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Live Blog October 1st, 2017


Oct. 1st, 2017 Council Agenda 


Good morning! It’s your Financial VP, Zoe! It’s been a MINUTE since I last liveblogged (throwback 2 being member @ large in first year) but I’m BACK BABY.

We’re getting started and the minutes & agenda have been approved.

10:03 Councillor reports:

Daniel (Board of Governors Rep) reports that he and JS and Brennan attended a Board of GOvernors meeting. Full report next council.

Riel (First Year Rep) is at his last council! HE is excited to meet with the new first year rep

Cedric (Day Students’ Society President) reports: The Day Students Society planned an AMAZING Maritime Night. DSS General Meeting at 3pm in the Wardroom on Monday!

FG (Science Rep) planned a SICK science student get-together, which was well-attended (including Neil Robertson). Wow!

10:05 Reports and Rulings

The ruling of the Chair RE: extending nominations for the fall elections was discussed briefly.

Brennan (President) reports: he is grateful to the outgoing councillors. The exec also ran an “elections toolkit” event for folks interested in being councillors. He has been up to lots of things, including a tuition fees action, the town hall on college finances, the Maritimes Skills Development Symposium, an Alumni Association Executive meeting, and a meeting of the Sexual Violence Awareness, Prevention, and Response Policy Committee. This Wednesday, Oct. 4th there is a Sisters in Spirit Vigil at the Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre. The King’s Feminist Collective is leading a group in getting over there, check out the details in their facebook group.

The report of the Student Live Vice President, Lianne, is presented by ME because Lianne is away at the Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience Summit. She was involved in the elections toolkit, society training, the skills symposium, and the tuition fees action!

Oct. 1st, 2017 Council Agenda (3) 2017-09-17-KSU_Council_MinutesI report on society training, the tuition fee action, the town hall on college finances and the skills symposium. I also note that budget consultation for the KSU budget will be happening this week! Check out the facebook event for all the details.

Marie (External Vice-President) begins by thanking everyone who participated in the tuition fees action. She was also involved in the budget town hall, a Bill 148 rally, the Skills Symposium. Marie reports that she and Brennan will be attending a student-government roundtable on October 3rd.

Cassie (Communications Vice-President) reports on Fall Elections, the elections toolkit, and communications outreach. She adds that councillor speeches are tomorrow at 6pm, and voting will be October 4th-5th. Check out elections details here!

10:19 GM Notice

This is just formal notice that the KSU Fall GM is on October 19th at 6:30 in the Wardy! We are excited that it will be in the wardy!

10:21 Society Ratifications

The King’s Improv Society is ratified as a tier 1 society.

Best Buddies Canada – King’s Chapter Society  is ratified as a tier 1 society.’

Le Salon is ratified as a tier 1 society.

The King’s Journalism Society is ratified as a tier 2 society.

10:25 We recess for 3 minutes for Michael to figure out a minutes thing!

10:29 We are back from recess!

SNARC is ratified as a tier 2 society.

The King’s Dance Collective is ratified as a tier 2 society.

The Sodales Debating Society is ratified as a tier 2 society.

The CKDU-FM Society is ratified as a tier 2 society. (This is a levied society!)

10:33 Onto society funding! 

Council votes to approve $30 for the Early Modern Studies Society to purchase snacks for a Mental Health in the Early Modern Period and Contemporary Mental Health Services event.

Council votes to approve $30 in funding for the Early Modern Studies Society to purchase tea for thesis study snacks events to be held throughout the year.

10:39 Committee elections!

Adeline Catlin (celiac! excited to be on this committee!) and Caroline French (vegetarian! a regular in Prince Hall!) are elected to the Dining Services Advisory Committee

Levi Clarkson is elected to the University Sexual Violence Awareness, Prevention and Response Policy Committee. We had students submit nominations to a third part (the Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia office) and they provided a recommendation.

10:44 New business

No new Business!

10:44 Notice of next meeting

Next meeting in two weeks, same bat time, same bat place.

10:45 Adjournment!

BYE <3 <3 <3

LIVE BLOG: Council October 16


It’s live blog time again at last! This is your new Member at Large Jacob reporting for duty. Enjoy!


Executive and BoG Rep Reports

Election Rulings and Results

Minutes from September 15

10:06 – We’re starting!

We added Item 4.6, Report of the Board of Governors Reps. Minutes from last time approved! Councillor reports!

Lianne (Journalism Rep) is looking forward to getting started and getting in touch with more journalism students.

Frances Grace (Science Rep) is looking forward to her office hours and getting to know people.

Lucia (Residence Rep) has a meeting with Nick Hatt soon to talk about a kitchen and some renovations?

Riel (First Year Rep) wants to make sure first years know about all of the Union’s services!

Pilar (Day Students Society Rep #1) is here!

Cedric(Day Students Society Rep #2) says the DSS is getting ratified and also has access to their bank account!

Jacob (Member at Large) is live blogging!! (That’s me!)

Drew (Arts Rep) is in all the Facebook groups and is working on an email list.

Exec and BoG rep reports are happening, PDF are at the top of the page! I’ll also type out some important things.

The Board voted down the $1000 FYP tuition increase WHICH IS AMAZING.

Sodexo’s contract is up, the University is issuing a request for proposals to find a food service provider. Brennan is running consultations with students about this, including an online survey and tabling with physical copies of the survey. The University is also now a member of the Canadian College and University Food Service Association. They’ll be on campus this term to talk about the food services as well, and Brennan is putting together a committee of 7-10 students to meet with them.

Zoe created a handy form for society funding reimbursements! Grab one outside the office.

There was a municipal election yesterday! I live in District 8 and Lindell Smith won that seat which I am very very pleased about. (Am I allowed to say that here? Too late!)

Gina got us academic amnesty for the day of action on Nov 2, which basically means all of our profs explicitly agreed that we can miss class to attend the day of action. Chill.

King's Board of Governors members literally walking all over our words re: difficulties of high tuition.

King’s Board of Governors members walking over students’ words re: difficulties of high tuition.

JS is talking about a GM for the last time ever!

Elections happened – two rulings of the Chair were issued to extend the nominations period and to extend balloting for Journalism Rep. This happens a lot and is less than ideal. JS welcomes feedback and suggestions. These rulings and the final vote counts are attached at the top of this page.

New King’s President Bill Lahey introduced the motion to reject the $1000 FYP tuition hike in his report to the Board, specifically citing his meeting with KSU President Aidan McNally the day before. See! It works!! Also lots of Board members used the kind of language that students do, and seemed to finally have accepted some basic concepts like the fact that increasing FYP tuition won’t help enrolment!

Note: this motion declined to increase FYP tuition $1,000 next year or the year after, but the University is still allowed to increase everyone’s tuition 3% per year as usual (yes, including this year). Will they? It would be kind of hypocritical now that they’ve voted down an increase using language affirming that higher tuition hurts everyone. We’ll see.

The Board of Governors approved a motion to post their minutes publicly online! BE STILL MY HEART!! This is awesome. I’m going to link the shit out of those minutes once they’re up.

Two new Co-opted Board members were approved at this meeting and they’re rad and experienced and also they’re not white which is cool. Their names are Don McLean and Catherine Martin. Their bios are in the BoG Rep report which I’ll upload in a bit.

Brennan asked what the nomination process is like for Board members. Aidan says that nominations were invited from all faculty and from Board members. Once there’s a shortlist the Governance, Nominating, and Human Resources Committee talks to all of them and picks people.

I asked if there were any other people appointed besides these two. Aidan said there were two other new members who joined the Board, a Diocese Rep, Laurelle LeVert, and a Secretary, Jennifer Gray. The process for appointing these people is different from Co-opted members.

10:50 – 5.1 Ratification of King’s Entrepreneurship Society, Tier I. FG asks about Tier I vs. Tier II societies, Brenna explains the difference between them. Pilar asks who will conduct these workshops, Brennan says the society didn’t specify that. Motion passes.

10:53 – 5.2 Ratification of the King’s Horror Film Society, Tier I. Motion passes.

10:55 – 5.3 Ratification of Sicily, King’s Journal of Theology, Tier I. Super cool. Question about what year these students are in, mostly fourth. Katy Weatherly is here, she’s one of the founding editors. Aidan asks if there will be events this year or just a journal. Katy says this year probably just a journal, in future they hope to do panels and organize other multifaith events. Brennan will work with them to make sure this society/journal will be accessible to everyone, Katy agrees. Cedric asks what religious backgrounds journal submissions are coming from. Katy answers they’re not sure yet, they welcome submissions from any faith background and about religion and theology in general in any way. Aidan asks what structures are in place to determine editors and select papers. Katy says there’s been one meeting with three founding members but there will be an open call for more editors, and they hope to diversify the backgrounds and ideologies held by their editors. Motion passes.

11:00 – 5.4 Ratification of Early Modern Studies Society, Tier II. This motion doesn’t include special designation, Brennan says that’s typo. The motion is amended to include granting EMSS special designation. Motion passes as amended.

11:03 – 5.5 Ratification of King’s Day Students’ Society, Tier II with special designation. The DSS is levied directly trough the University to the tune of $10 per day student (yes, that’s a buttload of money – $7,420 per term to be exact). They’re looking for Tier II status so they can do events with alcohol, which they’ve done often in the past. Motion passes. Cedric and Pilar note their abstentions.

11:05 – 5.6 Ratification of Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, Tier II with special designation. NSPIRG and South House are levied societies, all students pay a fee to them, this motion doesn’t affect that levy. Motion passes.

11:07 – 5.6 Ratification of South House, Tier II with special designation. South House is RAD. They’re on Seymour Street. Motion passes.

11:09 – Recess for 7 minutes!! See you at 11:16.

I’m talking to JS about getting Exec reports linked in these live blogs in real time. We’ll get that set up for the next meeting! Check back later for today’s.

I also chatted with Aidan about those two extra Board members that were appointed this week – Jennifer Gray, a lawyer with McInnes Cooper, and Laurelle LeVert, a Diocese Rep (not sure what she does). I’ll come back and update this live blog with a bit more of a bio about all four of these people.


