LIVE BLOG: Council February 12



Executive Reports



10:03:37 AM. We’re starting!

Lianne: hasn’t been much going on since last time!

Jacob: I haven’t done a lot either! BRC has a meeting soon, wheee.

FG: had science social thing last week, it was fun and there were a lot of people! FG sits on the council of the Dal science society!

Cedric: his notes this week were written in one of his D&D notebooks, so the title reads “KSU Witch Hunt.” Chill. The DSS has sold over 100 candy grams! Cedric asks students to continue to “spread the love.” They’re also hosting a trip to Sugar Moon farm over reading week. Brennan interrupts this report to shout “YES!!” at this news.

Riel: there is work starting on some FYP t-shirts. Tomorrow at 4:30 there’s a first-year info session on the referendum question.

Lucia: this week there was a Residence Life Committee meeting. There was talk about the Assistant Dean and safer alcohol guidelines.

Drew: has been helping with the Yes campaign for the referendum.


10:08:38 AM. Exec reports are above in PDF format!

Aidan: there was a panel in the Wardroom about racism and music. Aidan says she’s glad this discussion happened. She says this is the start of an important conversation. She recognizes JS’s work putting this panel together. There’s a recording of the panel online for those who missed it. She’s happy to have set a precedent for more of these events happening in the future. Aidan is meeting with Wardy staff to talk more about how to apply some of the things the panel discussed, like community guidelines. VP Search committee recommended Peter O’Brien as VP, Board accepted this recommendation on Feb 2. Aidan says “more on this later.” Gina was at national lobby week. KSU council dodgeball team won last week.

10:13:37 AM. Aidan moves us in camera to discuss the results of the Vice-Presidential Search.

10:26:40 AM. We’re back!

Brennan: Residence Life committee had a meeting on Jan 31. This committee makes recommendations about student life and residence life. This was the first committee meeting since last Spring. Assistant Dean currently works 20hrs/week but this isn’t enough. Committee recommended that the Assistant Dean become full time next year. Also talked about alcohol risk guidelines. We need to also talk about mental health and lack of resources on campus. Button materials are back in stock!

I ask Brennan if he sees the Asst. Dean position as an ‘administrator,’ and how he feels about this position becoming full time while our residence population is declining and our faculty continue to be in precarious positions.

Brennan: Asst. Dean is not an admin position, more on-the-ground and working with students. This is a choice about where to put resources and there are lots of places that need resources. Students really value these positions, and Nick has been overworked because of how much he’s on call, this isn’t okay, because students rely on him. This is definitely a win for students because both Nick and the Asst. Dean can support them better now.

Zoe: we have about $7,500 left in society funding, which is about half, which is great! She’s reached out to South House to look into providing free menstrual health products on campus. University is probably bringing forward a June budget, which we don’t like because students aren’t around at this time. Zoe’s been talking to Bonnie, our bursar, about holding student consultations around fees.

Gina: sat on the Dalhousie Student Wellness committee with Nick Hatt, this was interesting. Talked about ways to improve mental health services. There will soon be an on-call psychologist taking same-day intake appointments. She was at lobby week all week. Surprised by how many good meetings she had. Met a lot of MPs, talked about issues important to students and the CFS lobby document with recommendations (eliminate tuition fees, honour treaty commitments to education for indigenous people, increase funding for research). Very excited for KSU elections to happen.

JS: panel this week in the Wardy, went really really well. Elections things and speeches are happening this week! Speeches are Monday night, snow date is Tuesday night.

10:43:33 AM. Recess for 5min.


Actions Items

Aidan moves to suspend the rules. She wants to move to reconsider a motion from our last Council meeting, the one about the Loaded Ladle referendum. We need to suspend the rules because usually motions to reconsider can only happen on the same day as the original motion is passed. Aidan wants to reconsider the motion about the Loaded Ladle, because they want to withdraw their referendum question. Motion to suspend the rules passes.

