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LIVE BLOG: Council December 3, 2017

2017-12-03_KSU_Council_Agenda+Reports December 3rd, 2017

Good morning all you lovely folks! We’re here early this morning ready to go!

9:08 Called to order!

Agenda for this meeting adopted

Minutes from Council meeting on November 19th approved


Chris – Not much to report. Looking forward to the Consent Culture Series event this Thursday at seven in the KTS Lecture room. Everyone should take the time to come out! Also looking into creating a poll or survey to engage students in the goings on and meetings of Council and its members. All of you should read the blog and stay informed, and I want to know how I can help!

Kaila – Still working on logistics for the coding workshop for J-school students in January. The J-School does in fact offer it, but only for the Master’s program, so undergraduate students don’t have access, but still are interested.

Heather – On Nov 24 attended the Campus Planning committee town hall to discuss changes to the tri-bays

Cedric – DSS threw a great Holiday Soiree! Also attended the town hall for the Campus planning committee and how it could benefit day students

Adrianna – Even this Tuesday: snacks and study time for students. Planning the time for an event (in conjunction with Izzy) where older students and younger students can talk together!

Daniel – Brennan and JS and Daniel are planning for the BOG meeting. Consultations on the best way to bring up reconciliation for the board and conversations went really well. Please send an email to if you have anything else you want to add to the conversation

Aeriana – Met with the Dalhousie Science council on Nov 27. They’re doing fun events like Cookies and Cram sessions, and Aeriana is hosting one at King’s

Izzy – Also discussing the date of the mentorship event with Adrianna. Attended the academic committee meeting to learn more about other programs at the school


(Full reports with more details can be found in the above link)

Brennan: Attended the Listen and Learn event in the Wardroom. The Galley Space agreement is still being worked on and renegotiated. Met with Bill Leahy and Bonnie Sands to talk over a final draft of this negotiation. The Board of Governors held a conference call to authorize capital and deficit financing. They’re moving from Scotiabank to RBC. Attended the Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture which was every special evening.

Couple weekends ago attended the national annual general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students with Zoe in Gatineau, Quebec! They presented their two motions. One regarded tuition fees and increased research into how it affects different groups of people. The other was an emergency motion in support of Masuma Khan.

Their is a Board of Governors meeting this Wednesday. More details on that will be in the reports link.

Lianne: Chaired Academic committee on Nov 30th which went very well. Has met with a lot of university committees recently! Also attended the Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture and was so amazed with Tanya Tagaq.  Camped out with Divest Dal to support their motion against the Board of Governors and was disappointed in the Board’s response.

Zoe: Regarding the confusion of the funding request from last meeting. Had neglected to send the motion to the Communications VP and sent it to the editor of the agenda and forgot to tell the CVP.

Society Funding update: $5,173 has been allocated so far for society funding, leaving just under 10 grand in this section of the budget. Woohoo!

Also attended a ton of university committees! (details in the link). The Town Hall on College finances was poorly advertised even though Zoe brought up this concern before then. The University will hope to receive funding to deal with accessibility issues to comply with the Accessibility Act enacted recently in the province.

Appeared on the Sheldon MacLeod show on New 95.7 to discuss Justin Trudeau’s formal apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians. Emphasized the importance of the apology and how it must be accompanied with action, such as ending the Blood Ban.

Marie: Really excited to report on the new UHP’s! Also attended the University budget town halls and emphasized decreasing tuition fees up front. Also attended the vigil for Climate Change held in the Chapel. Put together Divest 101 in the Wardroom which went really well! Thanks to Paisley and the Wardroom staff! Also held a fight the fees meeting!! They had a great brainstorming session and hopefully great things will happen!

Cassie: Lot’s of day-to-day work on social media and posters. The Chair brought forward bylaw amendments from last year’s Spring GM that were not reflected this year. The document Cassie received didn’t involve the amendments from the previous 2 years. They are now completely updated in the document and on the website! Has been talking with Brennan on how to ease this process for the next CVP. Apologies for the inconvenience! The bylaw review committee is also meeting on December 6th this week!

Moved by Brennan to recess for seven minutes (HOT CHOCOLATE TIME)


5.1. BIRT the King’s Feminist Collective be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

5.2. BIRT the Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble receive $84 in contingent funding to purchase pizza and snacks for their bi-annual general meeting on December 10, 2017. Motion passes

Daniel’s wondering if pizza is still a contentious funding item like it was a few years ago.

Brennan said that contention happened after the Pizza appreciation society was created simply to ask for funding for pizza.

5.3. BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $60 in contingent funding to purchase craft supplies, decorations, and baking ingredients for a Wardroom Hannukah party on December 12, 2017. Motion passes

JAM FILLED DONUTS PLUS SO MUCH FUN! Also challenging the homogeneity of christian celebrations of the Holidays at King’s.

5.4. BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $25 in contingent funding to purchase tea and snacks for a Thesis Study Snacks event on December 3rd. Motion passes

5.5. BIRT ________ be hired as the Union Hired Position for Mental Health Research for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Marie is super excited! They will be responsible for a mental health research report on mental health resources available to students as well as present a report of the project by Feb 16, 2018. Was recommended by Academic committee last year.

The Search Committee recommends Anne-Lise Bloch

5.5. BIRT Anne-Lise Bloch be hired as the Union Hired Position for Mental Health Research for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes.

Brennan is speaking in support of this position in general and how important it is. It is thrilling that we’re hiring a student to do meaningful and available work.

Zoe also wants to echo that the ability to restructure these positions to cater to students is a great use of resources.

Cassie is happy to see that people are applying to these positions who aren’t always as involved with the KSU, and that we are reaching out to more students.

5.6. BIRT _________ be hired as the Union Hired Position to support Racialized Students for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Moved to Table until next council meeting (January 14 2018) by Marie. Due to scheduling conflicts the interviews have not been able to be conducted yet. Motion passes and previous motion is tabled.

5.7. Michael Greenlaw receive an honourarium of $300 for his work as Scribe in the fall term of the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes.

5.8. BIRT Cooper Toogood receive an honourarium of $200 for his work as a CUBE coordinator in the fall term of the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

5.9. BIRT Ellen Zagar receive an honourarium of $200 for her work as a CUBE coordinator in the fall term of the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

New Business:

6.1. BIRT that the KSU apologize to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for a violation of Bylaw 3.4h. Moved by Rachel Colquhoun.

Rachel submitted a complaint on the KSU’s actions in the first term. It was over 8400 words. The complaint is largely regarding the wall of women in the Wardroom in 2014. It was taken down in 2016 for Wardroom renovations and hasn’t been put back up yet. Rachel personal met with advancement to get the project underway. In November, the project was vetoed by the KSU. Complaint was addressing the shutting down of the project without any indication or information.

The funding request for SNARC-con that was debated on November 19th was debated without proper communication with the SNARC executive. The Council should be aware of gross violations of transparency. While no one is particularly at fault, the President and the Financial Vice-President failed in their communication with the society. Rachel is asking for an apology for these actions. These choices are not understood, and this is an opportunity to show that the KSU upholds transparency and responsibility.

Brennan addresses the bylaw that was addressed in the original motion. Those miscommunications were not the fault of just one person. Bylaw 3.4h is the realm of the Student-Life Vice-President. To pass this motion would place all the blame on the Student-Life Vice president.

Cedric is speaking in favour of this motion. It ought to be possible to make the apology while acknowledging responsibility beyond just the SLVP. The KSU should at the very least make a broader apology for their general actions.

Daniel has read every page of the report and the complaint. This is nothing knew. Has heard these reports every year on campus. There are significant social consequences. It is extremely brave to bring this complaint to council. There are a lot of people who have complaints who don’t feel brave enough to bring them to council. Daniel would also like to speak in favour of this motion. Any apology would be in response to the report not in the wording of the bylaw.

Zoe moves to make an amendment to the original motion. The motion is to strike the ‘violation of Bylaw 3.4h’ from the apology to read ‘miscommunication.’ The apology should be for general miscommunication rather than the conduct of one Executive members duties.

Rachel thinks it sets a dangerous precedent if the KSU refuses to apologize for a Bylaw violation.

Izzy thinks there are racial undertones to this problem. The very real minority on the campus is targeted and expected to educate other people. This is of precedence over what we are discussing.

