Graduation Week 2018

Grad Week 2018
May 29, 2018- June 1, 2018

Congratulations, you’re so close to graduating! Below is some information to answer all of your questions. Have more? Email them to and we’ll post answers relevant to everyone on our Facebook page.

Grad Week Survey

Grad week is a week of events from May 29, 2018-June 1, 2018 organised for the graduating class. All the events are based on whatever grads want to do to celebrate. Fill out this survey and Include your name and email in your submission to be entered for a chance to win THREE Galley grilled cheeses. This survey is only for the Class of 2018.

Nominations for Valedictorian, Honorary Grad Class President, and Grad Class Gift

Nominations are now open for the Class of 2018 Valedictorian, Honorary Grad Class President, and Grad Class Gift! Nominations will be open from February 14, 2018 – March 7, 2018. Check out more information and submit your nominations here!

The nominees, if they should accept their nominations, will be making quick sample speeches (no more than a minute or two) in the Wardroom at 8:30pm on Thursday March 15th. Only members of the graduating class may nominate! Voting for these categories will take place between March 15-22nd, 2018. If you have questions please email

Grad Week Logistics

Grad photos can be taken and purchased at Calnen Photography. The cost per sitting is $25. Their website is and their phone number is (902) 423-8840.

Grad rings are still on display at the King’s Bookstore. If you haven’t checked the designs out yet, they’re on display at the King’s Bookstore. You can place an order there. Alternatively, you can visit Charms Diamond Centre in the Halifax Shopping Centre and look at the designs for King’s there instead. Rings can be picked up at any Charms location across Canada once they have been ordered.

Convocation flowers will be on sale the day of Encaenia and are an ideal souvenir for yourself or for a family member. They also make lovely gifts. If you or someone in your family want to pre-order a bouquet, please check out

The President’s dinner will take place on the evening of Wednesday May 30,
2018 starting with a reception in the Wardroom. Information about tickets will be
available soon.
!The graduation ceremony will take place on May 31, 2018 at 4:00pm in the
Rebecca Cohn Auditorium. Each graduate is entitled to receive tickets to the
ceremony. Look out for more information about tickets from the President’s
Coffee with the President will take place on June 1, 2018. Look out for more
information about tickets from the President’s Office coming soon.

More information about gowns and hoods coming soon from the President’s

The full ceremony will be livestreamed online at A link to the
livestream will be available closer to the ceremony.