Live Blog: 09/02/2020

Goood morning! It’s a short council today but a few important things on the agenda.

We’re hiring the UHP for Accessibility Needs and electing people to the Galley Board of Directors for 2019-20.

Currently we’re waiting to have quorum

Okay we have quorum!

Agenda adopted by unanimous consent

Lindsey moves to amend movements to correct her name, seconded by Mason, amended.

Sam moves to correct spelling of her last name, Levi seconds, amended.

Aideen moves to correct “Ginny looking for weed smell” to “Ginny looking to fine 1st floor Alex for weed smell”, Adrianna seconds, amended.

Mason moves to change “mould” to “mold”, Nick seconds, amended.

Minutes adopted.

Aideen currently running so its hard for her to perform her duties in a way that feels ethical. She went to an event.

Madeleine met with Sam about the accessibility survey. They discussed next steps and Sam began drafting an email to those who wanted follow-ups that’ll go out within the week.

Sam, Aideen, Tessa, and Madeleine met with Patsy to discuss mental health organizing.

Lindsey went to Dal science society meeting.

Mason went to CFS-AGM. Working to set up Journalism event still.

DSS GM happened! Approved budget and elected a CRO for their elections.

Adrianna doesn’t have a lot. But thinking about the handover of the BoG position.

Levi had a lot! Exec met about uni budget consultations – all sorts of stuff there. Every year the university does a consultation with the full KSU exec, thinking of bringing general members. Planned to happen after BAC recommendations, KSU pushing for it to happen earlier. Levi talked to Bill about it, it’s now scheduled for Feb 26th at 2:30.

Meeting with Dean of Students and SVPRO about a variety of things, Wardroom conduct policy being discussed and working on becoming transparent

Exec held a q&a – no one came.

Levi supported a student in a meeting with their prof. Want to make this function of the KSU more transparent to student body. Met with Bill about academic committee feedback, and university budget consultations. Implementation committee – January’s been hard, review of policy is coming up! Exec committee of BoG meeting called about FYP Director’s unpaid leave for rest of the year. Concern about how this will go down. Followed up with Peter O’Brien. Enrolment management committee meeting – not a lot. Met with Peter! Pressure being put to ensure that FYP runs smoothly and that there is transparency about this.

Updates on university diversity discussion group – talk to Levi about it!

Almost anti-O for faculty?! baby steps people.

CFS-NS AGM – lots of stuff! Also vote in the KSU Spring Elections on Feb 11 & 12!


Patsy had a wonderful bullet journalling workshop! Exec strategizing around university budget. Move towards renaming haliburton society? exciting! Mental Health week is in the process of being planned. She’s also working on her changeover document.

Met with Occupational Health and Safety committee, uneventful. Also tabled with Water Protector’s bake sale!


Nick – all the regular stuff, no finance committee happened because there was nothing!


Hope’s report read by Levi – busy as usual! Tabled for fight the fees, and talked about Dal BoG meeting.  Met with Equity officer hiring committee. Met with Bill about Responsible Investment Sub-Committee, will go over this next council. Went a variety of CFS-NS events. Please vote!


Isabella – the day to day! With the addition of elections and the galley BoD hiring. Went to Kim Tallbear talk which was well attended!


Action item 5.1 – Hiring UHP for Accessibility needs. Jasmine Maher is recommended by the hiring committee – they were in unanimous consent about this person. Motion passes

5.2 – electing for Galley board of directors. Mason seconds. Only received 1 name – consider tabling.

Jess Cohlette, David Shuman – self-nominates, only have two names so will move to table motion for next council meeting. Nick seconds. Motion tabled to March 1st meeting.


New Business – letter of apology. Only for council member’s eyes.


Otherwise – motion to adjourn, Mason seconds, passes.


We’re done!

Live Blog: 26/01/2020

good morning! council has been called to order!

agenda has been adopted!

amendments to minutes:

Levi as non-voting member because they were acting as interim chair

Include mason’s name on minutes

Remove David’s name from list of voting members

Move to correct Madeleine’s name in oral reports

all amendments pass

minutes approved

Oral Reports


Aideen – Ginny was going to fine 1st floor Alex for weed smell, Aideen got the fine revoked.

Also mold risk in chapel still not addressed, meeting with Katie on thursday.


