LIVE BLOG: KSU Fall General Meeting

18:03 The Fall General Meeting has just begun!

18:04 This meeting is taking place on unseeded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq Territory.

18:06 First Motion: Adoption of Minutes. Minutes Adopted. Approval of last minutes. Approved.

18:08 Brennan: Food services. All of the calls made on the university by last spring were met. Ward room continues to have first right of refusal. Galley space agreement will be ready soon. Board of Governors meeting in June update: Students can now email the board of Governors. Over 100 emails were sent. The board did increase by 2% the fees. But, some fees were frozen, which is a direct result of student action. King’s is still without a stand alone policy on sexual assault, but we are working on it now. Right now, it is in the consultation stage. There is more information on our page about it.

18:11 We will be highlighting 3 different ways of getting involved:

  1. Consent Culture
  2. Pick up your International Student ID Card
  3. Workshop on cultural Appropriation

18:13 Lianne: Updated the gratification packages. Good job with the orientation week, Astroweek!On October 24th Desmond Coll with be here. If you are radicalized and are more interested in getting involved, email Lianne. If you love sports, there are different sporting events every Wednesday and Thursday.

18:15 Zoe: Menstrual health products are available outside the KSU office. She has attended many meetings, students won the elimination of the Electronic fees. She will be talking more in depth on the fall budget tonight. She hopes you all feel that you feel comfortable with sharing your option on the budget. Take advantage of the levy groups! Rent a bike, pick up a copy of the watch — you pay for it! There will be more town halls to reduce and eliminate tuition fees. Look forward to these coming consultations!

18:18: Marie: Thank you to all the people who came out the day that fees were due. We will continue to organize around the high cost of tuition fees. They frankly shouldn’t exist. Our union hiered positions:

  1. Radicalized Students Collective
  2. Mental Health (products on an off campus)

Along with the Canadian Federation of Students, we actively lobby the government. The main ask of the Consent Culture Document is to pass legislation so that universities have stand alone policy. To get involved, email Marie!

18:22 Cassie: Communications VP. Updating social media. 160 new emails for Twak (pretty much all first years!) She is in charge of all meetings agenda wise. If you have any questions contact her/talk to her personally. Want to get involved? Join Twak! If you are involved in a society/have an event she can help you out!


18:24 Cassie: 1) If we loose the minimum amount of people, then it will go to council. You can go into council. Vote: Passes. 2) Budget adopted …

18:26 Zoe: Wait! What are budgets? There are copies on the table and they are projected on the slide.

18:27 Last year, we passed a deficit so that we would spend more than we made, by about $1000. Some cuts were made. There was a referendum to increase union dues.

18:29 Explanation of the Budget. If you would like a copy, please email Zoe!

Zoe talk about the Budget:

18:33 First Levy: Health plan. Change year to year, and folks are able to opt out. Next, there are external levies (Bike levy). There are also internal. Orientation week is one example. Every student pays $21 towards this.

18:36 Changes: increased dues. Most of the revenue comes from this.

18:38 Most Honoraria portion of the budget stayed the same.

18:39 Money per committee was cut back (it was just for food). Day planner was also cut back.

18:40 Had an extra delegate to a conference.

18:42 Sustainability line, does not exist this year.

18:44 Contingency: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY $$$

18:45 This a balanced budget. Any questions?

—————————————–FLOOR IS NOW OPEN TO DEBATE—————————————-

  1. Are they consistent with the Canadian dollar?
    1. Yes, it does reflect an increase on inflation.
  2. How are you going to make up for the $1000 you lost?!!!!!!! (asked by Josh)
    1. It’s on a yearly basis. When we decided to have a deficit, it doesn’t mean that we went into a negative, it just means that we have less savings.
  3. Where did the $44 000 come from?
    1. That comes from the membership dues.

Voting on budget BEGINS




18:50 Zoe: Watch board of publishers can be now nominated.

18:54 Gina nominates J.S. Freelancer and very involved at King’s.

18:54 Isabelle Nominates herself. Interested in getting more involved and she will come to every meeting!

18:55 Zoe nominate Kayla. Third year journalism student.

These three are now elected to the Watch Board of Publisher! Congratulations 😀


18:57 Lianne: Academic Committee nominations are now open.

18:58 Isabelle nominated herself. Gina nominated FG. Katie nominated herself.

18:59 Katie is a fourth year student, she was on it last year. Super passionate about how we engage with curriculum as students. Intersectional feminism is great. Creating an academic community which is assessable to everyone.

19:01 FG sat last year, was a science rep. Interested in how students interact with professors, wants to make some changes to how this committee works.

19:01 Isabelle wants a link between King’s and Dal, and feeling alienated at Dal.

19:02 Ruth is a second year student who is very excited to sit on this council.

Only three spaces. Each person get 3 votes.

Kate, FG, and Isabelle have been elected. 😉


19:06 Marie: WUSC 1 General member can now be elected.

19:09 Riel is nominated. Does not know much, but thinks it sounds neat.

Motion passed 😛


Meeting Adjourned 🙂 Thanks for everyone who came out or followed the Live Blog 😀