Council LIVE BLOG: April 8 2018

Good morning folks! Hope exam season is being relatively merciful. Sending lots of positivity your way!

10:08 Meeting called to order

Adoption of the Agenda

Marie would like to propose an amendment

4.11 BIRT that SNARC receive $600 to cover the honorarium for the editors of the Canon Journal

Motion passes

Michael: Amending 3.7 to include the CUBE coordinators

Leanne would like to amend item 4.1 to include two blanks as alternates

Motion passes

Agenda adopted

Minutes from last meeting (March 18) approved

Councillor Reports

Heather – Attended the AGM on March 28. Attended the Dining Services committee where they discussed waste management. Tomorrow there is a standing residence committee meeting about Dons and how to hire them

Aerianna – attended the AGM

JS – Also attended the BOG meeting. We did get to speak for students in that room to advocate for lower tuition fees. Looking forward to the BOG student team’s work this coming year.

JS & Daniel:

  • Started the term putting particular focus on the relationship the University has with Indigenous peoples. Did manage to achieve one of their initial goals which was to have the traditional Mi’kmaq flag fly on our campus. Additionally also worked with Brennan and the KSU membership to reduce tuition fees and advocate for diversity on campus. Did have the technology fee removed.
  • Hard to make change in a room with lots of old white men who don’t necessarily relate to student’s lives. Having some continuation with the BOG is a good thing. Recommending that BOG rep terms be extended to two years in order to establish themselves and create more change.
  • The dynamic in Council that was present this year was not conducive to supporting Councillor’s work and distracted from their work at the BOG. They enjoyed bringing work to Council, but the lack of clarity and support along with complications made it hard for them to do their work that was not directly initiated by the exec committee. Felt unsupported in their independent work. The BOG reps really only interact with the Board and Council at the meetings so having that support moving forward would be greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you so much!

Cedric – Has been sitting on Council for 2 years now. Won’t return as DSS President next year. Over the past few weeks the DSS has been fairly quiet. The elections have taken place but changeover hasn’t (Congrats to Paige Narvie the new DSS President!). Has been (humbly) one of the best years the DSS has had in a long time. Have hosted multiple events to help DSS stay on campus and feel like they belong in the King’s Community (Like the Sugar moon trip, Big Night tickets, formal meal tickets, Tenant’s rights workshop, Candygrams, Orientation week funding). Coming out of these two years, he says he has struggled with the distinction between his duties as a Councillor and as DSS President. In the latter he was very very busy but didn’t know how or whether it applied to his duties as Councillor. It also made it difficult for him to be involved in Council-led events or actions. Would recommend further clarity regarding this distinction in the future and would love to discuss what this looks like. Would also recommend that information be more easily accessible to everyone. Often debates in Council hinge on who knows what, and this knowledge is often contained to those who are having the conversations before Council meetings. Maybe open executive meetings and clearer lines of communication  between societies and Councillors and the exec. This year Councillors, especially first-years, are often pressured and stressed by conversation, and would like to revisit the secret-ballot option for Council at the next General Meeting. Would finally like to thank everyone for such a rewarding experience.



  • Chaired Academic committee meeting where they discussed tuition fees and other issues
  • Fight the Journalism Fees meetings and action
  • Really excited to have our three new O-Week Coordinators!
  • Chaired the Chair Search Committee
  • Dean Advisory Search Committee – there has been a selection made and the report will go to the president next week
  • Also attended the BOG meeting
  • There is also a farewell for Father Thorne tomorrow at 3 in the President’s Lodge
  • Over the next few weeks, the Staff Search and Review Committee will be looking to hire the next Services and Campaigns Coordinator (SCC). Our current SCC, Michaela Sam, will finish her term in June.


  • Discussed with Neil Hooper how to better support student athletes. This included supplying the Mental Health Services Resource list.
  • Alex Fountain Memorial lecture Committee Meeting
  • K-Points for K-Pins are happening this Wednesday!


  • Spent the majority of the past few weeks putting together the KSU Draft Budget for 2018-19. Was passed at the Spring General Meeting
  • If folks have things they want to see further reflected in the budget please get in touch with Marie.
  • Budget Advisory Committee Meeting where they discussed budget increases and expenditures.
  • Chaplain Search Committee – confidential email address is if you have any feedback on the candidates
  • Student Government Roundtable with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. Members from the KSU and the DSU walked out to protest the decision of Minister Kousoulis to ban the representatives from the CFS from consultation on sexual violence policy after they published an Op-Ed calling the Minister out. Please reach out to Minister Kousoulis in any way to demand a response as to why he is silencing students who disagree with him, and on such an important subject.


