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Live blog – Sunday December 2nd, 2018


The meeting has been called to order, but we don’t have a scribe! We are now on recess.

Item 2: statement by the EVP about the letter released on Thursday.

Isabelle had been working on a letter for the university and chapel.

She would like to apologize for the harm and oversights that were made through the statement.

Marie would like to apologize as well.

Item 3: Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2018

Item 4: Reports of the Executive Committee

Report of the President. Maritimes Rise, panel of sexual violence and the law, actions surrounding the prison industrial complex, trying to get the university to have a smoking space on king’s campus. Tabling about the MOU. The sexualized violence policy is done.

Report of the slvp. Academic committee meeting (preliminary meeting). Athletics and Bell Lets Talk: finding different ways to talk about mental health. Athletics won’t be doing Bell let’s talk. They will be looking for new organizations to donate to.

Report of the FVP. (it was very short)

Report of the EVP.  Organizing meeting about the BOG. Tabling at Dalhousie in the LSC (weird flex but ok). Fight the fees trivia. The sexual violence and the law panel. Call in vs Call out workshop coming up, as well as how to receive disclosures. Action for the BOG next week.

Report of the CVP. (also short)

5. Oral reports and goals of councillors.

Action Items


BIRT Zoe Brimacombe receive $425, the first half of the Chair’s honourarium.

Moved by Lianne Xiao

It passes.


BIRT Gina Grattan receive $425, the first half of the Chief Returning Officer honourarium.

     Moved by Lianne Xiao

It passes.


BIRT Angela Capobianco receive $300, the first half of the Scribe’s honourarium.

     Moved by Lianne Xiao

It passes.


BIRT CUBE Coordinator Ellen Zagar be paid a $200 honorarium for coordinating the KSU’s intramural program for the first semester.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

It passes.


BIRT CUBE Coordinator Mal Thomas be paid a $200 honorarium for coordinating the KSU’s intramural program for the first semester.

It passes.


BIRT the King’s Students’ Union write an open letter to our MP Andy Filmore stating our support for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and opposing the back to work legislation passed on November 26, 2018.

Moved by Isabelle Reynolds

It passes.


Content warning

The student who asked for this motion asked to include a ‘whereas’ clause concerning the fact that the recently was an incident of aggravated sexualized violence on campus, including the drugging of the drink student in the Wardroom.

BIRT the King’s Students’ Union release a statement acknowledging the presence of, and the systemic masking of, sexualized violence on King’s campus, and acknowledging that inaction obscures the existence of sexualized violence and protects abusers, which allows for continued abuse and perpetuates rape culture on campus; and

BIFRT the King’s Students’ Union demand that the University administration acknowledge that a Sexualized Violence Policy is the beginning, and not the end, of combatting the culture of sexualized violence that exists systemically on King’s campus; and

BIFRT the King’s Students’ Union Executive through the role of the External Vice-President be tasked by the King’s Students’ Union Council with creating a campaign specifically related to the reality of sexualized violence on King’s campus.

Moved by Isabelle Reynolds


BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $82.50 in contingent funding to host a Wardy Channukah party on December 10 at 8pm.

Finance Committee Recommends approval

Moved by Marie Dolcetti Koros


Whereas the King’s Students’ Union posted a statement on November 29th, 2019 calling for the renaming of the “Christmas Brunch,” and;

Whereas the intent of the statement was to call on the University of King’s College and the University of King’s College Chapel to host more religiously inclusive events, and;

Whereas the King’s Students’ Union failed to consult communities that would be directly affected, specifically Jewish students, before publishing the letter, and;

Whereas the King’s Students’ Union deleted the statement posted online, following harm directly perpetuated against Jewish students, and;

Whereas the Jewish community has already been organizing against anti-Semitism, occurring independently of the King’s Students’ Union, and;

BIRT the King’s Students’ Union retract the original statement, and;

BIFRT the King’s Students’ Union support the independent organizing of the Jewish community, and of any other religious minorities existing on campus.

Moved by Lianne Xiao


New Business.

8. Motion to adjourn – adjourned!



Council Live Blog – November 18th, 2018

Welcome back to the council live-blog! We currently do not have quorum. We will be sitting around till we get it – oh the joys of politics!

We now how quorum, thanks to the many councillors who agreed to be on speaker phone. Exciting!

Called to order!

Amendment to agenda: add item number 4, oral reports of councillors.

A couple of other motions have also been added – we will get to them soon.

The minutes from last meeting are adopted.

3.1 Report of the President, read by the SLVP.

Two town halls were held for the sexualized violence committee policy. Lianne attended and organized Maritime RISE conference. October 22nd and 23rd, she attended a keynote for the launch of ReconciliACTION. Fifteen and Fairness tabled in the Wardy, and she also sat on various committees. There is an upcoming panel on sexual violence and the law.

3.2 Report of the SLVP

Throwback October 12th 13: attended councillor training. Attended the AGM, meeting with NSPIRG, the KTS. Externally: helped out with Fight the Fees campaign. Prepared for the fan fall fest. Both teams won! End of November: there will be volleyball tournament. CUBE is happening. Next Sunday: bouldering! November 5th: the slvp is SINGING in a choir concert omg this is wild, Michael Greenlaw will be singing Hayden? Wow my mind is blown.

3.3 Report of the FVP (on speakerphone!)

Last two weeks: very relaxed. Marie did some intensive consultation prior to passing the budget, lots of internal organizing, discussed O-Week finances. Marie has been going through the union’s financial statements, and she loves going to the bank. (Can’t say I relate to that, but to each their own I guess.)

3.4 Report of the EVP, read by the CVP

Isabelle organized a soft fight the fees meeting, discussed the MOU, and organized tabling around the renegotiation of the MOU. November 8th she organized a meeting on the December 6th BOG. 2nd consent culture event was on the 29th: a workshop on active listening. November 7th: meeting concerning a panel she will part of (sorry it’s hard to keep up with all the things). Oct. 23rd she attended the launch of ReconciliACTION. She will be holding two MOU related events in the last month of November. November 27th: third consent culture event.

3.5 Report of the CVP

The fall general meeting took place, Izzy attended the campaigning for 15 and Fairness. TWAK is still a thing! Office hours: 10:30 to 11:30. Izzy attended the RISE keynote at MSVU. Upcoming dates: izzy will set up a BRC meeting.

4. Oral Reports of Councillors

Nick attended on conference on accessibility, and is thinking about making it the base for an event. Cédric and Patsy have attended the GM, sexual violence policy town halls, and so has Emily. JS went to the slavery inquiry and had a separate meeting with Bill Lahey and Tim Curry to make the journalism school safer and more welcoming for radicalized students. Meeting people in the J-School to encourage anti-oppression training.  Hope has also attended various of the above-mentioned meetings, and went to the active listening training, got her password for her email and will attend a dal science society meeting tomorrow!

5. Action items

5.1 BIRT the Students for Sustainability be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Marie motions to suspend the rules and go through business out of order ( she needs to leave soon)

5.2 BIRT the Unconscious collective vocal ensemble receive 333.74$ for various events (haven’t had the time to note it all down, Zoe is talking fast!) The motion carries.