11:16 – 5.8 Funding Request: King’s Dance Collective, $50 contingent for contact improv workshop leader honorarium. Motion passes.

11:19 – 5.9 FR: King’s Dance Collective, $175 contingent for pole dance workshop on Nov 2. Motion passes.

11:20 – 5.10 FR: King’s PRIDE Society, $23.30 contingent for snacks for Halloween screening of Carmilla on Oct 24. This movie is about vampires and is very good and very queer. Motion passes.

11:21 – 5.11 FR: King’s PRIDE Society, $15.84 contingent for snacks for AGM on Oct 20. Zoe says this is “the most darling funding request” she’s ever seen. Motion passes.

11:23 – 5.12 FR: Dal/King’s Fashion Show Design Society, $1,000 non-contingent for costs of Vaudeville Fashion Show Fundraiser on Mar 5. Fashion show is rad body-positive event. Total cost of show is about $3,000. Zoe is trying to follow up about how many King’s students are involved. Zoe moves to table the motion until the next Council meeting so there’s time to follow up, their event is in March so there’s no rush. Aidan has concerns about the cost too, and remembers that last year there were questions about ticket sales and how much money the event actually raises for its charities. She also thinks we should postpone it. Pilar wants to know more about Dress for Success. Zoe says she thinks they provide profesh clothing to people for job interviews. Curran points out that this funding request is about 10% of our entire society funding budget for this year—Zoe corrects him, it’s about 1/16 (that’s still a lot). Cedric also points out that we would be providing a third of their funding. I asked Zoe to ask the society about their other funding sources at Dal. Motion passes to table this Action Item until next Council – we will revisit the main motion in two weeks.

11:29 – 5.13 FR Students Advocating for Representative Curricula, $105.90 contingent for cakes and decor for Wall of Women anniversary on Nov 14 or 18. There will be a gluten-free cake. Motion passes.

11:30 – 5.14 FR King’s Foreign Film Society, $33 contingent for bread and cheese for film screening on Oct 18. No recommendation from Finance Committee because reasons. Zoe says it’s a good funding request. Motion passes.

11:32 – 5.15 FR King’s Foreign Film Society, $50 contingent for snacks for Halloween screening of Let the Right One In on Oct 25 (this is Zoe’s birthday!). Finance Committee recommends amendment. Zoe moves to amend to $33 based on previous funding request, didn’t see a need for different money for similar events. I add that there might be higher turnout at a Halloween event, so maybe more funding is justified. Gina says things weren’t priced out super precisely. Zoe quotes funding request: “chips and pop,” previous funding request was for bread and cheese which are more expensive. Amendment passes. Motion passes as amended.

11:38 – 5.16 FR: King’s Horror Film Society, $60 contingent for snacks for Classic Horror Movie Night on Oct 20. Finance Committee recommends amendment. Zoe says this is a little high, it’s the society’s first meeting and they’re doing something similar to the KFFS. FG moves to amend to $25, says PRIDE’s event was very very detailed and well-priced and that’s the area theirs was in. I don’t know how I feel about horror films. I like the very few that I’ve seen but I also hate gory stuff and I also scare pretty easily. I will probably not attend any of these events, but you should! Zoe calls the question on the amendment, the amendment passes. Motion passes as amended ($25).

11:46 – 5.17 FR: Early Modern Studies Society, $135 non-contingent for pizza and snacks for Halloween Horror Screening probably on Oct 27 OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE? I think we’re at four in one week now?? [I check the agenda] NOPE THERE ARE FIVE. This film will be preceded by a lecture from Dr. Kathryn Morris, and the movie will be The Witch. Katy says it will be awesome but the budget can probably be cut a bunch. EMSS has money in their bank account, Zoe asks what this money will be used for and why it’s not being put towards this event. Katy says that money is a buffer for Babel. Aidan says this event will be in Alumni Hall and will probably attract a significantly audience. Motion passes.

11:53 – 5.18 FR: Early Modern Studies Society, $160 non-contingent for wine and cheese for Babel launch on Nov 2. Zoe moves to table the motion until next Council. This event is also on the Day of Action, so will probably be rescheduled. Motion passes to table this Action Item until next Council – we will revisit the main motion in two weeks.

11:56 – 5.19 FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $200 contingent for honorarium for Caribou Legs for a talk on or around Oct 20. Zoe and others speak strongly in favour  of this motion. Caribou Legs is running across Canada to raise awareness about missing and murdered indigenous women. Date is uncertain, but if the event can’t happen then the money won’t be spent, so this isn’t a problem at all. Aidan says if we are funding this event it should happen on King’s campus. Motion passes.

11:58 – 5.20 FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $68.94 contingent for snacks for three meetings this term. This funding is for snacks including “DSU Mini-Food Boxes,” which I’m told is a great amount of veggies for a meeting. This is a DSU service run out of the SUB. I’m in shock. Veggies are so rad. Wow. Motion emphatically passes.

12:01 – FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $550 contingent for car rental and gas to go to Ottawa for Climate 101 and Climacon on Oct 23-25. JT is going to decide something about a pipeline. Slimy. Dal and King’s students going to this event, at least 5, at least 2 of these from King’s. Finance Committee recommends amendment. Zoe’s giving some background: we used to have travel bursaries set aside in the budget that students could apply for in $100 chunks, they were cut this year because they were problematic and weren’t being used a lot. $500 is a lot of money, Zoe moves to amend to $200, reflecting $100 per student. Curran asks where this number comes from. Zoe says it’s a bit arbitrary, $550 for 5 students works out to about $100 per, also Divest Dal is pitching in so this money will help. Cedric asks about Divest Dal, whether they be able to afford it without our funding. Zoe isn’t sure. Liam asks if we can word this motion so that it allocates funding depending on how many students go. Zoe points out that this is all happening very very soon and it may all be finalized. I add that I’m pretty sure it costs a lot more than $550 to go two ways to Ottawa. Pilar says it’s weird that a sustainability group is renting a car. Zoe is explaining that she initially received a funding request/proposal directly from Divest Dal. Aidan speaks in favour of the $200, this would be consistent with historically allocating about $100 per person per trip, also other reasons. I zoned out for a sec, sorry, Aidan knows what she’s talking about. Amendment passes ($200). Gina feels torn, she is in Sustainability and is also now responsible for bringing sustainability concerns to Council because the Union cut it’s Sustainability Commissioner, but also this motion will set a precedent to fund travel for individuals, which we were trying to move away from when we cut travel bursaries. She’s not sure how we justify spending society funding on travel and then maybe saying no to other students later in the year. It sounds like what’s at issue here is society funding in particular being used for travel. Zoe points out that our sustainability line in the budget was cut this year and lots of people are doing great work around this, she believes that funding this motion is in good faith. We sometimes spend $100 on snacks, this amount of money isn’t huge. Zoe moves to amend the motion by removing specific mention of the car rental and gas money. Charlotte (our Chair!) points out that a motion can only be amended twice, so this is our last opportunity to change the motion itself. Amendment passes. The full text of the main motion is now “Be It Resolved That K-OSS receive $200 in contingent funding for travel to Ottawa for Climate 101 and Climacon taking place over the course of October 23rd, 24th, and 25th.” Curran notes that the Union’s current setup makes society executives gatekeepers of sorts for students’ travel costs and funding requests, and this is also still a privacy issues, he says we should look into this more. Cedric says we shouldn’t see this as a travel bursary alternative: “societies have various needs, some of which include travel costs for their members for events.” True. I added that we should do more to help these students’ work besides just funding their travel, Gina says she is working on this! Motion passes as amended ($200).

12:26 – New Business. JS reminds everyone that the next Council meeting is on Sunday October 30.

12:28 – Adjourned!


Thanks for reading! I’m wondering if I should write this live blog in the first person (“I” – what I did this time) or the third person (“Jacob”). Thoughts? Hit me up!!


LIVE BLOG: Fall General Meeting September 29

Hi all, this is your communications VP Julia-Simone Rutgers writing the live blog for tonight’s general meeting.

It is 7:19pm, and we have just reached quorum. Thank you to everyone is here.

Charlotte, our chair, is starting out by introducing Robert’s Rules and the procedures of a GM

7:21pm – The Meeting has come to order.

We are amending the Agenda. There are two motions to add to the action items.

Motion 5.5 is to elect a member to the Watch Board of Publishers, motion 5.6 is regarding a referendum to add a levy for the Dalhousie bike centre. Both of these motions are added to the agenda.

7:26pm – The minutes from the past two General Meetings have been approved.

7:26pm – We have begun the oral reports of the executive!

Aidan McNally is updating us on her major tasks since the last General meeting. She worked on Orientation Week, the hiring of Michaela Sam (our Staff person), and the renovation to the Wardroom (which opens TOMORROW at 4pm!!).

Aidan also sat on multiple committees this summer, most importantly the University’s Board of Governors. Something upcoming with the Board Of Governors is the creation of a new sexual assault policy. Aidan says that she will be pushing for a diverse and inclusive committee and student input in creating this policy.

The Board also voted this summer to keep their meetings closed, but they passed a number of recommendations to board operations that will hopefully make our Board of Governors more transparent.

There was also a vote at the June board meeting to increase tuition by 3%.

Lastly, Aidan mentions that the question of the $1000 FYP tuition increase (introduced last year) has been moved to this fall. We will be continuing to fight this increase in the coming months.

Gabriel asks about the tuition reset, and how the university can raise tuition by $1000 outside of this reset. Aidan explains that the university did not take the reset when it was offered but deferred the conversation to a later time. That time is now.

Nova Scotia is the SECOND most expensive province to pursue a post-secondary education in. This is wildly unacceptable.

Aidan has been fielding questions about the upcoming tuition decision. The board will not discuss this at the October 13th board meeting, but perhaps at a later meeting.

Questions are being directed at Jenn Nowoleski regarding the Wardroom. There will be debit accepted! There is a pool table! The prices for post-happy hour drinks have increased by $0.25.

