O-Week 2023!


Dates: Sunday, September 3rd –  Friday, September 8th 2023

Cost: $75 per person until September 1st, $85 for day of registration on September 3rd (please reach out if financial assistance is required)

What You Get: Access to all of our events (in-person and/or online), an Orientation pack full of goodies, and a thorough introduction to the King’s community and its available resources

How To Register: Follow the link to the Google Form . The Google Form includes information on how to pay the registration fee via PayPal.

Still Have Questions? Email us, orientation@ksu.ca

We can’t wait!

Q: When is Orientation Week?
Orientation Week officially starts on Sunday, September 3rd 2023, and various events will be scheduled throughout the week up until Friday, September 8th. Depending on if students arrive on campus earlier due to COVID, some additional content may be shared earlier.

Q: Do I sign up for King’s Orientation Week or Dalhousie Orientation Week?
The King’s Students’ Union and the Dalhousie Student Union run completely separate programming throughout the week. If you are a King’s student or will be involved with the King’s community, you should sign up for the King’s Students’ Union Orientation Week (that’s us!).

Q: Will Orientation Week be in person or online?
Just like you, we are eagerly awaiting updated public health guidelines in order to get a better picture of what September will look like. If students will be learning remotely, we will be sure to have online content that is accessible to all, but we are hoping to hold most events in-person pending gathering restrictions. Safety is our first priority. Stay tuned!

Q: How the heck do I register for Orientation Week?
All information pertaining to registration for O-Week can be found on the final page of this mailout!! Check it out for details on what is included in O-Week, how to sign-up, and the price!

Q: This all sounds exhausting! Won’t I get tired?
The first week of university, though exciting and full of fun, can also be overwhelming for many students. While we try to plan events for all energy levels, all events are totally optional.

Q: Will I have to choose between going to class and participating in Orientation Week events?
Class is important! After all, that’s why you’re at King’s in the first place! O Week is largely organized around the FYP schedule, but for those not in FYP, some events may take place during a class, but we will have enough events planned that everyone should be able to find something that they are interested in which also fits in their schedule.

For further information about O-Week, follow us on Instagram @kingsorientation OR Email us at orientation@ksu.ca