LIVE BLOG: Council January 22



1:22:21 PM. We’re in the Frazee! It’s just me and Charlotte so far because we are ON the ball. Listen along with us!

1:32:08 PM. We’re starting! No written reports this week.


Executive Reports

Brennan: Winter society fair went well! Thanks to FG especially. There’ll be lots of election-themed events in the coming weeks, including an Exec+BOG rep Q&A in the Wardroom this Wednesday at 7pm. Link.

Zoe: Budget Advisory Committee meetings are starting to happen! They’re talking about fees and residence and other things, Zoe is making sure that student consultation happens. The Union got our 2015 financial statements finally!

Gina: This weekend was the CFS-NS general meeting. Gina was elected Women’s Representative and Aidan was elected Chairperson (!!!!!). Tomorrow there’s a rally for the HTU, starting at 12:15 in front of the Chronicle Herald building, we’re meeting here at King’s at 11:30. Two election-related workshops coming up, tomorrow is the non-dudes in student politics event, and then on Tuesday there’s another one for BIPOC people.

JS: This past week JS has been coordinating events. Also met with Advancement about the Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture, and also with BRC about some upcoming bylaw changes including a racialized students’ rep! KSU elections are opening soon (Jan 30) and so she’s been preparing for elections.

Aidan: This week there was a Wardroom Board of Management meeting. She thanks everyone for coming to this meeting so that we can elect these committees. Aidan moves to go in camera for an HR report.

In camera means off-the-record, this is a confidential session so we don’t take minutes and I’m going to pause here! 1:40:11 PM ~~ 1:52:36 PM. And we’re back!


Action Items

BIRT _______________ and ________________ be elected for a one year term to the University’s Equity Committee.

This committee does work around equity issues, for example gender-neutral washroom signage. Aidan nominates Hannah MacDougall and Charlotte Sullivan.

I ask if there were any other nominations, Aidan so no just those two.

Aidan motivates for Hannah MacDougall. She has worked on campus for residence (missed the exact position sry), believes she’d be good for this committee, wants to work in HR / equity after school, also interested in this as a learning opportunity.

Aidan motivates for Charlotte Sullivan. She is our current KSU chair! She’s in a practicum placement with the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society working on access to justice for marginalized groups, very passionate about issues related to equity, has also been KSU grad week coordinator and scribe.

The two blanks in the motion are filled with the two names! The other people on this committee are yet to be selected but it’s chaired by Dorota Glowacka, Catherine Martin from the BoG, two other faculty, at least one staff seat, two students, the Vice-President of the University, and possibly the Equity Officer non-voting.

Motion passes.

1:59:19 PM. BIRT _______________, __________________, and ________________ be elected to the Committee to Develop Sexual Assault Awareness, Prevention and Response Policy.

Aidan moves to table this motion until our next Council meeting. She says we have gotten some interest but it would be beneficial to extend nominations for one more week.

I ask how many nominations we have so far, Aidan says 2. Motion to table passes, we’ll take it up at our next Council meeting on Jan 29.


New Business

Next Council will be Jan 29 in the Boardroom.


2:01:49 PM. Adjourned. Councillors are sticking around with “snackage” in the Red Room to discuss the upcoming referendum to increase Union dues. This is for councillors only, I’m just letting you know. There will be a town hall this coming Thursday to publicly discuss the referendum.