LIVE BLOG: Council October 15, 2017



Agenda and Executive Reports

10:16 Meeting has been called to order! Woohoo! Agenda was adopted!

10:17 Minutes from last meeting adopted


10:18 My report! Just looking forward to bringing King’s Students together with other reps in fun ways!

Cedric says the DSS has elected their First Year Rep!

Kaila (Journalism Rep!) Wants to look for ways to better represent J-School

Izzy (First Year Rep!)

Aeriana (Science Rep!)

Daniel – Lot of discussion about university funding discrepancies at last BOG meeting. Also talked about student employment and a possible HR policy.

Heather (Residence Rep!) Met with Dean Hatt about her role on committees and within residence life.

JS – Administration was interested in advocating for university funding. Also looking to make a long term plan for balancing Kings’ budget.


Brennan – First Councillor training was this Friday and it was awesome! Next one is on Saturday Oct 21st.

JS and Daniel covered the BOG meeting. They did an awesome job representing the KSU and its report.

Met with the Advance committee to talk about how to increase enrolment and work on university recruitment and diversity on campus

Has been working on the Sexual violence policy with the committee. They have a draft in place. There will be town hall consultations this week about the policy Oct 17th and 18th at 6:30. There will be active listeners present.

Attended a student government roundtable with Marie to meet with representatives from other universities.

Brennan and Zoe are going to represent King’s at the CFS national meeting! Cool!

Attended Sisters and Spirits Vigil on Oct. 4.

Upcoming Dates: Fall General Meeting Oct 19th at 6:30 in the Wardroom!

Lianne – Wants to welcome all new councillors!

Attended the Sisters in Spirit Vigil with Brennan.

Went to a CFS Racialised and Indigenous Student Experience Summit in Toronto which was a really cool experience.

Zoe – Has done a lot of budget consulting this past week. Also created a brief survey for students about the budget and different items and their importance to students. Was also available for one-on-one meetings for questions and discussed budget last Council meeting.

Exec voted to donate $100 to Desmond Cole’s speaking tour in Halifax

Marie – Nothing on external university affairs

Aidan McNally and Gina Grattan did outreach on consent culture in the Wardroom on Tuesday Oct. 10th. Thanks to them!

With Brennan presented a document titled “Working Towards Consent Culture: Developing a Plan to Combat Sexual Violence in Nova Scotia” at the Student Government Roundtable.

Brennan says Marie was a SUPERSTAR at this meeting.

Cassie – Just got back last night from Belgium so will present her report next meeting!

More details about Exec reports in the link at the top!


UKC Blue Devils Supporter Society is ratified as a Tier 1 Society. (“One Drum, One Flag, Lots of Enthusiasm!”)

Contemporary Studies Society is ratified as a Tier 2 Society

The King’s Visual Arts Society is ratified as a Tier 1 Society

World University Service of Canada – King’s Chapter (WUSC) is ratified as a Tier 2 Society

The History of Science and Technology (HOST) Society is ratified as a Tier 2 Society

King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society receives $182.75 in contingent funding for snacks and a Driver Dave for a Day trip to Crystal Crescent Beach on Oct. 21, 2017

King’s Theatrical Society receives 850 additional black and white photocopies for scripts and Murder in the Cathedral programs.

The King’s Foreign Film Society receives $31.36 in contingent funding to purchase bread, cheese, and pretzels for a Film Screening on October 19th 2017.

The King’s P.R.I.D.E. Society receives $58.56 in contingent funding to purchase decorations, pizza, and snacks for Queereoke: Ladies of the 80s on October 20th, 2017.

The King’s P.R.I.D.E. Society receives $26.51 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and tea for their weekly Friday meetings

The Early Modern Studies Society receives $200 in non-contingent funding to purchase decorations, candy, and prizes for a Luther 500 Costume Party on November 1st, 2017

Zoe moves to table funding request from Dalhousie-King’s Fashion Design Show for next meeting. – Passed

11:09 – 6 minute recess moved by JS – Passed

11:15 Recess over!


7.1 GENERAL MEETING THIS THURSDAY (6:00 in the Wardroom- CORRECTION on what I said earlier)! Any King’s student can come. Exec members provide reports and the budget is explained line by line and then voted upon by those attending. There is a quorum (5% of the population) that MUST be met. Shouldn’t be long! There is a Facebook event  and a reminder will be in TWAK. There will also be LOTS OF SNACKS YAY. We are talking about ways to get all of y’all to come and get informed! The Watch Board of Publishers, Academic Committee and other positions will be elected – you can be nominated/nominate yourself at the meeting, even if you are unable to attend!

WATCH OUT for FYP Announcements, Leaflets, posts and MORE for the GM! Invite your friends!


7.2 THE BUDGET – Zoe is going through the budget for us and highlighting key changes! These will be presented also at the General Meeting (which is why you should come!). The budget was presented in the Spring as a Draft Budget.

A copy of the budget is available here or outside of the KSU office in hard copy

11:59 We are adjourned!