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What is TWAK you ask? Well friends, it’s the KSU’s weekly e-newsletter full of events, info, anecdotes, and plenty of FUN. This Week at King’s is written by Izzy Ortner , the Union’s Communications VP, and is released every Sunday evening. Scroll down to read the latest and back issues from this year’s TWAKs. But first… 

  • HAVE A SUBMISSION FOR TWAK?  Guess who you’re sending that email over to… Izzy Ortner TWAK submissions are due Saturday evening at 6:00PM.

GMAIL USERS: You may be wondering why you aren’t receiving TWAK. I swear I sent it. Due to the new configuration of Gmail, TWAK is being sent to your Promotions inbox. To change it, all you need to do is drag a TWAK email from your Promotions inbox to your Primary inbox. This should allow future TWAKs to be sent to your Primary inbox. Woo-hoo!

Blue Line 2

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