LIVE BLOG: Council January 29



Executive Reports



8:36:37 PM. Hello members! JBK here, preparing the night before as always. This is a BIG meeting so follow along! Also check out the Watch’s live tweets they are always great.


10:23:33 AM. Sorry we’re getting started a little late because Pam Hazel doesn’t tell anyone about the room bookings we make with her!! What the heck!?!?


10:25:51 AM. Aidan is adding a motion to the agenda: BIRT the third party tasked with receiving nominations for the committee tasked with creating a sexual assault policy recommend names to the Executive Committee. Motion passes.

The minutes from Council on January 15 were deleted by accident, the document we’re passing is a compilation of notes and my live blog etc.

10:29:07 AM. Lianne: Chronicle Herald rally went very well.

10:29:52 AM. My turn! I’m reporting about the referendum, I’ve written this out beforehand so that I can copy and paste it in. I’ve been speaking to a lot of members about the referendum, trying to engage with them and talk to them about why it’s important and also to get a feel for what they think and try to answer their questions. By and large members support the referendum and have at least a vague understanding of what’s at stake and why it’s important. That being said, a lot of people that I’ve spoken to feel alienated by the Union’s messaging about the referendum. Members that I spoke to feel like they haven’t been being provided with enough information to make their own decision (for example, although it’s too late for this now, they would have liked all the materials from the town hall to be available online beforehand so that they could read them and arrive prepared). In particular, people felt somewhat patronized and pressured, like they were being told to vote yes because we ‘know what’s best for them’ and they wouldn’t understand enough to decide on their own.

To be clear, I support the referendum, I’m going to vote yes, and I think that everyone should vote yes. However I think in the next two weeks we really need to make an effort to talk to people one-on-one as much as we can and to listen to their questions and concerns honestly. If people have specific questions I think we need to make sure to answer those questions, rather than reassuring them that there is an answer to their question or telling them that the answer doesn’t matter and they should just vote yes. I’m glad to talk to anyone about the referendum and answer any questions that I can, whenever!

10:32:45 AM. FG is having a social hour for science students this week! Thursday 4:30-5:30 in the Manning Room!

Cedric: talking to Nick Hatt about a say student hostel, res rooms for day students to stay in for a night if they need to. This week a bunch of people are all going to a Moosehead’s hockey game! As in the DSS is paying for them all to go!! There are sign up sheets at Alex Hall front desk and in the Wardroom.

10:35:17 AM. Riel has been doing FYP announcements and is working to inform first years about the referendum, he says a lot of them still don’t know a lot about it.

Drew: went to first DASSS meeting of the year (me too!), passed a motion to support the DSU’s boycott of Halifax Pride. Drew didn’t vote on this motion because she wasn’t sure what the KSU’s stance on this is, she’s been speaking to lots of queer students and they all agree that something has to be done about this. Drew can’t go to DASSS meetings any more because she has a class at that time!!!! :”””'(

Aidan: clarifying about the boycott of Pride. Other Union’s with formal ties to Halifax Pride have taken a stand about this, if King’s students wanted to pass a solidarity motion about this that could happen, we didn’t because historically we haven’t been formally associated with Pride.

10:38:54 AM. Curran: Vice-Presidential search committee had a meeting last week that he and Aidan were at. The committee has made its choice, this will become public after the next Board meeting.

Liam is catching up and getting back into the swing of things!

Exec reports now, I’ll type out highlights but the full reports are above!!

10:40:42 AM. Aidan: good attendance at referendum town hall, 30-40 students there at the most. Gave presentation and had extensive question period. The Watch live streamed this on facebook and I took a live blog! Aidan has met with a lot of students about this, some who are concerned, she is available to do more of this. The next two weeks will be focused on making sure all members have the information they need to make a decision. Aidan asks that if people have specific questions and councillors don’t know the answer that they refer them to her or Zoe. VP search committee has made a recommendation to the Board. Board of Governors community forum has been rescheduled to Feb 8 at 7PM, but this conflicts with the Union’s panel on music and racism.

Nominations for spring elections open tomorrow! Michaela Sam (our SCC) is in Hong Kong. The office will hopefully still be open 10-4 Monday to Thursday.

Aidan addressing the motion she put forward about the Sexual Assault Policy committee. Last weekend we deferred this motion to today’s Council meeting, to extend the deadline and get more nominations. Aidan doesn’t think that work was done because it was a busy week. There are now enough candidates to fill the positions, she doesn’t think we’ve done the extension justice. We have a couple of options. Aidan hesitates to continue to have this come through Council, she proposes that the third party who is accepting nominations make a recommendation to the Executive rather than to Council and that they approve it themselves.

