5:01: Meeting called to order

Land Acknowledgement

5:02: Adoption of the Agenda

Hope motions to have herself move action items 5.1 and 5.2

Motion passed by unanimous consent

Agenda adopted by unanimous consent

5:04: Adoption of minutes from the last meeting

Some minor spelling amendments brought forward by Nathan

Motion passed by unanimous consent

David notes one other grammar mistake

Passed by unanimous consent


Ry brings forward another spelling mistake

Passed by unanimous consent


Isabella moves to fix the spelling of David Shuman’s name

Passed by unanimous consent

5:10: Minutes adopted by unanimous consent

Reports of the councillors

Victoria has continued to plan a student Escape Room event with Mason

Attended a meeting about the residence student concerns

Submitted nomination for financial VP

Aideen and Ry have released the response to Bill’s EDI report

Aideen has submitted her nomination to run for External VP

Ry and Aideen attended a meeting with vice presidential candidate Sarah Clift


Emma sent an email to touch base with day students.

The day student society is in the planning stages for a pen pal program

Stephen has not much to report, planning a meeting with watch exec


Nathan had a meeting with the president of the King’s Academic Society

Reporting higher level of satisfaction with second-semester classes but reporting burnout from last semester


Kaitlyn has nominated herself to run for student life VP

Ongoing discussions about accessibility in FYP

Planning a trivia-style night for FYP students sometime in January

5:21: Reports of the executive committee

Levi is reporting a busy last two weeks. Read through and edited the EDI response from the BOG reps. Met with residence rep Kailen. Received a petition from students requesting to see the union’s financial books and records, which was forwarded to Nick. Met with the student on the Sexualized Violence Policy Implementation Committee. Attended residence organizing meetings.

Meeting with Sarah Clift, like Ry and Aideen reported.

Meetings involving the moves moving forward in regards to the winter meal fee issues brought up at last council.

Meeting with SVPRO Jordon Robert’s about the ongoing issues in residence.

CFS national put on a president’s forum that Levu attended.

Upcoming there is a residence organizing meeting on Tuesday. A “what the KSU can do for you” workshop on Wednesday, and KSU speeches upcoming on Thursday.

A residence town hall will be coming up before the reading week break.

5:31: Report of the SLVP

Mason has had a fun and busy two weeks. Also attended the student organizing meetings regarding the residence concerns. Continuing to work with Victoria on the escape room event. Met with Katie and Peter three times surrounding the residence issues, they came up with the plan for the town hall, and the residence fees issues. OH&S meeting.

A note of personal disclosure Mason wants to note is that they have been hired as a Jr.Don, the executive team will be going over Mason’s roles to avoid conflicts of interest.

5:37 Report of the FVP

Meeting with the bookkeeper and the accountant. Chaired the seven-person executive meeting. Nick did two, two-hour sessions going over all the numbers in regards to the petition to see the KSU financial records.

There are conversations going over reorganizing student residence fees. There is a survey that Nick would like to use to collect student testimonials.

Meeting with the dean and vice-president.

Nick’s budget advisory meeting is this coming Tuesday.

5:40: External VP Report

Hope notes she’ll do her best to summarize as a lot of her report is a repetition of other’s reports.

Aside from the many meetings, Hope has begun brainstorming the next round of care packages.

At the CFS national constituency space and went over items discussed at the GM back in November.

There is a Facebook event with the information for the upcoming organizing meeting on Tuesday.

5:45: Report of the communications vice-president

Isabella has continued to put out TWAK. It has been a busy two weeks in terms of social media presence given the work around the residence fees and some other ongoing things.

Isabella did an Instagram Q&A and is keeping up with sharing information from the CFS and DSU.

Isabella also attended the meetings with Peter and Katie and Sarah Clift.

Isabella was also at the CFS National Constituency meeting.

5:50: Actions items.

5.1 Moved by Hope and seconded by Levi

Motion Passed


Item 5.2 Moved by Hope Seconded by Aideen

6:02: We’ve moved forward to nominations for the UHP hiring committee. Patsy Ginou, Micheal Green, Emma O. and Kaitlyn MacNeil are the nominees.

Patsy Ginou, Emma Oliver, and Kaitlyn MacNeil have received the most votes to be on the UHP Hiring Committee

6:11: Motion has been passed.

6:11: New Business

No new business

Motion to adjourn by Levi seconded by Victoria

Council adjourned at 6:12










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