5.6 BIRT that (blank) be elected to sit on the university board of appeals.

The board appeals is for any academic appeals that are put forward, and it’s important to have a student representative there.

The floor is open to nominations.

Marie nominates Levi Clarkson. Levi has been involved with the union in various capacities, and will do a great job!

Levi is elected and the motion passes!

Marie is now getting off of speaker phone. Chris will now call in.

Back to 5.1!

5.1 BIRT the Students for Sustainability be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year

A new society! Michael has been meeting with students who are working on it. Their goal is to promote sustainable practices and encourage people to think about sustainability.

It passes!

5.3 BIRT Sodales, the Dalhousie/King’s debate team be ratified as a tier 1 society.

It passes!

5.4 BIRT that (blank) and (blank) be elected to sit on the university equity committee.

Ciara Gordon, Marlee Sanson, Levi Clarkson, Dominique Amit are nominated.

Marlee Sanson and Dominique Amit have been elected to fill in the blanks. The motion will not be passed with their names to fill in the blanks.

5.5 BIRT (blank) be elected to sit on enrolment management committee.

Beth Airton has been nominated.

Beth is elected, and the motion passes.

There is no new business. We are adjourned. Yay!


Live Blog – October 28th, 2018

Currently, the entire council is locked out of the boardroom. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

We are in! We don’t have quorum yet though – oops.

The Chair’s laptop started playing Marianna’s Trench.

Ok so we don’t have quorum, so we’re going to see if we can get someone on speaker phone???

Lianne will call in! God bless.

We are going to rush through this – Lianne has 15 minutes. Speedy council today.

Agenda adopted! Now: the minutes have been approved.


The exec reports have been tabled. Onto action items.BIRT the King’s Student’s Union send a letter to our MP,Andy Fillmore­­­, outlining our support for the Liberal Government’s introduction of legislation which would allow people who have served their sentences for cannabis possession to apply for a pardon. We will also voice our position that incarcerated persons currently serving sentences for cannabis possession should be granted the same opportunity.

      Moved by Isabelle Reynolds

The motion carries.


  • Be it resolved that the King’s Student’s Unionwrite our stance opposing Halifax Smoking ban and encouraging the University of King’s College to create a designated smoking area on University property.

Moved by Isabelle Reynolds

The motion carries.


  • BIRT the Political Lesbianism Society be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

The motion carries.


  • BIRT the HOST society receive $48.00 in contingent funding for their event Experiments Club: Tempera paint on October 29th.

Moved by Izzy Ortner

Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion carries.


  • BIRT SNARC receive $60.00 in non-contingent funding for their Book Club event featuring: the worth of women on November 6thor 8th.

Moved by Izzy Ortner

Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion carries.



  • BIRT the King’s PRIDE society receive $30.00 in contingent funding for their field trip to the Glitter Bean Café and South House on November 2nd.

Moved by Izzy Ortner

Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion carries.


  • BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $72.00 for their First Year Introduction & Guy Falkes event on November 5th at 4 pm in the Wilson Common Room.

Moved by Cédric Blais.

The motion carries.


BIRT the King’s Spanish Society receive $72.00 in contingent funding for their Conversation and Movie Night on November 8th.

Moved by Cédric Blais.

The motion carries.


BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $15.00 in contingent funding for their Discussion on Jewish Eroticism event on November 1st.

Moved by Cédric Blais.

The motion carries.


We’ve reached the end!

Council took 10 minutes and 20 seconds today. Wow. I can’t believe we made this happen. Everyone got funding!

Next council meeting: November 18th (after the fall reading week)


Sunday, October 14th. Council Live Blog

Welcome to this new KSU live blog! This is Cédric, your new member at large, typing. This is my first time doing this, and I haven’t had enough sleep. Wish me luck lol

This is our first meeting with our new councillors! Zoe is giving us a short rundown of robert’s rules – love Robert.

What is Robert’s rule? Good question! It’s a way to run meetings. It’s also hierarchical and colonial, so remain critical of it!

“Rules of order are kinda complicated and weird sometimes” – amen

Next time – council practice run as a circle in the Wardy, maybe?

“Let’s all take care of each other, yahoo” – Zoe

(Rundown of Robert’s rules is still ongoing, things are pretty chill.)

We have a Rob’sRules cheat sheet – I will try to post it here? Not sure if it will work?

I can’t believe this worked!

We are now having a little Robert’s rule practice. – Point of Information from slvp Michael Greenlaw: what is the KSU?

The current fake motion is hotly debated: should we buy a bouncy castle? Marie is moving an amendment: we want a water slide.Seconded. “It would be so great”. Love this fake motion.

Izzy: we are a frugal union. This is ridiculous.

Lianne: all things considered, I would like to speak against this (fake) motion.

The practice bouncy castle motion has been defeated. Sad :..(

Ah! The meeting has now been officially called to order. We now begin.

The agenda has been adopted, moving on to item 2:

Approval of Minutes from September 23, 2018

The minutes are approved, and we are moving on the reports of the Executive Committee.

Lianne is reading her report; welcome to new councillors! The enrolment committee is looking for a student to fill a seat. October 13th and 16th: sexual violence policy consultations Weill be taking place. 2 Students are still needed for the equity committee, let Lianne know if you’re interested!

The KSU is leading an inquiry investigating raising student wages to 15 dollars per hour for the two Union Businesses (Wardy and Galley). Also looking for other workers on campus to advocate for their wages.

Michael’s report has now begun! To address the lack of attendance at society training, there will now be 4 society training meetings per year, two per term. There is a general meeting at 6pm on October 25th!

Report of Marie, the FVP! Marie has been consulting students, and hopes people can engage with this process as much as possible. Ways to get involved include: talking with Marie in the Wardy on Tuesday morning, filling out the anonymous survey on the KSU’s facebook page, there will be a discussion at 4:30 in the Shatford room tomorrow. People can also stop by at her office hours! If none of those things work for you, get in touch with her!

Marie is also working on changing the internal systems of the union. EVP Isabelle has been doing such a great job (true). Isabelle is sick and could not be here, so Marie wanted to add she joined Isabelle at a government roundtable. Isabelle can tell you more!

Report of the External Vice-President, Isabelle Reynolds. Lianne is giving us a summary of Isabelle’s report. There is an upcoming active listening training workshop, and a consent culture workshop.

It is now Izzy Ortner’s turn, the communications vice-president! RISE is taking place October 26th-28th!

Normally at this point we would be going through the oral goals of councillors, but it’s not in the agenda right now… that’s what we will do at future meetings, but no one has much to say this week.

Action items!


  • BIRT the previous adopted motion 5. 2 “BIRT Jennifer Nowoselski be hired as the bookkeeper for the King’s Students’ Union for the 2018/19 fiscal year” be amended by striking out “for the 2018/19 fiscal year.”

     Moved by Lianne Xiao)

Lianne motions to go in camera for this motion. Motion passes. I’ll see you all on the other side!

We are now out of camera!

Returning to debate on motion 4.1 (see above). The motion passes!