Lianne would like to speak in favour of the motion to amend. If the original motion passes and becomes public, this will personally affect her. This could have long-term affects, especially as a racialized student.

Daniel says there are very important conversations to be had on this campus about these issues. Regardless of all this, there was a bylaw violation. Everyone here is elected and accountable to the public. The chair has ruled that council has failed in upholding the bylaw, and an apology is in order.

Rachel believes that even though the violation is specific to the SLVP’s position, it is not Lianne’s sole responsibility. The Chair’s ruling recognizes the responsibility of multiple members. Rachel is very willing to have these conversations, and apologizes for some of her own mistakes in this process. She would simply like an apology for violating the bylaws. Again, this is a very dangerous precedent.

Lianne understands the feeling that the miscommunication came from all exec members, but this would personally affect Lianne, possibly long-term, no matter what.

Aeriana thinks it is inappropriate to say that this miscommunication was one-sided. We motioned to table the funding request to gain more information, which is not a first time thing. Some SNARC members were not present at the last meeting to debate the request since some members of the society were expecting the motion to be on the agenda for THIS meeting. It’s also not right for the KSU to apologize as a whole because that places blame on everyone.

Drew Guyan was the SNARC executive who was at the last meeting of council. They had no warning that the funding request was going to be on the agenda, so Drew had to run across campus to argue a motion that was being swept under the table.

10:39 Brennan moves to go in-camera. Motion passes.

10:56 Moved out of Camera

Rachel received an email after the funding request stating that the request would be delayed. She asked if it could be put on the Nov 19th agenda, but was denied. It was then put on the agenda without any communication. Even if the intention was to table, there was the chance that it would not be because of its presence on the agenda.

Daniel wants to clarify. Since we are responsible to these bylaws we must apologize for breaking them. The Chair has ruled that a bylaw was broken, and since Rachel has asked for a general apology, we have to provide this.

Kaila thinks there is a much bigger issue at hand here. A conversation we’re ignoring is by adhering so strictly to the bylaws we are adhering to a very colonial construct. This is a matter of an inappropriately written bylaw, and the onus should not be put on one particular person. The KSU should ensure that we are all on the same page when we are discussing issues like this. Maybe we should be thinking of other ways to fix our structure.

Cedric is wondering whether is would be possible, if we were to not put forward an apology, to put forward a motion that would not assign responsibility.

11:03 Recess moved by Daniel. Motion passes

11:09 Out of recess

Aeriana says that moving forward we should change the bylaws to better reflect the KSU, and that the Council members should learn more about the bylaws.

Motion to strike “violation of bylaw 3.4h” and replace it with ” miscommunication” passes.

6.1. BIRT that the KSU apologize to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for miscommunication. Moved by Rachel Colquhoun.

Lianne is speaking in favour of the motion. As a racialized woman this is inappropriate and would affect her for the rest of her life. It is hypocritical to pass motions to support Masuma Khan and then target our own racialized students.

Cassie says there is a lack of procedure in the Bylaws, and since the conversation is hard for some individuals we should end it soon. We want to apologize for the miscommunication that did happen, to acknowledge there were mistakes made, but that this apology should not target Lianne.

JS wants to amend the apology to “The executive committee issue an apology to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for the Chair’s ruling.” This amendment captures the complexities of the conversation and takes responsibility off of Lianne on her own. It is an official and specific response.

Rachel thinks this is good amendment. There is an important discussion to be had about the bylaws, and she doesn’t place her blame on Lianne. Would also like to apologize for the personal taxation this has caused some folks on Council. Rachel did not come with the intention to put someone specifically on the spot. But it is important to have these conversations and make sure we can all be held accountable.

Cedric speaks in favour of JS’s amendment

Daniel also speaks in favour of JS’s amendment. This is a colonial system, but it is also important to acknowledge the power presence of the KSU on campus. SNARC remains a voice for marginalized students and is treated unfairly by the power structure, and we should acknowledge this. This motion works because it does this without personally targeting anyone.

Marie says this cyclical conversation is bringing back the same issues. Continuing this conversation mirrors the Masuma Khan situation which is inappropriate.

Zoe speaks against the amendment. An apology for the bylaw still puts the onus on one member of the KSU since the Chair’s Ruling reflects this violation.

Lianne wants to speak against the amendment. The Chair’s report still outlines her job specifically. The conversation hasn’t changed. Lianne is worried for her future, her future job attempts, and has many other concerns.

JS says the amendment is in no way intended to reflect the original language of the motion. The KSU has a history of absolving themselves of responsibility through careful use of the Bylaws. She genuinely doesn’t think the Chair’s ruling doesn’t reflect Lianne’s responsibility.

Aeriana doesn’t think there should be an apology issued, since SNARC also refused to communicate effectively.

Daniel agrees that this conversation is cyclical. The membership can not stand for absolving themselves of responsibility.

Marie is saying there is no problem in apologizing. The Exec is completely willing to apologize, but only without targeting anyone specific. Anything further than the general apology is a personal attack.

Daniel says the ruling of the Chair can not be denied. How is this a personal attack.

JS meant the Chair’s report. not the ruling and she apologizes for saying the ruling instead.

Brennan is surprised that we are still having this conversation. We can not pass this motion. Wants to acknowledge that so many of these conversations have been about equity work on campus. Can’t believe that accountability is more important than equity work on campus.

The amendment fails.

Daniel wants to apologize for his language earlier regarding the report and ruling miswording. Also wants to apologize for his specific contributions to what was an uncomfortable conversation for some people.

Cedric would like to acknowledge the same misunderstanding of the motion put forward and apologize for having spoken in the conversation and the  difficult nature of the situation for some people.

Cassie says that furthering the conversation is useless at this point. There is a need for accountability, but our priority should be supporting racialized students.

6.1. BIRT that the KSU apologize to Rachel Colquhoun and SNARC for miscommunication. Moved by Rachel Colquhoun. Motion passes

11:42 Motion to adjourn. Motion passes.

Here are the motions presented by Zoe and Brennan at the CFS AGM in Gatineau

Local 11 CFS Annual General Meeting – Motions



LIVE BLOG: Council November 19, 2017

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome study break and got home safely!

10:10 Called to order

10:11 Agenda  approved

10:11 Minutes from last meeting approved with minor edits


Chris – Not much to report. During the study break I talked with Student Council representatives at Quest University in Squamish, BC, to look for new ideas and events to bring back to Halifax. Once I get more details I can’t wait to bring these up with students and other Council and Exec members.

Kaila – Not much to report. Going to plan a couple coding workshops in January for J-School. Coding is only offered in the Master’s program right now. This would help out graduate students who want to learn how to code. Alex Quan from Global News has volunteered to teach the workshop

Heather – Has a few meetings coming up. One with the Dean of Students about issues with the kitchen in Alex Hall, and a Food Service meeting.

Izzy – Adrianna and Izzy are planning an art mentorship group!

Cedric – DSS has been working on the holidays party in the Wardy on the 30th!

Daniel – Getting into gear for the last BOG meeting before the break. Talking about consultation with Indigenous students and working toward reconciliation with the BOG and how that can be enacted on campus

Aeriana – Has started a FYP Science Facebook group

Adrianna – Thinking about doing an art student study group with some snacks and breaks for an easier time

JS – Getting ready with Daniel for the December BOG meeting!


Lianne: Thanks for attending the last councillor training session. Attended the Podcast listening event which went really well. Also attended the Race in a Glass nation, which went very well and had a great turnout.

There is a Campus Planning Committee Town Hall where they will discuss changes to the Tri-Bays as well as accessibility needs.

Marie: Met with the WUSC levy board. Lots of outreach happened since the last meeting: Free Cider for Free Education, outreach on Racism and Colonialism. Shout out to Lianne for her hard work on Desmond Cole’s talk at King’s on October 25th! It was awesome!

Attended the Canadian Federation of Students Provincial Executive meeting  where they reviewed reports from member locals.

Upcoming: Divest 101 on Tuesday in the Wardroom. Divest Dal will begin a week-long campout at Dalhousie starting Wednesday to put divestment back on the table. Also keep your eyes peeled for a Fight the Fees meeting.

