LIVE BLOG: January 14 2018

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Cassie: Move special resolutions before action items.

Rachel: Correction: Apology has not been sent to her.

Brennan: May have gotten sent to the wrong email. Will follow up after meeting.

10:14 Run over of Robert’s Rules.

Daniel: Wants to know if the language in the minutes from last week properly reflect how people said it at the time.

Michael: The last sentence has been edited. Communications Rep gets the minutes before they are sent out. Watered down if anything, but meaning unchanged.

Daniel: Wants to know how it changed.

Zoe: Wants to move to table these minutes to the next meeting because the minutes are long and wants to be able to go through thoroughly.

Kaila: Also notes that some of the language has been changed.

Brennan: Agrees as well, wants to make sure that what everyone said is accurate.

Cassie: Next meeting can have the edited minutes along side the unedited minutes.

Daniel: Concerned about the process of the minutes, the watering down of it.

Cassie: Edits the minutes. Because they are not word for word they need to be watered down for the protection of the council. Because in the heat of the moment sometimes the wording is stronger. That is why it is watered down. Also why the minutes are sent early to allow for adoption of the minutes.

J.S: Concerned about watering down.



Aeriana: On January 23rd I will be attending the science student reception at the president’s lodge. I will also be attending the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting on January 28th.

Heather: Continuing to better the Residence Life

Cédric: Glad that so many people are here to be a part of the democratic process. Day students can look forward to trivia coming up — next Tuesday. As well as a trip to the Sugar Farm. List of all the dates will be up in a week and a half or so

JS: Board of Governors will be meeting with the elders at Dalhousie to consult about working with the Mi’kmaq people.

Daniel: Moves to go in Camera


At this time there will be no posts.


Daniel: Board of Governor’s Meeting on Dec 7 was a short meeting. Planned renovations for the tri bays, all were excited for this development. Shared a personal story to talk about the price of tuition and how it is difficult for people who can’t afford presents and trips home. Also talked about flying the Mi’kmaq flag on Campus. A tiny first step in where we need to go. The president said that he had been trying to work through this through his own office but not that it was unanimously approved by the council it will be much easier to get it started.

Kaila: Coding workshop coming up. Journalism society will be meeting on the 18th

Adrianna: Das meeting is coming up.

Izzy: FYP t-shirts are being designed.

10:47 REPORTS OF EXEC ** Please see link above

Brennan (President): The Galley Board of Directors will meet later this month to discuss an updated draft of the Galley Space Agreement. Elections are coming up in the KSU. Planning for information sessions. Trying to get more non-male and radicalized students involved. Let him or Cassie know if you want any speakers*.

Lianne: On January 10, I met with Vice President Peter O’Brien to discuss the new student absence regulation policy, which will come into mandatory effect in September 2018. The new policy is optional for professors this semester. Project for looking into slavery at King’s was submitted by the President of King’s.

Zoe: Attended the fountain lecture. Met with the Budget Advisory Committee, looking into student fees. Attended “Not So Silent Vigil” hosted by the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre. On December 7, I attended this panel, hosted by the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia. The panellists were Jade Peek, Tiffany Gordon and Jackie Stevens, and Aidan McNally moderated the panel. All panellists spoke at length provided important perspectives on fighting sexual violence

Marie: woking on Search Parties. One was put in last council. Also attended the memorial lecture. Attended the panel as well. Divestment Awareness campaign will contain class talks, postering, and attending meetings. Please feel free to get involved. St. Mary’s will be having an even focused on sexual violence. Will be attending the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting.

Daniel: Any plans for the KSU getting involved in vocally supporting things like the Cornwall statue.

Marie: Not as of now. But if anyone would like to start that let’s meet and talk about it.

Cassie: Working hard on Bylaw amendments before the elections. By law committee is talking also about the roles of councillors. Needs to reupload the minutes, the last couple meetings are not up yet because of technical issues. Elections are coming up fast. Still working with the wardy room to see what days work best for them. Voting will occur on February 14 and February 15 from 9am-7pm outside of Prince Hall. Next council meeting will take place on January 28th late: pushed to 15:00!! Referendums typically go with elections, so that needs to be set ASAP.


