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President – Lianne Xiao

Email – president@ksu.ca

Phone – 902.429.3399

Office Hours – Monday 10:30am-1:00pm; Wednesday 10:30am-1:00pm

The primary responsibilities of the President include:

  • Represent the Union publicly and to the media, and act as its spokesperson,
  • Sit with the Board of Governors Representatives on the University’s Board of Governors, and also sit on the Board Executive,
  • Lead the Union Executive and coordinate daily Union operations and activities,
  • Supervise both Union staff people (Services and Campaigns Coordinator and Hospitality Manager), as well as the Chair of the Union and the Orientation Week Coordinators,
  • Enforce the Bylaws and ensure that all councillors and staff are fulfilling their duties as laid out in the Bylaws,
  • Sit on the Wardroom Board of Management and the Galley Board of Directors,
  • Maintain custody of the Seal of the Union,
  • Sit on Council and represent King’s students therein,
  • Select and enforce the use of the official KSU Executive motto,
  • Work with the Executive and Council to develop and implement campaigns.

Presidents through the ages – 2005-06: Will English, 2006-07: Dave Jerome, 2007-08: Coren Pulleyblank, 2008-09: Kaley Kennedy, 2009-10: David Etherington, 2010-11: Kiki Wood, 2011-12: Gabe Hoogers, 2012-13: Nick Stark, 2013-14: Anna Dubinski, 2014-2015: Michaela Sam, 2015-2016: Alex Bryant, 2016-2017: Aidan McNally; 2017-2018: Brennan McCracken

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Vice-President Student Life – Michael Greenlaw

Email – slvp@ksu.ca

Phone – 902.429.3399

Office Hours – Monday 11:30am-2:30pm , Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm; Wednesday 10:00am-1pm; Thursday 1:00pm-2:00pm

The primary responsibilities of the Vice-President Student Life include:

  • Coordinate and supervise student societies and events, keep track of societies’ constitutions, and ensure clear communication between societies and Council/Exec,
  • Help organize and oversee Day Student activities,
  • Oversee the K-Point system of recognition for outstanding contributions to campus life and involvement in student activities,
  • Actively promote athletics on campus,
  • Supervise the CUBE Coordinators,
  • Sit on Council and represent King’s students therein,
  • Facilitate secret Executive dance parties,
  • Work with the Executive and Council to develop and implement campaigns.

VP Student Life through the ages: 2005-06: Alexis Paton*, 2006-07: Coren Pulleyblank*, 2007-08: Judy Booth*, 2008-09: Laura Hochman*, 2009-10: Adrian Lee, 2010-11: Gabe Hoogers, 2011-12: Anna Dubinski, 2012-13: Noah White, 2013-2014: Michaela Sam, 2014-2015: Alex Bryant, 2015-2016: Alex McVittie, 2016-2017: Brennan McCracken; 2017-2018: Lianne Xiao

*operated under the title Vice President Internal, before the naming and responsibility reform of the executive committee at the Spring General Meeting in 2009

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Vice-President Financial – Marie Dolcetti Koros

Email – fvp@ksu.ca

Phone – 902.429.3399

Office Hours – Tuesday 10:30am-12:30pm; Wednesday 11:30am-12:30pm; Thursday 10:30am-12:30pm 

The primary responsibilities of the Vice President Financial include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare the budget with Finance Committee and the Executive, and present it at Union General Meetings,
  • Chair Finance Committee and manage Union spending and finances,
  • Review society funding requests and society spending,
  • Oversee the finances of the Wardroom and Galley,
  • Be responsible for the formation and revision of Union financial policy,
  • Sit on the Watch Board of Publishers,
  • Sit on Council and represent King’s students therein,
  • “Make it rain” in the office, all day every day,
  • Work with the Executive and Council to develop and implement campaigns.

VP Financial through the ages – 2006-07: Graham McGilvray, 2007-08: Lara Haines-Love, 2008-09: Rob Sangster-Poole, 2009-10: Jake Byrne, 2010-12: Nick Gall, 2012-13: Quinn Harrington, 2013-14: Alex Bryant, 2014-2015: Emily Rendell-Watson , 2015-2016: Aidan McNally; 2016-2017: Zoë Brimacombe; 2017-2018: Zoe Brimacombe

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Vice-President External – Isabelle Reynolds

Email – evp@ksu.ca

Phone – 902.429.3399

Office Hours – Monday 1:00pm-2pm, Tuesday 12:00pm-2:00pm; Wednesday 12:00pm-2:00pm; Thursday 12:00pm-1:00pm

The primary responsibilities of the Vice-President External include:

  • Engage and support Union members with external and internal campaigns,
  • Represent King’s on at the Canadian Federation of Student Nova Scotia,
  • Oversee the External Action Committee, Sustainability Committee, and Campus Safety Committee,
  • Supervise the Sustainability Officer and the Campus Safety Coordinator,
  • Liaise with Union levied societies,
  • Be responsible for the implementation of the Union’s policies regarding external affairs, ethical spending, and sustainability,
  • Sit on Council and represent King’s students therein,
  • Suppress anarchist separatist movements,
  • Work with the Executive and Council to develop and implement campaigns.

VP External through the ages – 2005-06: Dave Jerome, 2006-07: Chris Parsons, 2007-08: Kaley Kennedy, 2008-09: David Etherington, 2009-10: Lauren Walsh-Greene, 2010-11: Daniel Brown, 2011-13: Omri Haiven, 2013-14: Jesse Laufer, 2014: Katie Douglas, 2015: Anika Roberts-Stahlbrand, 2015-2016: Hannah Kaya, 2016-2017: Gina Grattan; 2017-2018: Marie Dolcetti Koros

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Vice-President Communications – Izzy Ortner

Email – cvp@ksu.ca

Phone – 902.429.3399

Office Hours – Monday 9:30am-11:00am; Tuesday 9:30am-11am; Wednesday 9:30am-11:00am; Thursday 9:30am-11:00am

The primary responsibilities of the Vice President Communications include:

  • Manage and create Union media, posters, social media, bulletin boards, website, and other publicity,
  • Write and solicit submissions for TWAK, a weekly multimedia newsletter for the King’s community with events, announcements, and other fun thangs,
  • Chair the Union’s Bylaw Review Committee and ensure that the Bylaws are consistent, updated, and in keeping with provincial and federal law,
  • Schedule and advertise Council meetings, and keep charge of minutes and reports from these meetings,
  • Organize and advertise General Meetings in cooperation with the Chair and Executive,
  • Supervise the Scribe,
  • Assist the Chief Returning Officer in organizing and promoting Union elections,
  • Sit on Council and represent King’s students therein,
  • Curate highly classified Union tumblr account,
  • Work with the Executive and Council to develop and implement campaigns.

VP Communications through the ages – 2005-06: Guy Quenneville, 2006-07: Tori O’Neill, 2007-08: Tori O’Neill, 2008-09: Adrian Lee, 2009-10: Gabe Hoogers, 2010-11:  David Lewis, 2011-12: Anna Bishop, 2012-13: Michaela Sam, 2013-14: Haydn Watters, 2014-2015: Jacob Baker-Kretzmar, 2015-2016: Sofia Zaman; 2016-2017: Julia-Simone Rutgers; 2017-2018: Cassie Hayward

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