7:45pm – Brennan McCracken, our Student Life VP, is beginning his report!

He mentions O-Week. He was very involved in this over the summer. Since the beginning of the academic year, Brennan has been working primarily on society work.

He hosted a society training session with Zoë recently.

Brennan’s role also includes supporting the CUBE coordinators! There are events every Tuesday and Thursday.

Brennan also sits on university committees. This summer, he took part in hiring the dons, and hiring King’s first official librarian since 2012!

Currently, Brennan sits on the committee overseeing the hiring of a food services provider, as Sodexo’s contract has run out this year. Brennan will be working to consult students and ensure that their voices are heard in the process of hiring our next food providers.

7:49pm – Up next is Zoë Brimacombe with the Financial VP report.

Zoë worked on the university’s finance committee this summer. She has been working tirelessly to fight the increase in tuition fees that we saw this year. We love you Zo.

Other work Zoë has done this summer includes: organizational work (we love audited financial statements!), the budget (to be spoken about soon), and a new union finance committee!!

Zoë is also sharing updates about union services. Our health and dental plan has expanded to include more psychological services, and up to $1,100 of an ambulance bill, which makes health and safety more accessible for our students. We now also have a condom wall with MANY different types of condoms for ALL of your condom needs. We also have day planners. For you. For free. Love that.

“Low cost to produce, high quality to HAVE” -Zoë Brimacombe, about day planners.

On Wednesdays, we print ISIC cards.(So many things were said here but I spent much of it laughing… the point is please come get an ISIC card, we love to provide this service for you!)

(ISIC cards are the same as health cards in case you were wondering)

7:57pm – Aidan McNally is presenting the report of the external VP on behalf of Gina Grattan.

There is a MUNICIPAL ELECTION COMING UP! The deadline to be registered to vote is October 5th, and you can figure out how to get registered by talking to Gina or by heading to halifax.ca

Gina will also be sitting on Sustainability committee this year, which she is super pumped about.

Gina is working on a few other things!

Aidan is now presenting a brief report on our Fight the Fees campaign!

“Let’s talk about what’s not free and accessible: education right now.” -Aidan McNally

This presentation is full of facts about tuition fees, but the gist is that, as King’s students, we pay some of the highest tuition in the country. The average Nova Scotian student graduates with $39,000 of debt. Yikes. To combat this, and to combat the inaccessibility of post-secondary education nationwide, the entire country is having an action on November 2nd. #AllOutNov2. Start talkin’ bout it.

At King’s, we have just begun a petition which we will bring to the Board of Governors meeting that will call for the Board to reject further increases to tuition. If you want to get involved more, the person to talk to is Gina Grattan, who can be reached at evp@ksu.ca

8:?? pm – Hey friends! It’s JS’ report now, so her twin/replacement is here! It’s me! Zoe! Your FVP!

Councillor election nominations are STILL OPEN until tomorrow at 7:00pm! Get your name in there. First year rep, arts rep, journalism rep, science rep, residence rep, and member at large are all up for election in this one. She notes that you can complete the nomination package in ONE PRINCE HALL LUNCH! (can confirm. Have done.)

Even if you aren’t running, come and vote. Elections are 12th and 13th of October. Need king’s ID or ISIC! 9am to 7pm outside prince hall.

She also says: don’t leave! we need quorum!

8:12 pm – Action Item 5.1: essentially, if we lose quorum at some point, then any motions we don’t get to go to the next council meeting. Vote! The motion passes.

8:14 pm – Action Item 5.2: The Budget. Zoe is back and here to present our budget. She explains that a budget is not a bank statement, it is a set of priorities. It is also voted on by the General Membership at the General Meeting. That’s what we are doing.

Zoe explains the budget process. Essentially, we prepare a proposed budget in the spring, and a final budget in the fall. This is the final budget.

In her general notes, Zoe mentions that enrolment has dropped by 86 students this year, meaning we have lost over $6,000 in revenue. This means some general cuts.

Also! This is our first deficit budget. This means that we are planning to spend approximately $1,500 more than we will make this year. This is a MODEST deficit my friends.

Zoe explains that we have a cushion/cash flow amount of money that remains in our bank account but is not reflected in our budget. This is the money we are dipping into to cover our modest deficit. Zoe has worked long and hard to ensure that this budget remains a service to students, and this is why we are running a deficit this year. Zoe wants us to be financially sustainable, and hopes that this is the only year we have to have a deficit budget. (We seriously love you Zo)

8:25 pm – The detailed budget run down has begun.

Perhaps most important to note:

-There have been cuts made in the Union Hired Positions. For this year, there will be no Sustainability Commissioner or Equity and Advocacy Commissioner. Zoe notes that this is not a reflection of our priorities at the moment, and the roles they served will be integrated into executive roles for the year. It is important to see this as a cut to the budget, not to these positions.

-There are no longer any snack budget lines. This is unfortunate, but we still love our committees.


-Our management expenses now have up-to-date information!

-There are no longer Grad Week Coordinators. We are instead having the President, Student Life VP, and Services and Campaigns Coordinator facilitate grad week events

There are no amendments to the budget, and we will now vote to adopt it.

8:46 pm – The budget is adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!

still 8:46 pm – Action Item 5.3: Electing members to academic committee. Brennan is up to speak about academic committee.

We are now taking nominations!

Kate Ashwood nominates Jonathan Brown Gilbert, Chris Pearse nominates Isabelle Reynolds, and Mikylah Gillis nominates Katy Weatherly.

They are all elected to the committee!

8:52 pm – Action Item 5.4: electing a member for WUSC Levy Board!

Mary just killed a fly.

Kristen Leigh Ann Thompson self nominates.

She is elected!

8:54 pm – Action Item 5.5: electing a member to the Watch Board of Publishers!!

Zoe Brimacombe nominates Mikylah Gillis.

Ryan Irwin nominates Lianne Xiao.

Zoe motivates for Mikylah. Mikylah is a third year student who is interested in being more involved at King’s and with the Watch. She is getting involved in the Dal English society, and hopes to bring her ideas from that society into the Watch.

Brennan motivates for Lianne. Lianne is a 2nd year journalism student who is very interested in the Watch. She hopes to bring a new perspective to the Watch.

Now to the vote.

Lianne Xiao fills the blank and is elected to the Watch BOP!

8:59 pm – Action Item 5.6: regarding the Dalhousie Bike Centre Levy!

Matthew Apostolides is hoping to hold a referendum to potentially introduce a levy for the Dalhousie Bike Centre. This levy would give King’s students the opportunity to get free 3-day bike rentals from Dalhousie, which they presently do not have access to.

Alex Bryant is suggesting an amendment to the motion to eliminate the use of positive or negative language when referencing the services provided. The amendment passes.

Note that the decision made tonight is not about whether we will put this levy into effect, but rather whether or not we will be posing this referendum question during the fall councillor elections on October 12th and 13th.

A representative from the Dalhousie Bike Centre is granted speaking rights, and will now being taking questions. Her name is Kara, and we are grateful that she is hear to speak to us.

Alex Bryant again amends the motion. It now includes a specific timeline (the fall term), and includes a clause which allows the levy to adjust for inflation each year.

The Bike Centre is asking for this Levy because their support from the DSU has decreased, and they are now paying their staff and their insurance independently.

9:26 pm – We. Are. Adjourned.

LIVE BLOG: Council September 25

Hi all.

I would like to apologize on behalf of the executive for neglecting to live blog this week’s council meeting. In lieu of the live blog, here is a quick recap of some of this council’s most important information.

The societies ratified at this week’s meeting are:

-The Arts Abstract

-Students Advocating Representative Curricula (SNARC)

-King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society (K-OS)


-Dalhousie/King’s Fashion Design Show Society

-Best Buddies King’s Chapter

-Dalhousie Harry Potter Society

-King’s Dance Collective (KDC)

-Saint Thomas Aquinas Society

-Loaded Ladle

-St. Andrews Mission Society (SAMS)

-King’s Journalism Society

-King’s Zine Society

-UKC Jugger Society

-HOST Society

-King’s Theatrical Society (KTS)

-WUSC King’s

-Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble (OCVE)

Other important notes include:

-The Fall General Meeting will be held on Thursday September 29th at 7:00pm in the Pit. We will be electing 3 general members to Academic Committee, one to WUSC Levy Board, and one to the Watch Board of Publishers.

-In a special ruling from the chair (which will be publicized within the next 24 hours), fall councillor elections will be held after thanksgiving rather than before. Nominations for fall councillor positions open tomorrow and run through to September 30th.

-The proposed fall budget is available to be viewed outside the KSU office (and soon on Facebook). We dedicated some time at council today to discussing this proposed budget, and further conversation will be had at the GM on Thursday. Please give it a read, as we will be voting it through at our general meeting!


Thank you all for your commitment to following KSU Council Proceedings. We will have the live blog up an running at our next council meeting on October 16th when our new Member-At-Large is in office.

-J.S. Rutgers (Communications VP)

LIVE BLOG: Council March 28

Hello, I would like to apologize in advance. This is not your marvellous SLVP but your (ironically) tech-unsavvy science rep. So hello! Lovely day for a council meeting.

Council is under way at 2:44pm!

Zoe, our illustrious FVP is currently amending the agenda. with regard to society funding. Check. to minutes for full details. Changes will be referenced later on , as I am bad at typing.

Oral Report of councillors is underway— 2:48

Bog-Curren: getting acquainted with the position, will do great!

First Year Rep: Working on FYP T-shirts and end of year report. Verdict on colour still out. Quote will be from Baudelaire.

Journalism Rep: working on councillor report, trying to set up a a journalism social but hectic near the end of the year.

Science Rep: tried to host an ask an upper year event, do to hectic schedules and a first year calc midterm, it was recommended that we set up an online forum. This is in the works, email sciencerep@ksu.ca for information, especially if you want to be paired with an upper year in your program of interest. DSS (dal science society) AGM is coming up. Also study snaxs will return! keep up to date on the FB page!