Cassie: Keeping up with the day-to-day social media.

November 23rd: University will hold consultations on the 2018-2019 budget. This is an awesome opportunity! Goes from 2:30-6:30.

On November 30th, the Alex Fountain Lecture will be held from 7:30-8:40 in Alumni Hall. The speaker this year is Tanya Tagaq will present a lecture titled “Climate, Culture, and Collaboration.” This sounds SUPER rad!

Brennan and Zoe are away :'(


5.1. BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $20 in contingent funding to purchase chips and drinks for a discussion titled “Hannah Arendt: The Jew as Pariah” on November 22nd, 2017. Motion passes

5.2. BIRT the CSP Students’ Society receive $53.00 in contingent funding to purchase coffee and cookies for “Shut Up & Write!”, an event to give CSP a focused environment in which to work, on November 26th, 2017. Motion passes

5.3. BIRT the King’s Wordsmiths receive $68.26 in contingent funding to purchase King’s Bookstore gift cards, pens, and notebooks to serve as prizes for the 100 Word Dash Writing Contest, which closes on November 30th, 2017 at midnight. Motion passes

5.4. BIRT the Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble receive $167 in contingent funding to purchase food, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages for the reception following their winter concert “All For a New Day” on December 1st, 2017.

5.5. BIRT the Students Advocating for Representative Curricula (SNARC) Society receive $1065.00 in non-contingent funding to purchase drink tickets and provide honoraria for, “SNARCon 2018: Intersections”, from January 19, 2018- January, 20, 2018. Moved to table by Marie.

In camera (10:35)

Ex-camera (11:03)

11:03 15 minute Recess!

11:26 We’re back!

Motion to table Item 5.5. is still on the table.

Drew Guyan from SNARC is here to participate in the discussion. Drew is concerned about the lack of communication surrounding the funding request, and is going into detail regarding the actual request.

Daniel thanks Drew for coming in on no notice, and apologizes on behalf of council for the lack of communication

Marie also thanks Drew for coming and acknowledges the issue with miscommunication. Marie says there might be an issue with retro-active funding concerning the honouraria.

Lianne is talking about how difficult this conversation is to have without Zoe here, but is totally okay with voting on this and possibly granting the funding request.

JS says that we have all the information we need to grant a funding request. Not having Zoe here does not affect the amount of information we need to grant the request.

Kaila feels comfortable voting on this, and expresses her frustration at the length of the meeting and the miscommunication that has caused it. We should have all the information we need coming into Council

Drew apologizes for the lateness of the request. Originally there were two coordinators and one had to drop out, so the late search for another coordinator made this process harder.

Lianne says that they are a lot of conversations that happen in private that aren’t necessarily ‘back-door’ meetings.

Daniel says the onus is not on SNARC for the failure of Council and the Finance Committee and that we have a duty to consider the notion.

Marie would like to again acknowledge the miscommunication. The intent behind the motion to table is not to stop SNARC from happening, but to include all the voices that need to be a part of the process in the process.

Cassie is apologizing for her lack of diligence with the agenda. It was put on the agenda without her knowing. As Cassie understood it was being moved to next council.

JS is asking Cassie who put it on the agenda without her knowing. Cassie doesn’t know. JS says there is a lack of transparency between Council and the Executive. We have the information we need to grant the request, and it is troubling that this ended up on the agenda without the Communications VP knowing. It is important to have this conversation.

Daniel says we have all the people we need to make this decision.

Kaila agrees with Daniel. This isn’t SNARC’s fault and we shouldn’t table it. Council should convene internally and find out how we are misinformed

Lianne says Zoe put the item on the Agenda.

Lianne calls the question.

11:45 The question is called

5.5. BIRT the Students Advocating for Representative Curricula (SNARC) Society receive $1065.00 in non-contingent funding to purchase drink tickets and provide honoraria for, “SNARCon 2018: Intersections”, from January 19, 2018- January, 20, 2018.

Motion to TABLE this item is denied.

Cedric says this lack of transparency is a continuing problem and should be addressed.

5.5. BIRT the Students Advocating for Representative Curricula (SNARC) Society receive $1065.00 in non-contingent funding to purchase drink tickets and provide honoraria for, “SNARCon 2018: Intersections”, from January 19, 2018- January, 20, 2018. Motion passes 

5.6. BIRT ________be elected to the Watch Board of Publishers as a Member-at-Large for the 2017/18 academic year.

Marie nominates Michelle Cuthbert

Lianne nominates Laura Hardy

JS originally held this position, and found out that members of Council aren’t allowed to fill this position. We should consider this. There are people who are interested in serving on Council and who are also interested in journalism. This is a concerning limitation.

Kaila would like to note that if she was a Dalhousie Student she would not be able to work for the DSU and the Dalhousie Gazette at the same time.

Hannah (our Watch reporter) says there were concerns in the last General Meeting about the KSU and the Watch’s relationship. Put this into place to distinguish the two bodies.

JS thinks there is a difference between saying this for the board than for the executive. This specific position should be open to all members who pay a levy to the watch.

Daniel calls the question. Passes

5.6. BIRT Laura Hardy be elected to the Watch Board of Publishers as a Member-at-Large for the 2017/18 academic year. Motion passes

5.7. BIRT______and_______be elected to the University Equity Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Lianne nominates Jayde Tynes

Lianne nominates Eddie Cuevas

Marie nominates Hannah MacDougall

Aeriana Narbonne nominates herself

Lianne nominates Hilary Allistar

5.7. BIRT Jayde Tynes and Eddie Cuevas be elected to the University Equity Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

Next meeting is on TBD

12:07)Movement to adjourn. Motion passes 

2017-11-19_Council_Agenda (1

LIVE BLOG: Council October 29, 2017


Good morning King’s folks! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Meeting is called to order. Agenda is adopted.

Short recess so we can print the minutes from last meeting!


Minutes from Oct 15 were approved by unanimous consent

10:16 Councillor Reports!

Kaila: Went to the first Kings Journalism Society meeting!

Heather: On the 23rd went to the Residence Life Meeting with Brennan to talk about the new Don

Aeriana: Thursday handouts for FYP science students!

Adrianna: Goes to the net DASS meeting this Thursday

Izzy: Talking about a first-year/upper-year bonding time! Thinking of starting an Indigenous reconciliation chat about presentation vs. implementation on campus

EXEC REPORTS (Read more about the Exec reports using the link at the bottom)

Brennan: KSU Fall General Meeting was awesome! We hit quorum right away!

Participated in Councillor Training part 2 on October 21st which went really well! There were some really amazing presentations!

Attended Rebecca Stuckey’s workshop in the Wardroom about Cultural Appropriation. This went really well and hopefully we can have more of these events in the future!

Received some great feedback during Sexual Violence Policy Town Halls on the 17th and 18th.

There is a Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday where they will vote on capital and deficit financing.

CFS is holding their second event in the Consent Culture Series at the Mount on the 30th at 6! Brennan and Marie are going!

Lianne: Fall General Meeting was awesome!

The Racialized Students’ Collective held its second meeting!

Renovations are being planned for the Tri-Bays including a common space and larger bathrooms. Campus Planning committee is discussing the best way to consult students

Desmond Cole’s chat with racialized students on the 24th and Black Power Hour on the 25th were amazing!

Zoe: There have been problems with retroactive funding requests. Zoe has updated the funding request sheet and is working on a mass email to let societies know what’s up.

Exec passed a motion to redirect $20 from the contingency line of the budget to pay interim scribe Frances-Grace Fyfe.

Levy cheques for levied societies are being distributed.

Will be going with Brennan to the CFS National General Meeting in November. Will be submitting a motion about accessible education (can be found in the report).

The Exec talked last meeting about submitting an emergency motion to support Masuma Khan and Kati George-Jim. Brennan and Zoe are working on writing this motion


Not much to report! Just everyday stuff! Wrote TWAK from Belgium (Brennan says VERY impressive).

