LIVE BLOG: Council March 5


Executive Reports

Minutes from Feb 12



Lianne: there’s an event coming up, a panel about reporting on sexual assault. There will be journalism profs / journalists and someone from Avalon.

Curran: there was a BoG town hall, it wasn’t great and it wasn’t what students asked for so Curran and others will report this to the Board and see if there’s anything positive that can come out of it.

Me! BRC is doing cool work and we’ll be holding open consultations with students soon. The BoG town hall was terrible, especially when Hugh Wright complained about having to spend half an hour every year thinking about tuition.

FG: nothing to report!

Drew: consent coalition met for the first time this week. This was an online forum which was interesting. There might be a letter-writing campaign coming, and there will also be class talks and tabling.

Cedric: DSS GM will be next Friday, there will be snacks and budgeting! Sugar Moon trip has been postponed to the 18th.

Pilar: nothing to report.

Lucia: signed a cheque for the Symposium dinner, thinking about funding Big Night.

Aidan: congrats to new Exec! Changeover is coming! The referendum passed and Aidan had a chance to talk to lots of students about the Union and gather feedback. This referendum is a vote for the long-term sustainability of the Union. Spoke to a lot of Board members after the consultation meeting to reiterate that this isn’t a replacement for open Board meetings. Students were consistently better-prepared and more articulate than the others in the room. Exec is looking into how to formalize and submit feedback about this event. There is a full Board meeting on March 23.

Dalhousie’s Budget Advisory Committee met and had ‘consultations’ and they were terrible. The recommendations of this committee include an increase in tuition of 3% and a reduction of funding of 1.9% to all faculties (what the fuck????). They were not prepared to talk about a deficit budget or using reserve funds. They proposed a false dichotomy of needing to cut faculty funding unless tuition increased. The whole presentation was “rather condescending.” You can submit feedback to this committee at!

This is Aidan’s last Council meeting as President! She thanks everyone and is proud of the work this team has done this year.

Brennan: congrats everyone who was elected! Food services proposals have all been received, committee will be meeting soon to go over these bids. Brennan’s going to stay on the committee as the student rep. Attended a meeting of the Campus Planning Committee this week. A “pretty low-stakes” meeting. There are plans to make Alex Hall more accessible in the next year or so. University has applied for a large grant for accessibility updates. Changeover has started with both Aidan and Lianne and it’s! going! well!

Zoe: congrats to everyone involved with elections! ESPECIALLY HANNAH MACDOUGALL. Zoe is changing over with herself! She’s creating documentation for future changeovers. Budget is being prepared for the Spring General Meeting, and there will be open consultations a couple of weeks beforehand. University Budget Advisory Committee met recently too, discussed auxiliary and ancillary fees. Recommendation for open community consultation on the University’s budget in March. Zoe noted importance of circulating documents in advance, taking minutes, and ensuring other forms of accountability and feedback. It appears that there will be a 3% across-the-board increase to tuition at King’s. Bursar and committee were resistant to the idea of condemning Dal’s increases, which affect ours. Committee was closed to the idea of reducing fees, but there was discussion about freezing some fees this year. Committee recommended freezing residence fees because ‘our residences suck’ (Zoe didn’t say that, I’m paraphrasing). Finance Audit & Risk Committee also met, Zoe’s saying financial things that I don’t have the energy to understand right now but it sounds good.

This week Zoe and Gina met with South House and there will be free menstrual health products in the KSU office starting this week!! Awesome. Zoe agrees that the BoG consultation sucked but students were super eloquent and she’s glad everyone came.

Gina: lobby week happened, met with lots of politicians to talk about student issues. Lobby documents are online on the KSU and CFS websites. Talked about reducing tuition fees and other issues, including eliminating tuition at the NSCC (cool!). There’s a Fight the Fees meeting tomorrow in Classroom 3. Changeover is happening! Congrats Marie!

JS: BRC has prepared a package of recommendations for Bylaw amendments, there is consultation coming, please coming! Changeover with Cassie is happening and it’s exciting! Also with Aidan/Curran/Daniel/Liam for BoG changeover! Last Council as CVP, thank you and goodbye!

