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Societies smilesSocieties are an integral part of campus life here at King’s. Societies at King’s range from the properly pretentious Haliburton Society to the outrageous King’s Theatrical Society, and the quirky King’s Anime and King’s Aviation Society (We really hope someone revives this).

Each of these societies has been ratified by the KSU and as such is eligible to receive KSU funding. Societies are also required to follow the bylaws of the KSU and are subject to policy decisions made by Council and the Student Life Vice President. A basic outline of current policies can be viewed by downloading the Society Guidelines and Application Package.

If none of the current societies quite suit your fancy, you can start your own society. All you need to do is download a society guidelines and ratification package, or pick one up in the KSU office, read it, fill it out, and submit it to the KSU Student Life Vice President. Provided everything is in order, the Student Life Vice President will recommend your society to be ratified by Council. Note: This process must be followed by ALL societies each year. Even if they have been active from time immemorial, groups failing to follow this process will not be recognized by the KSU as a Society for that academic year.

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Once you have been ratified, you’re away to the races. Funding requests may be submitted to the Financial Vice President. Funding and Printing Request forms are available both in electronic format and in hard copy outside of the KSU office. For information about society funding, contact the Financial Vice President,

If you would like to advertise a society meeting or event in the KSU’s weekly newsletter, TWAK (This Week at King’s), please send your submissions by Saturday noon the weekend before your event to the Communications Vice President (

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