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Your Executive!

Levi Clarkson


OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 11am-1pm, Thursday 10am-1pm


Patsy Ginou

Vice-President StudentLife

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm,  Wednesday 12:30pm-1:30pm, Thursday 2:30pm-4pm


Nick Harris

Vice-President Financial

OFFICE HOURS: Monday 1pm-2:15pm,  Tuesday 1pm-2:15pm, Wednesday 1pm-2:15pm, Thursday 1pm-2:15pm


Hope Moon

Vice-President External

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 10am-12pm,  Thursday 1pm-4pm


Isabella Mackay 

Vice-President Communications

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm,  Wednesday 2:30pm-4pm, Thursday 12:30pm-1pm and 2:30pm-4pm