Attended one of the Sexual Violence and Assault Policy Consultations and asked questions about the draft


5.1. BIRT The Dalhousie-King’s Fashion Design Show Society receive $1000 in non-contingent funding to put on the Vaudeville charity fashion show on March 4th, 2018. Motion passes

5.2. BIRT The King’s Jewish Book Club receive $13.50 in contingent funding to purchase snacks for a meeting on Jewish Folk Tales on November 1st, 2017. Motion passes

5.3. BIRT The King’s Journalism Society receive $73.60 in retroactive funding to purchase pizza for their first meeting of the year on October 11th 2017. Motion passes

5.4. BIRT The King’s Dance Collective receive $345 in retroactive funding to pay for a Studio in Essence Pole Dance Workshop on October 21st, 2017, contingent on meeting with the Financial Vice President, and signing the Society Funding Process and Retroactive Funding form. Motion passes


5.5. BIRT The King’s Student’s Union condemn Dalhousie University’s racist and Islamophobic actions towards Masuma Khan; and

BIFRT The King’s Students’ Union write a letter to Dalhousie University President, Richard Florizone, to condemn the University’s actions, call on Dalhousie to apologize to Masuma Kahn, and act on students’ demands to support racialized and Indigenous students on campus; and

BIFRT The King’s Students’ Union write a letter to University of King’s College President, Bill Lahey, to call on the University of King’s College to condemn Dalhousie’s actions, publicly support students’ demands, and act on students’ demands to support racialized and Indigenous students on the King’s Campus. Motion passes

5.6. BIRT The King’s Students’ Union condemn the Dalhousie University’s Board of Governors and Board Chair Lawrence Stordy silencing and colonial actions against student Board of Governors Representative Kati George-Jim on June 27, 2017; and

BIFRT The King’s Students’ Union write a letter to Board Chair, Lawrence Stordy, to condemn the Board’s actions, call on Dalhousie to apologize to Kati George-Jim, and act on students’ demands to support racialized and Indigenous students on campus; and

BIFRT The King’s Students’ Union write a letter to University of King’s College President, Bill Lahey, calling on the University of King’s College to condemn Dalhousie’s actions, publicly support student’s demands, and act on students’ demands to support racialized and Indigenous students on the King’s Campus. Motion passes

Lianne moves for a 7-minute recess. Passes

11:11 We’re BACK!

5.7. Be it resolved that Levi Clarkson, Emma Graveson, and Katie Weatherly be elected to the search committee for the union hired position to support student mental health. Motion passes

5.8. BIRT Dorsa Eslami, Izzy Ortner, and Buffy Sweny be elected to the search committee for the union hired position to support racialised students. Motion passes.

5.9. BIRT Brianna Dunn be elected to the Board of Appeal and Discipline for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. Motion Passes.

5.10. BIRT Caleb Sher be elected to the University Journalism Discipline Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

5.11. BIRT ________and___________ be elected to the University Equity Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Moved by Brennan to table this motion to find out more about term length and necessity of new positions. Motion passes

5.12. BIRT Gina Grattan be elected to the University Occupational Health and Safety Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motion passes

No new business!

Next meeting is TBD!

11:42 We are adjourned!






LIVE BLOG: KSU Fall General Meeting

18:03 The Fall General Meeting has just begun!

18:04 This meeting is taking place on unseeded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq Territory.

18:06 First Motion: Adoption of Minutes. Minutes Adopted. Approval of last minutes. Approved.

18:08 Brennan: Food services. All of the calls made on the university by last spring were met. Ward room continues to have first right of refusal. Galley space agreement will be ready soon. Board of Governors meeting in June update: Students can now email the board of Governors. Over 100 emails were sent. The board did increase by 2% the fees. But, some fees were frozen, which is a direct result of student action. King’s is still without a stand alone policy on sexual assault, but we are working on it now. Right now, it is in the consultation stage. There is more information on our page about it.

18:11 We will be highlighting 3 different ways of getting involved:

  1. Consent Culture
  2. Pick up your International Student ID Card
  3. Workshop on cultural Appropriation

18:13 Lianne: Updated the gratification packages. Good job with the orientation week, Astroweek!On October 24th Desmond Coll with be here. If you are radicalized and are more interested in getting involved, email Lianne. If you love sports, there are different sporting events every Wednesday and Thursday.

18:15 Zoe: Menstrual health products are available outside the KSU office. She has attended many meetings, students won the elimination of the Electronic fees. She will be talking more in depth on the fall budget tonight. She hopes you all feel that you feel comfortable with sharing your option on the budget. Take advantage of the levy groups! Rent a bike, pick up a copy of the watch — you pay for it! There will be more town halls to reduce and eliminate tuition fees. Look forward to these coming consultations!

18:18: Marie: Thank you to all the people who came out the day that fees were due. We will continue to organize around the high cost of tuition fees. They frankly shouldn’t exist. Our union hiered positions:

  1. Radicalized Students Collective
  2. Mental Health (products on an off campus)

Along with the Canadian Federation of Students, we actively lobby the government. The main ask of the Consent Culture Document is to pass legislation so that universities have stand alone policy. To get involved, email Marie!

18:22 Cassie: Communications VP. Updating social media. 160 new emails for Twak (pretty much all first years!) She is in charge of all meetings agenda wise. If you have any questions contact her/talk to her personally. Want to get involved? Join Twak! If you are involved in a society/have an event she can help you out!


18:24 Cassie: 1) If we loose the minimum amount of people, then it will go to council. You can go into council. Vote: Passes. 2) Budget adopted …

18:26 Zoe: Wait! What are budgets? There are copies on the table and they are projected on the slide.

18:27 Last year, we passed a deficit so that we would spend more than we made, by about $1000. Some cuts were made. There was a referendum to increase union dues.

18:29 Explanation of the Budget. If you would like a copy, please email Zoe!

Zoe talk about the Budget:

18:33 First Levy: Health plan. Change year to year, and folks are able to opt out. Next, there are external levies (Bike levy). There are also internal. Orientation week is one example. Every student pays $21 towards this.

18:36 Changes: increased dues. Most of the revenue comes from this.

18:38 Most Honoraria portion of the budget stayed the same.

18:39 Money per committee was cut back (it was just for food). Day planner was also cut back.

18:40 Had an extra delegate to a conference.

18:42 Sustainability line, does not exist this year.

18:44 Contingency: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY $$$

18:45 This a balanced budget. Any questions?

—————————————–FLOOR IS NOW OPEN TO DEBATE—————————————-

  1. Are they consistent with the Canadian dollar?
    1. Yes, it does reflect an increase on inflation.
  2. How are you going to make up for the $1000 you lost?!!!!!!! (asked by Josh)
    1. It’s on a yearly basis. When we decided to have a deficit, it doesn’t mean that we went into a negative, it just means that we have less savings.
  3. Where did the $44 000 come from?
    1. That comes from the membership dues.

Voting on budget BEGINS




18:50 Zoe: Watch board of publishers can be now nominated.

18:54 Gina nominates J.S. Freelancer and very involved at King’s.

18:54 Isabelle Nominates herself. Interested in getting more involved and she will come to every meeting!

18:55 Zoe nominate Kayla. Third year journalism student.

These three are now elected to the Watch Board of Publisher! Congratulations 😀


18:57 Lianne: Academic Committee nominations are now open.

18:58 Isabelle nominated herself. Gina nominated FG. Katie nominated herself.

18:59 Katie is a fourth year student, she was on it last year. Super passionate about how we engage with curriculum as students. Intersectional feminism is great. Creating an academic community which is assessable to everyone.

19:01 FG sat last year, was a science rep. Interested in how students interact with professors, wants to make some changes to how this committee works.

19:01 Isabelle wants a link between King’s and Dal, and feeling alienated at Dal.

19:02 Ruth is a second year student who is very excited to sit on this council.

Only three spaces. Each person get 3 votes.

Kate, FG, and Isabelle have been elected. 😉


19:06 Marie: WUSC 1 General member can now be elected.

19:09 Riel is nominated. Does not know much, but thinks it sounds neat.

Motion passed 😛


Meeting Adjourned 🙂 Thanks for everyone who came out or followed the Live Blog 😀

LIVE BLOG: Council October 15, 2017



Agenda and Executive Reports

10:16 Meeting has been called to order! Woohoo! Agenda was adopted!

10:17 Minutes from last meeting adopted


10:18 My report! Just looking forward to bringing King’s Students together with other reps in fun ways!

Cedric says the DSS has elected their First Year Rep!