  • BIRT Best Buddies be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

Best buddies is re-ratifying! They seek to establish 1 on 1 friendships for people with intellectual/physical learning disabilities, encourage growth and personal development.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT World University Service of Canada King’s Chapter (WUSC) be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

      Moved by Michael Greenlaw

They will sponsor a young refugee to attend King’s, and fundraise and raise awareness about the student refugee program. This is a year of fundraising, next year we will host someone.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT the Spanish Society be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

A new society. excite! They want conversational meetings, potlucks etc. Zoe discloses her friend has taken a Spanish class.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

         Moved by Michael Greenlaw

SoHo aims to provide resources and referrals to university and Halifax community, as well as a safe space for people to organize. They provided us with our anti-O training.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT the Students Advocating for Representative Curricula (SNARC) be ratified as a Tier II society for the 2018/19 academic year.

        Moved by Michael Greenlaw

(Brief discussion of what it means to be ‘tier 2’ for the new councillors!)

SNARC aims to advocate for a representative curriculum in all departments of King’s and Dal.

The motion passes!


  • BIRT the King’s Dance collective receive $402.50 for a pole dancing class on October 20, 2018.

     Moved by Marie Dolcetti-Koros

    Finance Committee has no recommendation.

There is no recommendation because there were a few things to clarify. That said, Marie said that she still supports passing the motion, with the understanding that she will have a conversation with the Dance exec about whether it is possible to reduce costs a little.

The motion passes! (I just noticed Zoe said ‘the motion carries’ oops)


BIRT the History of Science and Technology (HOST) Society receive a total of $88.00 for two upcoming events; $23.00 for their event Experiments Club: Astrolabes on October 18th, and $65.00 for their event Experiments Club: Pigments on October 29th.

   Moved by Marie Dolcetti-Koros

   Finance Committee recommends approval

‘I love to drink wine and learn about the stars’ – Zoe.

The motion carries!

Action items are done! Moving on to…

5. New Business!

Come to the GM! Participate in KSU consultation for the budget!

Also Cube is doing a field trip to 7 bays today. 5$ for a day pass -super epic and awesome.

16th from 3:30 to 5:30 in the Red Room: sexual violence policy meeting, students only.

Wednesday night: 6:30 to 8:30 in Alumni Hall, meeting for everyone (students, faculty, etc)

Motion to adjourn: it carries!

Council is over! Thanks everyone! Much warm feelings to all the new councillors.

See you all next week! Send your feedback about the quality of the live blog to Cédric lol.


Council LIVE BLOG: April 8 2018

Good morning folks! Hope exam season is being relatively merciful. Sending lots of positivity your way!

10:08 Meeting called to order

Adoption of the Agenda

Marie would like to propose an amendment

4.11 BIRT that SNARC receive $600 to cover the honorarium for the editors of the Canon Journal

Motion passes

Michael: Amending 3.7 to include the CUBE coordinators

Leanne would like to amend item 4.1 to include two blanks as alternates

Motion passes

Agenda adopted

Minutes from last meeting (March 18) approved

Councillor Reports

Heather – Attended the AGM on March 28. Attended the Dining Services committee where they discussed waste management. Tomorrow there is a standing residence committee meeting about Dons and how to hire them

Aerianna – attended the AGM

JS – Also attended the BOG meeting. We did get to speak for students in that room to advocate for lower tuition fees. Looking forward to the BOG student team’s work this coming year.

JS & Daniel:

  • Started the term putting particular focus on the relationship the University has with Indigenous peoples. Did manage to achieve one of their initial goals which was to have the traditional Mi’kmaq flag fly on our campus. Additionally also worked with Brennan and the KSU membership to reduce tuition fees and advocate for diversity on campus. Did have the technology fee removed.
  • Hard to make change in a room with lots of old white men who don’t necessarily relate to student’s lives. Having some continuation with the BOG is a good thing. Recommending that BOG rep terms be extended to two years in order to establish themselves and create more change.
  • The dynamic in Council that was present this year was not conducive to supporting Councillor’s work and distracted from their work at the BOG. They enjoyed bringing work to Council, but the lack of clarity and support along with complications made it hard for them to do their work that was not directly initiated by the exec committee. Felt unsupported in their independent work. The BOG reps really only interact with the Board and Council at the meetings so having that support moving forward would be greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you so much!

Cedric – Has been sitting on Council for 2 years now. Won’t return as DSS President next year. Over the past few weeks the DSS has been fairly quiet. The elections have taken place but changeover hasn’t (Congrats to Paige Narvie the new DSS President!). Has been (humbly) one of the best years the DSS has had in a long time. Have hosted multiple events to help DSS stay on campus and feel like they belong in the King’s Community (Like the Sugar moon trip, Big Night tickets, formal meal tickets, Tenant’s rights workshop, Candygrams, Orientation week funding). Coming out of these two years, he says he has struggled with the distinction between his duties as a Councillor and as DSS President. In the latter he was very very busy but didn’t know how or whether it applied to his duties as Councillor. It also made it difficult for him to be involved in Council-led events or actions. Would recommend further clarity regarding this distinction in the future and would love to discuss what this looks like. Would also recommend that information be more easily accessible to everyone. Often debates in Council hinge on who knows what, and this knowledge is often contained to those who are having the conversations before Council meetings. Maybe open executive meetings and clearer lines of communication  between societies and Councillors and the exec. This year Councillors, especially first-years, are often pressured and stressed by conversation, and would like to revisit the secret-ballot option for Council at the next General Meeting. Would finally like to thank everyone for such a rewarding experience.



  • Chaired Academic committee meeting where they discussed tuition fees and other issues
  • Fight the Journalism Fees meetings and action
  • Really excited to have our three new O-Week Coordinators!
  • Chaired the Chair Search Committee
  • Dean Advisory Search Committee – there has been a selection made and the report will go to the president next week
  • Also attended the BOG meeting
  • There is also a farewell for Father Thorne tomorrow at 3 in the President’s Lodge
  • Over the next few weeks, the Staff Search and Review Committee will be looking to hire the next Services and Campaigns Coordinator (SCC). Our current SCC, Michaela Sam, will finish her term in June.


  • Discussed with Neil Hooper how to better support student athletes. This included supplying the Mental Health Services Resource list.
  • Alex Fountain Memorial lecture Committee Meeting
  • K-Points for K-Pins are happening this Wednesday!


  • Spent the majority of the past few weeks putting together the KSU Draft Budget for 2018-19. Was passed at the Spring General Meeting
  • If folks have things they want to see further reflected in the budget please get in touch with Marie.
  • Budget Advisory Committee Meeting where they discussed budget increases and expenditures.
  • Chaplain Search Committee – confidential email address is if you have any feedback on the candidates
  • Student Government Roundtable with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. Members from the KSU and the DSU walked out to protest the decision of Minister Kousoulis to ban the representatives from the CFS from consultation on sexual violence policy after they published an Op-Ed calling the Minister out. Please reach out to Minister Kousoulis in any way to demand a response as to why he is silencing students who disagree with him, and on such an important subject.


  • Met with the WUSC levy board
  • Organized a student action for reducing Journalism fees, handing BOG members a list of demands as they walked in the room so they couldn’t be ignored.
  • Went to the Justice for Janitors picket line to protest unjust and racially motivated firings.

