LIVE BLOG: Council December 3, 2017

2017-12-03_KSU_Council_Agenda+Reports December 3rd, 2017

Good morning all you lovely folks! We’re here early this morning ready to go!

9:08 Called to order!

Agenda for this meeting adopted

Minutes from Council meeting on November 19th approved


Chris – Not much to report. Looking forward to the Consent Culture Series event this Thursday at seven in the KTS Lecture room. Everyone should take the time to come out! Also looking into creating a poll or survey to engage students in the goings on and meetings of Council and its members. All of you should read the blog and stay informed, and I want to know how I can help!

Kaila – Still working on logistics for the coding workshop for J-school students in January. The J-School does in fact offer it, but only for the Master’s program, so undergraduate students don’t have access, but still are interested.

Heather – On Nov 24 attended the Campus Planning committee town hall to discuss changes to the tri-bays

Cedric – DSS threw a great Holiday Soiree! Also attended the town hall for the Campus planning committee and how it could benefit day students

Adrianna – Even this Tuesday: snacks and study time for students. Planning the time for an event (in conjunction with Izzy) where older students and younger students can talk together!

Daniel – Brennan and JS and Daniel are planning for the BOG meeting. Consultations on the best way to bring up reconciliation for the board and conversations went really well. Please send an email to if you have anything else you want to add to the conversation

Aeriana – Met with the Dalhousie Science council on Nov 27. They’re doing fun events like Cookies and Cram sessions, and Aeriana is hosting one at King’s

Izzy – Also discussing the date of the mentorship event with Adrianna. Attended the academic committee meeting to learn more about other programs at the school


(Full reports with more details can be found in the above link)

Brennan: Attended the Listen and Learn event in the Wardroom. The Galley Space agreement is still being worked on and renegotiated. Met with Bill Leahy and Bonnie Sands to talk over a final draft of this negotiation. The Board of Governors held a conference call to authorize capital and deficit financing. They’re moving from Scotiabank to RBC. Attended the Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture which was every special evening.

Couple weekends ago attended the national annual general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students with Zoe in Gatineau, Quebec! They presented their two motions. One regarded tuition fees and increased research into how it affects different groups of people. The other was an emergency motion in support of Masuma Khan.

Their is a Board of Governors meeting this Wednesday. More details on that will be in the reports link.

Lianne: Chaired Academic committee on Nov 30th which went very well. Has met with a lot of university committees recently! Also attended the Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture and was so amazed with Tanya Tagaq.  Camped out with Divest Dal to support their motion against the Board of Governors and was disappointed in the Board’s response.

Zoe: Regarding the confusion of the funding request from last meeting. Had neglected to send the motion to the Communications VP and sent it to the editor of the agenda and forgot to tell the CVP.

Society Funding update: $5,173 has been allocated so far for society funding, leaving just under 10 grand in this section of the budget. Woohoo!

Also attended a ton of university committees! (details in the link). The Town Hall on College finances was poorly advertised even though Zoe brought up this concern before then. The University will hope to receive funding to deal with accessibility issues to comply with the Accessibility Act enacted recently in the province.

Appeared on the Sheldon MacLeod show on New 95.7 to discuss Justin Trudeau’s formal apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians. Emphasized the importance of the apology and how it must be accompanied with action, such as ending the Blood Ban.

Marie: Really excited to report on the new UHP’s! Also attended the University budget town halls and emphasized decreasing tuition fees up front. Also attended the vigil for Climate Change held in the Chapel. Put together Divest 101 in the Wardroom which went really well! Thanks to Paisley and the Wardroom staff! Also held a fight the fees meeting!! They had a great brainstorming session and hopefully great things will happen!

Cassie: Lot’s of day-to-day work on social media and posters. The Chair brought forward bylaw amendments from last year’s Spring GM that were not reflected this year. The document Cassie received didn’t involve the amendments from the previous 2 years. They are now completely updated in the document and on the website! Has been talking with Brennan on how to ease this process for the next CVP. Apologies for the inconvenience! The bylaw review committee is also meeting on December 6th this week!

Moved by Brennan to recess for seven minutes (HOT CHOCOLATE TIME)


5.1. BIRT the King’s Feminist Collective be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

5.2. BIRT the Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble receive $84 in contingent funding to purchase pizza and snacks for their bi-annual general meeting on December 10, 2017. Motion passes

Daniel’s wondering if pizza is still a contentious funding item like it was a few years ago.

Brennan said that contention happened after the Pizza appreciation society was created simply to ask for funding for pizza.

5.3. BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $60 in contingent funding to purchase craft supplies, decorations, and baking ingredients for a Wardroom Hannukah party on December 12, 2017. Motion passes

JAM FILLED DONUTS PLUS SO MUCH FUN! Also challenging the homogeneity of christian celebrations of the Holidays at King’s.

