Sunday, October 14th. Council Live Blog

Welcome to this new KSU live blog! This is Cédric, your new member at large, typing. This is my first time doing this, and I haven’t had enough sleep. Wish me luck lol

This is our first meeting with our new councillors! Zoe is giving us a short rundown of robert’s rules – love Robert.

What is Robert’s rule? Good question! It’s a way to run meetings. It’s also hierarchical and colonial, so remain critical of it!

“Rules of order are kinda complicated and weird sometimes” – amen

Next time – council practice run as a circle in the Wardy, maybe?

“Let’s all take care of each other, yahoo” – Zoe

(Rundown of Robert’s rules is still ongoing, things are pretty chill.)

We have a Rob’sRules cheat sheet – I will try to post it here? Not sure if it will work?

I can’t believe this worked!

We are now having a little Robert’s rule practice. – Point of Information from slvp Michael Greenlaw: what is the KSU?

The current fake motion is hotly debated: should we buy a bouncy castle? Marie is moving an amendment: we want a water slide.Seconded. “It would be so great”. Love this fake motion.

Izzy: we are a frugal union. This is ridiculous.

Lianne: all things considered, I would like to speak against this (fake) motion.

The practice bouncy castle motion has been defeated. Sad :..(

Ah! The meeting has now been officially called to order. We now begin.

The agenda has been adopted, moving on to item 2:

Approval of Minutes from September 23, 2018

The minutes are approved, and we are moving on the reports of the Executive Committee.

Lianne is reading her report; welcome to new councillors! The enrolment committee is looking for a student to fill a seat. October 13th and 16th: sexual violence policy consultations Weill be taking place. 2 Students are still needed for the equity committee, let Lianne know if you’re interested!

The KSU is leading an inquiry investigating raising student wages to 15 dollars per hour for the two Union Businesses (Wardy and Galley). Also looking for other workers on campus to advocate for their wages.

Michael’s report has now begun! To address the lack of attendance at society training, there will now be 4 society training meetings per year, two per term. There is a general meeting at 6pm on October 25th!

Report of Marie, the FVP! Marie has been consulting students, and hopes people can engage with this process as much as possible. Ways to get involved include: talking with Marie in the Wardy on Tuesday morning, filling out the anonymous survey on the KSU’s facebook page, there will be a discussion at 4:30 in the Shatford room tomorrow. People can also stop by at her office hours! If none of those things work for you, get in touch with her!

Marie is also working on changing the internal systems of the union. EVP Isabelle has been doing such a great job (true). Isabelle is sick and could not be here, so Marie wanted to add she joined Isabelle at a government roundtable. Isabelle can tell you more!

Report of the External Vice-President, Isabelle Reynolds. Lianne is giving us a summary of Isabelle’s report. There is an upcoming active listening training workshop, and a consent culture workshop.

It is now Izzy Ortner’s turn, the communications vice-president! RISE is taking place October 26th-28th!

Normally at this point we would be going through the oral goals of councillors, but it’s not in the agenda right now… that’s what we will do at future meetings, but no one has much to say this week.

Action items!


  • BIRT the previous adopted motion 5. 2 “BIRT Jennifer Nowoselski be hired as the bookkeeper for the King’s Students’ Union for the 2018/19 fiscal year” be amended by striking out “for the 2018/19 fiscal year.”

     Moved by Lianne Xiao)

Lianne motions to go in camera for this motion. Motion passes. I’ll see you all on the other side!

We are now out of camera!

Returning to debate on motion 4.1 (see above). The motion passes!


  • BIRT Best Buddies be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

Best buddies is re-ratifying! They seek to establish 1 on 1 friendships for people with intellectual/physical learning disabilities, encourage growth and personal development.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT World University Service of Canada King’s Chapter (WUSC) be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

      Moved by Michael Greenlaw

They will sponsor a young refugee to attend King’s, and fundraise and raise awareness about the student refugee program. This is a year of fundraising, next year we will host someone.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT the Spanish Society be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

A new society. excite! They want conversational meetings, potlucks etc. Zoe discloses her friend has taken a Spanish class.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

         Moved by Michael Greenlaw

SoHo aims to provide resources and referrals to university and Halifax community, as well as a safe space for people to organize. They provided us with our anti-O training.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT the Students Advocating for Representative Curricula (SNARC) be ratified as a Tier II society for the 2018/19 academic year.

        Moved by Michael Greenlaw

(Brief discussion of what it means to be ‘tier 2’ for the new councillors!)

SNARC aims to advocate for a representative curriculum in all departments of King’s and Dal.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT the King’s Dance collective receive $402.50 for a pole dancing class on October 20, 2018.

     Moved by Marie Dolcetti-Koros

    Finance Committee has no recommendation.

There is no recommendation because there were a few things to clarify. That said, Marie said that she still supports passing the motion, with the understanding that she will have a conversation with the Dance exec about whether it is possible to reduce costs a little.

The motion passes! (I just noticed Zoe said ‘the motion carries’ oops)


BIRT the History of Science and Technology (HOST) Society receive a total of $88.00 for two upcoming events; $23.00 for their event Experiments Club: Astrolabes on October 18th, and $65.00 for their event Experiments Club: Pigments on October 29th.

   Moved by Marie Dolcetti-Koros

   Finance Committee recommends approval

‘I love to drink wine and learn about the stars’ – Zoe.

The motion carries!

Action items are done! Moving on to…

5. New Business!

Come to the GM! Participate in KSU consultation for the budget!

Also Cube is doing a field trip to 7 bays today. 5$ for a day pass -super epic and awesome.

16th from 3:30 to 5:30 in the Red Room: sexual violence policy meeting, students only.

Wednesday night: 6:30 to 8:30 in Alumni Hall, meeting for everyone (students, faculty, etc)

Motion to adjourn: it carries!

Council is over! Thanks everyone! Much warm feelings to all the new councillors.

See you all next week! Send your feedback about the quality of the live blog to Cédric lol.