UHP Reports

The Chair- Charlotte

  • Thank you so much!
  • Have heard words like transparency a lot this year. Here are some things that should have and could have gone differently
    • Surprised to hear that the President struck her 2017 Final Report from the September agenda because of potential HR issues. It was late notice, and it is important for folks to have access to the actions of Council
    • Process of Complaint Resolution: Chair is supposed to act as the interpreter of the bylaws, and that the Chair will receive complaints from members if they think the bylaws have been breached. Ended up facing some issues when submitting a resolution. The president wrote a draft resolution without consultation with the Chair, that didn’t really address the problem. Was difficult to tell a friend that she was not going to use their resolution, and the power dynamic of the President and the Chair created a lot of pressure.

Motion to go in Camera (10:46) – No posts will be made at this time

Ex-Camera (10:47)

  • Next part is regarding the BRC proposed amendments package. Both exec members present on the meeting agreed that the package be voted on at the AGM by the membership. The package though was not to be publicly posted according to the president. Because there had been sufficient notice, it should have been presented to the membership. Eventually it was.
  • Recommending that the Chair’s honoraria be increased to $500 per semester for $1000 a year
  • Also recommends that everyone on Council become very familiar with the KSU governing documents.

JS says that we have heard that this is the last meeting for many folks on Council. Would like to thank Cedric and Daniel for their phenomenal work. Has watched Charlotte pour so much time and so much energy into this council. It is outrageous the amount of work the Chair is expected to do at so many odd hours and Charlotte gave and gave to this council unflinchingly. Made sure a lot of things that could have blown up happened fairly. Despite feeling unsupported Charlotte has continued to make this a stronger institution. You will be missed.

Cedric will like to second a lot of what JS has said. Charlotte has done an incredible job providing constructive and impartial feedback and whoever is Chair next has big shoes to fill.

CUBE – Michael (on behalf of Cooper and Ellen)

  • Dodgeball was great during O-Week, but the week after there was not a lot of turnout, despite meetings and advertising.
  • Generally if folks were coming out it was for a sport specifically rather than continued engagement
  • Despite a revamped communication process it was still ineffective. Enhanced advertisement early in the year, especially O-week, would help spread the word.
  • New events like Yoga actually got a bunch of people. In this vein, they recommend to move away from just sports to include healthy living events as well (such as learning how to use the gym)

Marie says that this is a really important position so anything we can do to better support them should be taken advantage of.

Cedric (as O-Week leader for 2018), this is something we should be listening to and he is looking forward to discussing with new CUBE coordinators on how we can better support them

CRO- Gina

  • Ran 2 general election periods, along with a referendum period.
  • Easily hit quorum every single election which was awesome!
    • Huge shoutout to Elections Committee!!
    • People would sit at the Voting booth and were actively participating for four+ hours!!
    • Nothing would have gone as smoothly as it did if not for them
    • Would also like to thank Michaela for all her assistance and support!
  • Didn’t get to do a lot of work on Referendum policy, and formal recommendations will be provided in a document later


  1. 4.1.  BIRT __________, __________, __________, __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Elections Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting with ________ and ________ as alternates.

These will be interim positions because Standing Committees must be elected at General Meetings.

Michael nominates Cole De Jager and Brendan Petrasek

Gina nominates Mal Thomas and Cameron Lowe

Izzy nominates Adrianna Vanos and Caroline French

Isabelle nominates Chelsea McMillen and Dominique Amit

Lianne nominates Genevieve Oliver

4.1.  BIRT Genevieve Oliver, Dominique Amit, Brendan Petrasek, Cameron Lowe, Mal Thomas, and Adrianna Vanos be elected to the Elections Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting with Caroline French and Chelsea McMillen as alternates.

BIRT __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Bylaw Review Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting

JS self-nominates

Chris self-nominates

Lianne nominates Emma Steinke and Aeriana Narbonne

4.2. BIRT Chris Pearse, Aerianna Narbonne, and J-S Rutgers be elected to the Bylaw Review Committee as interim members until the 2018 Fall General Meeting.

Motion Passes

4.3. BIRT __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Galley Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Moved by Lianne Xiao

Isabelle nominates Ciara Gordon

Marie Nominates Levi Clarkson and Sophie Vaisman

Names are filled with unanimous consent

Motion passes

4.4. BIRT __________, _________, and _________ be elected to the Staff Search and Review Committee for the 2018 summer semester to serve until the first council meeting of the 2018 academic year.

People who want to be nominated for this have to be in Halifax for the summer

Gina Grattan self-nominates

Brianna Dunn nominates Paisley Conrad

Lianne nominates Buffy Sweny

4.4. BIRT Gina Grattan, Paisley Conrad, and Buffy Sweny be elected to the Staff Search and Review Committee for the 2018 summer semester to serve until the first council meeting of the 2018 academic year.

Motion passes

5 minute recess! (11:29)

Called to order! (11:37)

4.5 BIRT the Arts Abstract be ratified as a tier 1 society for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Michaels says the Arts Abstract wishes to bridge the King’s Community with the greater Art community.

Cedric asks if they are the ones who stringed up the piano (yes they were and it was beautiful)

Motion passes

4.6. BIRT the Unconscious Vocal Ensemble receive $271.00 in retroactive funding for their Winter Choral Concert held on April 5th and 6th 2018.

Marie is going to speak on 4.6. and 4.7. together, since they are retro-active funding requests. The Union isn’t supposed to do these, but Finance Committee recommends approval. A misunderstanding of Council dates has become a problem (Easter weekend threw a lot of people off). There is a role not just in Society training, but in continuous clear communication  for the KSU to make this process more accessible. If these are approved the folks who submitted the requests will come sign a letter with the understanding that this is not an expectation for the future.

Daniel says the largest issue with retroactive funding has been at the beginning of the year before the first Council meeting.

Marie says there isn’t a plan in place yet for O-Week society funding, but if there are concerns or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

The Vocal Ensemble held a Winter Choral concert and it is a big event to showcase their work!

Motion passes

4.7. BIRT the King’s Wordsmiths Society receive $42.36 in retroactive funding for their AGM and the Octopus Journal Launch on April 5th 2018.

This was asked for their AGM last Thursday where they launched their Octopus journal!

Motion passes

4.8. BIRT the Unconscious Vocal Ensemble receive $65.00 in contingent funding for their AGM on April 8th.

Motion passes

4.9. BIRT the King’s Pride Society receive $85.00 in contingent funding for Queereoke: Queer Icons Edition on April 9th.

Motion passes

4.10. Be it resolved that SNARC receives $99.72 in contingent funding to cover administrative costs.

To be used to buy cheques (free cheques have run out and they are super expensive)

Motion passes

4.11 BIRT that SNARC receive $600 to cover the honorarium for the editors of the Canon Journal

Really important that we are acknowledging the work of these journal editors. Looking forward would be good to create an expected amount for editors as well as looking for other funding opportunities. Would not be good to pay one set of coordinators for their work and not another.

Cedric speaks in favour: this has been one of the best journals created by students that he has ever seen. There are good conversations to be had regarding payment of society executives, especially regarding huge projects like this that are incredibly demanding

Isabelle also would like to speak in favour. The work of the editors was absolutely astounding.

Motion passes

4.12. BIRT Ellen Zagar receive an honorarium of $200 for her work as CUBE coordinator in the winter term of the 2017/2018 academic year.

