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The Union’s governing documents (the Bylaws and the Operations Policy) are pretty much the most exciting things ever. They are legally binding documents which lay out the Union’s structure and operations. The Bylaws can only be amended by the general membership of the King’s Students’ Union at a General Meeting, demonstrating one of the many ways in which our union is shaped collectively! The Operations Policy can be amended by Council, but to do so still requires one week’s notice and a 3/4 majority vote. Both documents are available here online and in print at the KSU office. Pop by for a visit and we can peruse this exciting literature together!

KSU Bylaws

KSU Bylaws Glossary

KSU Operations Policy


Council Documents

Couldn’t make it to Council this weekend? Not to worry! We’ve compiled an entire database of Council documents including: 

  • Reports (see what your union reps and staff have been up to!)
  • Meeting agendas (which include discussions and votes)
  • Minutes (records of everything that happened during the meetings)
    • When we post the documents for the upcoming Council, we’ll include minutes from the previous Council; keep in mind they are unofficial until approved at the next Council. For example: the December 1, 2023 minutes were not official until approved at the next Council on December 13, 2023.

Meetings typically take place bi-weekly. Any questions pertaining to the minutes can be directed to the KSU Communications Vice-President.




We’re working to compile all available Council documents, but it will take us longer because these meetings are older. In the meantime, check out the minutes that generations of KSU CVPs have collected!


2021 – 2022







General Mtgs 2009-18