Licenses are in good standing. Went through a round of staff hiring. Still ongoing updates with the renovations. Lighting needs be changed soon. Lots of different events were held last semester. Gallery is doing well soon. Please direct more questions to


Sexual and menstrual health products are available outside of the office. The health plans could be opted in and opted out. That work ran very smoothly, lots of presentations had been made as well as information online, on posters on campus, and on the KSU website. International Student cards will continue to be made. Some trainings were ran for the new members. During fall reading week back office is now functional!! KSU office was closed for the Christmas break. If you need support you can go to her — FYP t-shirts are being created. Communication VP have been working to uploading past year’s meeting, hope to have that up by the end of the month. Working to create templates for agendas for minutes and exec reports. All council documents are sent to her before council. Creating templates for future elections. Office is closed for the reading week. Health plan opt in for students who are  new to the school is available.


BIRT Chris Tully be expelled from the KSU

CHRIS: feels uncomfortable with the actions taken by the union. Feels like he should be able to leave something he does not want to be a part of.

Cedric: This is completely acceptable. His role as a student comes before his role as a union member. Hopes that these motion can be passed easily.

Daniel: Is sad to see someone leave. It is important for us to work together. That being said, will support this motion. We have not lived up to his expectations. Hopes that we all take that to heart. Thinks that no one needs to feel compelled to feel a part of something that they do not believe in. There needs to be a by-law in how people can resigned. There is no resignation option as of now. Thinks that everyone here cares about autonomy. Chris as of now does not consent to being a part of this union. He is sad that this is where we are.

Paisley: Wondering what it means to be expelled from this union.

Brennan: Sad to see these motions coming forward. Recognizes that people feel uncomfortable. This is unprecedented. Spoken with folks at in the university, unsure of how to proceed.

Lianne: Thinking about who is speaking the most and who is speaking the least.

Cédric: Concerned that this is the second meeting of this year where people are concerned about the bylaws.

Brennan: Having it on the agenda believes that this union is upholding the  bylaws. He recognizes that this motion is coming from a place of concern. Wants to meet with Chris about other options. Would vote against it because unsure of what the outcome would be — not because it would be difficult, but unsure of how to navigate.

Daniel: Always gets upset about the unprecedentedness of something as a means of denying the agency of members.

Marie: We are open to other options. Coming from the stand point that council is a membership, it merits thoughtful discussion.

Izzy: Seems very symbolic that might merit resentment to the union. What is the specific.  reasoning.

Chris: There has been a willingness to ignore bylaws and governing documents. Right regardless of reasoning to opt out f something he does not want to become a part of. If this were a society he could leave.

Kate: Wants this to be flagged to the Bylaw review committee.

It will be on the next meeting.

J.S: Self expulsion is something that is unexpected. Something that is unprecedented should not be a reason to avoid it. We should work towards conversation. We have seen there are larger structural problems that need to be addressed. People should not feel uncomfortable with their union.

Daniel: This should exist outside of the public view. Wants everyone here to be conscious of that.

Zoe: Hears the discontent that comes with this motion. Wants to know how to listen to members feeling uncomfortable. Union is membership driven. Speaking against the motion.  Something being unprecedented is not a way to getting out of doing work.

Brennan: Did hear back from the university yesterday evening. No mechanisms in place.

Zoe: Those are the reasons that she believes that she cannot vote yes on this motion. Is not in the best interest of every member.

Hannah: Speaking in favour of the motion. In any membership driven organization there must be the option, the opportunity to not be a member. Because it is unprecedented is not a reason to not do it. We really have to create framework to leave the union and be a student. Sure places around the county and around the world have had similar situations.

Adrianna: They should have the opportunity to leave the union.

Chris: Understands the willingness to see what this would look like. Would not need to pay the fees. Does not think there is a mechanism to not pay. If this were tabled a finical penalty would be put on him.

Lianne: Disappointing to see such an extreme action to be taken. Instead of being met at the KSU office to be put in such a public place. That union changes people every year, this will follow the union for years to come. We offer a health plan, sexual health products, etc. We do so many things. Would Chris also need to leave the KTS?

Chris: No, can be a student of another school even to be a part of the KTS. Does not intend this as a slap in the face, more of personal problems with the union. Not as a comment on the services offered by the union.

Izzy: Needs to be thought more in depth, therefore must be tabled because there must be more of a conversation.