Motion passes

4.13. BIRT Cooper Toogood receive an honorarium of $200 for his work as CUBE coordinator for the winter term of the 2017/2018 academic year.

Motion passes

4.14. BIRT __________ and __________ be hired as CUBE Coordinators for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Michael brings forth the hiring committee’s recommendations: Ellen Zagar and Sophie Carmichael

4.14. BIRT Ellen Zagar and Sophie Carmichael be hired as CUBE Coordinators for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Motion passes

4.15. BIRT __________ be hired as the Chair for the 2018/2019 year.

Hiring committee recommends the hiring of Zoe Brimacombe

4.15. BIRT Zoe Brimacombe be hired as the Chair for the 2018/2019 year.

Motion passes

4.16. BIRT __________ be hired as the Scribe for the 2018/2019 year.

Hiring committee recommends Angela Capobianco

4.16. BIRT Angela Capobianco be hired as the Scribe for the 2018/2019 year.

Motion passes

4.17. BIRT __________ be hired as the Chief returning officer for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Hiring committee recommends Gina Grattan

4.17. BIRT Gina Grattan be hired as the Chief returning officer for the 2018/2019 academic year

Motion passes

Motion to ADJOURN!!! (11:57)


Here are the copies of the Agenda, the Reports, and the minutes from the last meetings



LIVE BLOG: Council March 18, 2018

Good morning folks! Hope everyone had a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day!

10:11 – Meeting called to order!

Agenda amendment: 5.6. BIRT That ___________, ____________, _____________ be hired as Orientation Week Coordinators of 2018

Minutes (Mar 4, Feb 11) and Agenda approved


Heather – Also attended the budget consultation meeting with the President and the Bursar of the university

Kaila – Welcome to the new Exec! On Tuesday Marie, Isabelle, Izzy and Kaila hosted a Journalism school roundtable which went very well. Talked about actions that could be taken to fight journalism fees, and to demand access to better products in the department.

Adrianna – Izzy and Adrianna started planning a Jeopardy event! Also attended the academic committee meeting. Haven’t been to DASSS in a while because of weather but will be there this Tuesday!

EXEC REPORTS (will be posted in full at the end of the live blog in a pdf) – They are also co-written by the incoming and outgoing executive.

Michael – Met with the Orientation week coordinator search committee and put forward recommendations to council. Has been meeting with Lianne and the administration during changeover, including discussing full time funding for the Sexual Violence Policy.

Marie – Has continued to meet with Zoe regarding budget, payroll and other FVP duties. On March 1, attended the Finance, Audit, and Risk committee and received the Q3 financial update and audit preparation report. This included a 3% increase to tuition but maintained a 0% raise in ancillary and auxiliary fees. There was a consultation on the budget with incoming and outgoing councillors and exec with the president and the bursar of the university. Pushed admin to publicly advocate for increased funding and to take a larger role in Dalhousie budget discussions. The SoHo levy will also be increasing next year to take into account the CPI, which has been unaccounted for in recent years as a mistake. Budget Consultations are taking place over the next week before the AGM. Get in touch with Marie if you want to set up a conversation or meeting!

Isabelle – Has been meeting with Marie during changeover. Marie has been meeting with the UHPs consistently to check in, and has also been attending the Chaplain Search Committee. Also attended the budget consultation meeting with the administration. Facilitated the “Dear Bill” photo campaign to highlight the high cost of tuition. Marie met with provincial gov’t MLAs as part of Provincial Lobby Week on March 7. The lobby doc is available online at and in hard copy in the KSU office. Also if you want to get involved in the action against increased journalism fees email Isabelle at!

Izzy – Cassie was away for most of the changeover period, but has been helping Izzy since return. Hiring for Scribe and CRO are due March 23rd, and resumes can be sent to! The KSU AGM will also take place on March 28th, 2018 at 6pm in the Wardroom!


5.1. BIRT ____, ____, and ____ be elected to the 2018 Chief Returning Officer Search Committee.(Tabled from the March 4, 2018 meeting) Moved by Brennan McCracken.

Marie nominates Sophie Vaisman, Iloe Ariss

JS nominates Charlotte Sullivan

Chris nominates Lily Barraclough

Marie nominates Dhyani Frost

5.1. BIRT Charlotte Sullivan, Iloe Ariss, and Sophie Vaisman be elected to the 2018 Chief Returning Officer Search Committee.(Tabled from the March 4, 2018 meeting)Moved by Brennan McCracken

Motion passes

5.2. BIRT ____, ____, and ____ be elected to the 2018 Scribe Search Committee. (Tabled from theMarch 4, 2018 meeting) Moved by Brennan McCracken

Michael nominates Alexandra Buffy Sweny, Gina Grattan, Ava Coulter

5.2. BIRT Alexandra Buffy Sweny, Gina Grattan, and Ava Coulter be elected to the 2018 Scribe Search Committee. (Tabled from theMarch 4, 2018 meeting) Moved by Brennan McCracken

Motion passes

Recess! (meet back for 10:47)

5.3. BIRT ____, ____, and ____ be elected to the 2018 Chair Search Committee. (Tabled from the March 4, 2018 meeting) Moved by Brennan McCracken

Marie nominates Katie MacLean, Levi Clarkson, Buffy Sweny, Emma Sigsworth

JS nominates Sadie Cunningham, and self-nominates

5.3. BIRT JS Rutgers, Levi Clarkson, and Katie MacLean be elected to the 2018 Chair Search Committee. (Tabled from the March 4, 2018 meeting) Moved by Brennan McCracken

Motion Passes


5.4.  BIRT the King’s PRIDE Society receive $70 in contingent funding to purchase materials and snacks for an Arts and Crafts event to be held in March. Moved by Marie Dolcetti Koros. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Motion passes

5.5.  BIRT the King’s PRIDE Society receive $30 in contingent funding to purchase snacks for the last meeting of the year. Moved by Marie Dolcetti Koros. Finance Committee recommends approval.

Motion passes

2-minute recess!

We’re back!

5.6. BIRT That ___________, ____________, _____________ be hired as Orientation Week Coordinators of 2018

Michael explains the duties of the O-Week Coordinators. The Search committee looked over 6 applicants and have recommended Mallory Thomas, Cédric Blais, and Frances Grace-Fyfe

5.6. BIRT That Mallory Thomas, Cédric Blais, Frances Grace-Fyfe be hired as Orientation Week Coordinators of 2018

Motion passes


6.1. Annual General Meeting! Happening on March 28th, 2018, 6:30 pm, in the Wardroom. Hope to see all you lovely folks there!

6.2. Next council meeting on April 8th, 2018, 10:00am in the boardroom!

11:03 – Adjourned (see ya!)

READ THESE if you’re looking for more info that I just couldn’t keep up with!




COUNCIL LIVE BLOG: March 4, 2018

Good morning everyone! Hope all of you had a lovely reading week!

10:12 Meeting called to order!

Agenda Adoption

Brennan would like to amend item 5.5, the referendum question from WUSC. The initial clause didn’t have a whereas clause and WUSC has now sent one in.

Amendment passes.

Agenda was adopted!

Approval of minutes



Aeriana – Tabled with Chris on Tuesday for Pads are Rad!

