Good morning everyone!

10:11: Meeting called to order and land acknowledgement.

10:12: Agenda adopted.

10:13: Meeting minutes from last council (January 29th) approved. 

10:13: Oral reports of the councillors.

10:15: Oral reports of the Executive Committee.

10:23: Action Item 5.1: BIRT the UKing’s Literary Society receive $88.90 in non-contingent funding for food for their event, hosted in tandem with the King’s Jewish Cultural Society on 9th February, People of the Book: Celebrating Jewish Authors. Funding request submitted in advance of the event; unable to convene finance committee to review.

Moved by Kerri.

Seconded by Aidan.

Motivated by Kerri.

Motion passes.

10:25: Action Item 5.2: BIRT the King’s Film Society receive up to $23.00 in contingent funding for a film showing on 9th February. Funding request submitted prior to event; unable to convene finance committee to review. 

Moved by Kerri.

Seconded by Victor.

Motivated by Kerri.

Motion passes.

10:27: 6.1 Presentation of and voting on a letter of resignation from Victoria Gibbs, current President of the KSU.

Discussion of reasons behind Victoria’s resignation and adjustments to the paycheque.

Motion to accept the resignation effective as of today.

Moved by Raeesa.

Seconded by Tessa.

Motion passes.

10:48: 6.2 Extended voting deadline for the 2023 spring election until February 14th. Further detail to follow on social media later today.

10:55: 6.3 BIRT the KSU donate $200 from the Community Fund to one or more foundations that would best support those who are suffering in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria.

11:14: Motion to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned. Thanks everyone!

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