Day students: working on cofinancing the pool table (yay!) with the FVP, elections are coming up. Speeches online. Eligible to vote if you are or are becoming a Day student next year. Tell your friends! Today and tomorrow, when voting is happening 4-8 today and 10:30 to 4:30 tomorrow

Liam BOG: working on getting set up with the new positions with Curran, its gonna be awesome. Sadly finals are also a thing.

President of KSU:

Appointment of President Lahey, happy to see student input consulted. Full confidence in the process of appointment. Looking forward to meeting with him. Priorities for next year and goals are at the forefront of that discussion.

Wardroom Renos: meeting with WBOM (wardy board of management) meeting to discuss the wardroom plans, something thats been in the works for 7 years!!!! Oh my my! Many people feel it is brand new, but good things to note. original plans were rejected, current ones have been used for 4 years for fundraising. the UNION IS NOT PAYNG FOR THE WARDY, we just get to benefit! New furniture, new facility restructuring, lighting, that odd hot pipe above the pool table that tall people hit their head or burn themselves on… just me… it’ll be fixed Wardy staff were listened to and concerns addressed. Change can be daunting but there are lots of positives. Complaints can be sent to president@ksu.ca breaking ground April 4th. Last class bash April 1st.

Rally on sexual assault policy: We believe survivors protest. 30 students, last Friday, amazing to see them out there with so little notice.

BLM Toronto Sit in: solidarity and support, incredible, not least because many of the people are students, and members of CFS locals. Really incredible to see this movement build and encourage everyone stay on top of this.

President Questions:  What about noise? Noise may occur during quiet hours in the demolition but it is necessary to have the Wardy open in the fall. Short term sacrifices, long term Wardy love. What are they doing with the old Wardy furniture? Technically furniture belongs to the union, so we may be trying to sell it, it could also be relocated on campus.

Questions about O-week nominations: operating as if bylaw recommendations that should go through Thursday are in effect. Orientation week, no recommendation for a general member, composed of incoming president, SLVP plus first year rep, hence why it isn’t on there. Staff search committee, hoping for 2 things. 1 to see recommendations go through GM, 2. Advertised for nominations, failed to include the summer participation is required. Bringing forward in April 10 to ensure available people.

Follow up question from the floor: one person has already been elected to staff search, why the delay? waiting for GM. Concerns of timeline, outgoing president who chairs it, wouldn’t be meeting until mid april anyway, so timeline is a little longer term. For more info, email president@ksu.ca.

SLVP: Brennan is super pumped to be SLVP! we are to Brennan, we are too (at least I am)

Athletics annual award night, trying to better relationship with our athletics department.

Societies: call to all societies execs, year end reports need to be submitted, also necessary if they want to reratify. already received some of them

K-points: milestone of points for awards, K pins, pens, recognition. In recent past fallen by the wayside. Used to be a really big deal, so lets do it again! O-K? (apologies for the pun, it does not represent the linguistic capacities of the union). There will be a celebration on april 8th, bottled beer and wine service, friday night!

Facilities: scaffolding should be down for graduation for the A and A. Window frames are in bad condition in the chapel, so these will be replaced this year, as well as eaves and things, and hopefully restoring cupola on the chapel.

Don and junior Don hiring: junior don application closed, don positions are still accepting. Brennan will be one of likely 2 students on it, trying to get someone who is not a man on the committee as well, this has been welcomed by the Don hiring committee.

Questions: entire reno of cochran will not happen this summer, but top floor may as that is where alot of pressing problems are. leaks, draft, unofficial skylights (I’m not sure about the last one, that was a joke)

More Questions: If you are society exec and have not heard about the end of year report, email Brennan at slvp@ksu.ca

Are we electing someone to the Don hiring? it is not something that has been elected in the past, so it may be other councillor or exec member.

Finally: K point doesn’t include any chapel activities.

FVP – Zoe’s Report——————–3:18pm

working on being up to date with book keeping for her year as FVP. We are very close to spending to society budget. Woot, woot! means we can table some things up front. It was released on march 24th. Budget impacted by lower enrolment projections, but better use of our levy funds and cuts that won’t impact service delivery. Budget will be on parity for this coming year.

Green Shield consultations, in response to need for better ambulance funding, among other areas, green shield has agreed to cost out a variety of options. CFS rep Dave Etherington is working on an internal student health plan

Bottled water free day: last minute campaign celebration, it was great.

FVP stands in solidity with the #webelievesurvivors campaign and is proud of those members of the kings community who joined to protest last friday. Continued support of this issue is essential for change.

We do not yet have a fixed ISIC card, however you can go to mount to get it for no charge. Trying to fix it.


EVP- ———–3:24

Bottle water free: excellent campaign, happy with it

Transitions into the EVP role is going smoothly.

NSPIRG AGM was informative, kings met quorum for our students. NSPIRG was renamed to include Kings which is super nice. Great relationship to have.

CFS pre-budget submission: CFS reps and EVP met with NS liberal caucus and opposition parties,  ahead of the upcoming provincial budget to present the CFS pre-budget submission document

X-action: getting a social media overhaul, gonna be great. X-action meeting last week was highly successful, an op-ed about the Regan sit in is upcoming by members of X-action, had tons of ideas for things to do during O-week for engagement with issues effecting students. X-action will also aid in summer events such as Pride Week.

UHP: reviewing duties of external commissioner of equity and advocacy and external commissioner of sustainability, hence no nominations.


Sexual assault policy: planning meetings with CFS Womens rep and Dean of Students Nick hate to solidify policy notes dragged by Hannah Kaya and to further the issue


upcoming GM is a thing, working on planning. It is happening March 31st. Ancient Mesopotamia is the theme, and getting things done is the name of the game (you see why I am not the CVP, check her report for more info)

changeover has been going well, and our new exec looks fantastic. By law review committee, looking at finalizing what bylaw amendments are required.  Come to the GM to participate in the magic!

TWAK: is occurring, if you want to advertise events in Twak, send your contributions by 6pm Sunday night to CVP@ksu.ca

Past FVP report on Travel Bursaries— 3:36pm

problems in terms of how they are to be used and distribution.

Applications go to finance committee and then to council. Not predicated on financial need, as it is a public forum and no way of validating it. IT is not in consideration, and we have failed to figure out a way for this to occur tactfully and meaningfully.

It used to be a set amount of funding in 2013-2014. When Alex was our FVP tried to democratize it by assigning set 100 dollar ones. It used to be that they would cover local atlantic travel, but now its larger events, plane rides away. air travel have ranged from 450-2k for flights so amount in a 100$ bursary is minimal.

The way that funding is being allocated currently is that it doesn’t appear to be helping those that can afford take on the level of personal debt that comes with only 100$ bursaries. Thus, this may be used for those who can already afford to travel, as opposed to those who can’t due to a lower socio-economic status. Other considerations,  when you allocate travel bursary, effectively giving back the dues, if you double it, then 2 people dues for one person.  It is also first come first serve. Hence later in the year, if it is low uptake, can get more money. This is inherently unfair.

Funding for travel bursaries have never been maxed out.

Conclusions: looking back at this year, 13 of 16 could have been expensed out of society line. Recommendation is that travel bursaries be eliminated and instead go into society funding line, which tends to be a big pot of money. Review next year should occur if these are implemented.

Hey folks – WOAH it’s actually Aidan. Nate is going to be gone briefly! This is a dream come true.
We are taking motions out of order right now.

CSP Society is asking for $688.14 in non-contingent funding to purchase food, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. The amount has been changed after a discussion with Sodexo. This would be for the Hinge release happening on April 1st in the SCR from 7-10pm. The updated request is $675.81, which has decreased by $13.00. Finance committee also recommends amendment. Finance committee was in favour of the event as a whole but was concerned about the cost of the event, especially given the scheduling conflict with Last Class Bash happening in the Wardroom. Katherine Thomas is here to talk about the request. She says it was originally $1000 – it is more expensive this year because Celine will not let them purchase their own food. Apparently the event is actually going to run from 8pm onwards. Aidan (me!) asks why Sodexo won’t give them a food waiver. CSP met with Celine today who reiterated that we must go through Sodexo – who says it’s cheaper. It’s really not though. Nick is now speaking to this – says its for liability reasons. Apparently they have legal support. Aidan says the KSU assumes all legal responsibility for society events. Zoe will be discussing the issue of food waivers with Celine, Kelly, Brennan and I. Jacob now asks why we can’t just bring groceries – like literally any other society event. Zoe speaks to this – Sodexo in the past has not been rlly enforcing this. Melina speaks to this now – she says we can’t rlly encourage societies to go behind Sodexo’s back… Joy is speaking to this now and clarifying that Sodexo has always had this exclusivity clause. Curran is speaking to this now – should we amend the motion to reconcile the  many numbers we have on the table right now.

Zoe is amending the motion to replacing it with $795.76 which is the number that CSP society just gave us. The amendment passes. Zoe is talking about the Sodexo invoice right now – $413.18 would go towards food (including tea sandwiches,

CSP society is speaking to this request – $273 for alcohol for wine & hard liquor, then $108.08 for cheeses/juice/pop/baguette, $413.80 were Sodexo costs. Nate asks how many people are expected (around 100). This is now 50-70. Nate is back and typing. Curran is asking about the non-competition clause with the food waivers. There is lots of concern about what this means. Zoe believes that it is not in anyone interest to bring this into consideration with CSP event considering these changes and issues surrounding these clauses will have to be dealt with in the future. Aidan has a concern about the cost of the event considering the extant cost of the journal, and the competition with another event. Discussion of proposing an amendment for contingent funding is also being brought up but has not been moved. Aidan now has a question about continent funding for 500$ would CSP be able to work with it. Kat, here representing CSP society says its possible.

Now have an amendment on the changing it to 500$ for CSPsoc continent funding. it passes. now moving to vote on the motion. motion has passed.

Now moving to motion 6.5 CSPsoc end of history bash. 691.15$ in contingent funding. The idea that it would be perpetuating a drinking culture, comfort level with funding primary alcohol based events as a union as well has given finance committee pause.

