Live Blog: Council, Sunday February 28th, 2021

5:02: Meeting Called to Order

Land Acknowledgement

5:03: Adoption of the Agenda

No amendments to be made

Agenda is Adopted

5:04: Adoption of the Minutes from the last meeting

Levi has proposed amendments. Minor spelling problem with the spelling of Katie Merwin’s

Amendment Adopted

5:08: Motion to add additional content warnings to last meetings minutes for sensitive content

And motions to correct some grammatical errors.

5:12: All amendments adopted by unanimous consent

5:13: Minutes adopted by unanimous consent

5:14: Reports of Councillors

Nathan does not have much to report

Victoria has started exec training, met with Nick, and the Virtual Escape Room Event should be going forward Thursday

Aideen and Ry have discussed changeover, and Aideen has attended meetings in regards to changeover, Ry and Aideen have upcoming meetings regarding the changeover

Kaitlyn is also doing work in regards to the changeover, will be shadowing some meetings with Mason. Has also been in touch with first-year students in regards to issues with FYP lectures after reading week

Ridge attended the zoom residence panel with Kailen, and they got together with other residence students for a debrief afterwards

Stephen attended NASH83, a virtual conference for student journalists. And is working to get more feedback from his google form

Emma does not have much to report, but she has been preparing for DSS Elections. Current residence students who will be day students next year are welcome to run!

Kailen is reviewing reports she was given from the residence panel.

5:26: Reports of the Executive

Information about reports should be available within the minutes from this meeting when they are approved on March 14th!

5:49: Reports of the staff. Rebecca and JM are presenting reports.

6:06: JM’s Report

6:23: Moving on to Action Items

6:33: Motion 6.1 has passed

6:38: Motion 6.2 has passed

6:39: New Business

6:39: Motion to Adjourn

6:39: Motion passed. See you March 14th!








Live Blog: February 7 2021 Council

Regrets from Mason

5:07: Meeting called to order and land acknowledgment by Chris and Isabella

5:07: Adoption of the Agenda

Some minor amendments to the agenda

5:10: Agenda Adopted by unanimous consent

5:11: Adoption of minutes from the last council

Minor amendment to be made: the wrong date on minutes

5:12: Minutes adopted by unanimous consent

5:13: Reports of the Councillors

Victoria attended candidate speeches for the upcoming election and is finishing up details on her project with Mason

Nathan reports having discussions about the issue of the library steps renovation and classics in the quad, and discussions about the green shield plan with Nick, given the extra funds leftover from this year.

Aideen and Ry don’t have much to report, Aideen mentions they were able to spend time in the wardroom space in the past two weeks and that it is lucky we have it open again.

Kailen has kept up with bi-weekly meetings with the assistant dean and has been given plans for a residence council, and plans for updates to common rooms have been delivered to Kailen from the administration

David asked about the updates to common rooms, Kailen clarified it was mostly just furniture updates

Emma sat on the UHP hiring committee, the meeting had to be rescheduled due to miscommunication but it came together. Emma has been in contact with both JM and Katie Merwin about getting a monitor for the reopening of the wardroom space

Ridge has nothing new to report

Stephen spoke with Kheira at the watch to talk about further supports, a google doc was shared with BJH students for feedback and is looking to drop into some first-year classes virtually to get some more feedback

Stephen’s report is more of generalized feedback and is unsure if it will be made public at this time. The main audience is the admin, not the public.


Reports of the executive (all should be available to view in writing on the KSU website)

Levi is first, report of the President


Mason with the report of the SLVP

As Mason is not present, the report will have to be accessed through the written version for anyone who wants to access it

Nick, with the report of the Financial VP


Hope, with the report of the external VP


Isabella, with the report of the Communications VP


Action Items


“Whereas last council we voted to have our UHP investigate how to implement the FYP
specific recommendations contained within the KSU Accessibility Report; therefore
BIRT ________ be hired as our UHP this year.”

Moved by Hope

The UHP recommends Taylor MacLeod to fill that blank (position) in the motion, and the vote on the motion passed.

5.2: This action item can be seen in the agenda or (in two weeks) the minutes. Due to the sensitive content, I will not put it in the live blog at this time.

6:16: Motion passed by a vote


5.3: BIRT that the Wordsmith Society receive $50 for their writing contest, the Octopus.


Motion passed


Action Item 5.4:

This action item can be seen in the agenda or (in two weeks) the minutes. Due to the sensitive content, I will not put it in the live blog at this time.

6:35: Motion passed by a vote

6:35 Motion to adjourn by Aideen, seconded by Nick

Council Ajourned