Kaila (Journalism Rep!) Wants to look for ways to better represent J-School

Izzy (First Year Rep!)

Aeriana (Science Rep!)

Daniel – Lot of discussion about university funding discrepancies at last BOG meeting. Also talked about student employment and a possible HR policy.

Heather (Residence Rep!) Met with Dean Hatt about her role on committees and within residence life.

JS – Administration was interested in advocating for university funding. Also looking to make a long term plan for balancing Kings’ budget.


Brennan – First Councillor training was this Friday and it was awesome! Next one is on Saturday Oct 21st.

JS and Daniel covered the BOG meeting. They did an awesome job representing the KSU and its report.

Met with the Advance committee to talk about how to increase enrolment and work on university recruitment and diversity on campus

Has been working on the Sexual violence policy with the committee. They have a draft in place. There will be town hall consultations this week about the policy Oct 17th and 18th at 6:30. There will be active listeners present.

Attended a student government roundtable with Marie to meet with representatives from other universities.

Brennan and Zoe are going to represent King’s at the CFS national meeting! Cool!

Attended Sisters and Spirits Vigil on Oct. 4.

Upcoming Dates: Fall General Meeting Oct 19th at 6:30 in the Wardroom!

Lianne – Wants to welcome all new councillors!

Attended the Sisters in Spirit Vigil with Brennan.

Went to a CFS Racialised and Indigenous Student Experience Summit in Toronto which was a really cool experience.

Zoe – Has done a lot of budget consulting this past week. Also created a brief survey for students about the budget and different items and their importance to students. Was also available for one-on-one meetings for questions and discussed budget last Council meeting.

Exec voted to donate $100 to Desmond Cole’s speaking tour in Halifax

Marie – Nothing on external university affairs

Aidan McNally and Gina Grattan did outreach on consent culture in the Wardroom on Tuesday Oct. 10th. Thanks to them!

With Brennan presented a document titled “Working Towards Consent Culture: Developing a Plan to Combat Sexual Violence in Nova Scotia” at the Student Government Roundtable.

Brennan says Marie was a SUPERSTAR at this meeting.

Cassie – Just got back last night from Belgium so will present her report next meeting!

More details about Exec reports in the link at the top!


UKC Blue Devils Supporter Society is ratified as a Tier 1 Society. (“One Drum, One Flag, Lots of Enthusiasm!”)

Contemporary Studies Society is ratified as a Tier 2 Society

The King’s Visual Arts Society is ratified as a Tier 1 Society

World University Service of Canada – King’s Chapter (WUSC) is ratified as a Tier 2 Society

The History of Science and Technology (HOST) Society is ratified as a Tier 2 Society

King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society receives $182.75 in contingent funding for snacks and a Driver Dave for a Day trip to Crystal Crescent Beach on Oct. 21, 2017

King’s Theatrical Society receives 850 additional black and white photocopies for scripts and Murder in the Cathedral programs.

The King’s Foreign Film Society receives $31.36 in contingent funding to purchase bread, cheese, and pretzels for a Film Screening on October 19th 2017.

The King’s P.R.I.D.E. Society receives $58.56 in contingent funding to purchase decorations, pizza, and snacks for Queereoke: Ladies of the 80s on October 20th, 2017.

The King’s P.R.I.D.E. Society receives $26.51 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and tea for their weekly Friday meetings

The Early Modern Studies Society receives $200 in non-contingent funding to purchase decorations, candy, and prizes for a Luther 500 Costume Party on November 1st, 2017

Zoe moves to table funding request from Dalhousie-King’s Fashion Design Show for next meeting. – Passed

11:09 – 6 minute recess moved by JS – Passed

11:15 Recess over!


7.1 GENERAL MEETING THIS THURSDAY (6:00 in the Wardroom- CORRECTION on what I said earlier)! Any King’s student can come. Exec members provide reports and the budget is explained line by line and then voted upon by those attending. There is a quorum (5% of the population) that MUST be met. Shouldn’t be long! There is a Facebook event  and a reminder will be in TWAK. There will also be LOTS OF SNACKS YAY. We are talking about ways to get all of y’all to come and get informed! The Watch Board of Publishers, Academic Committee and other positions will be elected – you can be nominated/nominate yourself at the meeting, even if you are unable to attend!

WATCH OUT for FYP Announcements, Leaflets, posts and MORE for the GM! Invite your friends!


7.2 THE BUDGET – Zoe is going through the budget for us and highlighting key changes! These will be presented also at the General Meeting (which is why you should come!). The budget was presented in the Spring as a Draft Budget.

A copy of the budget is available here or outside of the KSU office in hard copy

11:59 We are adjourned!


Live Blog October 1st, 2017


Oct. 1st, 2017 Council Agenda 


Good morning! It’s your Financial VP, Zoe! It’s been a MINUTE since I last liveblogged (throwback 2 being member @ large in first year) but I’m BACK BABY.

We’re getting started and the minutes & agenda have been approved.

10:03 Councillor reports:

Daniel (Board of Governors Rep) reports that he and JS and Brennan attended a Board of GOvernors meeting. Full report next council.

Riel (First Year Rep) is at his last council! HE is excited to meet with the new first year rep

Cedric (Day Students’ Society President) reports: The Day Students Society planned an AMAZING Maritime Night. DSS General Meeting at 3pm in the Wardroom on Monday!

FG (Science Rep) planned a SICK science student get-together, which was well-attended (including Neil Robertson). Wow!

10:05 Reports and Rulings

The ruling of the Chair RE: extending nominations for the fall elections was discussed briefly.

Brennan (President) reports: he is grateful to the outgoing councillors. The exec also ran an “elections toolkit” event for folks interested in being councillors. He has been up to lots of things, including a tuition fees action, the town hall on college finances, the Maritimes Skills Development Symposium, an Alumni Association Executive meeting, and a meeting of the Sexual Violence Awareness, Prevention, and Response Policy Committee. This Wednesday, Oct. 4th there is a Sisters in Spirit Vigil at the Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre. The King’s Feminist Collective is leading a group in getting over there, check out the details in their facebook group.

The report of the Student Live Vice President, Lianne, is presented by ME because Lianne is away at the Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience Summit. She was involved in the elections toolkit, society training, the skills symposium, and the tuition fees action!

Oct. 1st, 2017 Council Agenda (3) 2017-09-17-KSU_Council_MinutesI report on society training, the tuition fee action, the town hall on college finances and the skills symposium. I also note that budget consultation for the KSU budget will be happening this week! Check out the facebook event for all the details.

Marie (External Vice-President) begins by thanking everyone who participated in the tuition fees action. She was also involved in the budget town hall, a Bill 148 rally, the Skills Symposium. Marie reports that she and Brennan will be attending a student-government roundtable on October 3rd.

Cassie (Communications Vice-President) reports on Fall Elections, the elections toolkit, and communications outreach. She adds that councillor speeches are tomorrow at 6pm, and voting will be October 4th-5th. Check out elections details here!

10:19 GM Notice

This is just formal notice that the KSU Fall GM is on October 19th at 6:30 in the Wardy! We are excited that it will be in the wardy!

10:21 Society Ratifications

The King’s Improv Society is ratified as a tier 1 society.

Best Buddies Canada – King’s Chapter Society  is ratified as a tier 1 society.’

Le Salon is ratified as a tier 1 society.

The King’s Journalism Society is ratified as a tier 2 society.

10:25 We recess for 3 minutes for Michael to figure out a minutes thing!

10:29 We are back from recess!

SNARC is ratified as a tier 2 society.

The King’s Dance Collective is ratified as a tier 2 society.

The Sodales Debating Society is ratified as a tier 2 society.

The CKDU-FM Society is ratified as a tier 2 society. (This is a levied society!)

10:33 Onto society funding! 

Council votes to approve $30 for the Early Modern Studies Society to purchase snacks for a Mental Health in the Early Modern Period and Contemporary Mental Health Services event.

Council votes to approve $30 in funding for the Early Modern Studies Society to purchase tea for thesis study snacks events to be held throughout the year.

10:39 Committee elections!

Adeline Catlin (celiac! excited to be on this committee!) and Caroline French (vegetarian! a regular in Prince Hall!) are elected to the Dining Services Advisory Committee

Levi Clarkson is elected to the University Sexual Violence Awareness, Prevention and Response Policy Committee. We had students submit nominations to a third part (the Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia office) and they provided a recommendation.