5.4. BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $25 in contingent funding to purchase tea and snacks for a Thesis Study Snacks event on December 3rd. Motion passes

5.5. BIRT ________ be hired as the Union Hired Position for Mental Health Research for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Marie is super excited! They will be responsible for a mental health research report on mental health resources available to students as well as present a report of the project by Feb 16, 2018. Was recommended by Academic committee last year.

The Search Committee recommends Anne-Lise Bloch

5.5. BIRT Anne-Lise Bloch be hired as the Union Hired Position for Mental Health Research for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes.

Brennan is speaking in support of this position in general and how important it is. It is thrilling that we’re hiring a student to do meaningful and available work.

Zoe also wants to echo that the ability to restructure these positions to cater to students is a great use of resources.

Cassie is happy to see that people are applying to these positions who aren’t always as involved with the KSU, and that we are reaching out to more students.

5.6. BIRT _________ be hired as the Union Hired Position to support Racialized Students for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Moved to Table until next council meeting (January 14 2018) by Marie. Due to scheduling conflicts the interviews have not been able to be conducted yet. Motion passes and previous motion is tabled.

5.7. Michael Greenlaw receive an honourarium of $300 for his work as Scribe in the fall term of the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes.

5.8. BIRT Cooper Toogood receive an honourarium of $200 for his work as a CUBE coordinator in the fall term of the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

5.9. BIRT Ellen Zagar receive an honourarium of $200 for her work as a CUBE coordinator in the fall term of the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

New Business:

6.1. BIRT that the KSU apologize to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for a violation of Bylaw 3.4h. Moved by Rachel Colquhoun.

Rachel submitted a complaint on the KSU’s actions in the first term. It was over 8400 words. The complaint is largely regarding the wall of women in the Wardroom in 2014. It was taken down in 2016 for Wardroom renovations and hasn’t been put back up yet. Rachel personal met with advancement to get the project underway. In November, the project was vetoed by the KSU. Complaint was addressing the shutting down of the project without any indication or information.

The funding request for SNARC-con that was debated on November 19th was debated without proper communication with the SNARC executive. The Council should be aware of gross violations of transparency. While no one is particularly at fault, the President and the Financial Vice-President failed in their communication with the society. Rachel is asking for an apology for these actions. These choices are not understood, and this is an opportunity to show that the KSU upholds transparency and responsibility.

Brennan addresses the bylaw that was addressed in the original motion. Those miscommunications were not the fault of just one person. Bylaw 3.4h is the realm of the Student-Life Vice-President. To pass this motion would place all the blame on the Student-Life Vice president.

Cedric is speaking in favour of this motion. It ought to be possible to make the apology while acknowledging responsibility beyond just the SLVP. The KSU should at the very least make a broader apology for their general actions.

Daniel has read every page of the report and the complaint. This is nothing knew. Has heard these reports every year on campus. There are significant social consequences. It is extremely brave to bring this complaint to council. There are a lot of people who have complaints who don’t feel brave enough to bring them to council. Daniel would also like to speak in favour of this motion. Any apology would be in response to the report not in the wording of the bylaw.

Zoe moves to make an amendment to the original motion. The motion is to strike the ‘violation of Bylaw 3.4h’ from the apology to read ‘miscommunication.’ The apology should be for general miscommunication rather than the conduct of one Executive members duties.

Rachel thinks it sets a dangerous precedent if the KSU refuses to apologize for a Bylaw violation.

Izzy thinks there are racial undertones to this problem. The very real minority on the campus is targeted and expected to educate other people. This is of precedence over what we are discussing.

Lianne would like to speak in favour of the motion to amend. If the original motion passes and becomes public, this will personally affect her. This could have long-term affects, especially as a racialized student.

Daniel says there are very important conversations to be had on this campus about these issues. Regardless of all this, there was a bylaw violation. Everyone here is elected and accountable to the public. The chair has ruled that council has failed in upholding the bylaw, and an apology is in order.

Rachel believes that even though the violation is specific to the SLVP’s position, it is not Lianne’s sole responsibility. The Chair’s ruling recognizes the responsibility of multiple members. Rachel is very willing to have these conversations, and apologizes for some of her own mistakes in this process. She would simply like an apology for violating the bylaws. Again, this is a very dangerous precedent.

Lianne understands the feeling that the miscommunication came from all exec members, but this would personally affect Lianne, possibly long-term, no matter what.

Aeriana thinks it is inappropriate to say that this miscommunication was one-sided. We motioned to table the funding request to gain more information, which is not a first time thing. Some SNARC members were not present at the last meeting to debate the request since some members of the society were expecting the motion to be on the agenda for THIS meeting. It’s also not right for the KSU to apologize as a whole because that places blame on everyone.

Drew Guyan was the SNARC executive who was at the last meeting of council. They had no warning that the funding request was going to be on the agenda, so Drew had to run across campus to argue a motion that was being swept under the table.

