COUNCIL LIVE BLOG: February 11, 2018

Good morning everyone! Hope all you folks are finding some time to relax during this rainy weekend!

Here are the Council docs (Agenda and Exec Reports – Feb 11, Meeting Minutes – Jan 28, Jan 14)




We have a new chair for today! Grant MacNeil from CFS-NS is here and we’re super happy!

Motion to ratify Grant MacNeil as Chairperson

Motion passes

10:04 Meeting called to order!

Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Brennan, seconded by Heather

Keenan Livingstone would like to move item 5.1. to after the approval of the agenda. He’s gotta run soon!

Motioned to move item 5.1. before Item 2. Moved by Zoe

Motion carries.

Motion to approve agenda as amended

Zoe has an amendment. To include another motion to discuss as item 5.3. BIRT that the King’s Pride Society receive $65 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and decorations for Glitterpunk: Queereoke on February 16, 2018

Request was late and did not go through Finance committee

Motion passes

Agenda as amended was approved

Item 5.1. 

  1. BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $350 in non-contingent funding to publish the journal ‘Babel’ and to purchase drinks and snacks for the launch party on March 2, 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe
    Finance Committee Recommends approvalKeenan says they’ve really tried hard to reduce costs and will be using some leftover funding to cover publishing costs. Motion passes

Approval of Minutes from January 14th, 2018 

Moved by Lianne

Cassie asks if we’ve checked over these minutes because they’re very long. Wondering if we want to read through them to double-check accuracy. These minutes have only been edited grammatically.

Zoe moves for a 5-minute recess to read the minutes

Motion passes (see you in 10:19)

Called to order 10:19

Approval of Minutes from January 14th, 2018

Cedric has two amendments. Wants to say thank you to Michael for working so hard to edit all the minutes.

Page 6 Second last paragraph:

“Cédric Blais said that he is confused with how the Societies Act plays out. He said that he would like to bring awareness to the fact that this is the second time that members of the executive have shut down a motion put forward by a union member and that they are specifically using the governing Bylaws.”

Amendment: Cédric Blais said that he is confused with how the Societies Act plays out. He said that he would like to bring awareness to the fact that this is the second time that members of the executive have shut down a motion put forward by a union member because they don’t like using the governing Bylaws.

Motion passes

Page 16 End of the second paragraph – Addition: “He would like to draw attention to the fact that retroactive funding had been previously used to try to justify denying SNARC a funding request”

Cedric says the reason it wasn’t included was because the Chair said it was off-topic regarding the motion on the table, but would like to re-intergrate it into the Minutes.

Daniel moves to amend the motion to add “The Chair warned that this subject was off-topic” to the end of the previous amendment.

Daniel’s motion passes

Amendment now reads “He would like to draw attention to the fact that retroactive funding had been previously used to try to justify denying SNARC a funding request. The Chair warned that this subject was off-topic”

Motion passes

Daniel moves to amend Page 7 Second paragraph to read ”

“Daniel Whitten said that as an institution the KSU is usually hesitant to vote on something owing to the unprecedentedness of it, but that should not be a reason to vote against a motion.”

Motion passes

Minutes from January 14th 2018 are Adopted

Approval of minutes from January 28th, 2018 

Minutes approved


Chris: Hey everyone! I don’t have a lot to report. I helped with outreach for the Consent on Campus meeting that happened last Wednesday, and though absent I submitted some ideas for discussion. I want to apologize to the membership for being MIA for the first few weeks of the semester from Council and the Office, but I’m back and excited to contribute! Big thanks to those who filled in Live-blogging!

Cedric: As a member of the DSS got to sit on the New Dean’s search committee. Had the chance to meet the current interim dean and he seems very optimistic about his capacity to fill in. The DSS is working on Candygrams which can be bought online or at school on Monday. They’re $2 and they’ll get a message and a bag of Candy. Nature Sugar Moon Farms trip is coming up and is awesome. All should feel welcome to join!

Daniel: Has had a couple folks speak to him about their meeting last week with Elder Geri about including elders in Grad Week and reaching out to Indigenous students on Campus. Has looked at other campuses to look at how white supremacy has been playing out and what the response has been to prepare for King’s.

Heather: Hasn’t been able to do much because of personal health but is excited to come back!

Aeriana: Attended the Dal Science meeting and attended Lunch with the President!

Adrianna: the last 2 DASS meetings have been cancelled but has been helping Izzy with FYP T-shirts.

Izzy: Worked with the Racialized Student’s collective to organize a playlist for an upcoming Wardy event celebrating black artists. Worked with Adrianna on the FYP T-shirts! They’re are some funny quotes that might be on it!

EXEC REPORTS (see above)

Brennan: Attended the Consent on Campus meeting last Wednesday.

A lot of work has been put toward the upcoming Executive and BOG rep changeover. Creating Workshops and procedure to help make the process smoother.

At the last meeting of KSU Council on January 28, Council passed a motion asking the King’s Students’ Union to send a letter expressing solidarity with the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs. The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq. The letter was mailed on Tuesday, February 6 to Mayor Mike Savage, Councillor Waye Mason, and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs. It was also posted to the KSU Facebook page and on the KSU website.

The Galley’s 6th birthday is coming up and it’s going to be RAD.

Cedric asks who is making the zine for the Galley. Brennan says its the Galley staff.