10:44 New business

No new Business!

10:44 Notice of next meeting

Next meeting in two weeks, same bat time, same bat place.

10:45 Adjournment!

BYE <3 <3 <3

LIVE BLOG: Council September 17



Executive Reports

Goooood Morning King’s! It’s me! JS! Your current BoG rep! In the absence of former member at large JBK, I am writing the live blog this morning! Cheers!

10:04 – We are called to ORDER!

10:05- In Camera ~~

10:23- Ex Camera

10:24- Motion to strike Chair’s Report from last April’s minutes. Motion passes 5-4. The report is no longer in the minutes but is available on the KSU website here.

10:26- Councillor Reports

FG, Riel have not done too much but they are here! Nice! It’s the beginning of the year!

Cedric says DSS has been doing a lot lately because they were heavily involved with O-Week

I defer to my co-BoG member Daniel! He talked about the board meeting that was held on June 22. It was a budget-related meeting in which we talked about student fees and managed to freeze ancillary fees for the first time ever! We are also gearing up for the next Board of Governor’s meeting this coming Thursday.

10:30- Executive Reports!

See the documents above! I am eating my breakfast!


I ask whether any work has been done to start putting together community guidelines in the Wardroom following discussions around WuTang Night.

Daniel confirmed when the Galley space agreement expired. The report reads December 31st, 2017 but it’s actually 2016.


Daniel asks whether Lianne is part of meetings to replace the don of Cochran bay. She is, but the meeting happened this Friday so it is not included in her report.


Daniel speaks in favour of pre-council funding plan!

I am asking whether it is ok to have the executive only vote on a motion without bringing it to council. According to Robert’s Rules it is not, but this was an extraordinary circumstance.

Daniel asks if it is possible to add a motion approving the funding in question (see section 1.2 of the FVP report). This would be retroactive and is thus against our bylaws so we are not going to do that.


Cedric wants to know whether the UHPs are new or simply reworked…they have been reworked with feedback from former UHPs to create project-based roles. Very cool!


no queries 🙂

10:53- 5 min RECESS!!!!

11:00- we took a little too long sorry.


-Legally, the galley and the wardy are A-OK!

-There are some new staff and some graduated staff

-There are new drinks and food, like Caesar’s and Bulwark and Tea North in the Wardroom and SOUP at the Galley!! Very exciting that we have non-alcoholic drink items in the Wardroom that are not just coca-cola products! I am happy and excited!

-We need a permanent lighting system still. Jenn is a boss and she is working on it.

I ask Jenn about the community guidelines and she says they are talking about it within management! Cheers!

11:10- Report of the Services and Campaigns Coordinator!!!

-Michaela was involved with Grad week and O-Week! Nice!

-She also went to a CFS general meeting which was very cool

-There are new Sexual and Menstrual Health Products, like latex-free condoms <3

-There has been a LOT of work done re: Health and Dental Plan which is amazing because it’s a really good and unique plan specific to King’s students!!! The plan rate has gone up moderately, but is still comparably affordable. The opt-out day is TOMORROW if you are looking to opt-out of the plan.

-ISIC cards are going to be ~~mobile~~ this year which means that the ISIC printer can be brought to different events, etc. so we can all have International Student Identity Cards! (you should get one it counts as student ID literally internationally)

Also of note: Moka is a sweet office dog who is hypoallergenic and sleepy which makes for a nice office pet 🙂

11:20- Grad Week Report (delivered by the SCC)

-This year no grad week coordinators were hired, and grad week was run by the SCC in coordination with the hospitalities coordinator and the executive. Overall there were some kinks to work out, but this system was trial and error for this year so it went well.

-The report recommends that, in future years, the responsibility of coordinating Grad Week should fall on the staff-people, rather than on UHPs that would have to be hired and trained. Zoe and Brennan offer their support for this.

11:27- ACTION ITEMS (see agenda!)

6.1. BIRT the King’s Cycling Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao – passes unanimously 

6.2. BIRT the King’s Pride Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.3. BIRT the Dalhousie/King’s Fashion Design Show Society be ratified as a Tier 2 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

amended to read Tier 2

6.4. BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.5. BIRT the King’s Foreign Film Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.6. BIRT the King’s Chess Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.7. BIRT the St. Andrew’s Mission Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.8. BIRT that the King’s Wordsmiths Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.9. BIRT the King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.10. BIRT the South House be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously  (Lianne and Zoe abstain because they are on the SoHo board)

6.11. BIRT the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.12. BIRT the Dalhousie/King’s Bike Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

6.13. BIRT the Unconscious Collective be ratified as a Tier 2 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously 

amended this and the following three motions (6.13-6.16 inclusive) to read Tier 2

6.14. BIRT the Haliburton Society be ratified as a Tier 2 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao  – passes unanimously (Daniel abstains as he is on the exec)

Some executives of Haliburton are here to speak in favour! CHEEEEEEERS! <3 <3 <3

6.15. BIRT the King’s Theatrical Society be ratified as a Tier 2 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao – passes unanimously

6.16. BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society be ratified as a Tier 2 society for the 2017-2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao – passes unanimously

Keenan (an EXEC <3 <3) says that Babel is going to be published and some more connectivity with the community will be happening! Cute!

6.17. BIRT the Wordsmith’s Society receive $33.10 in contingent funding to purchase hot chocolate, tea, and baked goods for their Fall AGM on September 21st. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe – Finance Committee has no recommendation  – passes unanimously

6.18. BIRT the King’s Foreign Film Society receive $35 in contingent funding to purchase baguettes and assorted cheeses for their first film screening of the 2017/18 year on September 21st. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe – Finance Committee has no recommendation  – passes unanimously

6.19. BIRT the Haliburton Society receive $1746.32 in non-contingent funding to cover the costs of their operations throughout the year, including food and drinks for both regular meetings (biweekly, beginning September 20th) and the Fellows Dinner, banking fees, and five acquisitions. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe – Finance Committee has no recommendation – passes unanimously (Daniel abstains as he is on the executive)

6.20. BIRT ________, ___________, ___________, and _________ be elected members of the KSU Finance Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year.

We are filling the blanks with the names Angela Capobianco , Katie Buckley, Mary Innes, and Levi Clarkson.

passes unanimously

6.21. BIRT ________, ___________, and ________, be elected members of the KSU staff person search and review committee for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Nominations: Alexandra Sweny, Allison Lord, Brianna Dunn, Julia-Simone Rutgers (that is melol)

Zoe is very excited to see people who work in our businesses being on the committee! That is very nice!

blanks are filled by Julia-Simone Rutgers, Allison Lord, and Brianna Dunn

passes unanimously

6.22. BIRT ___________, and ________ be elected to the University Food Services Advisory Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year.

We are tabling this for now because we want to make sure the people that sit in the meeting are people who eat in Prince Hall see the minutes for Brennan’s description of the role also there is a post about it on the KSU Facebook page… anyone interested should get in touch with Brennan!

Tabling passes unanimously

11:59 – New business


7.1 BIRT the Day Student’s Society be ratified as a Tier 2 society for the 2017/2018 academic year. Moved by Lianne Xiao

Cedric speaks about the DSS and how they won’t need funding. Brennan expresses his support of the DSS and their hard work these past couple weeks.

passes unanimously 

Other business:

-Nominations for fall councillor elections open NEXT WEEK!!!!


bye. love ya, see ya soon.

LIVE BLOG: Council April 9

It’s the last Council meeting of the year, for real this time!



Minutes from last Council on April 2, 2017

Report of the Chief Returning Officer

Report of the Scribe



No written Exec reports for this meeting! I’ll blog oral reports as best I can!

10:11:27 AM. Just waiting for a printed copy of the minutes from last Council!

10:18:23 AM. We’re starting!!

Agenda adopted, minutes approved.

JS: JS has not done much since last week!

Me: neither!

Daniel: also not a lot! Making plans for the summer.

FG: samesies!

Cedric: on Friday the DSS had a “Beer with Bill” event that went very well. They learned that alcohol increases turnout! Expect more of this.