Cedric – has continued sitting with Lianne on the Dean Search Committee. The DSS Candygram event was great! Yesterday the Sugarmoon farm trip was amazing and lots of students came! Even Bill and Casey!

Kaila – Also has been doing outreach regarding Pads are Rad and the Reduce the Fees photo campaign. Will be discussing reducing journalism fees with Lianne at the Academic committee meeting tomorrow . Also having a J-School round table on the 13th at 4pm in Classroom 3 for J-School students to talk about fee reduction.

Izzy – Counted all the votes for the FYP T-shirts. Handed out forms for students to input their opinion on the new Chaplain. Black History Month Poetry reading and Dance Party were amazing events!

EXEC REPORTS (link to full reports will be posted)

Brennan – has been working to schedule changeover for the incoming exec and BOG reps.

Galley now has a space agreement again!

Bill has been saying we need an external review for fee reduction, which Brennan sees as a stalling tactic. Outreach was to let students know and to get their support in the movement for fee reduction.

Attended a farewell reception for Nick Hatt. Reinforced the importance for the current search for a new Dean of Students. Was very sad but very nice to celebrate him!

Board Executive Committee is meeting this week and Brennan will be working with incoming and outgoing BOG reps to create the report for that meeting.

This is Brennan’s last Council meeting! Has been on Council his entire time at King’s!

Lianne – Racialized Student’s Collective held a Hidden Figures viewing which was very nice! The Black History Month Dance Party, Moonlight screening, and poetry reading were amazing. Wants to thank all of those folks who supported, attended, or ran such awesome events.

Have done more outreach regarding the Chaplain and Dean search!

Zoë – Has begun training incoming FVP Marie, and will continue to work together to make the transition as smooth as possible.

General Liability Insurance has been renewed and coverage has been increased from $1 million to $2 million!

Budget Advisory Committee on Feb 14th. Received updates from the President on work being done to deal with the deficit, and reviewed a report from the Registrar on student recruitment and conversion. Didn’t feel the administration was really listening to student input on the future budget.

Marie wants to thank Zoe for all her work on Council and in the KSU. This is Zoe’s last council too!

Marie – Has continued to meet with the UHPs to check in regularly with them.

Attended a chaplain search committee meeting in place of Lianne.

Student Government Roundtable on Feb 22: Discussed barriers for international students with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. Despite the frustration of the meeting all the students there were incredible representatives!

Reached out to students for the photo campaign to ask Bill to reduce fees! Also reached out for the Pads are Rad workshop!

KSU Election Results: Included in the Agenda and Reports document


(Hey folks. Its hard to keep up with typing all the Referendum questions, so please check out the Agenda and Reports doc at the end of the live blog to read the fully!)

5.1. BIRT the King’s Feminist Collective receive $111.52 in contingent funding to purchase drinks and snacks for a Self Care Night on March 7, 2018. (Tabled from February 26, 2018 meeting)

Zoe says that original concerns were around the amount of money to number of students ratio. The society said that the expected attendance was very rough, and wanted to spend more money on healthier snacks. Since it has been submitted, more people have come forward to contribute so they might not spend all the money. Since they will only be reimbursed for what they spend, there is an understanding that this whole amount will not be spent and that amending it down would be a little arbitraryt

Motion passes

5.2. BIRT the king’s Feminist Collective receive $94 in contingent funding to purchase craft supplies for a Self-Care Night on march 7, 2018.

Zoe and the society discussed lending art supplies from the KSU to help reduce the cost. Didn’t know how much to amend it down right away, but would like to amend the motion to be for $56.50.

Will now read: 5.2. BIRT the king’s Feminist Collective receive $56.50 in contingent funding to purchase craft supplies for a Self-Care Night on march 7, 2018.

Amendment passes

5.2. BIRT the king’s Feminist Collective receive $94 in contingent funding to purchase craft supplies for a Self-Care Night on march 7, 2018.

Motion passes

5.3. BIRT the following referendum question appear on a ballot to be posed to the general members of the King’s Students’ Union on March 19-20, 2018.

Lily says that NSPIRG run social and environmental justice events, and the levy would be used to provide part-time employment for students and to increase student and community grants.

Motion passes

5.4. BIRT the following referendum question appear on a ballot to be posed to the general members of the king’s Students’ Union on March 19-20, 2018.

Brianna says that Students already pay a levy of $4 per semester and this would be increased to $6 to help the Galley stay open later and to provide more locally-sourced products at affordable prices.

Motion passes

5.5. BIRT that the following referendum question appear on a ballot to be posed to the general members of the king’s Students’ Union

Riel says that WUSC every other year sponsors a student refugee at King’s, but since the levy hasn’t been increased since 2009, it has been hard to raise enough money to do so.

Motion passes

5.6. BIRT the following referendum question appear on a ballot to be posed to the general members of the King’s Students’ Union on March 19-20, 2018

Brennan says the Loaded Ladle does not currently have a levy at King’s

Cedric asks if a King’s levy would mean increased Loaded Ladle presence on King’s campus?

Brennan says he will ask the Ladle board.

Motion passes.

5.7. the Dal/King’s Swing Society be ratified as a Tier 1 society for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Lianne is really excited to see it ratified! The society has a no partner needed, no experience needed policy and will be putting on workshops here at King’s

Motion passes.

5.8. BIRT the Dance Collective receive $140 in contingent funding to pay for a photographer honourarium and purchase snacks for their dance show on March 16 and 17, 2018, and rehearsals leading up to it.

Motion passes

5.9. BIRT the Blue Devils Supporter Society receive $300 in contingent fundung to cover the costs of travelling to Truro to attend the women’s rugby game from March 9-11, 2018.

Funding is for gas and one hotel room for volunteer drivers to Truro. Hoping to have about 5 people travel. Want to support the Women’s rugby team and to spread support via social media. Athletics doesn’t have the funds to bring supporters to events like this.

Motion passes.

5.10. BIRT that ______,______, and ________ be elected to the 2018 Orientation Week Coordinator Search Committee.

Lianne nominate Ruth Ballard, Gill Gawron

Brennan nominates Ellen Zagar and Nika Lennox

5.10. BIRT that Ruth Ballard, Gill Gawron, and Ellen Zagar be elected to the 2018 Orientation Week Coordinator Search Committee.

Motion Passes

5.11. BIRT that ______,______, and ________ be elected to the CUBE Coordinator Search Committee

Lianne nominates Maya Palacio and Brendan Petrasek

Brennan nominates Simon Gillies

5.11. BIRT that Simon Gillies, Maya Palacio, and Brendan Petrasek be elected to the CUBE Coordinator Search Committee

Motion passes

5.12. BIRT that _____, _______ , and _________be elected to the 2018 Chief Returning Officer Search Committee.

Brennan would like to move an omnibus motion to table item 5.12., 5.13., and 5.14. to the March 18th meeting due to lack of nominations

Brennan says that the only Committee that needed to be filled this meeting was O-Week Coordinators.

All motions tabled


Brennan has a motion to bring forth on behalf of Cassie. Michale Greenlaw, the current scribe, was elected to SLVP, and would like to be released so he can be more involved in meetings.