Daniel wants to encourage Council in the future to move letters like these immediately instead of waiting before sending them. Brennan says he didn’t want to act unilaterally and wanted people to read it over but totally agrees with Daniel

Lianne: Attended the BIPOC Elections Workshop hosted by Amina from the DSU and it was a really really nice event and encourages future events like these.

Met with the Chaplain Advisory Search Committee. The committee is having a consultation meeting for any students who wish to contribute on February 15th from 6:45-8:30 pm.

Zoe: Did outreach for Consent on Campus meeting

Attended a Budget Advisory Committee meeting on the 31st to review departmental budget increase requests

Put together an official student recommendations for the King’s budget report after speaking to a lot of students. Check out the report above to see the recommendations.

Attended the CFS-NS Annual General Meeting. It was an amazing meeting and there were a lot of great people to learn from

Traveled to Ottawa to participate in the CFS National Lobby Week. Met with 10 MPs from across Canada including Andy Fillmore. Our lobby document is available in the office in hard copy and on the CFS Website.

Marie: Continued to meet with our Union-Hired Positions to check-up on them.

Attended the Consent on Campus meeting last Wednesday

Attended a conference organized by the Antigonish Women’s Center for the creation of a Bystander Intervention Program. The program is part of the provincial government’s strategy to address sexualized violence on university campuses. Spoke on a panel with student representatives from across the province who gave updates about their campuses.

Also attended the annual GM for CFS-NS. Was an amazing weekend of workshops and learning. At the meeting, Local 11 moved two motions: one was a routine motion to update the organization’s bylaws with the Registry of Joint Stocks, and the other was a motion for the federation to create a toolkit for organizing against racism and colonialism on Nova Scotia campuses. Both motions passed.

There is a reusable Pad Workshop on March 1st at 7pm and Marie hopes lots of folks will come out

Daniel asks if there was any discussion of White Supremacy on Campus at the CFS-NS AGM.

Marie says most of the weekend they talked about this, including talks about white feminism. Passed a motion regarding Rick Mehta and there was a large discussion around this toolkit.

Zoe adds that the Allyship workshop was focused on creating a safe space for racialized students and how white students can be better allies.

Cassie: Working on easing the CVP changeover.

Elections are this week! Students need their Student ID or ISIC Card. Voting will be Wednesday and Thursday this week (the 14-15) from 9am-7pm outside of Prince Hall.

Action Items

  1. 5.2. BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $15 in contingent funding to purchase snacks for a regular meeting on February 28, 2018.
    Moved by Zoe Brimacombe. Finance Committee Recommends approval. Motion passes
  2. 5.3. BIRT that the King’s Pride Society receive $65 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and decorations for Glitterpunk: Queereoke on February 16, 2018. Motion Passes

New Business

6.1. Awards Discussion!

Lianne has a report on how we can improve these student awards. Looked at things like gendered language, the people these awards are named afterwards, and the connection of awards with Alumni.

We haven’t done them for the past two years, and it would be fun to have them back, but do we want different ones, new ones, etc.?

Heather thinks it is great to bring them back, but that we should move forward on the gender issue, while remembering the connection to alumni.

Cassie is confused about the residence awards because they’re used to be Presidents by floor. Maybe we could make this more relevant to the current situation.

Lianne agrees that these are outdated!

Zoe agrees with Cassie. What could one do to be an ‘outstanding’ residence student. We should think about what we value at King’s to help shape awards. Also wondering what exactly the commemorative names are and where they come from.

Lianne says we have free range on category but that it is important to keep the name on the award

Daniel thinks if we were to reach out the Deans and Dons it would be clear what stands out about students in Residence. There are always students who go above and beyond to make it a home for people. It is important to reach out to these folks.

Zoe is wondering what made these people worthy of commemoration. Wants to embrace the spirit of why the awards were given while updating categories.

Heather agrees with Daniel on the importance of acknowledging great residence students.

Lianne asks if we should just eliminate gendered language or redo categories completely.

Daniel thinks the categories are important to acknowledge the roles students play on campus so groups aren’t ignored.

Cassie says although these are deserving categories they don’t represent the whole of the King’s community. The Athletics community, the Chapel community, etc. If we categorize it too much we leave out important parts of Student life.

Izzy asks if it is possible for the categorization to make more than one person a recipient.

Zoe is wondering if we could split up current awards to make room for more general achievement awards

Cedric is wondering whether or not we should make sure that everyone is involved in the process of recipient selection to make the process more inclusive. Acknowledges it would be hard to coordinate.

Lianne says this ties into a discussion on how we actually select the awards. Do people have thoughts?

Brennan thinks a committee structure to discuss recipients is important as long as it is representational of King’s Communities.

Adrianna thinks its important that the general membership know who is on this committee. There might be folks who don’t belong to one specific ‘community’

Daniel agrees that its important to reach out to those who aren’t a part of a specific group, but that its important that the names of the committee members and recipients tie into communities.

Heather does agree with Daniel. Transparency is something we need to keep an eye on. Need to make sure we’re doing things properly.

Lianne says she will bring an update next time. How should councillors reach out to members to hear what they think?

Daniel thinks word of mouth is great but there should be something concrete for the KSU to refer to.

Zoe thinks reaching out to societies to talk about it amongst themselves is a good idea.

Daniel thinks that its also important to think about how we are going to reach out to other marginalized communities on campus. This might look like tailoring awards to these folks or making the awards more accommodating.

6.2. Next meeting – March 4th 2018

11:20 Motion to adjourn!

Motion passes

Here is Lianne’s report on Awards as of today!