Lucia: there’s been trouble this year with students maintaining spaces and materials, like kitchen supplies. She’s been talking with the Assistant Dean about organizing a ‘respect the space’ workshop for o-week next year.

Riel: still hawking FYP shirts!

Brennan: food services update, Bonnie Sands has committed fully to all four of our demands! The Union celebrated this as a huge win for students. YAY.

Lianne: CUBE search committee has found two people! Also been working on o-week leader interviews. Also student and society appreciation night happened and it was great!

Zoe: distributed honoraria cheques to UHPs this week and has been celebrating the food services.

Marie: tabling with letter to Kelly Regan. Yesterday Gina and Marie went to an Exec meeting of CFS-NS, recapped the past year and brainstormed for next year.

Cassie: not much! Keeping on top of chalkboards and social media and TWAK etc.


Cassie is delivering the report of the Chief Returning Officer, Hannah MacDougall. It’s LONG which is GREAT but I don’t love typing so please go read the PDF linked above! This report is really really good, seriously, read it.

Cassie delivers the report of the Scribe, Maggie Dingwell (who is here taking minutes right now! whee!) This will be linked above once I get it, it’s short and sweet.

Charlotte delivers her report, as Chair. Charlotte is stoked about having had a great term, and about working another term next year! Procedurally this year was very smooth. BRC met very frequently and compiled a report about 20 pages long. Communication between BRC and the Executive left a lot to be desired from both sides. The first draft of this report was sent to the KSU President in January, but the committee received no feedback until a week before the General Meeting. This led to a frustrating but important conversation, and the committee’s final report was 7 pages. This was the right decision but communication should have been better, earlier. Charlotte is very excited about UHP pay raises. She would like Council agendas to go out 24hr in advance!

I ask Charlotte if she can clarify the status of the CRO’s recommendations, which I think were included in BRC’s original report but removed from the final version.

Charlotte says over the summer the SCC, President, CRO, and Chair will work on referendum procedures and amendments based on the CRO’s report, these will come to the Fall GM.

Brennan adds that just because these recommendations didn’t come forward at the Spring GM, doesn’t mean they aren’t super valuable and will be a continued source of guidance. Brennan also thanks Charlotte for a great term and is stoked to work with her next year.


Action Items

BIRT __________ and __________ be hired as the CUBE coordinators for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Lianne: the committee is putting forward Ellen Zagar and Cooper Toogood.

Brennan is stoked that we are paying these people more! Blanks filled with two names. Motion passes.

BIRT __________ be hired as the Scribe for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Cassie: this committee has met twice and is recommending Michael Greenlaw. Blank filled with one name. Motion passes.

BIRT __________, __________, and __________ be appointed to the Staff Person Review & Search Committee.

I moved this so it didn’t get forgotten!

Brennan: this committee oversees hiring and reviewing our staff people. It slipped Brennan’s mind that this committee needed to be elected. It’s very important that these reviews happen. Brennan moves to table this motion because not enough advertising has happened for these positions.

I emphasize how important it is that this committee sits now to receive feedback. Also, several members of Council have reached out to people to sit on it. I don’t think it should be tabled.

Zoe: sat on this committee last year as FVP. Is in favour of tabling it. There has not been any advertising for these roles, she doesn’t feel comfortable putting names forward. Also, in the past reviews have happened in the Fall. Brennan is the direct supervisor of these staff people, and the committee doesn’t have any power to do anything. It doesn’t have as much weight as Jacob has suggested.

Brennan: hiring and review should be given equal weight. These are both very important though, doesn’t feel comfortable electing people that were contacted individually. As President, he does supervise them directly and is committed to making himself available for feedback.

Daniel: asks if there is a mandate for members to sit for a full year? Could we elect temporary members?

Brennan: theoretically yes, but this committee doesn’t need to sit over the summer.

Lucia: seconds what Brennan said about committees being friends of councillors.

JS: what if we moved it to the summer Council meeting? Shouldn’t it happen before contract renewal?

Me: has contract renewal happened?

Brennan: yes.

Me: does the President have the authority to renew contracts without Council’s approval?

Charlotte: yes.

I move the meeting in camera.

10:56:14 AM. In camera.

11:23:04 AM. Ex camera.

Recess for 5min.

Motion is to table Item 6.3, the motion for the Staff Review Committee. Motion passes, main motion is tabled.


New Business

I move: BIRT the President present a report to the Bylaw Review Committee, no later than that last Council meeting of 2017, making recommendations concerning a formal complaint process for the Union.

This is basically a safeguard to make sure that this actually happens. Motion passes.

Brennan: this is our last Council meeting of the academic year! It’s been great, can’t wait to work with everyone who’s coming back in the Fall!

Cassie reminds everyone to submit their final reports to her!

11:34:25 AM. Adjourned.


P.S. This is my last KSU live blog ever! It’s been a blast, friends. Hang ten, it’s chill.

LIVE BLOG: Council April 2



Minutes from March 19

Executive Reports

Board of Governors Meeting Report (with graphs!)


Action Item 5.1 is struck from the agenda. Minutes from March 19 approved.


Me! I went to a university budget consultation and it was mediocre.

JS and Daniel went to their first Board of Governors meeting! They have a full written report that I will add above. The BoG approved a motion to convert five sessional positions to tenure-track appointments. FINALLY. This is a fantastic amazing thing that is long overdue. Capital spending was approved, although the budget won’t be until June. The UKC Teachers’ Association (representing 5 FYP fellows) approved a new agreement with the Board. Interesting report on enrolment from the Registrar’s Office. We’re ahead of last year in applications and offers. FYP Arts enrolment is down again but Science and Journalism are up a lot. This year is the beginning of a four-year retention plan.

Riel: FYP shirt designs were picked and 75 shirts were ordered! There are still shirts left! They cost $9. Some tutors have bought them!

Drew: didn’t do much! Went to the GM. Worked on something about the campus, and maybe Kelly Regan? I zoned out for two seconds and it makes it look like Drew is slacking but SHE ISN’T I’M JUST TIRED SORRY.

Brennan: long report in a big font, Brennan says “Yahoo.” Food services! Chartwell’s won the contract. Food Services committee met 29 times in 9 months, Brennan put together a student and staff survey and made sure that the RFP included students’ concerns. Seriously read this report, it’s really important and Brennan did a buttload of work. By the end of this process Brennan was dissatisfied with the lack of debate. Chartwell’s has threatened the Galley’s independence. The Wardroom is currently the first point of contact for bar service on campus but this is not documented. There is not good precedent at King’s for keeping staff as service providers change. Students are mobilizing to make sure our voices our heard. Minutes after the University made their announcement, students posted their own advisory and began petitioning with four specific demands that address the issues above. The Union’s video has been viewed 5,000 times and the petition already has over 200 signatures.

Went to a Board of Governors meeting and the KSU Spring GM. Exec identified individual and also collective goals. BoG has a Governance committee meeting where Brennan will report on the March 1st town hall (the one that sucked). Brennan will reiterate that what we actually need is open Board meetings. Gina Grattan and Hannah Sparwasser-Soroka have started their work as Orientation Week Coordinators.

I ask Brennan about specific ways in which Chartwell’s has been threatening the Galley.

10:21:08 AM. In camera.

10:35:49 AM. Ex camera.

Lianne: report on sexual assault panel went very very well, tabling and petitioning too. All panelists donated their honoraria to Avalon Sexual Assault Centre. Lianne strongly encourages future Journalism Reps to host similar events. Student appreciation night is coming up. Attended the Racial Justice Symposium which was kicked off with a Black Lives Matter Toronto panel on Friday night. Went to lots of workshops this weekend that were really interesting and valuable. CUBE Coordinator applications are going to remain open until tomorrow night. There will be another Council meeting to approve these hires within approximately a week. Lianne also sits on the Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture committee.

Zoe: spring budget passed at the KSU GM! Zoe held several events to consult with students and get feedback on the budget leading up the GM. These sessions weren’t super well attended but we did get several people coming out. She recommends more direct outreach and tabling in future years. We moved $0.88 out of surplus into contingency. UHPs got a raise finally! Nominations are open for Valedictorian and Honourary Class President. Valedictorian speeches will be tomorrow night in the Wardroom, hosted by Nat Marsh and Josh Feldman, with voting to follow. University’s budget consultation was more of a presentation, we continue to impress upon them the importance of reducing tuition and fees. Free menstrual health products are now available in and outside of the KSU office.

