RetrO-week 2019!



Q: How the heck do I register for Orientation Week?

You can register in advance with the Early Bird Special anytime before August 30th for the low price of $75 (we accept online payments). Or you can register in person on September 1st (move-in day) for $85. Please Fill out this form to complete your registration. 


Q: When is Orientation Week?

Orientation Week officially starts on Sunday September 1st, 2019. This day is also move-in day for residence students! Whether you are living on or off campus, this day marks the kick off of what is sure to be an amazing week. There are Orientation Week events consistently scheduled until Saturday September 7th.


Q: Do I sign up for King’s Orientation Week or Dalhousie Orientation Week?

The King’s Students’ Union and the Dalhousie Student Union run completely separate programming throughout the week. If you are a King’s student or will be involved with the King’s community, you should sign up for the King’s Students’ Union Orientation week (that’s us!).


Q: What do I get for signing up for Orientation Week?

Registering for Orientation Week gets you into all of the events we have planned for you, including (but not limited to), concerts, dance parties, and crafting where you can have fun and meet your peers. Registering also gets you an Orientation Pack full of goodies!


Q: This sounds exhausting! Won’t I get tired?

Orientation Week is definitely a whirlwind and we know from experience how tiring it can be. We’ve planned for that too! Along with the parties, we have also planned for some fun low-key activities to help you regain some energy. Not a fan of dancing the night away? We’ve got a lot of chill coming your way.


Q: I’m not living on campus, can I still participate in Orientation Week?

Definitely! Day Students (students who don’t live in residence) are able to participate in all Orientation events. We know it can be a little tricky to commute to and from campus so we have an Orientation Week Van specifically for picking up and dropping off students at most hours of the day and night.

Q: Will I have to choose between going to class and going to Orientation Week events?

Class is important. We have organized most events around the FYP schedule, so there shouldn’t be any contradictions there. If you’re not in FYP, there may be some instances where you will have to choose between attending a class and a specific event, but we have enough planned that you shouldn’t miss much if you have to pass on an event to make it to class.


If you  have any more questions please send them to 🙂