Aidan: we got a request from the Ladle to remove this question. One of the King’s students on the Ladle board is not in Halifax, this whole campaign has been run by one person and this is too much work. They’re concerned that it might not pass, and want to do due process and make sure students are well-informed. Procedurally, we need to go back and vote down the motion we approved to have this question on the ballot. Aidan’s in favour of doing this, it’s a complicated process and has been a learning experience for everyone, we should respect the Ladle’s wishes.

Aidan moves to reconsider a motion previously adopted, Item 6.2 adopted on January 22:

BIRT the following referendum question appear on the ballot during the spring 2017 King’s Students’ Union elections:
Whereas the Loaded Ladle is a non-profit cooperative dedicated to providing affordable, diverse, fresh, and nutritious food to as many people as possible; and
Whereas a levy of $4.50 per full time student per semester and $2.25 per part time student per semester would allow the Loaded Ladle to expand their weekly serving days from three days to five days;
Do you support the creation of a levy at King’s for the Loaded Ladle consisting of $4.50 per full time student per semester and $2.25 per part time student per semester?

Motion to reconsider passes. Debate is now on the motion above.

Me: can we just approve the referendum…. referenda are loads of work for our CRO and I think it would pass anyway. We might as well just try, so that we haven’t wasted all this time.

Brennan: there a lot of students who don’t know a lot about the Ladle, none of us can say for sure if this would pass. Given these concerns, and work we have to do around referendum procedure, we should vote the motion down.

Cedric: if we run the referendum and it fails, can they run it again? Charlotte: yes.

Gina: we should respect the Ladle, they don’t have capacity and this is what they want to do.

Aidan: they want to run the referendum in the Fall at the same time as councillor elections, which will be pretty efficient.

Motion fails.

10:58:59 AM.

BIRT The King’s History of Science and Technology Society receive $240 in non-contingent funding to cover the costs of the History of Science and Technology Conference on March 5th. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: this is exciting! They want to get food for their presenters and panelists. Motion passes.

BIRT The King’s Feminist Collective receive $49.22 in contingent funding to purchase the film Tangerine, drinks, and snacks for a FemCol Movie Night on February 15th. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: this is a really good film, they want to create a dialogue on campus. Discussion at Finance Committee was around cost of buying the movie. Zoe talked to FemCol exec and in fact the movie is on Netflix so they don’t need to buy it! Zoe moves to amend to $29.23. Amendment passes. Zoe moves another amendment to take out the part of the motion that says that they’re buying the film. Amendment passes. Motion passes.

BIRT The King’s Foreign Film Society receive $46 in contingent funding to purchase baguettes and cheese for a KFFS and Pride Movie Night during Pride Week. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: KFFS is screening a film with an LGTBQ focus during Pride Week, which is neat! They’re asking for more money than usual because they expect higher turnout. This is a great society collab. Motion passes.

BIRT The King’s Foreign Film Society receive $35 in contingent funding to purchase baguettes and cheese for a film screening on February 16th. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: this is similar to their other requests, for a regularly scheduled movie night with snacks! Motion passes.

BIRT The King’s PRIDE Society receive $125 in contingent funding to fund a poetry night, movie night, queer mental health panel, and queeraoke over the course of Pride Week, February 27th to March 3rd. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: this is all the funding for all the events over Pride Week, which is a lot of events. The health event will be hosted by Venus Envy, and queeraoke is the Broadway edition. In discussions we realized that the cost of the Venus Envy panel wasn’t factored in. Zoe moves to amend the amount to $325. Several councillors express how impressive it is that they’re doing so much on such a small budget, and also that these events are getting bigger and the society is expanding! Amendment passes. Motion passes.


New Business

Next Council will be on Sunday March 5 (that’s in three weeks!) in the Boardroom at 10am, or maybe 9am! Stay tuned!

Aidan reminds everyone to get people out to vote!!!!

11:11:23 AM. Adjourned!