Marie: consent coalition tabling with letter to Kelly Regan has been going well. More tabling will happen this week. International Student Consultation happened last week with CFS-NS. Discussion of issues in Nova Scotia and at King’s especially. AGM was successful. Exec has been working on campaign around the Galley and food services, we are ready to take the necessary measures to protect these spaces!

Cassie: Cassie has been TWAKing and working on the General Meeting! The goal for the next AGM is to have much higher attendance. Bylaw Review Committee was elected at the GM! Send Cassie emails with announcement for the ‘what’s happening this week’ chalkboard in the Wardroom. CRO Search committee also has a recommendation for hiring!

Brennan says this GM had “one of the best snack spreads” that he’s ever seen.

10:50:39 AM. Recess.

10:55:51 AM. We’re back.


Action Items

BIRT __________ be hired as the Chair for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Charlotte temporarily transfers the role of Chair to Zoe Brimacombe.

Brennan reports on the work of the Chair Search Committee. They recommend Charlotte Sullivan be hired again. The one blank in the motion is filled with the one name.

Brennan: Charlotte has lots of experience inside and out of the Union with policy and other important relevant stuff.

Drew: Charlotte is the only person I’ve ever heard say she loves Robert’s Rules. (I am DEEPLY offended by this, I also love them.) Motion passes.

BIRT __________ be hired as the Chief Returning Officer for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Cassie reports on the work of the Chief Returning Officer Search Committee. They recommend Gina Grattan be hired as CRO. The one blank in the motion is filled with the one name.

Lianne: Gina has been invaluable to the Union in the past and even still now!

Cassie: Gina has loads of experience with the Union and has been through the elections process before. She answered all our questions perfectly. Motion passes.

BIRT Simon Gillies receive an honorarium of $125 for his work as a CUBE coordinator in the winter term.

Lianne: Simon is great! CUBE has added badminton and ball hockey to their cycle and they were the most attended. They spent most of their budget on badminton supplies, would like more money for floor hockey nets and pads. Had a dodgeball tournament. Suggested partnering with NSCAD for some ~friendly~ competition between schools. Simon has done a fantastic job with CUBE this year.

Brennan: supervised Simon and Itai for most of this year, they were great, we were lucky to have them. Motion passes.

BIRT Itai Kuwodza receive an honorarium of $125 for her as a CUBE coordinator in the winter term.

Lianne: Itai has had a lot of accidents this term but has still been enthusiastic and supportive and come to as many events as she can. She got a bunch of awards at the athletics banquet, has been crucial to running CUBE. Motion passes.

BIRT Margaret Dingwell receive an honorarium of $250 for her work as scribe in the winter term.

Cassie: quick minutes turnaround is super important and Maggie has been great.

JS: Maggie was amazing all year! Motion passes.

BIRT The History of Science and Technology Society receive $19.55 in non-contingent funding to purchase snacks for the HOSTSoc Annual General Meeting on April 7.

Zoe: this was our only request and so finance committee did not meet. This meeting will be in the Wilson Room, will also include a preview of the Tooth & Claw journal. Motion passes.


New Business

Brennan: there will be another Council meeting for some last-minute business within the next week.

11:09:30 AM. Adjourned!

Live Blog: March 19

Wow hi it’s council time! It’s me, JS, not Jacob! I’m your BoG rep and I’m taking these live blog notes!

The agenda was amended to add the following motion:

7.7 BIRT The King’s Jam Society receive $23 in contingent funding to purchase jams and crackers for their meeting on March 23rd

It’s 10:13 am and I was first to give oral reports: I’ve just been doing changeover and getting ready for a Board Meeting

Riel, our first year rep, has chosen the FYP shirt design, and he’s getting ready to make and distribute them…….is this okay?

Cedric says Sugarmoon farm trip probably shouldn’t have been planned for the day after St. Patrick’s day….there’s a dinner and some other things coming up!

Drew has been on a couple of search committees, and she is going to be going to DASSS meetings again!


I just posted this live blog in all the class groups while Brennan gave his ~President~ executive report. I’ll attach it for you to read.

I can’t believe it’s only been 5 days of the new exec!!

Brennan has been working on O-week hiring, and changeover, and getting ready for a board meeting!

Lianne, your SLVP, is working on a panel titled “Reporting on Sexual Assault”, which is going to be fantastic and is happening on Wednesday March 29 at 6pm in the Wardroom. Lianne is also working on some K-Point related things…the Society Appreciation/K-Point night will be happening on April 6th…stay tuned!!!

Zoe is still your FVP!!!! SWeet! There is SO much consultation happening about the Spring Draft Budget <3 <3

Option 1: A presentation in the Frazee Room on Monday March 20th from 6:30 – 8:00pm

Option 2: One on One Budget chats with Zoe! 1pm – 4pm on Wednesday March 22 in the Wardy!

Option 3: Email to set up a meeting! Nice!

Option 4: Just email to tell her your ideas! I love it!

Marie is our new EVP! So lovely! Marie attended a Fight the Fees meeting, and the outcomes of that focus largely on the University budget consultation that s happening on March 21st at 4pm in Classroom 3.

Marie has also been working on reinstating some UHPs that are really exciting: the Equity and Accessibility Commissioner and the Sustainability Commissioner. These positions are going to be hired in September so that they can be better defined and supported.

There’s an International Student Consultation coming up next week! Monday March 27, 12-1pm. This is a closed space for international students only!

Cassie, your new CVP, has been doing great work getting things going and keeping up with the day-to-day work of advertising events! Look forward to a section on the wardroom bulletin boards that is KSU centred! Nice!


This is the report of the O-Week Hiring Committee! And guess what? We have Orientation Week Coordinators!

Brennan added the following motion:

6.1 BIRT Hannah Sparwasser-Soroka and Gina Grattan be hired as Orientation Week Coordinators for 2017.


10:42: We are on these–

Action Items:

7.1 BIRT that the King’s Jam Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017/2018 year.

Motion Passes

7.2 BIRT The King’s Wordsmiths receive $38.48 in contingent funding to purchase drinks and snacks for the Octopus Launch and Wordsmiths AGM on April 5th.

Snacks for the journal launch! Zoe says this is a really well written funding request. Pilar speaks in favour of this society cause they’re lovely.

Motion Passes

7.3 BIRT The King’s Dance Collective receive $155 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and pay a photographer for the Turn Out For What dance show on March 24th and 25th.

Motion Passes

7.4 BIRT The Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble receive $292.63 in contingent funding to purchase wine, snacks, and nonalcoholic beverages for a reception following their concert We Need To Talk on April 1st.

Motion Passes 

7.5 BIRT the World University Service of Canada receive $85 in non-contingent funding to purchase samosas for the annual WUSC’d Away fundraiser on March 24th.

Sam Krueger is here speaking to this. First Zoe explains that WUSC is a levied society that brings a refuge student to King’s to study which is amazing work. Sam says that it is getting really expensive to bring a student here, which is why they are throwing this fundraiser.

Motion Passes

7.6 BIRT Le Salon receive $50 in contingent funding to purchase pastries and popcorn for a screening of Les Choristes on March 26th.

French film about choral music at an all boys boarding school…..!

This society is well loved by council and so is this event.

Cedric loves this film. We also heard rumour that a certain member of Finance Committee (perhaps even a member who normally writes this very live blog…yes…Jacob) got so excited about this funding request that he played the theme to Les choristes on his laptop in the meeting. Neat.

Motion Passes

7.7 BIRT The King’s Jam Society receive $23 in contingent funding to purchase jams and crackers for their meeting on March 23rd

Informally known as “Jam Jam Society” they eat Jam…and play music…all at once. I’m FLORDE.

Motion Passes

Turns out Zoe forgot a motion??? We’re adding it in.

7.8 BIRT Students Advocating for Representative Curricula recieve $256.71 to fund a Laundry Room Gallery Opening (And Installation) on March 31st.

So like remember when the Wall of Women didn’t go back up? SNARC wants an art installation not funded by the University, which is really fun and exciting, so they’re putting up a Gallery in the Cochran Bay Laundry Room! This is COOL.

Motion Passes