  • Met with the WUSC levy board
  • Organized a student action for reducing Journalism fees, handing BOG members a list of demands as they walked in the room so they couldn’t be ignored.
  • Went to the Justice for Janitors picket line to protest unjust and racially motivated firings.

UHP Reports

The Chair- Charlotte

  • Thank you so much!
  • Have heard words like transparency a lot this year. Here are some things that should have and could have gone differently
    • Surprised to hear that the President struck her 2017 Final Report from the September agenda because of potential HR issues. It was late notice, and it is important for folks to have access to the actions of Council
    • Process of Complaint Resolution: Chair is supposed to act as the interpreter of the bylaws, and that the Chair will receive complaints from members if they think the bylaws have been breached. Ended up facing some issues when submitting a resolution. The president wrote a draft resolution without consultation with the Chair, that didn’t really address the problem. Was difficult to tell a friend that she was not going to use their resolution, and the power dynamic of the President and the Chair created a lot of pressure.

Motion to go in Camera (10:46) – No posts will be made at this time

Ex-Camera (10:47)

  • Next part is regarding the BRC proposed amendments package. Both exec members present on the meeting agreed that the package be voted on at the AGM by the membership. The package though was not to be publicly posted according to the president. Because there had been sufficient notice, it should have been presented to the membership. Eventually it was.
  • Recommending that the Chair’s honoraria be increased to $500 per semester for $1000 a year
  • Also recommends that everyone on Council become very familiar with the KSU governing documents.

JS says that we have heard that this is the last meeting for many folks on Council. Would like to thank Cedric and Daniel for their phenomenal work. Has watched Charlotte pour so much time and so much energy into this council. It is outrageous the amount of work the Chair is expected to do at so many odd hours and Charlotte gave and gave to this council unflinchingly. Made sure a lot of things that could have blown up happened fairly. Despite feeling unsupported Charlotte has continued to make this a stronger institution. You will be missed.

Cedric will like to second a lot of what JS has said. Charlotte has done an incredible job providing constructive and impartial feedback and whoever is Chair next has big shoes to fill.

CUBE – Michael (on behalf of Cooper and Ellen)

  • Dodgeball was great during O-Week, but the week after there was not a lot of turnout, despite meetings and advertising.
  • Generally if folks were coming out it was for a sport specifically rather than continued engagement
  • Despite a revamped communication process it was still ineffective. Enhanced advertisement early in the year, especially O-week, would help spread the word.
  • New events like Yoga actually got a bunch of people. In this vein, they recommend to move away from just sports to include healthy living events as well (such as learning how to use the gym)

Marie says that this is a really important position so anything we can do to better support them should be taken advantage of.

Cedric (as O-Week leader for 2018), this is something we should be listening to and he is looking forward to discussing with new CUBE coordinators on how we can better support them

CRO- Gina

  • Ran 2 general election periods, along with a referendum period.
  • Easily hit quorum every single election which was awesome!
    • Huge shoutout to Elections Committee!!
    • People would sit at the Voting booth and were actively participating for four+ hours!!
    • Nothing would have gone as smoothly as it did if not for them
    • Would also like to thank Michaela for all her assistance and support!
  • Didn’t get to do a lot of work on Referendum policy, and formal recommendations will be provided in a document later


  1. 4.1.  BIRT __________, __________, __________, __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Elections Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting with ________ and ________ as alternates.

These will be interim positions because Standing Committees must be elected at General Meetings.

Michael nominates Cole De Jager and Brendan Petrasek

Gina nominates Mal Thomas and Cameron Lowe

Izzy nominates Adrianna Vanos and Caroline French

Isabelle nominates Chelsea McMillen and Dominique Amit

Lianne nominates Genevieve Oliver

4.1.  BIRT Genevieve Oliver, Dominique Amit, Brendan Petrasek, Cameron Lowe, Mal Thomas, and Adrianna Vanos be elected to the Elections Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting with Caroline French and Chelsea McMillen as alternates.

BIRT __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Bylaw Review Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting

JS self-nominates

Chris self-nominates

Lianne nominates Emma Steinke and Aeriana Narbonne

4.2. BIRT Chris Pearse, Aerianna Narbonne, and J-S Rutgers be elected to the Bylaw Review Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting.