Nick is now talking to it, representing CSP society. They have discussed decreasing the alcohol content, putting a mark on hands, to control alcohol. May also move into the Pit, which would be a safer space then the SCR. Joy is now speaking. She thinks that SCR is a poor space for the SCR so pit is a good idea. Nate (me) is asking about 24hour quiet period, and the SCR or the pit is not well soundproofed. Noise worries are a thing. Melina is now speaking in favour of approving this. It sounds like a really cool event, it appears to be well thought out and well planned. Jacob is talking about the alcohol culture, he is thrilled that we are discussing this but is worried about CSP taking the brunt of the criticism when many groups are involved. Aidan is concerned about the money, and also about the purchase of hard liquor. They will be in discussion with Jenn of the wardroom, but they have clearance with Dean Hatt for alcohol clearance in the SCR. Zoe is now speaking about specifics of the budget, and clarity. Aidan is now speaking to alcohol liability. Aidan was hoping to see what carding was going to look like. This harder protocol is due to the extension of the wet-dry license to any room. So in any event we run, the Wardrooms wet dry license is at stake. Even with the bartender  not drinking that is 1 in 70. Aidan suggests training and more people. The question (Nate) asks is will there be enough time for this for additional training,  what of honoraria if people need to bartend from the wardroom? Throughout this process the CSP people are super excellent. Jacob is again speaking to this criticism of CSP specific event. He reminds us of other societies utilizing funding and the ease of passing requests. Aidan suggests an amendment that it be with consolation with the hospitality coordinator. This would be an amendment on the amendment Aidan had placed 5 minutes ago which originally read with approval. The revised amendment is passed

Zoe moves to make an amendment to reduce the cost to 580$. This is based off of revised quotes. There is conversation surrounding what the amendment with regards to hospitality coordinator. The motion is moved to a vote, it passes.

6.1 SNARC is up for CANNON journal, it passes.

6.2 Arts Abstract: 300 of the 350$ requested is from Cousins the band, most transportation. Arts abstract wanted to help through a great party, get people involved. They do a newsletter every 2 weeks, check it out 🙂 – amongst many other things, CKDU interview, interviews with artists, shot on a string, lots of things…. this event is to be an opportunity to expose King’s students to the art world in halifax. They will also interview Cousins. This is on par for what people charge to go to the Wardroom according to Joy. Aidan was saying that they were getting the Wardy a good rate, and Aidan is worried that we set a precedent for paid local shows, and that society funding not be used for bigger bands. She is in favour but would caution against setting a precedent. Brennan understands the concerns but says it falls within the purview of the arts abstract. Motion goes to vote and it passes.

Motion for recess, break for five minutes.

And were back folks, hope you took your five minutes to go for a walk, take a breath of air, eat some food, or watch 5 excellent 1 minute vines (for recommendations feel free to ask)

First up on the block is item 6.3 from tabletop gaming asking or 140$ contingent funding to purchase a magic booster box for a magic draft (note this is not a place were we draft magic Johnson). Its a popular game, weekly event at a lot of stores, and large uptake in the college community. Zoe is now speaking for how this is and is not capital purchase, in a sense union owns the cards, but if its a trophy its not. I asked  whether it was  accessible to all, as there is no loss (like marbles) the event is realistically open to all. Some concerns voiced by council about giving a gift but the motion passes! Yeah!!!

6.something, as is a new motion: BIRT EMSS purchase 45.95$ for SNARC cannon launch party, it came in late, so no recommendation. SNARC doesn’t have special designation so this is a way of doing it. Zoe is of two minds. 1. responsibility for alcohol, and pairing with EMSS just for the alcohol. 2. SNARC and EMSS has done this before, for academic boyfriend breakup, but they had more of an involvement in it. Melina says that EMSS wasn’t actually integral to planning of the BF breakup. probably last EMSS funding request of the year. Zoe is in favour of this motion. Think it is an issue for funding alcohol for non-tier 2 societies. The work around is not cool with her, but she is ok with speak in favour of this on an ad hoc basis, if she does a report on alcohol funding in the future. Motion passes.

We are now back to talk about committee nomination resolutions.

6.6 for chair search committee, Katie Bucklee is being nominated , Maggie O’riordan, Joy Shand, Tess Morison.

After council voting Maggie, Katie, and Joy are to fill the blanks of the motion. and the motion goes to a vote. and it passes. SCORE!

6.7 Chief Returning officer search committee with x as an alternate 4 spots to fill!

Emma Morris, Brandy Whitford, Drew Gyan and Keelie Olstad have been nominated to fill the spots. Emma is past CRO, and Jacob is very impressed with her term. Zoe is reading Brandy’s statement and speaking on behalf of her, sociology student, second year student, person for the person to be enthusiastic and to engage with those traditional apathetic to elections. She is past equity commissioner and would be great. Drew is a first year, nominated by JS, hasn’t been super involved but would like to get involved and thinks it would be a great first step. Keelie is another first year, also nominated by JS and wants to get more involved. Great candidate all around!

First three are Emma , Brandy and Keelie and Drew will be the alternate. The motion has been filled and will now go to a vote. Its a breakaway pass and again another SCORE! Never have I seen a game quite like this folks! Unsure who the opposing team is or what a goal counts as but I know the community will benefit.

6.8 BIRT Shannon Maddy and keenan fill spots for scribe search committee , and bam their filled by unanimous consent. Vote passes, and motion passes! BAM BAM BAM hat trick people, hat trick,  truly fantastic to watch

6.9 BIRT Jessica, Rachel and Peter be filled in the search committee. and vote passes. This is an excellent turnout from team KSU.

We are new business. Councillor reports are needed before next council, most likely in the 10th. Also more nominations are upcoming for search committee and please talk to CVP.


We are adjourned.

I’d like to thank my hands, fingers and ligaments. Special shout out to Brenna who live blogs all year long. Holy cow. Please note that if these notes differ from the minutes, the minutes are the official resource. These are but the ramblings of a tired science councillor.

Don’t forget to tip your waiter,

all the best



adjourned at 5:33

LIVE BLOG: Council March 13

Hi folks! It’s your Member-at-Large Brennan here with another council live blog. This will be a special meeting of council—it’s our last meeting before the executive and Board of Governors reps changeover on March 15.

10:12: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

After a couple of small amendments, the agenda has been adopted! The minutes from the last meeting were approved as well.


Benn, the Residence Rep, is reporting first. He was happy with how the King’s Talks event went—turnout was a little bit lower than he wished for, but those who were there were enthusiastic.

Next up is Zoë, one of our Board of Governors reps. She has been busy with changeover, working a lot with Aidan (the outgoing Financial VP), as well as working on preparing a changeover document for the incoming Board of Governors reps. Zoë has been attending many committee meetings as Financial VP, including her first finance committee meeting! She was also one of the folks on the inside of the sit-in at MLA Kelly Regan’s office, protesting tuition fee resets and demanding that the government pass Bill 114. Finally, she attended the most recent meeting of the Board of Governors.

Time for my report! I have been busy doing changeover with Alex, who has been so kind and patient and helpful. She took me around campus to meet many of the folks I will be working with, and I also had a check-in meeting with Alex Doyle, directors of facilities. I can’t thank her enough for her work with me in the past few weeks, and the great work that she did this year as the Student Life Vice-President.

Next up is Kristen, our journalism rep. She is excited that King’s students took to the picket line in support of striking HTU workers, and also noted that The Watch has elected a new executive.

Time for the report of Melina, our arts rep. These past few weeks have been busy with conferences—the DASSS conference at Dal and the EMSS conference here at King’s. She also provided an update from DASSS—most of their funding for the rest of the year has been used up, which is a good thing!

Next up is Nate, our science rep. He has been working on an ask an upper year event to help first year science students with course registration. He is also working on a zine for incoming first-year science students.

Time for the reports of the Day Students’ Society representatives, Liam and Joy. Liam has been busy with BoG changeover and attended the last Board meeting. The DSS held a life chats event with free tea in the Wardroom (great turnout!) as well as a tenants rights workshop (also a success!). Joy attended the most recent Campus Master Planning meeting, and suggested that they outline the goal of the document as being about student safety. Joy also went over the Wardroom renovation plans with representatives from the Facilities department and the Advancement Office. Construction on the Wardroom will start right after the end of the academic year, and the project will go to tender in April.

Finally, a distance report from Taylor (our other BoG rep who cannot be here this morning). He prepared a report with the results of his open board meetings survey, which was presented at the March 10 Board meeting. This meeting was generally uneventful, except for the decision not to renew the wage freeze for faculty and staff. He also thanks the outgoing executive for their hard work this year.


First up is Alex Bryant, our President. The governance, HR and nominating committee (which will be making a decision re: open Board meetings) was postponed, but he has full faith that the decision will be coming through. This committee is also working to change the nominating process for the Board to attempt to alter the current nominating process’ skew towards white men from corporate backgrounds.

Alex also attended the most recent Board meeting, where they approved a deficit budget for next year (exciting that the university is committed to maintaining core services) as well as the Campus Master Plan document. He was also happy with this year’s Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture, presented by Dr. Miriam Toews.

Next is the Student Life VP, Alex McVittie. She missed the last Campus Master Planning committee meeting but sent an email to be read in her absence. She also thanks everyone who helped her and worked with her during her term as SLVP.

Next is the report of Aidan, our Financial VP. She attended a meeting of the Budget Advisory Committee, which was the first committee meeting where a 3% increase to fees was not assumed. Some good things and some less than good things came out of the meeting. They brought forward a 0% increase to athletics fee, though there will be another athletics fee to pay for the new Dalplex. Notably, the MFA was also not increased (this is a big fee, so no increase will mean savings for our students). Still, the residence, facilities renewal, admin services, college, and journalism course fees were recommended to increase by 3%. Additionally, undergraduate and graduate tuition fees were recommended to be increased by 3% as well. There will be consultation on these fees—Aidan says that consultation like this has been frustrating and unproductive in the past. Finally, following the sit-in at MLA Kelly Regan’s office, she organized a meeting with External VP Hannah Kaya and King’s President George Cooper to discuss the need for Bill 114 (the Safer Universities and Colleges Act). So far, no comments have been made on behalf of the university on this issue.