10:39 Brennan moves to go in-camera. Motion passes.

10:56 Moved out of Camera

Rachel received an email after the funding request stating that the request would be delayed. She asked if it could be put on the Nov 19th agenda, but was denied. It was then put on the agenda without any communication. Even if the intention was to table, there was the chance that it would not be because of its presence on the agenda.

Daniel wants to clarify. Since we are responsible to these bylaws we must apologize for breaking them. The Chair has ruled that a bylaw was broken, and since Rachel has asked for a general apology, we have to provide this.

Kaila thinks there is a much bigger issue at hand here. A conversation we’re ignoring is by adhering so strictly to the bylaws we are adhering to a very colonial construct. This is a matter of an inappropriately written bylaw, and the onus should not be put on one particular person. The KSU should ensure that we are all on the same page when we are discussing issues like this. Maybe we should be thinking of other ways to fix our structure.

Cedric is wondering whether is would be possible, if we were to not put forward an apology, to put forward a motion that would not assign responsibility.

11:03 Recess moved by Daniel. Motion passes

11:09 Out of recess

Aeriana says that moving forward we should change the bylaws to better reflect the KSU, and that the Council members should learn more about the bylaws.

Motion to strike “violation of bylaw 3.4h” and replace it with ” miscommunication” passes.

6.1. BIRT that the KSU apologize to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for miscommunication. Moved by Rachel Colquhoun.

Lianne is speaking in favour of the motion. As a racialized woman this is inappropriate and would affect her for the rest of her life. It is hypocritical to pass motions to support Masuma Khan and then target our own racialized students.

Cassie says there is a lack of procedure in the Bylaws, and since the conversation is hard for some individuals we should end it soon. We want to apologize for the miscommunication that did happen, to acknowledge there were mistakes made, but that this apology should not target Lianne.

JS wants to amend the apology to “The executive committee issue an apology to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for the Chair’s ruling.” This amendment captures the complexities of the conversation and takes responsibility off of Lianne on her own. It is an official and specific response.

Rachel thinks this is good amendment. There is an important discussion to be had about the bylaws, and she doesn’t place her blame on Lianne. Would also like to apologize for the personal taxation this has caused some folks on Council. Rachel did not come with the intention to put someone specifically on the spot. But it is important to have these conversations and make sure we can all be held accountable.

Cedric speaks in favour of JS’s amendment

Daniel also speaks in favour of JS’s amendment. This is a colonial system, but it is also important to acknowledge the power presence of the KSU on campus. SNARC remains a voice for marginalized students and is treated unfairly by the power structure, and we should acknowledge this. This motion works because it does this without personally targeting anyone.

Marie says this cyclical conversation is bringing back the same issues. Continuing this conversation mirrors the Masuma Khan situation which is inappropriate.

Zoe speaks against the amendment. An apology for the bylaw still puts the onus on one member of the KSU since the Chair’s Ruling reflects this violation.

Lianne wants to speak against the amendment. The Chair’s report still outlines her job specifically. The conversation hasn’t changed. Lianne is worried for her future, her future job attempts, and has many other concerns.

JS says the amendment is in no way intended to reflect the original language of the motion. The KSU has a history of absolving themselves of responsibility through careful use of the Bylaws. She genuinely doesn’t think the Chair’s ruling doesn’t reflect Lianne’s responsibility.

Aeriana doesn’t think there should be an apology issued, since SNARC also refused to communicate effectively.

Daniel agrees that this conversation is cyclical. The membership can not stand for absolving themselves of responsibility.

Marie is saying there is no problem in apologizing. The Exec is completely willing to apologize, but only without targeting anyone specific. Anything further than the general apology is a personal attack.

Daniel says the ruling of the Chair can not be denied. How is this a personal attack.

JS meant the Chair’s report. not the ruling and she apologizes for saying the ruling instead.

Brennan is surprised that we are still having this conversation. We can not pass this motion. Wants to acknowledge that so many of these conversations have been about equity work on campus. Can’t believe that accountability is more important than equity work on campus.

The amendment fails.

Daniel wants to apologize for his language earlier regarding the report and ruling miswording. Also wants to apologize for his specific contributions to what was an uncomfortable conversation for some people.

Cedric would like to acknowledge the same misunderstanding of the motion put forward and apologize for having spoken in the conversation and the  difficult nature of the situation for some people.

Cassie says that furthering the conversation is useless at this point. There is a need for accountability, but our priority should be supporting racialized students.

6.1. BIRT that the KSU apologize to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for miscommunication. Moved by Rachel Colquhoun. Motion passes

11:42 Motion to adjourn. Motion passes.

Here are the motions presented by Zoe and Brennan at the CFS AGM in Gatineau

Local 11 CFS Annual General Meeting – Motions