as Orientation week coordinator for 2016.

11:48:20 AM. Aidan: Jon was in charge of communications, also AV and so much else, he was the glue that held the team together. We should pay him! Motion passes.

HON 7.11 BIRT that Verity Thomson receive the second half of her honorarium as Orientation Week coordinator for 2016.

11:49:04 AM. Aidan: Verity was the finance person, took on so much, was very dedicated, we should pass this motion!! Motion passes.


New Business

11:50:04 AM. JS: Next Council will be November 20 at 10 AM.

11:50:28 AM. Adjourned! Thanks!!


FUR – Funding Request
RAT – Ratification
HON – Honorarium
OTH – Other