6 December, 2020 Council

Hey everyone, it is the last council of 2020! We are at quorum and the meeting is about to begin!

5:03: Council has started!

5:04: Agenda Adopted by unanimous consent

5:06: Just grammatical errors in the minutes from the last council to fix that Levi is moving to edit

5:08: All motions to edit the minutes have been passed.

5:09: The minutes have been approved by unanimous consent

5:10: Councillor reports! Aideen and Rylan are up first! They have started to draft a response to the EDI report

5:12: Ridge is up next. Not much to report.

5:13: Nathan is next, also not much to report. Reached out to the co-president of the Disabled Student’s Collective, waiting to hear back. Had a meeting with the academic committee.

5:17: My (Victoria’s) report! Nothing much to report.

5:19: Stephen’s report

* I had some technical difficulties during Stephen’s report so please look at council minutes once they are released for more details on that!

5:24: Emma’s report. Day Student Society GM upcoming over zoom.

5:26: Kailen’s report, discussed concerns about the winter break meal plan with Tim, discussions still ongoing

5: 28: Reports of the exec

Levi: Met with Kaitlyn the first year rep for councillor training

In the process of organizing another anti-oppression workshop

Starting prepping with BOG reps for meeting with the board next week

Met with Peter and Katie

5:36: Mason’s report

working on the care packages

did an “ask an exec” on Tuesday

had a meeting with Peter and Katie

changes to residence guidelines for COVID safety

Kailen brought up the biggest change to residence is that the dining hall is takeout only

5:40 Nick’s report

The executive had an anti-o workshop with South House

Took place in discussions about how to make emergency bursaries available to international students

5:44: Hope’s report

Struggles uploading a video about exams for first years due to tech issues

Several committee meetings upcoming

5:50: Isabella’s report

Has been keeping up on TWAK

Busy week for academics

Action items

5:52: Item 5.1, paying the scribe $300 of their honorarium

5:54: Motion passed by a vote

5:54: Item 5.2, paying the chair $425 of their honorarium

5:55: Nick has temporarily taken over as chair due to a conflict of interest

5:55: Item seconded, motivated by Levi

5:56: Motion passed by a vote

5:57: Item 5.3, BIRT the DSS be ratified as a Tier 2 society, moved by Mason

6:02: Motion passed by a vote

6:02: No new buisness

6:02: Motion to adjourned

6:02: Motion struck

6:03: Michael says to remember to do SRIs available through Dalhousie emails!

6:04: Isabella explains that this year SRIs are going straight to professors and not to any higher-ups this semester in light of this year’s difficult circumstances

6:05: Motion to adjourn

6:05: Council adjourned!

See you in 2021 everyone, good luck with finals!