Motion Passes

4.3. BIRT __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Galley Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Moved by Lianne Xiao

Isabelle nominates Ciara Gordon

Marie Nominates Levi Clarkson and Sophie Vaisman

Names are filled with unanimous consent

Motion passes

4.4. BIRT __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Staff Search and Review Committee for the 2018 summer semester to serve until the first council meeting of the 2018 academic year.

People who want to be nominated for this have to be in Halifax for the summer

Gina Grattan self-nominates

Brianna Dunn nominates Paisley Conrad

Lianne nominates Buffy Sweny

4.4. BIRT Gina Grattan, Paisley Conrad, and Buffy Sweny be elected to the Staff Search and Review Committee for the 2018 summer semester to serve until the first council meeting of the 2018 academic year.

Motion passes

5 minute recess! (11:29)

Called to order! (11:37)

4.5 BIRT the Arts Abstract be ratified as a tier 1 society for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Michaels says the Arts Abstract wishes to bridge the King’s Community with the greater Art community.

Cedric asks if they are the ones who stringed up the piano (yes they were and it was beautiful)

Motion passes

4.6. BIRT the Unconscious Vocal Ensemble receive $271.00 in retroactive funding for their Winter Choral Concert held on April 5th and 6th 2018.

Marie is going to speak on 4.6. and 4.7. together, since they are retro-active funding requests. The Union isn’t supposed to do these, but Finance Committee recommends approval. A misunderstanding of Council dates has become a problem (Easter weekend threw a lot of people off). There is a role not just in Society training, but in continuous clear communication  for the KSU to make this process more accessible. If these are approved the folks who submitted the requests will come sign a letter with the understanding that this is not an expectation for the future.

Daniel says the largest issue with retroactive funding has been at the beginning of the year before the first Council meeting.

Marie says there isn’t a plan in place yet for O-Week society funding, but if there are concerns or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

The Vocal Ensemble held a Winter Choral concert and it is a big event to showcase their work!

Motion passes

4.7. BIRT the King’s Wordsmiths Society receive $42.36 in retroactive funding for their AGM and the Octopus Journal Launch on April 5th 2018.

This was asked for their AGM last Thursday where they launched their Octopus journal!

Motion passes

4.8. BIRT the Unconscious Vocal Ensemble receive $65.00 in contingent funding for their AGM on April 8th.

Motion passes

4.9. BIRT the King’s Pride Society receive $85.00 in contingent funding for Queereoke: Queer Icons Edition on April 9th.

Motion passes

4.10. Be it resolved that SNARC receives $99.72 in contingent funding to cover administrative costs.

To be used to buy cheques (free cheques have run out and they are super expensive)

Motion passes

4.11 BIRT that SNARC receive $600 to cover the honorarium for the editors of the Canon Journal

Really important that we are acknowledging the work of these journal editors. Looking forward would be good to create an expected amount for editors as well as looking for other funding opportunities. Would not be good to pay one set of coordinators for their work and not another.

Cedric speaks in favour: this has been one of the best journals created by students that he has ever seen. There are good conversations to be had regarding payment of society executives, especially regarding huge projects like this that are incredibly demanding

Isabelle also would like to speak in favour. The work of the editors was absolutely astounding.

Motion passes

4.12. BIRT Ellen Zagar receive an honorarium of $200 for her work as CUBE coordinator in the winter term of the 2017/2018 academic year.

Motion passes

4.13. BIRT Cooper Toogood receive an honorarium of $200 for his work as CUBE coordinator for the winter term of the 2017/2018 academic year.

Motion passes

4.14. BIRT __________ and __________ be hired as CUBE Coordinators for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Michael brings forth the hiring committee’s recommendations: Ellen Zagar and Sophie Carmichael

4.14. BIRT Ellen Zagar and Sophie Carmichael be hired as CUBE Coordinators for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Motion passes

4.15. BIRT __________ be hired as the Chair for the 2018/2019 year.

Hiring committee recommends the hiring of Zoe Brimacombe

4.15. BIRT Zoe Brimacombe be hired as the Chair for the 2018/2019 year.

Motion passes

4.16. BIRT __________ be hired as the Scribe for the 2018/2019 year.

Hiring committee recommends Angela Capobianco

4.16. BIRT Angela Capobianco be hired as the Scribe for the 2018/2019 year.

Motion passes

4.17. BIRT __________ be hired as the Chief returning officer for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Hiring committee recommends Gina Grattan

4.17. BIRT Gina Grattan be hired as the Chief returning officer for the 2018/2019 academic year

Motion passes

Motion to ADJOURN!!! (11:57)


Here are the copies of the Agenda, the Reports, and the minutes from the last meetings