BIRT that Michael Greenlaw receive an honourarium of $300  for his work as Scribe in the winter term of the 2017-2018 academic year

Motion passes

Zoe asks who our scribe will be moving forward.

Brennan says that hopefully we can find someone to scribe for both of the next two meetings. Will be advertising an interim scribe position that will receive honouraria from the contingency part of our budget.

11:10 Meeting adjourned


COUNCIL LIVE BLOG: February 11, 2018

Good morning everyone! Hope all you folks are finding some time to relax during this rainy weekend!

Here are the Council docs (Agenda and Exec Reports – Feb 11, Meeting Minutes – Jan 28, Jan 14)




We have a new chair for today! Grant MacNeil from CFS-NS is here and we’re super happy!

Motion to ratify Grant MacNeil as Chairperson

Motion passes

10:04 Meeting called to order!

Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Brennan, seconded by Heather

Keenan Livingstone would like to move item 5.1. to after the approval of the agenda. He’s gotta run soon!

Motioned to move item 5.1. before Item 2. Moved by Zoe

Motion carries.

Motion to approve agenda as amended

Zoe has an amendment. To include another motion to discuss as item 5.3. BIRT that the King’s Pride Society receive $65 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and decorations for Glitterpunk: Queereoke on February 16, 2018

Request was late and did not go through Finance committee

Motion passes

Agenda as amended was approved

Item 5.1. 

  1. BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $350 in non-contingent funding to publish the journal ‘Babel’ and to purchase drinks and snacks for the launch party on March 2, 2018. Moved by Zoe Brimacombe
    Finance Committee Recommends approvalKeenan says they’ve really tried hard to reduce costs and will be using some leftover funding to cover publishing costs. Motion passes

Approval of Minutes from January 14th, 2018 

Moved by Lianne

Cassie asks if we’ve checked over these minutes because they’re very long. Wondering if we want to read through them to double-check accuracy. These minutes have only been edited grammatically.

Zoe moves for a 5-minute recess to read the minutes

Motion passes (see you in 10:19)

Called to order 10:19

Approval of Minutes from January 14th, 2018

Cedric has two amendments. Wants to say thank you to Michael for working so hard to edit all the minutes.

Page 6 Second last paragraph:

“Cédric Blais said that he is confused with how the Societies Act plays out. He said that he would like to bring awareness to the fact that this is the second time that members of the executive have shut down a motion put forward by a union member and that they are specifically using the governing Bylaws.”

Amendment: Cédric Blais said that he is confused with how the Societies Act plays out. He said that he would like to bring awareness to the fact that this is the second time that members of the executive have shut down a motion put forward by a union member because they don’t like using the governing Bylaws.

Motion passes

Page 16 End of the second paragraph – Addition: “He would like to draw attention to the fact that retroactive funding had been previously used to try to justify denying SNARC a funding request”

Cedric says the reason it wasn’t included was because the Chair said it was off-topic regarding the motion on the table, but would like to re-intergrate it into the Minutes.

Daniel moves to amend the motion to add “The Chair warned that this subject was off-topic” to the end of the previous amendment.

Daniel’s motion passes

Amendment now reads “He would like to draw attention to the fact that retroactive funding had been previously used to try to justify denying SNARC a funding request. The Chair warned that this subject was off-topic”

Motion passes

Daniel moves to amend Page 7 Second paragraph to read ”

“Daniel Whitten said that as an institution the KSU is usually hesitant to vote on something owing to the unprecedentedness of it, but that should not be a reason to vote against a motion.”

Motion passes

Minutes from January 14th 2018 are Adopted

Approval of minutes from January 28th, 2018 

Minutes approved


Chris: Hey everyone! I don’t have a lot to report. I helped with outreach for the Consent on Campus meeting that happened last Wednesday, and though absent I submitted some ideas for discussion. I want to apologize to the membership for being MIA for the first few weeks of the semester from Council and the Office, but I’m back and excited to contribute! Big thanks to those who filled in Live-blogging!

Cedric: As a member of the DSS got to sit on the New Dean’s search committee. Had the chance to meet the current interim dean and he seems very optimistic about his capacity to fill in. The DSS is working on Candygrams which can be bought online or at school on Monday. They’re $2 and they’ll get a message and a bag of Candy. Nature Sugar Moon Farms trip is coming up and is awesome. All should feel welcome to join!

Daniel: Has had a couple folks speak to him about their meeting last week with Elder Geri about including elders in Grad Week and reaching out to Indigenous students on Campus. Has looked at other campuses to look at how white supremacy has been playing out and what the response has been to prepare for King’s.

Heather: Hasn’t been able to do much because of personal health but is excited to come back!

Aeriana: Attended the Dal Science meeting and attended Lunch with the President!

Adrianna: the last 2 DASS meetings have been cancelled but has been helping Izzy with FYP T-shirts.

Izzy: Worked with the Racialized Student’s collective to organize a playlist for an upcoming Wardy event celebrating black artists. Worked with Adrianna on the FYP T-shirts! They’re are some funny quotes that might be on it!

EXEC REPORTS (see above)

Brennan: Attended the Consent on Campus meeting last Wednesday.

A lot of work has been put toward the upcoming Executive and BOG rep changeover. Creating Workshops and procedure to help make the process smoother.

At the last meeting of KSU Council on January 28, Council passed a motion asking the King’s Students’ Union to send a letter expressing solidarity with the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs. The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq. The letter was mailed on Tuesday, February 6 to Mayor Mike Savage, Councillor Waye Mason, and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs. It was also posted to the KSU Facebook page and on the KSU website.

The Galley’s 6th birthday is coming up and it’s going to be RAD.

Cedric asks who is making the zine for the Galley. Brennan says its the Galley staff.

Daniel wants to encourage Council in the future to move letters like these immediately instead of waiting before sending them. Brennan says he didn’t want to act unilaterally and wanted people to read it over but totally agrees with Daniel

Lianne: Attended the BIPOC Elections Workshop hosted by Amina from the DSU and it was a really really nice event and encourages future events like these.

Met with the Chaplain Advisory Search Committee. The committee is having a consultation meeting for any students who wish to contribute on February 15th from 6:45-8:30 pm.

Zoe: Did outreach for Consent on Campus meeting

Attended a Budget Advisory Committee meeting on the 31st to review departmental budget increase requests

Put together an official student recommendations for the King’s budget report after speaking to a lot of students. Check out the report above to see the recommendations.

Attended the CFS-NS Annual General Meeting. It was an amazing meeting and there were a lot of great people to learn from

Traveled to Ottawa to participate in the CFS National Lobby Week. Met with 10 MPs from across Canada including Andy Fillmore. Our lobby document is available in the office in hard copy and on the CFS Website.

Marie: Continued to meet with our Union-Hired Positions to check-up on them.

Attended the Consent on Campus meeting last Wednesday

Attended a conference organized by the Antigonish Women’s Center for the creation of a Bystander Intervention Program. The program is part of the provincial government’s strategy to address sexualized violence on university campuses. Spoke on a panel with student representatives from across the province who gave updates about their campuses.