10:47:36 AM. Brennan: another society fair happened and it was great! Also elections Q+A with the KSU Executive in the Wardy happened. “A few” students came to this (I heard it was 4). It’s a busy time of year, Brennan will continue to make himself available over the nominations period so people can get all the info they need.

South House, one of our levied societies, had a meeting with Brennan to see how they can better serve King’s students and be more present on campus. There’s a survey about this that will be circulated this week. Brennan’s been talking to athletics to make sure our athletes know about all the big things happening on campus like the referendum and Sexual Assault Policy.

It has recently come to the Union’s attention that a lot of societies want to use the button maker but we are out of materials, so Brennan will be looking into ordering more! Also A MAIL SLOT WAS INSTALLED IN THE OFFICE DOOR this week—finally!!

10:52:00 AM. Zoe attended the CFS-NS GM last weekend, congrats to Gina being elected women’s rep and Aidan being elected chairperson! Town hall this week, Zoe also met with Council, Galley and Wardy staff, and Finance Committee. There’s info on the KSU website and people are welcome to contact her too. She attended the Exec Q+A.

We received the Union’s 2015 unaudited financial statements!!!!!! Yay. She’s also working with the CFS to host a tax clinic in the next few weeks. Budget Advisory Committee met on Jan 19. University admin is proposing a multi-year budget plan to have a balanced budget in 3 years. Feb 2 is the next meeting and they’ll discuss residence fees and tuition/ancillary fees. Zoe will push to eliminate the technology fee (which was suspended two years ago but is returning now) and to reduce other fees and make sure consultation happens.

The technology fee was created to install wifi about four years ago (it’s $100/year), now that wifi is installed we wanted to get rid of it but the university only suspended it.

10:56:33 AM. Gina: there was a non-dudes in student politics workshop this week, small but good. BIPOC students in politics workshop is this Tuesday. Attended elections Q+A. Tomorrow will sit on Dal health and wellness body. Met with Kelsey Keddy of the DSU to go over info for this. She wants to bring up Dalhousie Counselling Services and students’ “displeasure” with these services (understatement of the year!!!!!). She’s going to Ottawa for the CFS’s national lobby week soon

10:59:29 AM. JS has been working on the music and racism panel. Exec met with Wardroom staff to talk about logistics and desired outcomes, this was productive. Attended rally for Chronicle Herald workers. Nominations for spring elections open tomorrow and close on Friday Feb 3!


Action Items

11:01:16 AM.  BIRT the following referendum question appear on the ballot during the spring 2017 King’s Students’ Union elections:
Whereas the Dalhousie Bike Centre currently provides education, maintenance, and bike loans to students at Dalhousie; and
Whereas a levy of $1.00 from full-time students and $0.50 from part-time students at King’s
would allow them access to the bike loan system;
Do you support a levy for the Dalhousie Bike Centre of $1.00 per semester for full-time students
and $0.50 per semester for part-time students?
Moved by Matthew Apostolides

Matthew is here to talk about this. Currently Dal students pay $0.50 (full-time) and $0.25 (part-time) right now, but there’s a referendum there too to increase this to the King’s amounts ($1.00 and $0.50).

Cedric: if the motion at Dal doesn’t pass will this be changed to match it?

Matthew: maybe, not sure how this would happen procedurally. Speaking on behalf of the president, who couldn’t make it. King’s students have been accessing the bike centre since it opened in 2009, without ever paying a levy.

Aidan: last time we talked about this you mentioned that King’s students have been turned away, can you talk about how much this has happened?

Regine: this has happened to me a few times.

Matthew: I personally turned away about 10-15 this fall. Luke Franklin, King’s don, hasn’t been able to use a bike this year which he usually does. He benefits from this a lot. A fair amount. Last year a disproportionately high number of King’s students were accessing this services compared to Dal students.

Brennan: speaking in favour of this motion, King’s students use this service a lot and the KSU has taken a stance on sustainability which the bike centre encourages.

Aidan: is there King’s representation on the Board of the bike centre?

Matthew: right now there are two.

Aidan: are there reserved spots specifically for King’s students?

Matthew isn’t sure.

JS: what’s the structure of the Board?

Matthew: President, Treasurer, Secretary, members at large, community members (non-students).

Aidan: on other levied societies there are student positions specifically for King’s students so that we’re represented.

Me: I think these questions have to be worded with “Be It Resolved That,” not “Do you support”? Right?

Aidan: no, this isn’t necessary.

Motion passes.