Grad Week update: nominations for valedictorian and honourary class president will be opening on Monday! A ballot box will be in the Wardroom!

Time for a distance report from Hannah Kaya, our External VP. Her report echoes sentiments about changeover and the sit-in at Kelly Regan’s office, and congratulates King’s Pride on a successful Pride Week.

Finally, Sofia, our Communications VP, is reporting. She is so thankful for her time this year.


First, motions to impeach/accept the resignation of Kristen, our journalism rep, were defeated.

On to funding requests! The King’s Poetry Society was funded with $31.00 for snacks for their next meeting (Wednesday the 16th).

Next, the Young Alexandra Society is requesting $126.48 to fund decorations and cake for the Wardroom Birthday Party on March 26th. The motion passes!

Next, the CSP society is requesting $388.16 to host a thesis defence celebration event on March 18th. The funding will be allocated towards a cake, veggie and fruit platters, sweets, wine and cheese. The motion passes!

Finally, the Women’s Rugby Team has requested a $1000 travel bursary to help fund travel costs for their trip to a rugby tournament in Truro. The bursary would offset costs of the $350 registration fee, two car rentals, hotel rooms for around 10 players, and gas. They have also fundraised about $500, which Aidan thinks is great. Furthermore, Aidan mentions that we have only spent $600 of our $2000 travel bursary budget from this year, and it is a great opportunity to support student athletes.  The motion passes!


 Aidan thanks the current executive for all the work that they have done over the past year.

11:06: Adjournment!

LIVE BLOG: Council February 28

Good morning folks! We have a packed boardroom this morning—with incoming executive members, incoming Board of Governors reps, our Chief Returning Officer Kate, and others!

10:11: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

After one amendment, the agenda is adopted! The minutes from last council have been approved as well!


Benn, our Residence Rep, is up first! He has been working on the King’s Talks event—happening today!

Time for my report! The focus of my union-related work over the past week has been preparing for my changeover into the position of Student-Life VP. I’ve been meeting with Alex, the current SLVP to discuss the details and challenged of the position. I also sat in on a meeting of the Enrolment Management Committee—which I’m sure Alex will speak more about in her report. In my capacity as Member-at-Large, this has been a fairly typical week: Reject the Reset tabling on Tuesday, and a Finance Committee meeting on Friday.

Up next is Ryan, our First Year Rep! He has also been working with Benn on the King’s Talks event.

Joy, our DSS Rep, is up now! They held their General Meeting this week, where they passed a new constitution and elected a CRO! All of the pool cues in the Wardroom are being professional re-tipped, by popular demand. The DSS is also working to ensure a pool table will be included in the Wardroom renovation.

Reporting now is Melina, our Arts Rep. She did some tabling for Reject the Reset, and helped SNARC to organize the Problematic Academic Boyfriend Breakup Party. She has also been doing some reviewing for the CSP journal, Hinge and is working to establish a set office hour.

Now for the reports of our Board of Governors Reps, Taylor and Zoë. Taylor’s survey about the Board has been filled out 62, and he is hoping to double this before the survey closes. Also exciting: the incoming BoG reps and the incoming President have been invited as guests to the next Board meeting, which will help with changeover. Zoë has also been working on changeover: both her changeover to the position of Financial VP and helping the incoming BoG reps. She will also be joining to capital campaign task force as a student representative.


First is our President, Alex. A student-government roundtable is happening in Antigonish on Tuesday, and a Board meeting is coming up on March 10. The college task force has recommended to the university’s Finance Committee that the wage freeze for faculty and staff end this year. Alex has also been continuing to work to show solidarity for striking Halifax Typographical Union members.

Now for the report of the Student-Life VP. She has been working on changeover with me (yay!). She attended a meeting of the Enrolment Management and Retention Committee, where preliminary data for enrolment and retention next year was shared.

Now for the report of Aidan, our Financial VP! Aidan attended a Budget Advisory Committee meeting on February 23, where predictions for next year’s budget were made. The current draft of our budget continues to mirror Dal’s 3% increases to tuition; Sodexo has also proposed a 3% increase to meal plan fees. Aidan notes that it’s important to remember that none of the work this committee does is final—just recommendations to the Board. Also: at the next meeting, student fees will be reviewed one by one, which Aidan is very excited about.

Aidan has given an update on society funding—we have allocated over $13 000 and have close to $3 000 remaining for the rest of the academic year. All society levies have been paid out!

Now for the report of Hannah, our External VP! King’s students have submitted applications to the Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience summit. The KSU will be sending two students. Sustainability King’s has been continuing to do great work. The Reject the Reset campaign has been ongoing, and members of the external action committee have been doing class talks to spread the word. Hannah is also stoked about news out of Ontario that students in that province who come from households with annual incomes of less than $50 000 will not have to pay tuition fees. This is a great example of how the student movement can effect real change on an institutional level.

Finally, the report of our Communications VP, Sofia. She has been working on changeover with JS, the incoming CSP. Sofia attended a meeting of the CKDU Board, where she learned that they are hiring a programming coordinator.


Kate, our CRO, is giving reports on how KSU elections have went this year. Logistically, everything went smoothly—we reached quorum each time, though barely for journalism and science students. She mentions some confusion regarding the CRO’s relationship to the KSU executive; she thinks the CRO should be reporting to the Communications VP. Another project for the next CRO would be working to develop a voting system to include MFA and MJ students, who are often off campus.


First up is a funding request from SNARC, seeking $414.72 to fund the printing of 75 copies and launch party for their undergraduate academic journal, CANON.  The launch party is set to take place April 7; submissions are due on March 1. The majority of the funding will go towards printing costs. SNARC has also received $500 from NSPIRG, which they will allocate towards CANON. Aidan mentions that it’s admirable that they are seeking funding from other sources as well. The motion passes!

Next, the King’s Dance Collective is seeking $252.30 to fund a $100 honorarium for a student photographer, as well as snacks for rehearsals leading up to the King’s Dance Collective showcase on March 12. The motion passes!

The King’s Feminist Collective is seeking $25.12 to fund snacks for a movie night featuring feminist films. Aidan notes that this is an admirably modest request. The motion passes!

Finally, King’s Pride is seeking $198.00 to purchase decorations and snacks for a full week of Pride week programming. They will have a poetry night, a craft night, a how-to activism workshops, and many more events.

Now, we are electing a member to the Staff Search and Review Committee. This committee considers the success of the two staff people of the Union, the structures of these positions, etc. This year, the committee will be holding a search to hire a new Campaigns and Services Coordinator. Four names have been put forward. Alexandra Sweney has been elected to the committee.

11:08: We are adjourned! See you in two weeks folks!

LIVE BLOG: Council February 12

Hello friends! Welcome to another council live blog, this time coming to you on a sunny Friday afternoon. It’s been nearly three weeks since the last council meeting—we missed this!

4:11: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

4:12: We are beginning the meeting with action items! These are all finance requests.

The first request is from The Arts Abstract, requesting $194.60 for film purchase and development for their Shots on a String arts project. The motion passes!

Next, SNARC is seeking $40 to purchase a gift card to Big Pony (a store on Gottingen Street) as a door prize for a dance event that they are co-hosting with GUTS magazine (a rad feminist publication). Alex B notes that it’s cool to see SNARC expanding their scope and collaborating with others in the community. The motion passes!

Next, the Early Modern Studies Society is seeking $270 to cover start-up costs for EMSP t-shirts, as well as “unanticipated bank costs” (incurred from complications surrounding cheques). There are no concerns from council, and the motion passes!

Next up is another request from EMSS, this time for $2115.54 to cover costs for their annual Conference of the Early Modern. It will cover food, reception refreshments, honoraria for lecturers and pay for musicians.  Jake from the EMSS is here to speak to details of the request and points out that this request is low when compared to past years because they are not covering travel costs for lecturers. This number could still change depending on how much departmental funding they are able to get—if anything changes, it will come up at the next council. The motion passes!

Now the HOST Society is seeking $474.52 to host their undergraduate conference, funding breakfast and lunch and flowers for panelists. There are no questions from council, and the motion passes!

Next, CSP Society is requesting $79.42 in to fund snacks for the Hinge reviewers. There were concerns about the expense, however Finance Committee did not present a recommended amendment. The motion passes!

Next, the Table Top Gaming Society is seeking $50 for a trophy and snacks for their Smash Bros Tournament in Alumni Hall. This was amended to reflect more detail in the funding request. The motion passes!

Now we are back to the top of the agenda! After a few amendments, the agenda is approved! And the minutes from the past two council meetings are approved as well.


First up is Alex, our president. He has been working on sound licensing with our hospitalities coordinator Jen, as well as Galley finances. I was chatting with Alex, our SLVP, during much of this report—apologies for the lack of detail!

Next is Alex, our Student Life Vice-President! She is very excited to see the second draft of the Campus Master Planning document, and are working to add the survey that Joy (DSS rep) to the document to reflect the views of day students. She is also working on planning a large event before the end of the term: maybe a Before Common Era Party? Dress up as a rock, a plant, a dinosaur even! Alex mentioned that North Pole Bay is on track for its renovation, and the University might receive funding for the renovation of Cochran Bay, which could begin this summer. Alex Hall accessibility updates are also on the way! So exciting! Alex is gushing. There will also be many more summer jobs on campus this year—great for students!

Next up is the report of the Financial Vice President. Aidan is away, so Alex B is presenting the report. Aidan has caught up on bookkeeping and signing levy cheques. She also offers congratulations to all who ran and were elected in the recent KSU elections and was thankful to attend the recent CFS-NS general meeting.