Also attended the annual GM for CFS-NS. Was an amazing weekend of workshops and learning. At the meeting, Local 11 moved two motions: one was a routine motion to update the organization’s bylaws with the Registry of Joint Stocks, and the other was a motion for the federation to create a toolkit for organizing against racism and colonialism on Nova Scotia campuses. Both motions passed.

There is a reusable Pad Workshop on March 1st at 7pm and Marie hopes lots of folks will come out

Daniel asks if there was any discussion of White Supremacy on Campus at the CFS-NS AGM.

Marie says most of the weekend they talked about this, including talks about white feminism. Passed a motion regarding Rick Mehta and there was a large discussion around this toolkit.

Zoe adds that the Allyship workshop was focused on creating a safe space for racialized students and how white students can be better allies.

Cassie: Working on easing the CVP changeover.

Elections are this week! Students need their Student ID or ISIC Card. Voting will be Wednesday and Thursday this week (the 14-15) from 9am-7pm outside of Prince Hall.

Action Items

  1. 5.2. BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $15 in contingent funding to purchase snacks for a regular meeting on February 28, 2018.
    Moved by Zoe Brimacombe. Finance Committee Recommends approval. Motion passes
  2. 5.3. BIRT that the King’s Pride Society receive $65 in contingent funding to purchase snacks and decorations for Glitterpunk: Queereoke on February 16, 2018. Motion Passes

New Business

6.1. Awards Discussion!

Lianne has a report on how we can improve these student awards. Looked at things like gendered language, the people these awards are named afterwards, and the connection of awards with Alumni.

We haven’t done them for the past two years, and it would be fun to have them back, but do we want different ones, new ones, etc.?

Heather thinks it is great to bring them back, but that we should move forward on the gender issue, while remembering the connection to alumni.

Cassie is confused about the residence awards because they’re used to be Presidents by floor. Maybe we could make this more relevant to the current situation.

Lianne agrees that these are outdated!

Zoe agrees with Cassie. What could one do to be an ‘outstanding’ residence student. We should think about what we value at King’s to help shape awards. Also wondering what exactly the commemorative names are and where they come from.

Lianne says we have free range on category but that it is important to keep the name on the award

Daniel thinks if we were to reach out the Deans and Dons it would be clear what stands out about students in Residence. There are always students who go above and beyond to make it a home for people. It is important to reach out to these folks.

Zoe is wondering what made these people worthy of commemoration. Wants to embrace the spirit of why the awards were given while updating categories.

Heather agrees with Daniel on the importance of acknowledging great residence students.

Lianne asks if we should just eliminate gendered language or redo categories completely.

Daniel thinks the categories are important to acknowledge the roles students play on campus so groups aren’t ignored.

Cassie says although these are deserving categories they don’t represent the whole of the King’s community. The Athletics community, the Chapel community, etc. If we categorize it too much we leave out important parts of Student life.

Izzy asks if it is possible for the categorization to make more than one person a recipient.

Zoe is wondering if we could split up current awards to make room for more general achievement awards

Cedric is wondering whether or not we should make sure that everyone is involved in the process of recipient selection to make the process more inclusive. Acknowledges it would be hard to coordinate.

Lianne says this ties into a discussion on how we actually select the awards. Do people have thoughts?

Brennan thinks a committee structure to discuss recipients is important as long as it is representational of King’s Communities.

Adrianna thinks its important that the general membership know who is on this committee. There might be folks who don’t belong to one specific ‘community’

Daniel agrees that its important to reach out to those who aren’t a part of a specific group, but that its important that the names of the committee members and recipients tie into communities.

Heather does agree with Daniel. Transparency is something we need to keep an eye on. Need to make sure we’re doing things properly.

Lianne says she will bring an update next time. How should councillors reach out to members to hear what they think?

Daniel thinks word of mouth is great but there should be something concrete for the KSU to refer to.

Zoe thinks reaching out to societies to talk about it amongst themselves is a good idea.

Daniel thinks that its also important to think about how we are going to reach out to other marginalized communities on campus. This might look like tailoring awards to these folks or making the awards more accommodating.

6.2. Next meeting – March 4th 2018

11:20 Motion to adjourn!

Motion passes

Here is Lianne’s report on Awards as of today!







17:08 Council Begins!

Agenda adopted.

Action 1 : BIRT the exec committee send an email to the “This Week at King’s” mailing list retraction and apologizing for the “KSU Membership Advisory” sent on 4 December 2017

Brought forward by Daniel (BOG Rep)

Pride has not brought this up until now because they did not want LGTB students to think that their council was against them. The gender inclusive washroom signs faced barriers. KSU said that it was not worth it to add signs because people already knew where they were and King’s would loose the charm if they knew). The exec members would go out to take secret phone calls.

A meeting was finally created, but no pride members were invited. You can see on the fb post by the KSU that they did not give pride credit. The sign that they wanted was also not one of the options given to put up. They wonder still why it took so long for the signs to be put up.


He agrees with those folks that it was important to bring it up and contextualize it. He thinks it’s really important for what people call systematic behaviour that this is just another example and to contextualize that.

17:17 Brief overview of motion from last council:

Objections to the wall of women, Daniel’s motivation for it was that the TWAK mailing list is much wider than just the membership and impacted the members of SNARC as it was send to teachers and alum. Disappointed with how the KSU is using their voice as a over structure on campus.


Cedric: Amendment. Instead of writing it as it currently stands, something along the lines of

BIRT the exec write an official statement retreating and apologizing for 4 dec that this public statement be on the KSU website, be read at the following council meeting, and be linked to the next “This week at King’s”

Motivate: He has been talking to many people and although he cannot speak for them, he has received confirmation from the SNARC exec that this is something that they would support. The two main issues:

A) The apology would need to be sent the same way the original one was, which would be misusing TWAK to apologize for a misuse of TWAK.

B) Keep in mind that we send it simply as a general advisory it reaches a broad range of people, therefore this issue is far more liable to explode far beyond the scope then that which is needed for this controversy. This what we are proposing is that this uses an official channel. It uses the This week at king’s in a way which is legit. Which means that those who have signed up will get the email because they do what to know what is up. Through TWAK is important if you are truly interested in King’s you will click the link. This is a fairly extensive change which does not make us blow this issue into waters we would not want it to be in.

Daniel: (agrees)

Brennan : a number of students have said that they feel uncomfortable in the way in which this was shared and he wants to listen to the student and want to have productive conversations moving forward.

1728 Recess over

No questions or comments. Voting…amendment PASSES

Zoe: Is in favour of the motion. Very hopeful that we can move forward and do work together and hopefully resolve the tension that has been heavy for the past couple of months. Hopes that others feel resolved but recognizes that this is not the end. This is an ongoing struggle and she is very interested in it. She thinks that this is the end of one aspect but not the end of working together.

Cedric: The amendment would not have been possible without ongoing conversations with members of the exec.

Daniel: Thanks Zoe. Hopefully moving to a place where we can work together. Wanted to let people know that there is mental health help available for all

Anise: Clarify what the council will be apologizing for, that the wording can change things. If this were to be sent out so wide spread, we should know the specific language.

Zoe: Her interpretation would be to retract the other one and send the amendment as it is. Also wants to thank Cedric, thinks he is doing great work.

2.1 Voting…


*** Next council will be moved to 3PM.

17:35 Motion to Adjourn. PASS