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Annual General Meeting documents for October 23, 2023:

KSU Final Budget 2023-2024

Committees – List of Open Seats with Descriptions


For reference:

O-Week 2023 Final Coordinators’ Report

KSU Spring Budget 2023-2024


The Union’s governing documents (the Bylaws and the Operations Policy) are pretty much the most exciting things ever. They are legally binding documents which lay out the Union’s structure and operations. The Bylaws can only be amended by the general membership of the King’s Students’ Union at a General Meeting, demonstrating one of the many ways in which our union is shaped collectively! The Operations Policy can be amended by Council, but to do so still requires one week’s notice and a 3/4 majority vote. Both documents are available here online and in print at the KSU office. Pop by for a visit and we can peruse this exciting literature together!

KSU Bylaws

KSU Operations Policy


Couldn’t make it to Council this weekend? Don’t worry, neither could 97.5% of the school’s population! Just for you sleepyheads, we have compiled an entire database of past Council minutes… what fun! You’ll get to relive such memorable moments as the great Dave Etherington Diva Cup debate of 2009 and the “smokers’ gazebo” debacle, and even get to witness Ben Caplan wishing Council a Happy New Year!

Council minutes detail all the events of Council meetings. Our meetings were recorded verbatim between 2007 and 2011, but switched to non-verbatim in 2011. Council minutes become available at the meeting following, when they are approved by Council. For example, the minutes of the November 11th, 2011 Council meeting were not released until the November 27th, 2011 meeting, because they had to be approved by Councillors at that meeting. Meetings typically take place bi-weekly. Any questions pertaining to the minutes can be directed to the KSU Communications Vice-President.



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