Chris: The fallout would be things that would effect him. Good to be left to deal with the ramifications of this choice.

Hannah: What we have heard this is not a decision they are taking lightly. They have thought about this. They have weighed the pros and cons. This decision are worth it all the same. Have considered all the things they would need to deal with

Heather: We’re not saying they haven’t though about the ramification, not saying they haven’t taken the time. The actions that occur through this will open the door to how future students will do this and how this will effect the structure of the KSU.

Kate: Hearing people say ‘we know what’s best for you’. He has the right to leave, must respect that right.

JS: The question on the table is not what will happen with the KSU. We are still not listening to students. That’s disappointing. Leaving the union is a huge move. Tabling this motion, we will not get any more information. Is not a question of whether or not we like it, but that it is out right to do that. We are still not listening.

Kaila: Agrees with JS. Need to look forward in what we can change to ensure this does not happen.


~~~~Chris is appealig to section 1.5

Cédric: This authority has the responsibility to uphold the rights of members. The more we wait, the more difficult it will get. This isn’t just s taking on whatever infrastructures. We should rise up to this challenge.

Zoe: Chris has considered this at length. However, should remember our collective responsibility. Raised that it mostly had ramifications for the individual. She is here on council to represent the collective. We work together to be stronger.

Daniel: Will not get more answers unless we let him use his right.

POI: Special Resolutions not circulated until Thursday.

Lianne: Disappointed we are still talking about

Isabelle: What will this say about the KSU if this is passed? That they listened to someone.

Hannah: What is the problem if students gained the right to leave the KSU?

— 15 minute recess

12:14 Back in session

Cédric: Calls into question

BIRT Christopher Tully be expelled from the King’s Students’ Union


Beth: Spent last semester trying to resolve issues. If there were any positive resolution from the conversation, ultimately they do not trust them to act correctly. Choosing to leave the union to be left alone.

Kennan: That choice, being a member, is an illusion. Does support the union, does not support this, that they must go to another place.

JS: We have just created a precedent. Believes that there will be a lot more implications. We might have another chance to make this right. We have just said that we cannot exercise this right.

Danna: With the people she has spoken with is the idea that these meetings are closed. Thinks transparency is lacking. KSU prioritizes bureaucracy.

Chris: Made a decision about his life that has impacts on him without listening to him. The KSU did not respect him today. Hope to have an opportunity now. Hopes KSU will respect an individual autonomy.

Kaila: The union needs to be protected to protect our students. This has not been represented of the student. Disappointed that this has devolved. Thought she was coming into a union that was for the students. This makes her question her ability to represent the students.

Marie: Voted the way she did because she is thinking about everyone that she represents. We’re all here, this conversation effects all of us. We need to talk about all of this. All of these elective positions are open to folks to run.

Beth: Chris was asked what lead him to such an extreme desion. She feels like most of the exec members she feels like she could have worked with. Feels unable to do so now.

Kate: This is difficult work. These conversations keep happening. Changing the work is something that has been addressed. Feels like 90% of the previous conversation is not addressing what the student wants.

Kristen: Disagrees with the idea that one student leaving affects everyone, not just the student. If someone has these concerns it means that people are not doing their jobs correctly.

Cedric: Disagrees with the notion that this is the idea of the good of the collective vs the individual. If we believe that the collective is essential to a community, it must be meaningful by people choosing to be a part of it.

Anonymous: If  the interest of the student does not align with the KSU does the KSU represent the students?

Aeriana: The way that I voted the way I did was because this was the first I was hearing about this and I feel like this happened quite quickly. Though I was on the fence up until the moment that I voted. The reason that I might choose to vote differently this time is because from what I understand Kate has been trying to have this conversation for a while, and has thought this through. A feel like we need to continue to work together to try and fix the problems we have with the KSU, and I believe the only way to do so is as a member of the union.

Rachel: Did not want to leave the union because she does not want to give up her speaking rights. Wants the KSU to stop hiding behind Rhetoric. Wants them to do their jobs. If we are to have a collective union that means differing opinions. Why does the KSU get to decide that this opinion is not valid.

