Live Blog: March 19

Wow hi it’s council time! It’s me, JS, not Jacob! I’m your BoG rep and I’m taking these live blog notes!

The agenda was amended to add the following motion:

7.7 BIRT The King’s Jam Society receive $23 in contingent funding to purchase jams and crackers for their meeting on March 23rd

It’s 10:13 am and I was first to give oral reports: I’ve just been doing changeover and getting ready for a Board Meeting

Riel, our first year rep, has chosen the FYP shirt design, and he’s getting ready to make and distribute them…….is this okay?

Cedric says Sugarmoon farm trip probably shouldn’t have been planned for the day after St. Patrick’s day….there’s a dinner and some other things coming up!

Drew has been on a couple of search committees, and she is going to be going to DASSS meetings again!


I just posted this live blog in all the class groups while Brennan gave his ~President~ executive report. I’ll attach it for you to read.

I can’t believe it’s only been 5 days of the new exec!!

Brennan has been working on O-week hiring, and changeover, and getting ready for a board meeting!

Lianne, your SLVP, is working on a panel titled “Reporting on Sexual Assault”, which is going to be fantastic and is happening on Wednesday March 29 at 6pm in the Wardroom. Lianne is also working on some K-Point related things…the Society Appreciation/K-Point night will be happening on April 6th…stay tuned!!!

Zoe is still your FVP!!!! SWeet! There is SO much consultation happening about the Spring Draft Budget <3 <3

Option 1: A presentation in the Frazee Room on Monday March 20th from 6:30 – 8:00pm

Option 2: One on One Budget chats with Zoe! 1pm – 4pm on Wednesday March 22 in the Wardy!

Option 3: Email to set up a meeting! Nice!

Option 4: Just email to tell her your ideas! I love it!

Marie is our new EVP! So lovely! Marie attended a Fight the Fees meeting, and the outcomes of that focus largely on the University budget consultation that s happening on March 21st at 4pm in Classroom 3.

Marie has also been working on reinstating some UHPs that are really exciting: the Equity and Accessibility Commissioner and the Sustainability Commissioner. These positions are going to be hired in September so that they can be better defined and supported.

There’s an International Student Consultation coming up next week! Monday March 27, 12-1pm. This is a closed space for international students only!

Cassie, your new CVP, has been doing great work getting things going and keeping up with the day-to-day work of advertising events! Look forward to a section on the wardroom bulletin boards that is KSU centred! Nice!


This is the report of the O-Week Hiring Committee! And guess what? We have Orientation Week Coordinators!

Brennan added the following motion:

6.1 BIRT Hannah Sparwasser-Soroka and Gina Grattan be hired as Orientation Week Coordinators for 2017.


10:42: We are on these–

Action Items:

7.1 BIRT that the King’s Jam Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017/2018 year.

Motion Passes

7.2 BIRT The King’s Wordsmiths receive $38.48 in contingent funding to purchase drinks and snacks for the Octopus Launch and Wordsmiths AGM on April 5th.

Snacks for the journal launch! Zoe says this is a really well written funding request. Pilar speaks in favour of this society cause they’re lovely.

Motion Passes

7.3 BIRT The King’s Dance Collective receive $155 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and pay a photographer for the Turn Out For What dance show on March 24th and 25th.

Motion Passes

7.4 BIRT The Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble receive $292.63 in contingent funding to purchase wine, snacks, and nonalcoholic beverages for a reception following their concert We Need To Talk on April 1st.

Motion Passes 

7.5 BIRT the World University Service of Canada receive $85 in non-contingent funding to purchase samosas for the annual WUSC’d Away fundraiser on March 24th.

Sam Krueger is here speaking to this. First Zoe explains that WUSC is a levied society that brings a refuge student to King’s to study which is amazing work. Sam says that it is getting really expensive to bring a student here, which is why they are throwing this fundraiser.

Motion Passes

7.6 BIRT Le Salon receive $50 in contingent funding to purchase pastries and popcorn for a screening of Les Choristes on March 26th.

French film about choral music at an all boys boarding school…..!

This society is well loved by council and so is this event.

Cedric loves this film. We also heard rumour that a certain member of Finance Committee (perhaps even a member who normally writes this very live blog…yes…Jacob) got so excited about this funding request that he played the theme to Les choristes on his laptop in the meeting. Neat.

Motion Passes

7.7 BIRT The King’s Jam Society receive $23 in contingent funding to purchase jams and crackers for their meeting on March 23rd

Informally known as “Jam Jam Society” they eat Jam…and play music…all at once. I’m FLORDE.

Motion Passes

Turns out Zoe forgot a motion??? We’re adding it in.

7.8 BIRT Students Advocating for Representative Curricula recieve $256.71 to fund a Laundry Room Gallery Opening (And Installation) on March 31st.

So like remember when the Wall of Women didn’t go back up? SNARC wants an art installation not funded by the University, which is really fun and exciting, so they’re putting up a Gallery in the Cochran Bay Laundry Room! This is COOL.

Motion Passes