Now for the report of Hannah, our External Vice President. Like Aidan, Hannah is currently away so Sofia is presenting the report. Like Aidan, Hannah was thrilled with the GFS-NS GM. She loved discussing campaigns, anti-oppression, and voting to condone proposed fee increases at Dalhousie.

Finally, Sofia, our Communications VP, is presenting her report. She gives thanks to elections committee for running such a smooth election. By Law Review Committee also met this past week!


First up are Taylor and Zoë, our Board of Governors reps! Taylor is excited to work with the two recently-elected BoG reps on changeover. He has also been working on a survey regarding students’ feelings about open board meetings; they hope to bring this information to the board to show student support for open board meetings and transparency in our administration. Zoë was excited to attend the final meeting of the College Task Force, where they recommended that the faculty wage freeze not continue for the second year. Zoë was also happy to attend the CFS-NS GM.

Benn and Ryan, residence rep and first year rep, have both been working on the King’s Talks event, adding a reception afterwards/ Ryan also attended the CFS-NS GM and was inspired by the folks he met.

Next is Kristen, our Journalism Rep. She helped to organize the discussion on scab labour here at King’s, which was well-attended and successful. Kristen is continuing to work on the journalism school social.

Time for my report! I had the absolute pleasure of attending the general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia this past weekend, learning lots about the student movement in this province and across the country. I was especially struck by the anti-oppression training and the direct action workshop—both gave examples of how small actions can combine to create big effects and inspired me to be more active and aware in the small role that I play.

Finally, the reports of our DSS reps, Liam and Joy. Liam is working to organize a trip to Sugar Moon Farm—it will hopefully only cost $10, be reasonably accessible to students, and take place near the end of March or beginning of April. Joy is working on rewriting the constitution of the DSS. The DSS general meeting is tentatively set for February 24, where they hope to release a draft of the constitution. After reading week, the DSS will also be running weekly coffee and tea socials for day students. Alex B mentions that the DSS and the KSU should look into jointly funding a new pool table as a part of Wardroom renovations.


Other than a discussion of when the next council will be, there is no new business to report.


See you soon friends!

LIVE BLOG: Council January 22

Hello and welcome to a new and unusual EVENING COUNCIL! We are meeting in the Wardroom, this is different and fun.

6:03: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

We are tabling the approval of minutes until the next meeting—it was sent out in a format that wasn’t compatible with all computers.


Kristen, our journalism rep, is up first! She has been working with students and professors on creating new, advanced photojournalism classes and she found out over the break that they will be happening! More details to come. Things are moving forward with the J-school social as well—very exciting! Kristen has also been working on a discussion with HTU representatives on a discussion with journalism students about scab labour.

Ryan, our first year representative, doesn’t have much to report. There have been complications with the King’s Talks event—things should be resolved soon.

Now is Benn, our residence rep! He has also been working on the King’s Talks event, which will either be postponed or cancelled due to the lack of speakers. Benn has been also speaking with Sam Leger about continuing a hockey tournament.

Liam, the DSS representative, is reporting now! The DSS now has a society credit card, which is great and will improve their efficiency. Unfortunately, the DSS will not be having a trip to Sugar Moon Farm this year. Their budget will be updated to reflect this. Their General Meeting has also been postponed until February.

Up next is Zoë, one of two Board of Governors representatives. She did some tabling for the Reject the Reset campaign, which features some beautiful ombre postcards (orange and pink!!).

Now for the report of Taylor, the other Board rep! He has been working with Zoë and Chris Parsons on the creation of a survey about students’ relationship to the Board. It will hopefully be launched during Spring break and close within two weeks.

Up next is Nate, our science representative! He has been reaching out to students and profs to plan his meet the scientist lunchtime talks. He put out an ask about the possibility of doing a session where upper year science students can speak with first years about course selection. The Dal Science Society held a meeting two weeks ago, however Nate regretfully missed it. He thinks this would be better served by a newsletter.

The next councillor to report is Melina, our arts rep! There was a long meeting of the Dal Arts and Social Sciences Society on Wednesday—they discussed a tuition reset at Dal that may or may not affect this faculty. The dean search within the faculty has narrowed down to three candidates. On February 12, Mel is helping to plan a problematic academic boyfriend breakup party—where you will get to break up with your favourite problematic academics for Valentine’s Day. This is being planned with SNARC.

My report happened! In short—finance committee and external action committee happened and went well.


Alex, our President, is up first. He has been working on communications regarding the Chronicle Herald/Halifax Typographical Union labour disputes—he hopes to not be paternalistic, but instead aims to communicate with our membership about the ethics of doing scab labour for the Herald. This has also led to a national conversation about high tuition and fees leading students to consider this labour to help pay the bills. The Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture is coming up—Miriam Toews will be speaking. We should start to get excited about this!

The Presidential Search Committee has been hard at work and circulated a memo on February 22. They are now down to two candidates. Meetings will be held between the candidates and the King’s community on February 1 and 2. Students will have an opportunity to provide feedback following these meetings.

Today we are also looking at the report of the three orientation week coordinators. Alex was extremely impressed with this year’s orientation week and has nothing in particular to flag in the report.

Up next is Alex McVittie, our Student Life VP. Athletic wear is still at a standstill because of the low Canadian dollar, so Alex will be looking into Canadian suppliers. The work on the front of the A&A building (soffits, chimneys and windows) is 5/27 weeks complete; North Pole Bay renos are moving along as well. There have also been talks of consolidating the journalism school into one building, to potentially be built in the parking lot behind Prince Hall. Accessibility issues will be addressed in the East wing of Alex Hall, which will be renovated; Wardroom renovations will be happening this year as well.

Now for the report of Aidan, our Financial VP. She attended volunteer training for the DSU sexual assault and harassment phone line (this is why our meeting is being held at 6pm today). This is the only phone line of its kind in Nova Scotia—it’s truly an incredible project. However, Aidan thinks that we can do better work to market this service on the King’s campus.

Aidan also held a meeting regarding the King’s Chorus and their status as a society—hopefully by next Fall, the Chorus will be operating under the university and not the KSU. This will allow the King’s Chorus to continue to exist. She has also been involved with the Presidential Search Committee and is so excited about the two candidates!

On Friday, Aidan spent most of the day at Mount Saint Vincent University in a meeting about reducing alcohol-related harms on university campuses. They also had a chance to talk about high ambulance fees. A reminder: it is free to call an ambulance, it only costs to take a trip in one. Finance committee went well, and Aidan brought a draft of a redesign of the society funding request form. And donuts!

Up next is the External VP, Hannah! She just got a cat! The external action committee will be focusing on first year outreach and developing actions surrounding the Reject the Reset campaign. Hopefully these discussions will be happening with more people in the future. Also—Hannah is encouraging all councillors to table with her and representatives from CFS-NS on Monday about the Reject the Reset campaign. Sustainability Committee met, however Hannah doesn’t have anything major to report. The event about scab labour for the Chronicle Herald will be happening at 8:30 on Tuesday, in the Wardroom. This will be an informal discussion about the ethics of scab labour and journalism as a career.

Finally, the report of our Communications VP Sofia! Executive and Board of Governors rep elections are happening! Nominations open tomorrow. She met with Kate, the CRO, to edit the nominations package.


We are taking up this motion out of order because we have a representative from the HOST Society here with us! They are seeking $400 in non-contingent funding for HOSTCon, their undergraduate conference. Mary from the HOST Society is describing the conference, which will include a faculty panel in the morning and student panels in the afternoon. They are facing a few complications—getting food quotes from Sodexo and estimating how many people they expect to attend the conference. Aidan is motioning to table this motion until our next council meeting on February 7. The motion is tabled.


Alex B is now presenting the report of the Hospitalities Coordinator, Jen Nowoselski. There have been capital purchases in the Galley and Wardroom, including a new convection oven, new coffee carafes and a new ice machine. Jen will be setting office hours for this term: 10-12 on Wednesdays and 12-2 on Wednesdays. She can also be contacted through email at hc@ksu.ca. New suppliers are being tried for produce and other products in the Galley. Good Robot, a new, local microbrewery is now on tap at the Wardroom and has been selling well. Both the Wardroom and the Galley are currently cash-only; hopefully the debit and credit machines will be fixed and faster. Jen and Alex have been talking about the Galley operations policy; they are working on writing cash handling policy and human resources policy.

The Wardroom renovation is coming up this summer—we will have to figure out how to navigate losing this summer revenue.

Now for the report of the Services and Campaigns Coordinator, Chris Parsons. Chris has been navigating the move away from a health insurance broker—we now deal directly with Greenshield for the health insurance that the KSU provides. Many people got ISICs last semester! We need to do a better job advertising the discounts that this card provides. Chris has also flagged that the office has been in bad shape recently, and the back room has been especially messy. There needs to be better training surrounding the office photocopier. Chris used to work a lot in support of the Wardroom and Galley, however he has noted that because of the amazing work that Jen does he does not need to provide this anymore, freeing up time for other projects.

Chris has also pointed out that councillors and executive members need to become better at communicating with the Services and Campaigns Coordinator.

7:25: We will now take a five minute recess!

7:32: We’re back with ACTION ITEMS:

The King’s Chorus is seeking $1145 in non-contingent funding for social activities, binders, and purchasing of music for this term. This will hopefully be the final funding request from the Chorus as a ratified society of the KSU! This funding request is similar to what the KSU provided in the fall term. Finance committee recommends approval, and the motion passes!

The Young Alexandra Society is seeking $615.60 in non-contingent funding to fund band payment and security for the YAS Ball on January 30. This year, the Ball is a fundraiser for the Halifax Refugee Clinic. Finance committee recommends approval, and the motion passes!

Now we are hiring Grad Week Coordinators! Aidan is motioning to fill the blanks in the hiring motion with Bryson Morris and Charlotte Sullivan. Both interviews went very well and were filled with energy! The amendment passes and the blanks are filled. And the motion passes!

We are now considering the honoraria of the three Orientation Week coordinators: Allison Graham, Meg Collins, and Robin Brace. Alex B is very happy and grateful for the wonderful work that they all did. The three motions pass and all three receive $750 honoraria!


