17:08 Council Begins!

Agenda adopted.

Action 1 : BIRT the exec committee send an email to the “This Week at King’s” mailing list retraction and apologizing for the “KSU Membership Advisory” sent on 4 December 2017

Brought forward by Daniel (BOG Rep)

Pride has not brought this up until now because they did not want LGTB students to think that their council was against them. The gender inclusive washroom signs faced barriers. KSU said that it was not worth it to add signs because people already knew where they were and King’s would loose the charm if they knew). The exec members would go out to take secret phone calls.

A meeting was finally created, but no pride members were invited. You can see on the fb post by the KSU that they did not give pride credit. The sign that they wanted was also not one of the options given to put up. They wonder still why it took so long for the signs to be put up.


He agrees with those folks that it was important to bring it up and contextualize it. He thinks it’s really important for what people call systematic behaviour that this is just another example and to contextualize that.

17:17 Brief overview of motion from last council:

Objections to the wall of women, Daniel’s motivation for it was that the TWAK mailing list is much wider than just the membership and impacted the members of SNARC as it was send to teachers and alum. Disappointed with how the KSU is using their voice as a over structure on campus.


Cedric: Amendment. Instead of writing it as it currently stands, something along the lines of

BIRT the exec write an official statement retreating and apologizing for 4 dec that this public statement be on the KSU website, be read at the following council meeting, and be linked to the next “This week at King’s”

Motivate: He has been talking to many people and although he cannot speak for them, he has received confirmation from the SNARC exec that this is something that they would support. The two main issues:

A) The apology would need to be sent the same way the original one was, which would be misusing TWAK to apologize for a misuse of TWAK.

B) Keep in mind that we send it simply as a general advisory it reaches a broad range of people, therefore this issue is far more liable to explode far beyond the scope then that which is needed for this controversy. This what we are proposing is that this uses an official channel. It uses the This week at king’s in a way which is legit. Which means that those who have signed up will get the email because they do what to know what is up. Through TWAK is important if you are truly interested in King’s you will click the link. This is a fairly extensive change which does not make us blow this issue into waters we would not want it to be in.

Daniel: (agrees)

Brennan : a number of students have said that they feel uncomfortable in the way in which this was shared and he wants to listen to the student and want to have productive conversations moving forward.

1728 Recess over

No questions or comments. Voting…amendment PASSES

Zoe: Is in favour of the motion. Very hopeful that we can move forward and do work together and hopefully resolve the tension that has been heavy for the past couple of months. Hopes that others feel resolved but recognizes that this is not the end. This is an ongoing struggle and she is very interested in it. She thinks that this is the end of one aspect but not the end of working together.

Cedric: The amendment would not have been possible without ongoing conversations with members of the exec.

Daniel: Thanks Zoe. Hopefully moving to a place where we can work together. Wanted to let people know that there is mental health help available for all

Anise: Clarify what the council will be apologizing for, that the wording can change things. If this were to be sent out so wide spread, we should know the specific language.

Zoe: Her interpretation would be to retract the other one and send the amendment as it is. Also wants to thank Cedric, thinks he is doing great work.

2.1 Voting…


*** Next council will be moved to 3PM.

17:35 Motion to Adjourn. PASS