Me: thanks Exec! We <3 u!!


Recess for 5min.


Action Items

BIRT The Contemporary Studies Society receive 20 colour photocopies and $156.00 in non-contingent funding to purchase wine and snacks for a Thesis Speed Dating event on March 16th. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe notes that there are photocopying requests here that might be unnecessary. Also, there is currently $6,907 remaining in society funding. This event is for thesis students and it’s going to be SUPER FUCKING AMAZING AND FUN. Money is for wine and snacks.

Me: this is a super cool event! It’s open to all thesis students, not just those in CSP. Motion passes.

BIRT The Contemporary Studies Society receive 40 colour photocopies and $1071.05 in non-contingent funding to pay for the printing of the journal Hinge and to purchase wine and snacks for its launch party on March 31st. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: Hinge is the journal of the Contemporary Studies Society. Most of this funding is for the journal printing, about $850.

Me: yay! This funding is in line with what the journal usually costs. We’re working on editing right now, we’re publishing ten people and it’s going to be rad. Motion passes.

BIRT The Early Modern Studies Society receive $2256.18 in non-contingent funding to put on the Conference of the Early Modern on March 10th and 11th, including the costs of a Saturday morning reception, Sodexo lunch, conference dinner, evening receptions, and a chapel concert. Finance Committee recommends amendment.

Zoe: this funding is for two meals and two receptions. The conference will include a panel and about 30 student presentations.

Zoe moves to amend the amount to $1,856.18 and strike out reference to a Chapel concert, because that isn’t going to happen. Amendment passes.

Zoe notes that this is a larger request than other conferences submitted. SNARC, CSP, and HOST were all in the $400-$600 range. This is usually a larger conference, and this request is also a lot lower than usual, last year was $2,600.

Me: this request covers food for all attendees, not just presenters. Finance Committee talked about amending this down to just presenters.

Zoe: their numbers actually aren’t a lot more than the people presenting and involved, and it’s already been cut by $400 so it’s not as huge anymore.

Aidan: speaking in favour. The request is already a lot lower than usual for this conference, and there’s been a lot of discussion about how to reduce costs with EMSS. This is $800 less than last year and sets a good precedent for a more reasonable amount for a weekend conference. Motion passes.

BIRT Students Advocating for Representative Curricula receive $831.43 to pay for the printing of the journal CANON and to purchase snacks for its launch party on April 7th. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: “It’s journal season, y’all.” This is the second year that SNARC is publishing CANON. This journal challenges the under- and mis-representation of marginalized voices in academia. Most of this funding is for the printing of this journal. They’re printing 75 copies, printing is about $700. The rest is for the launch part and an honorarium for a student artist to create the cover artwork. Motion passes.

BIRT The Contemporary Studies society receive $145.00 in non-contingent funding to purchase wine for the launch of the CANON journal on April 7th. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Zoe: this is for the same event as the previous motion. SNARC is a Tier 1 society without special designation so they can’t get alcohol funding. CSP can get this funding, so this is a handy workaround—CSP is co-hosting this event in order to provide alcohol funding. Last year this was set up similarly with the EMSP society.

Zoe moves an amendment to make it $156.76 to include non-alcoholic drinks too. Amendment passes.

Aidan is looking forward to SNARC getting special designation next year so that they can get their own alcohol! Motion passes.


BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 Chair Search Committee.

Aidan: the Union hires lots of students! These search committees meet to receive applications and select people! Time commitment is usually about three hours, happens in one sitting.

FG nominates Robert Dryer and Ghislaine Sinclair. Two FYP students who haven’t been super involved yet but are interested in getting more involved. Robby is one of the founders of the King’s Jewish Book Club.

Zoe nominates Keegan Gardner-Elmer. Second-year student, has been on elections committee.

Pilar adds that Ghislaine is awesome.

Brennan: this committee is chaired by the President (so Brennan) and the outgoing President sits too (Aidan).

Blanks are filled with the three names by unanimous consent. Motion passes.

BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 Orientation Week Coordinator Search Committee.

Aidan: this committee picks the people who run frosh week! This is most time-consuming committee, but it’s lots of fun!

