Live Blog Sunday 27th, 2019

Welcome to the live blog! We are in the Wilson common room.

We are now at the exec reports. Lianne is speaking – an emergency motion about Ford’s education reform was passed at CFS NS.

Nominations for the KSU election are open! Woohoo! Anne Carson gave the Alex Fountain lecture – it was great.

Michael (SLVP) ‘s report.

Michael is working to organize health week. Panel on Failure and adulating fair upcoming! The presidential skate is happening today at the oval. There will be free beavertails.

Met with Trish (the athletics coordinator), who will be organizing two “non-dudes” weight room training days.

Several UKC games are coming up!

Marie’s report (Financial Vice-President): meeting about tuition fees. Attended finance audit & risk committee. What will the admin do about the 2.2 million grant being given to the university. Currently: it looks like it will finance the university’s debt, and we’d like it to go elsewhere.

Lianne has been elected as KSU chair for next year. Edit: Lianne has been elected as CFS NS chair. Sorry for the mistake!

JS asks about the MOU: Marie defers to Isabelle, who says there isn’t much update.

Isabelle: tabled about the 2.2 million $. CFS general meeting. Attened silent protest at Dal against interim president Mackinnon. The 27th there will be trauma informed active listener training.

Communications Vice-President

Also went to CFS AGM. TWAK is happening, attended call-in workshop. Nominations are open!

Action Items

5.1 BIRT the Vandeville fashion and design show be re-ratified as a Tier 2 society.

The motion passes.

5.3 BIRT the HOST experiments club receive 375$ in non contingent funding.

The motion passes.

5.3 BIRT the HOST society receive 1767$ in non contingent funding for the HOST conference.

The motion passes.

BIRT the king’s pride society receive 55$ for meetings!

The motion passes.

BIRT the king’s political lesbianism receive 18.9$ funding for their GayGm.

The motion passes.

5.6 BIRT king’s pride receive 110$ for their event Queereoke, Glee Cowboy.

The motion passes.

5.7 Motion in support of writing a letter in support of the Unist’ot’en camp, responding a call for support from the Wet’suwet’en nation.

The motion passes.

5.8 Whereas the Wardy is a service of the KSU,

Whereas there is no official way to address complaints,


5.8 Whereas, the Wardroom is a service of the KSU.

Whereas, the Founding Provisions of the KSU must be upheld in all Union services.

Whereas, there is no process for the Wardroom to respond to reports that the founding provisions are not being upheld.

Whereas, there must be a process until we can vote on a permanent option at the next AGM.

BIRT the ad hoc Wardroom Support/Complaint Committee runs until the 2019 fall AGM.

BIRT the general members for this committee be elected during council on February 10th, 2019.

BIRT the report from this committee be presented at the second council meeting in the Fall.

BIRT the terms of the committee be as follows:

There is hereby constituted the ad hoc Wardroom Support/Complaint Committee, consisting of:

  1. The President (Chair)
  2. The Wardroom General Manager
  3. The Galley General Manager
  4. One (1) Wardroom Staff Member, who will be elected by the Wardroom staff.
  5. One (1) General Member, who will be elected by Council.
  6. The Hospitality Coordinator (ex-officio)
  7. The Wardroom UHP (ex-officio)

A meeting of the Wardroom Support/Complaint Committee will be called immediately if requested to the President by any member of the Committee or, if a complaint is received. Quorum is three (3) persons.

The duties of the Wardroom Support/Complaint Committee are:

  1. To review formal complaints regarding behaviour that is contrary to the Union’s founding provisions;
  2. To respond to the complaints in a timely manner;
  3. To determine action to move forward;
  4. To report recommendations to council.

Moved by Lianne Xiao


JS asks what kind of response the committee/council would be able to use. Lianne says it is based on a case by case, may involve the KSU banned list, etc. Marie says this is a way to formalize this. Lianne adds that this is a trial committee.

JS asks what coordination will there be with Patrol and the University? Lianne responds she meets the Dean once a month and communicates there.

Questions about what the UHP would do. This can be further discussed.

Motion 5.8 is put to a vote, and passes.


New Business:

an emergency council will have to be called to elect the UHPs, since there was a failure to advertise for this meeting. It will be on this Thursday from 5 to 7pm.

Motion to adjourn, seconded.