The Super Smash Bros. Society is seeking ratification. The motion passes!

7:47: We are now in camera!


LIVE BLOG: Council January 9

Good morning everyone! It’s me, Member-at-Large Brennan, back for a new semester of council live blogs. Happy 2016!

10:12: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

Aidan is adding two items to the agenda: a funding request from Sodales for $700, and a request for $500 from the King’s Dance Collective. After these two motions added in, the agenda is adopted.


First up is Taylor, a Board of Governors representative. He met with Chris Parsons this week to discuss his goals and how he may achieve them. He discussed the idea of doing a workshop regarding board structure, why boards exist, who is on the board, etc. This could be done in conjunction with NSPIRG, who is currently hiring someone to research the King’s BoG. He also talked about the idea of a report of what progressive boards look like—this could be given to the King’s BoG to suggest ways in which we can improve. He also started getting quotes for his locker project—for the KSU to rent a locker containing knives, cutting boards, plates, etc. for societies to use when serving food.

Now it is time for my report! This past Friday saw the return of the KSU finance committee, my favourite committee and such a nice way to end the week. This week’s meeting seemed especially productive and efficient, and Aidan even brought us snacks! Beyond that, I don’t have much to report on from my own work as a councillor. However, I do want to mention that I found our councillor and union hired position training yesterday to be very informative and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the afternoon, and a special thank you to Michaela and Dave from the Canadian Federation of Students for offering a glimpse of just how vital the work of students’ unions and student activists across the country really is.

 Now for the report of Ryan, the first year representative. He has been working on the King’s Talks event, currently set for the 31st of January. They’ve extended the deadline for submissions because of a lack of submissions, and are hoping that they can reach out to potential speakers directly. He also enjoyed councillor training, especially thinking about changeover for the next first year rep.

Nate, the science rep, is now giving his report. Science study snacks at the end of last term went well! Nate guesses that he saw about 10% of his constituency, which is great. The Dal Science Society is meeting on Monday, and will hopefully be more productive than the last meeting. Nate also wants to work on bringing first year students and upper year students together before the timetable for the next academic year comes out to discuss course selection and degree planning.

Now Melina, the arts representative, is reporting. DASSS has not met yet this term, though Angela, the president of DASSSfeels good about how the faculty’s presidential search is going. Also—SNARCon is coming up! Yay!

Now Liam, the Day Students’ Society representative is presenting. He also enjoyed councillor training, and hopes to take what he learned there to the DSS to aid in things like changeover. The DSS is also looking at rewriting their constitution. Liam felt inspired by the CFS presenters at councillor training and hopes to educate more day students about the CFS and our relationship to them.

Zoë, our other BoG representative is now reporting. She hopes to do some strategizing regarding the BoG changeover that happened.


 First up is Alex Bryant, our president. He hopes that office hours for councillors will be set soon, and Jen (our hospitalities coordinator) will also be holding office hours. Presidential search committee will be holding second interviews soon, which should go into more depth than standard interviews. There should be a new president before the new KSU president—so soon! Alex also think that councillor training went well, and is thankful to Dave and Michaela from the CFS for sharing their time with us.

The Wardroom and Galley will be cash-only this semester—unfortunate, but at least consistent. Alex has heard from Wardroom employees that the bar is running smoothly this year and employees are happy. The Galley is doing very well and making a lot of money—so well that we might be able to eliminate the Galley levy! There are two new managers in the Galley with lots of energy, who have been great during this first week. Alex also had a very productive meeting with Jen, the hospitalities coordinator. Chris, our services and campaigns coordinator, will be meeting with Alex soon as he nears the end of his three-year term. Changeover for this position will be a lot of work.

Alex has a few proposals for the bylaw review committee that he wrote over the winter break, received feedback, and hopes to send his proposals to the committee this week. One of the biggest proposals will be making search committees consistent. The governance, human resources and nominating committee has appointed a new chair, so they can now meet again.

Taylor is asking about the possibility of holding a referendum to simply reduce the Galley levy instead of eliminating it. It is possible, Alex says, but it is also possible that it can be eliminated altogether. It is hard to determine the operating costs of the business because it is still so new, but Jen and Alex have been working to analyze what a typical month/year for the business will look like. Jen and Chris will have reports from last term at the next council meeting.

Now Benn, our residence rep, is reporting (he arrived late). He has also been working on the King’s Talks event and is working on reaching out to people directly to build their speaker list. He also enjoyed councillor training!

Back to exec reports! Alex McVittie, our Student Life VP is reporting. She is happy with how study snacks went at the end of last term, and thanks everyone who volunteered their time. Alex was also brought in to a meeting regarding ethernet vs wifi—do we still need ethernet cables in residence rooms? Athletic wear is in a bit of a standstill because of the weak Canadian dollar and our supplier being in the United States. Campus master planning committee hasn’t met yet, but will be meeting on Alex’s birthday.

It costs a lot of money to keep the ethernet running ~behind the cord~, so if nobody is using it we could save a lot of money by not keeping it running.

Time for the report of Aidan, our Financial VP! Aidan especially liked the part of councillor training about Facebook events—there are so many events in January! Check them out! Presidential search committee held a priorities meeting to determine what they are looking for in a new president, and what challenges this president will face when they begin the changeover process. Society spending is—subject to change—still at less than half of our yearly budget, meaning that there is still a lot of funding available. Society execs: get your receipts in so that Aidan can write you a cheque! Aidan is also still working on the King’s Chorus, its financial standing, its relationship to the KSU, etc. Finally, Aidan is working to create a year-to-date financial statement of the Union’s finances.

Now Hannah, our External VP, is reporting! Something that Hannah will be doing more consistently this semester is tabling—every Monday this semester, someone from the CFS will be tabling here to better engage with our membership about campaigns. She also hopes that councillors will be signing up for more tabling—maybe 1.5 hours every two weeks. The CFS-NS general meeting will be happening on February 6 and 7, which will inform the direction of the Federation’s work on a provincial level. Get in touch with Hannah if you want to attend! External action committee will be meeting more regularly this semester to continue to foster a culture of resistance at King’s. They hope that each meeting will have a guest invited to chat with students about specific issues at King’s/in our community at large.

The Dal Sexual Assault and Harassment Phone Line will be holding an info session for prospective volunteers on Wednesday at 4 in the Wardroom. The executive also submitted a report of recommendations regarding their University’s sexual assault policy. Also: condoms and No Means No materials will now be available at Wardroom nights—this is so great. Alex B has asked that Hannah bring a report regarding the sexual assault policy to the next council meeting.

Finally, Sofia, our Communications VP is giving her report. The CKDU Board will be working on a night of programming to raise awareness (and funds?) for homelessness. CKDU will be hosting open houses soon—go if you are interested in volunteering! They are also working on developing programming that will be helpful/of interest to incoming Syrian refugees; if anyone knows someone who may be interested in working on this programming, forward their name and contact info to Sofia! Bylaw review committee was productive, and edited parts of the election policy. They specifically focused on third-party campaigning, and will hopefully bring final edits to council soon. Nominations for spring executive and BoG elections will open on January 25—so soon!


First, the King’s Poetry Society is looking or $28.40 in contingent funding for snacks for their first meeting of the year. They are preparing for a slam event that they hope to host before the end of the month. These funds would go towards pop, chips, cookies, cups, etc. Finance committee recommends that the amount be rounded up to $30.00—the amendment passes. And the motion passes!

Next, the Dal-King’s Student Fashion Design Show (Vaudeville) is looking for $1000 in non-contingent funding for their fashion show budget. This event will be a fundraiser for Dress For Success Halifax, an organization that provides formal attire to for job interviews, etc. to people (especially women) do not have the means to afford this on their own. This event happens at the MacInnes room in the Dal SUB, a very large room. The room itself is a large expense—around $1800—because the room requires that students book their staff, lighting crew, etc. This request of $1000 is more modest than their original request for over $2000 because they have found funding from other sources. Given that this is their main event, finance committee recommends approval. The motion passes!

Next, the Haliburton Society is seeking $694.60 in non-contingent funding for five meetings this term, as well as an honorary fellows dinner, and two acquisitions. The society has a surplus from last year, which explains why there were no funding requests from them last term. Daniel from the society executive, is here at council speaking about the society—he mentions that the society’s budget is lower this year because they are not paying for all exec members to attend the honorary fellows dinner. They are also trying to extend their food offerings beyond wine, cheese and bread to be more inclusive. The motion passes! Thanks to Daniel for joining us at council this morning.

The next funding request is from the King’s Foreign Film Society, looking for $315.00 in contingent funding for seven meetings this year ($45.00/meeting). This is similar to a funding request received at the beginning of the last semester, and the funding will go towards cheese, baguette, and video rental. The KFFS is a very consistent society, and hopes to show more films from non-male directors and extend their purview beyond Eurocentric films. The motion passes! Taylor, who is on the society executive, abstains.

Sodales, the Dal-King’s debating society, is looking for $700 to fund a trip to McGill’s annual parliamentary debate tournament. Because this is society travel, Aidan recommended that they apply for society funding and not a travel bursary. This will fund seven students with $100 each, almost matching Sodales’ $125/debate team. The motion passes!

Now, we have one final funding request. This is from the King’s Dance Collective, seeking $105 in non-contingent funding for a workshop on falling and partnering work to be held in the King’s dance space. These kinds of techniques require an experienced instructor to be taught properly. The instructor will also be offering tickets to her upcoming show to the workshop participants. This motion passes as well!

The final action item is a society ratification application from Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Dalhousie and King’s Universities. They will also be seeking funding from the DSU and NSPIRG. This society has been ratified in the past, and Alex McVittie sees no issue with their ratification. The motion passes!


Melina just received an email update regarding the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ dean search. There are three candidates: Gotell, Coelho, Harvey. Consultation sessions will be happening on January 20—Angela, the president of DASSS, will be attending. Get in touch with her at angela.hou(at)dal(dot)ca for more information.

11:32: We are adjourned! Thank you all for reading. Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 24.