Madeleine – Personal issue – met with Neil, in future working to remove “no exceptions policy”


Lindsay – Dal Science Society are not accomplishing things


Emma – DSS doing study snacks. Planning trip to sugar moon farms! Co-ordinating winter GM


Mason – Planning an event for Journalism students to help them manage a major project


Sam – sent accessibility form to Isabella and Hope


Tessa – went to rally and helped with accessibility form


Izzy – no updates


Reports of Executive Committee


Levi – condolences to those affected by the Ukrainian Airlines crash. lots of stuff relating to the history of student activism and an action for lowering tuition. Attended meeting for Alex Fountain lecture. Attended Alumni Association meeting. Advancement Committee meeting – mostly reports. Lots of Rallies! Specifically for Wet’suwet’en, and no War with Iran, and Santina Rao. Submitted motion at CFS-NS annual GM. Upcoming – Winter Elections! and UHP hiring!


Patsy – a bunch of new societies want to ratify! Working with athletics on a Healthy Active Living Workshop.

Nick – maintained union finances, especially focused on insurance. Finance Committee met. Has been helping Societies with the funding process. Went to the BAC, spicy meeting! They want to raise tuition folks. Athletics wants funding because their equipment is old. Upcoming – Finance, Audit, and Risk Committee (27/02/2020)


Hope – very similar to Levi’s report. Lots of fight the fees actions. Attended lots of solidarity rallies and the screening of Invasion at Dal. She encourages everyone to watch it! Upcoming – CFS-NS AGM! Also keep your eyes peeled for more actions!


Isabella – lots of the usual. Fixed the by-laws formatting issues! Social Media for all of the events happening! Got supplies from SoHo.


BIRT KIC (King’s Improv Collective) be ratified as a Tier I society for the remainder of the 2019/2020 academic year.
Moved by Patsy Ginou, seconded by Levi.

People are very excited! It’ll be less intimidating than the Dal one!

Motion Passes


BIRT ____________, _____________, and ____________ be elected to the UHP for Accessibility Needs Hiring Committee.
Moved by Levi Clarkson, seconded by Hope

Very esciting to consider accessibility being evaluated at Kings!

Hope nomiates Sydney Patterson, Zia Shirtliffe,  Aideen Reynolds, and Mery Bullock.

Nominations closed.

Everyone will get three votes.

Sydney – uses they/them pronouns, 3rd year, complicated relationship with disability. Thinks they have perspective on this issue, want to help with this.

Zia – wants to contribute to accessibility due to a variety of issues that affect her.  Wants to make accessibility easier.

Mery – 2nd year and affected by issues of accessibility on king’s campus  . Wants to improve accessibility on campus. Has worked to advocated for accessibility before, a very big passion of hers. She has a lot to say

Aideen – personally very passionate about accessibility. Very conscious of her privilege. Affected by mental health issues.

As votes stand: Sydeny, Aideen, and Mery are nominated.

Nominations pass


BIRT the King’s Wordsmiths receive $25.00 in contingent funding for their event, Winter Poetry Contest.
Finance Committee Recommends Approval.
Moved by Nick Harris, Levi Seconds

Wordsmiths do 2 competitions, money for $25 gift certificate to the King’s Bookstore

Motion passes

BIRT the Contemporary Studies Society receive $716.51 in non-contingent funding for their conference from February 8, 2020.
Finance Committee Recommends Approval.
Moved by Nick Harris, Mason seconds

Historically, the KSU funds part of the conferences at kings. Money for food largely. All as been cross-referenced with money from last year. Very consistent!

Motion passes

1 min amending numbering of agenda, to be consistent. motion passes

BIRT the Pride Society receive $100.00 in contingent funding for their event, Queereokie, on January 31, 2020.
Finance Committee Recommends Approval
Moved by Nick Harris, seconded by Levi

Core event on campus. Everyone loves Queereokie! Money is for pizza. Name is Y2Gay! It’s gonna be good! Motion passes


BIRT the Pride Society receive $180.00 in contingent funding for their event, Gender Celebration II, on January 28, 2020
Finance Committee Recommends Approval
Moved by Nick Harris, seconded by Isabella

Gender Party I was a success – this is a sequel. Same breakdown as last time folks. Sam and Tessa are active listeners cannot vote. Motion passes


New Business – motion to adjourn! we’re done!