Council Live Blog 13/01/2019

Ok so I lost the page for the other live-blog, so here we go again! Sorry about that folks. We are now at councillor reports.

We are now at exec reports!

Lianne (President)

Lianne and some others had a meeting about tuition with Bill.

The university recently got a whole bunch of money.

Michael (Student Life President)

Cube is DEAD. Michael sat down with the two coordinators. Problems with gender binary in sport. Tensions with men’s basketball team. Lack of participation. The programme reflected that small budget line. The quality of the programme will reflect the budget line. Suggestion to make the programme more flexible, a more representative honoraria. The KSU exec & Michael will brainstorm what to do moving forward. There is now money that is open in the budget (500$) due to the end of Cube.

Michael is going to a meeting on how to move away from Bell Let’s Talk. Will be looking for new Mental Health charity to donate to – send suggestions!

The king’s badminton games will be taking place on the 18th and 19th on campus! Come support your athletes! Same for volley-ball.

Marie (Financial Vice-President)

It is was a very short report. There are funding requests.

Isabelle (External Vice-president)

Work is being done on the consent culture campaign. Isabelle had conversations over the break, met with Katie Clarke. There is a workshop on calling-in and being called in on the 26th. Workshop in February currently called “how to receive disclosures”.

The Provincial CFS meeting is coming up. They will be here to table on Wednesday.

Izzy (Communications Vice-President)

Twak is a thing! Upcoming dates: the CFS GM.

Action Items:

5. Action Items

5.1 Whereas Laval University was the first institution in Canada to divest fully from fossil fuel companies and whereas the University of Guelph invests in fifty-five fossil fuel companies, and;

Whereas the King’s Students’ Union supports local, provincial, and federal divestment initiatives, and; Whereas Fossil Free Guelph is demanding:

1. A freeze on fossil fuel investments from the University of Guelph;
2. Divest the 38 million dollars from the fossil fuel industry (oil and coal production companies); 3. Invest the former fossil fuel investments into the green energy sector

BIRT the Kings’ Student Union write a letter of support in support of Fossil Free Guelph (FGG) and their demands.

Moved by Lianne Xiao

Motion passes.

5.2 BIRT the HOST Society receive a total of $200.00 in contingent funding for 20 tickets to the play Arcadia, showing at the Bus Stop Theater in January.

Moved by Lianne Xiao

Finance Committee recommends approval.

The motion passes.

5.3 BIRT the EMSP society receive a total of $2,550.00 in non-contingent funding for the 7th annual Conference of the Early Modern, being held on January 18th and 19th.
Moved by
Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion passes.

6. New business