Marie: Voted the way I did as it stands right now to uphold all the responsibilities. She agrees we need to figure this out.

Beth: Hopes that the KSU exec does not try to make her last semester difficult. Would like to distance herself from the council.

Zoe: Thinks about her responsibility to represent all students. Cutting somone off is not representing them because it means that they will no longer have input in their disscusions

Beth: Agrees with Zoe, but thinks that she has tried to have those conversations but does not want to be a part of something where the exec does not listen. Debated it because she thinks most of what the KSU does is valuable.

Cassie: Wants to apologize that the KSU is making people feel this way. Commends Beth for being here. As an exec, she cannot vote for this because the fact that people want t leave brings into question should this union exist. We need to find something on the middle line. Needs to find an option that does not bring the union into questions. As someone who represents everyone cannot vote for this to not exist. The Union should exist, but this should not be such a black and white. Cannot vote in favour, but this will be going to the review committee.

Kristen: Does not think how people vote is a reflection on them.

Chris: Does not hold anyone personally responsible. Has no ill feeling towards people who voted against his choice.

JS: Responsibility to the collective ownership. Making the choice to leave. Relationship should be democratic, not autocratic. Notes that it takes a lot of courage to come here and ask to leave. This is a question of someone’s rights following bylaws.

CALLED INTO QUESTION: BIRT Beth Hawco be expelled from the King’s Students’ Union



5.1. BIRT the Contemporary Studies Society receive $1074.68 in non-contingent funding to finance the Hinge Journal printing and release party in late March 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.2. BIRT the Contemporary Studies Society receive $699.68 to put on the CSP Conference Spectacle from February 9-10th 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.3. BIRT the Contemporary Studies Society receive $171.95 in retroactive funding to cover money owing to the Wardroom and overdue banking fees. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

Cedric speaks in favour. Daniel speaks in favour. Kaila in favour.

— Has signed the retroactive funding form

5.4. BIRT Sodales, the Dalhousie and King’s Debating Society receive $520 in non-contingent funding to send two delegates to the McGill Winter Carnival on January 19th-21st 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.5. BIRT the King’s Journalism Society receive $42.86 in contingent funding to purchase pizza, chips, and soft drinks for their January meeting on January 18th 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.6. BIRT the King’s Early Modern Studies Society receive $2650 in non-contingent funding to cover the costs of the 6th Annual Conference of the Early Modern on January 26-27th 2018, including catering and two receptions. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.7. BIRT the King’s Early Modern Studies Society receive $30 in non-contingent funding to purchase drinks and snacks for a Workshop for Conference Presenters on January 17th 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.8. BIRT WUSC receive $406.03 to send one refugee student to the WUSC Annual Assembly from January 19-20th 2018 in Ottawa. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe Finance Committee recommends approval PASSED

5.9. BIRT ELLORA SINDHU be hired to the Union Hired Position to support racialized students for the 2017/2018 academic year. Moved by Marie Dolcetti-Koros PASSED


Election dates for the 2018 Executive and BOG Representative Positions Nominations for the 7 positions will open on January 26, 2018 and close at 7pm on February 1, 2018. Voting will occur from 9am-7pm on February 14, 2018 and February 15, 2018 outside of Prince Hall.

Izzy: Toxic environment that occurs as a first year student trying to work with upper year students without knowing what’s going on.

Aeriana: Agrees with Izzy

Heather: Would not call the environment toxic, but agrees.

Paisley: Thinks that what Izzy said needed to be said. Thinks we should all feel comfortable in the small King’s Campus.

Chris: Agrees with Izzy. Does not want tension. Has nothing but respect for the people in this room.

Beth: Also agrees. This is a meeting that does not need to go outside of this meeting. Has more  to worry about on this campus.

Brennan We have been in here for four hours because we care and hopes we can see each other on a human level. Here to talk to all members. Hope we can move to a place of resolution. Hopes we can move to be productive.

Marie: Committed to having these discussions. Commends everyone for being here.

Kristen: The points have been made, not going on twitter, etc. A lot of conversation has gone up for what has come up today. No one should be victimized.

BIRT the exec send an email to the this week at kings retracting and apologizing for the email sent on December 4th.

13:42 (RECESS)

13:45 Anonymous remarks made do not reflect the person who presents them. Anonymous comments sent to Daniel are being read.



Next Council – January 28, 2018 at 3pm in the Boardroom