22 November, 2020

Hey, everyone! This was my first live blog as Member at Large. Today’s Meeting was a bit longer with several action items on the table! Still figuring this whole thing out but I tried to be comprehensive and to the point!

5:09pm AST: Meeting called to order

5:10pm AST: Land Acknowledgement

5:12pm AST: Motion to appoint Levi as Interim Chair

Moved by Nick

Seconded by Isabella

5:13pm AST: Motion passed

5:14pm AST: Adoption of the agenda

Isabella motions to make action item 5.1 and 5.2 into one motion being 5.1

Seconded by Mason

5:17pm AST: Motion Passed

5:18pm AST: Isabella motions to renumber the following motions

Seconded by Mason

5:19pm AST: Motion passed by unanimous consent

5:19pm AST: Isabella motions to move new action item 5.3 instead of Levi, as they are the interim chair and cannot therefore move action items this council

5: 21pm AST: Adopted by unanimous consent

5:21pm AST: Approval of minutes from November 2nd

Adopted by unanimous consent

5:22pm AST: Oral reports of the councillors

Emma met with the bank about the day student society account

Victoria attended the finance committee

5:24pm AST: Nathan attended

5:28pm AST : Ridge attended meeting with Kailen and Tim

Kailen met with Tim about communicating with residence students about restrictions, and about the state of student mental health on campus

Kailen also attended a meeting with Mason to speak with Katie further about communicating with students in a more clear matter

5:32pm AST: Aideen recommends reaching out to South House, they could provide knowledge on how to possibly approach the current mental health crisis and substance abuse problems on campus

5:33pm AST: Stephen has plans to complete projects from the summer. One involves reaching out to Bill Lahey about his statements from the summer regarding advocacy for Indigenous students.

Stephen has plans to reach out to The Watch about how he can help advocate for their needs at this time

Also planning on bringing up discussions on courses that involve safety in journalism and the need for them that began this summer

5:36pm AST: Kaitlyn is our first year rep! It is her first meeting.

5:37pm AST: Ryland delivers report for BOG reps, a last-minute meeting about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Report by the Board of Governors took place both Ryland and Aideen were unable to attend but plan on reviewing

5:40pm AST: David asks what timeline we are on for the KSU response on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion report

Ryland speaks to finishing the term and then releasing the report

Aideen adds that both Ryland and her want to give it the proper amount of energy

5:49pm AST: Reports of the executive committee

(Levi’s) Report of the President:

Instagram live/Instagram takeover to ask/answer question of students

The exec continues to meet with Peter O’brian and Katie Merwin

Discussed the FASS forum and student mental health crisis

Levi is sitting on the Vice-President search committee as Peter O’brian is in his last term

Levi, Hope, Isabella meant with Jordan Roberts the SVPRO to discuss the mental health crisis

Levi wrote some feedback to Jordan and the committee about changes being made to the SVPR

Levi attended the meeting with the board of governors about the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policy and brought up issues on behalf of the students.

Attended CFS meeting

6:00pm AST:

(Mason’s) Report of the SLVP:

Hope and Mason working on care packages for students

Attended meetings with Tim and Katie about what next semester may look like for students

Occupational health and safety meeting, an emergency meeting is happening next week to discuss open spaces on campus due to an increase in COVID-19 cases

Mason attended a student, staff, and faculty alliance meeting. No updates from Dalhousie faculty at this meeting.

6:05pm AST: Report of financial VP

Nick discussed the finance meeting which resulted in the action items from today being brought to the meeting

6:07pm AST: Report of external VP

Attended meeting about FASS forum with Roberta Barker

Meeting with Peter and Katie

Attended CFS meeting

6:11pm AST: Report of CVP

Isabella has been releasing TWAK

Was in a meeting with Katie and Tim and the rest of the exec

Met with Jordan along with Levi and Hope

Attended the CFS annual meeting

6:15pm AST: Action Items!

Action 5.1 $132.25 should be allocated for the purchasing of a zoom premium account for the remainder of the school year, and $228.28 for the otter transcription service

Nick motivates this motion, explaining the need for when multiple groups are using the current zoom account some are getting kicked off. This zoom account would be useful for societies, the intention was for it to be a dedicated society zoom account

Aideen seconds the motion

Discussion took place about whether or not there was an established need for the otter service on the second account

6:23pm AST: Vote. Motion passed

6:23pm AST: Action item 5.2

Be it resolved that the KTS receives $300 in society funding to subsidize their honoraria for their ongoing workshop series

6:25pm AST: Vote. Motion passed.

6:26pm AST: Action Item 5.4

Be it resolved that the CRO be paid $425 for their work running the fall councillor elections

Moved by Isabella

Seconded by Ryland

6:27pm AST: Vote. Motion passed.

6:28 pm AST: David motions to adjourned

There is a discussion about whether David is allowed to do this as a general member

The answer is yes.

6:29pm AST: Mason seconds this motion. Vote. It passes! Meeting adjourned!