LIVE BLOG: Council November 20



Minutes from last Council (October 30)

Exec Reports


Councillor Reports

Hi everyone sorry I dropped the ball and we’re getting started in a rush!

Lianne’s not doing her newsletter because there are enough already, and TWAK.

I have no real substantial updates. Jk I live-tweeted the day of action for the KSU and got @ksunion trending!!

FG is straight killing it, she’s sending out a newsletter to all her science constituents today and meeting with previous science rep Nate Windsor this week.

Curran: minutes from the June meeting of the Board of Governors are now online on the King’s website for the public!!!!! There will also be some town halls with Board members this year.

Cedric says the DSS had a general meeting that was “chaos”, and because Nick Hatt is on leave they have lost their “one source of light in this sea of darkness”. Yikes.

Pilar has no updates.

Riel did a ‘cue cards and cocoa’ event with first years and it went well. Is that how cocoa is spelled??

Lucia is meeting with Kristian to talk about funding. She has a ‘kitch-sitch’ planned to work on improving the kitchens.

Drew sent out an arts newsletter!! She also joined the DASSS outreach committee.


Exec Reports

PDFs of these reports above!

Aidan reminds us that we had a Day of Action!! Actions happened in 36 cities and 58 campuses! Aidan had a Board Exec meeting (Board of Governors). The next Board meeting is Dec 2. This was our first year with a Fall reading week, so they talked about this. The registrar has said this permanent now! The Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture is on Thursday. We’re working on a standalone sexual assault policy for King’s.

Aidan Harrington, a third-year King’s student and member of the soccer team, passed away on November 3. Bill Lahey attended his funeral and has been talking to his family. They want people to be aware that he died as a result of experimenting with psychedelic drugs.

Brennan’s reporting now, also extends his condolences to Aidan’s family, the soccer team, and others in the athletics community. Brennan encourages everyone to stay in the loop about the Blue Devils and support our athletes by attending some games. The Executive is going to a basketball game together at 4pm today.

Lots of student societies attended/endorsed the Day of Action, and Brennan also reminds us that other issues like food justice intersect with student issues—none of this is siloed!

There is now an ISIC app!

There is lots of consultation happening about food services—we had 250 responses to the survey this week. That’s like 25% of the entire student body! Woo!

There’s a group creating a report about the food services at King’s, but Brennan says this report will not be made public. Brennan says he’ll bring as much of it as he can to the next Council meeting.

Zoe’s not here, Brennan is reporting for her. She’s in Ottawa at the National General Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students. We have allocated $6k in society funding, we have about $9k left. [I just turned the lights on in the room, JS does not approve.] The company that runs our ATM is increasing the fee by $0.25 but the KSU isn’t getting any more money from this, DC Payments is just being a huge shit about this. Ugh.

Gina thanks everyone for participating in the Day of Action. It rocked. There were about 300 people from King’s there, which is rad. She’s stoked to continue all this work. There will be a local debrief this Tuesday to plan some next steps and go over how the Day of Action went.

Gina’s hosting a screening of The Hunting Ground on Monday November 28 at 6pm in the Red Room (I think). This is a documentary about sexual assault and will be followed by a discussion led by Rebecca Stuckey from South House.

JS is reporting now yay. The burritos at the Day of Action were amazing. She’s working with Jenn Nowoselski to plan a Racism and Music panel to happen in the Wardroom before the end of the term, as a response to the conversations around Wu Tang Night.

She’s also working to assemble a Racialized Students Collective and figuring out how to make this a part of the KSU’s structure in our policy. This is super duper exciting.


Action Items

5.1 Ratification of the King’s Feminist Collective.

This society creates spaces for discussion of feminist issues on campus. Very excited that they’re ratifying. Motion passes.

5.2 Funding: SNARC, $411.80 for their second annual conference, Re:Presentations.

Safe space for the presentation of papers representing under- and mis-represented voices in academia. They’re getting other funding from PIRG and South House, and their KSU funding is for honoraria and supplies. Motion passes.

5.3 Funding: Best Buddies King’s, $43 for room booking and snacks for a meeting at the public library.

This is their first meeting this year. Finance Committee recommends approval but we weren’t sure why it needed to be at the library. Pilar and others say it’s probably for accessibility reasons. Motion passes.

5.4 Funding: K-OSS, $175 for workshop on indoor gardening.

This is cool. K-OSS is cool. Motion passes.

5.5 Funding: Pride, $50.15 for food for Queeraoke.

We all love this event a whole lot. This funding is for food for the evening. JS adds that she will wear an Avril Lavigne-esque outfit including fingerless gloves to this event. I CAN’T WAIT. Motion passes.

5.6 Funding: Foreign Film, $35 for snacks for a film.

No recommendation because this request came in late. Zoe said it’s reasonable though and it’s in line with their previous funding. Motion passes.



JS and FG and JBK are talking about Avril Lavigne. We love her.


Mystery Moose


JS is playing the Elliot Moose theme song from her computer.

Now Brennan is talking. This is a fun long-standing tradition of KSU Council—it’s a non-denominational Secret Santa. Brennan is going to pretend to be a moose and we are going to pick names. The Big Moose Reveal will happen at next Council. Clues optional.


New Business

11:12:51 AM. Aidan has some! She’s into holiday cheer. To thank councillors for their hard work, the Union bought us all tickets to Christmas Brunch! Thanks Aidan!!!

Sorry the time thing wasn’t working today. I’ll be better next time I promise.

There will be another Council meeting on December 4th at 10am.


11:13:57 AM. Adjourned.