Brennan: this committee includes the incoming President and SLVP, the outgoing President, and the previous Orientation Week Coordinators.

Zoe nominates Sadie Cunningham. V passionate about orientation week, comes to Union GMs and is looking to get involved!

Aidan nominates Nika Lennox. Second-year student, sat on this committee last year and was a leader in orientation week and wants more!

FG nominates Caleb Sher. FYP student who was in o-week this year. Actively involved with King’s Jewish Book Club and comes to lots of Union events/meetings.

Blanks are filled with the three names by unanimous consent. Motion passes.

BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 CUBE Coordinator Search Committee.

Brennan: CUBE is the Union’s intramural athletics program, they hold weekly events in the gym. Incoming and outgoing SLVP both sit on this committee.

Brennan nominates Jessica Simm, Rachel Colquhoun, Katie MacLean, and Peter Janson.

Jess is passionate about CUBE, plays on the women’s basketball team, sat on this committee last year and would like to again. Rachel also sat on this committee last year, interested in connections between physical health and mental health, loves CUBE. Katie is in second year, plays on the women’s soccer team, very interested in getting more involved. Peter was also on this committee last year, played on King’s men’s badminton team and wants to be involved again.

Voting ensues. The blanks are filled with Jessica Simm, Katie MacLean, and Peter Janson. Motion passes.

BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 Sustainability Officer Search Committee.

Gina: this position wasn’t hired this year because $$. They take charge on sustainability initiatives! This committee is to hire someone for next year!

Gina nominates Katharine Thomas and Elina Blomley. Katharine has been on the sustainability committee for four years and has working with several different sustainability officers, and has sat on this committee before. Elina is a second-year sustainability major and would like to get more involved with the Union.

FG nominates Ruth Ballard. Ruth is a FYP student very interested in social justice, has been very involved with KSU societies and events, including the Day of Action.

Blanks are filled with the three names by unanimous consent. Motion passes.

BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 External Commissioner (Equity & Advocacy) Search Committee.

Gina: this position also wasn’t hired last year. They deal with issues of equity and could put forward related initiatives.

Gina nominates Levi Clarkson and Mal Thomas. Levi believes they would be an asset to this committee, queer and non-binary student very aware of oppression and also of their own white privilege. Mal would love to get more involved with the Union and equity initiatives are very important to her.

Drew self-nominates. She says “I’m great.” She’s been on Council and knows how this works, involved in the Union’s equity campaigns and would bring an interesting perspective to the committee as a member of the queer community at King’s.

Blanks are filled with the three names by unanimous consent. Motion passes.

BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 Chief Returning Officer Search Committee.

JS: this committee includes the incoming and outgoing CVP.

JS nominates Alexandra Buffy Sweny, Emma Sigsworth, and Dorsa Eslami. Buffy has been on elections committee and would like to bring that knowledge into hiring the next CRO. Emma doesn’t have a lot of Union experience but would like to get involved. Dorsa has been getting more involved and attending events and would like to do more in the future.

I self-nominate. I’ve sat on this committee twice, as CVP and outgoing CVP, and I worked with Emma Morris to fix problems with the elections process and Elections Procedure.

Voting ensues. The blanks are filled with Alexandra Buffy Sweny, Dorsa Eslami, and Jacob Baker-Kretzmar. Motion passes.

BIRT ______, ______ and ______ be elected to the 2017 Scribe Search Committee.

JS: this committee also includes the incoming and outgoing CVP.

JS nominates Danna Deutsch. President of Pride society, was a part of the Yes campaign for the referendum, wants to get more involved.

FG nominates Caleb Mendel. FG says “Caleb Mendel is the friggin’ best.” He’s been involved with KJBC and comes to Union events and wants to get more involved.

Drew self-nominates. She is on Council and reads minutes, knows what the Scribe needs to do and what we’re looking for.

Blanks are filled with the three names by unanimous consent. Motion passes.


New Business

I ask when the Spring General Meeting will take place. JS says almost certainly on March 30.

Zoe thanks Council for all of their work, she had a great time working with everyone.

Next Council is March 19.


11:35:35 AM. Adjourned!