11:14:59 AM.  BIRT the following referendum question appear on the ballot during the spring 2017 King’s Students’ Union elections:
Whereas the Loaded Ladle is a non-profit cooperative dedicated to providing affordable, diverse, fresh, and nutritious food to as many people as possible; and
Whereas a levy of $4.50 per full time student per semester and $2.25 per part time student per semester would allow the Loaded Ladle to expand their weekly serving days from three days to five days;
Do you support the creation of a levy at King’s for the Loaded Ladle consisting of $4.50 per full time student per semester and $2.25 per part time student per semester? Y/N
Moved by Ally Lord

Brennan: King’s rep on the Ladle is Hayley Zacks, Ally Lord who moved this motion couldn’t come today. The Ladle is a society at King’s and they do lots of work about food justice and also serve free vegan meals! King’s students access these services a lot but don’t pay for them right now.

Cedric speaks in favour of this motion.

Aidan: is the Loaded Ladle also running a levy increase at Dal? Brennan: yes. Aidan: so if it only passes for King’s, will they still be able to increase serving days?

Brennan: ooh, not sure. Probably a combination of both levies will allow them to increase it by one or two days. We’re going to find out!

Recess for 5min.

11:25:38 AM. We’re back! Brennan spoke with Ally Lord. She said that if the King’s levy passes and the Dal one doesn’t they will aim for 5 days but can’t guarantee it. Brennan moves to amend the motion to strike out “would allow the Loaded Ladle to expand their weekly serving days from three days to five days,” and insert “would allow the Loaded Ladle to increase their serving capacity and offer more workshops and solidarity servings on King’s campus.” Amendment passes.

Curran asks about the “Y/N” in the question. This is struck out as an error. Brennan confirms that Ally Lord is a King’s student.

Aidan moves to amend by striking out “created” and replacing it with “introduced.” Amendment passes. Motion passes as amended.

11:30:33 AM.  BIRT the following referendum question appear on the ballot during the spring 2017 King’s Students’ Union elections:
Do you support increasing King’s Students’ Union dues by $22.38 per semester for full-time students to a total of $166.52 per year and $11.19 per semester for part-time students to a total of $83.26 per year and adjust annually by the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?
Moved by Aidan McNally

Cedric: the first number here is based on the term but the total is based on the year, he suggests that we make them both the same to be more transparent. He moves to amend to strike out $22.38 and $11.19 and insert $44.76 and $22.38.

Gina isn’t sure if it’s more transparent to put the whole year because we collect it on a per-semester basis so maybe we should add that info instead.

Cedric: sure, but either option should be consistent.

Zoe: also thinks it would be more helpful to go per semester, for example in case a student is only here for one semester. Also we’ve been talking about these numbers so far and we shouldn’t change it now.

Aidan: in general, levies are proposed on a semester basis, and including the yearly total was an attempt to be more transparent. Speaking against the amendment.

Riel speaks against as well, would rather have them all by semester. Amendment fails.

Rules suspended to allow more that two amendments to the main motion.

Curran: can we have both numbers being per semester and then add a sentence about the yearly totals? He moves an amendment to this end.

I add that the last referendum question didn’t include any of this info, it just had the amount.

Gina: the motion is fine as it is, students are smart and they get it.

Aidan would support changing both to per semester but this would make it super wordy.

I agree with Gina, it’s fine as it is students will get it.

Me: is the CPI phrase necessary? This just happens.

Aidan: yeah this does happen, but it’s not written down anywhere. We submit this amount to the University every year so it’s good to include formally until this can go into the Bylaws.

I moved an amendment to word the question with “Be it resolved that” instead of “Do you support” for several reasons, it better reflects what we’re actually asking the membership to do, voting not just giving their opinion, it begs the ‘yes’ answer because of the ‘support’ wording, and also it matches our last referendum.

Lots of discussion that I can’t keep up with, people generally ok with this but want it to be phrased as a question rather than a statement.

Riel points out that then the referenda will be worded differently.

Aidan is also concerned that the question will look different from the other two.

Zoe: good points for both sides, doesn’t see it being a huge issue being worded as a question.

Me: yeah ok it’s more important that all the questions look the same, I take back the Be it resolved part and just fix the grammar in the last clause about CPI.

Cedric: the CPI part sounds like a change but this already happens.

Zoe: yeah I agree. If people voted No would we have to stop doing this? BRC can put this into the Bylaws.

I change my amendment to just strike out the whole CPI clause, “and adjust annually by the Consumer Price Index.” Amendment passes.

I confirm that the answers on the ballot will be “Yes” and “No,” Charlotte says yeah that’s right.

Motion passes.


Recess for 2min.


12:09:18 PM.  BIRT The King’s Wordsmiths receive $50 in contingent funding to contribute towards prizes for a Fanfiction Contest being co-hosted with the Dalhousie English Society and the Dalhousie Classics Society that will be distributed at the Fanfiction Contest Closing Party on February 10th.

Motion passes.

12:09:48 PM.  BIRT The Contemporary Studies Society receive $449.30 in non-contingent funding to purchase breakfast, lunch, and gifts for the Conference of the Contemporary on February 10th and 11th.

