How to Ratify Your Society

Society Ratification Package 2019-2020!

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Societies are an integral part of campus life here at King’s. Societies at King’s range from the properly pretentious Haliburton Society to the outrageous King’s Theatrical Society, and the quirky King’s Anime and King’s Aviation Society (We really hope someone revives this).

Each of these societies has been ratified by the KSU and as such is eligible to receive KSU funding. Societies are also required to follow the bylaws of the KSU and are subject to policy decisions made by Council and the Student Life Vice President. A basic outline of current policies can be viewed by downloading the Society Ratification and Guidelines Package. 

If none of the current societies quite suit your fancy, you can start your own society. All you need to do is download a society guidelines and ratification package, or pick one up in the KSU office, read it, fill it out, and submit it to the KSU Student Life Vice President. Provided everything is in order, the Student Life Vice President will recommend your society to be ratified by Council. Note: This process must be followed by ALL societies each year. Even if they have been active from time immemorial, groups failing to follow this process will not be recognized by the KSU as a Society for that academic year.

Once you have been ratified, you’re away to the races. Funding requests may be submitted to the Financial Vice President.The KSU Funding and Printing_Request forms are available both in electronic format and in hard copy outside of the KSU office. For information about society funding, contact the Financial Vice President,

If you would like to advertise a society meeting or event in the KSU’s weekly newsletter, TWAK (This Week at King’s), please send your submissions by Saturday noon the weekend before your event to the Communications Vice President (

Current Societies

We’ve got a plethora of societies at King’s! This list will be updated as societies ratify. If you want more information on a certain society, send an email over to your Student Life VP, Patsy, at

Athletic Volunteer Committee

The athletic Volunteer Committee plans events for King’s students with the aim of bringing the athletics community together and bridging the gap between athletics and the rest if kings. It’s a rest way to get involved on campus and meet cool people.

Contemporary Studies Society 

We are the Contemporary Studies programs student society, meaning we find ways outside f class for students to engage with each other and contemporary studies. On major projects are the publication of out annual undergraduate journal, Fringe, and our annual conference. We also organize smaller casual event for student in or interested in contemporary studies.


Early Modern Studies Society

The Early Modern Studies Society is designed to foster and provide an academic and social environment for students interested in the Early Modern period. It also seeks to plan and put on for students of UKC and Dal, as well as the general public, social events, lecture series, and the Conference of the Early Modern. The EMSS will also publish the academic publication Babel at the end of the academic year (or the beginning).


The Haliburton Society

The Haliburton Society, founded by the University of King’s College in 1884, is the oldest extant English campus literary society in the British Commonwealth. Since its inception, the Haliburton Society has welcomed literary enthusiasts to celebrate great works of poets and prose through readings and discussions lead by students, faculty members, and Canadian authors and poets invited by guests. The Society has become an integral part of King’s culture and community, and is a forum for thoughtful and inquiring minds to come together in appreciation of great literature of all kinds.


History of Science and Technology Society

A society for all those interested in science, technology and society and the interplay between them.

King’s Dance Collective

The King’s Dance Collective provides a safe and creative space, for students f all experiences, for dance and choreography. We provide workshops during the fall semester and put on a showcase in the spring All dancers are experiences-levels welcome!


King’s Jewish Book Club

The King’s Jewish Book Club is your campus source for all things related to Jewish books! And more. Come join us for stimulating discussion about Jewish life and text.


P.R.I.D.E. (People Recognizing Individual Diversity and Equality)

The king’s PRIDE society strives to hold space for 2SLGBYQ+ folks on campus. We hold meetings and events with the central purpose of building community and resources for and with 2SLGBTQ+ students. Alongside our members we hope to centerlaie the voices and experiences of those who have been historically excluded from these conversations and build a positive, uplifting environment for all. 


King’s Theatrical Society

The King’s Theatrical Society (KTS) is a student-run theatrical organization. We emphasize the producing ad creating of diverse theatre which engages King’s students and students in the community at large in all aspects of theatre. 

Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble

The Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble is a King’s, Dal and community a cappella choir. We sing a variety of different songs and enjoy challenging ourselves to see exactly what our voices can do. Come check out out concerts at the end of each semester and if you like what you hear we would love to have you audition for us. 

The Wordsmiths

King’s creative writing society is the place to share, discuss and enjoy every form  of creative writing out there. From prose to poems we are storytellers through and through. Please come by our meeting and watch out for our Octopus( our creative writing journal). 


WUSC King’s Chapter

The WUSC King’s Chapter works to raise awareness of refugee issues and to support students sponsored through the student refugee program. Through these efforts we aim to decrease global inequality by making a post secondary education available to those who may not be able to access one while providing an innovative pathway to integration and resettlement for young refugees. 


For a list of Student societies from last year check out here! 

Current Levied Societies

We also have a lot of levied societies at King’s! This list will be updated as societies ratify. If you want more information on what services each group offers, send an email over to your Student Life VP, Patsy, at at


A society for all those interested in science, technology and society and the interplay between them.

Dalhousie/King’s Bike Society

We are a levied society. The levy is used to maintain the loan fleet and stock the centre for DIY repairs as well as put on workshops and other events. We also hire 1 full time staff person and multiple part time individuals.


Nova Scotia Public Interest Group

Linking campus ti community, and research to action, through social and environmental justice. 

South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre

The South House sexual and Gender resource centre believes in working together for the creation of a society that is vibrant, life-sustaining, and safe for people of all genders.

Formally the Dalhousie Women’s Centre, the South House is a student funded, volunteer driven resource centre that seeks to address and advocate for anti-oppression issues with in a feminist framework. The South House consciously recognizes that struggles against all forms of oppression are feminist issues. We are first and foremost a resource centre which provides resources ad support for students, faculty, staff and community members on such issues.

WUSC King’s Chapter