Zoe: this is the first CSP conference in recent memory! Very similar to SNARC conference funding.

I explain this further, the conference is going to be rad!! Come!!! Motion passes.

12:12:24 PM.  BIRT Students Advocating Representative Curricula receive $51.47 in contingent funding to purchase pizza and pop for a CANON Journal editorial meeting on February 6th.

Zoe: this is from SNARC re: their journal, CANON. This event is for the six editors to meet and work on editing the journal. This was a convo at Finance Committee, editors aren’t compensated and food is nice but also this is a very small, closed meeting.

Riel: doesn’t support giving society funding to a closed event.

Me: is there precedent for this either way?

Zoe: thinks yes and it passed then, maybe for EMSP.

JS: this is a lot of money for a closed event, she’s in support of funding this but not that much.

Gina: a bit weird that they’re ordering it to their house (paying for delivery).

Brennan: what is the amendment that Finance Committee recommends? How does two pizzas and pop cost $50? Brennan says “I buy pizza!”

Zoe: like maybe $25?

Curran: moves to amend to $25, this is more reasonable.

Zoe: also can we say ‘snacks’ instead of pizza etc. Amendment passes.

Riel: still against this motion, it’s off campus and closed to the public.

JS: echoes this, doesn’t like providing money for an off-campus house event, this isn’t what society funding is for.

Cedric: same.

Pilar: launch party will have snacks and that’s open, so we’re not shutting them out completely.

Me: idk about this! So much work goes into conferences and it’s good to support that, but also yeah it is closed and far away and that’s not rly what we do.

Aidan: agree $25 is not a lot, but usually we fund the culmination of projects like these, e.g. we don’t buy food for KTS rehearsals etc. We will be approving food and probably wine for the release. Not sure about the precedent this sets.

Gina: something about a Smash Bros. society?? I didn’t hear the rest I got too excited about a SMASH BROS. SOCIETY!!??!!

Motion fails.

12:24:46 PM.  BIRT Le Salon receive $108 in contingent funding to purchase bread and cheese for nine weekly meetings over the course of the winter term.

Zoe: this is simple and great! Motion passes.

12:26:09 PM.  BIRT The King’s Foreign Film Society receive $35 in contingent funding to purchase baguettes and cheese for a film screening on February 2nd.

Zoe: this is standard for them, not sure what the film is yet. Motion passes.

12:26:45 PM.  BIRT The King’s PRIDE Society $10 in contingent funding to purchase two boxes of herbal tea for regular PRIDE meetings over the course of the winter term.

JS: strongly in favour of this, the herbal tea is a hit and this funding request is “pure.”

Zoe: this might be the smallest funding request I have ever seen. Motion passes.

12:27:43 PM.  BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Brennan: this is super fun! This package is from students who want to create a space for all faiths to come together and learn about the strong Jewish literary tradition. Society exec emphasizes that it is open to all students of all faiths. They want to book rooms, and if they seek funding it will be for Kosher snacks.

Zoe: “this seems cool.”

Lucia: the people doing this are cool. Motion passes.

HOLY COW—I just looked at this society’s ratification package and they have a VP Literary Research. They’re now the coolest society on campus hands down. LITERARY RESEARCH. Wow.

12:29:33 PM.  Whereas greenhouse gas emissions contribute to pollution and climate change; and
Whereas cities across Canada should be working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the levels required to end the climate crisis; and
Whereas the iMatter Now Youth Climate Report Card is a science-based tool used to measure the extent that a city is taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and
Whereas the grades given by the report card are based upon real data, the city’s concrete actions, and the presence of climate programs; and
Whereas climate change issues are student issues;
Be it resolved that the King’s Students’ Union endorse the iMatter Now Youth Climate Report Card.
Moved by Gina Grattan

Gina: this came up at a Sustainability Committee meeting. Halifax gets a C+. Endorsing them would involve filling out a form and sharing their event on Facebook. This shines a light on climate issues in Halifax.

Brennan: can you speak to other groups who have endorsed this?

Gina: CFS-NS endorsed this campaign.

Aidan: this came directly from our students who are involved with this!

Motion passes.



12:34:37 PM.  BIRT the third party tasked with receiving nominations for the Committee to create Sexual Assault Policy recommend three names to the Executive Committee.

Amendment to: BIRT the Executive Committee appoint three students to the University’s Committee to Develop Sexual Assault Prevention, Awareness, and Response Policy, based on the recommendations of the third party tasked with receiving nominations. Amendment passes.

Motion passes.


New Business

Lucia: there are new dishes and pots and pans in the Alex Hall kitchen!

JS: next Council is Feb 12!


12:41:39 PM.  Adjourned!