Live Blog: 09/02/2020

Goood morning! It’s a short council today but a few important things on the agenda.

We’re hiring the UHP for Accessibility Needs and electing people to the Galley Board of Directors for 2019-20.

Currently we’re waiting to have quorum

Okay we have quorum!

Agenda adopted by unanimous consent

Lindsey moves to amend movements to correct her name, seconded by Mason, amended.

Sam moves to correct spelling of her last name, Levi seconds, amended.

Aideen moves to correct “Ginny looking for weed smell” to “Ginny looking to fine 1st floor Alex for weed smell”, Adrianna seconds, amended.

Mason moves to change “mould” to “mold”, Nick seconds, amended.

Minutes adopted.

Aideen currently running so its hard for her to perform her duties in a way that feels ethical. She went to an event.

Madeleine met with Sam about the accessibility survey. They discussed next steps and Sam began drafting an email to those who wanted follow-ups that’ll go out within the week.

Sam, Aideen, Tessa, and Madeleine met with Patsy to discuss mental health organizing.

Lindsey went to Dal science society meeting.

Mason went to CFS-AGM. Working to set up Journalism event still.

DSS GM happened! Approved budget and elected a CRO for their elections.

Adrianna doesn’t have a lot. But thinking about the handover of the BoG position.

Levi had a lot! Exec met about uni budget consultations – all sorts of stuff there. Every year the university does a consultation with the full KSU exec, thinking of bringing general members. Planned to happen after BAC recommendations, KSU pushing for it to happen earlier. Levi talked to Bill about it, it’s now scheduled for Feb 26th at 2:30.

Meeting with Dean of Students and SVPRO about a variety of things, Wardroom conduct policy being discussed and working on becoming transparent

Exec held a q&a – no one came.

Levi supported a student in a meeting with their prof. Want to make this function of the KSU more transparent to student body. Met with Bill about academic committee feedback, and university budget consultations. Implementation committee – January’s been hard, review of policy is coming up! Exec committee of BoG meeting called about FYP Director’s unpaid leave for rest of the year. Concern about how this will go down. Followed up with Peter O’Brien. Enrolment management committee meeting – not a lot. Met with Peter! Pressure being put to ensure that FYP runs smoothly and that there is transparency about this.

Updates on university diversity discussion group – talk to Levi about it!

Almost anti-O for faculty?! baby steps people.

CFS-NS AGM – lots of stuff! Also vote in the KSU Spring Elections on Feb 11 & 12!


Patsy had a wonderful bullet journalling workshop! Exec strategizing around university budget. Move towards renaming haliburton society? exciting! Mental Health week is in the process of being planned. She’s also working on her changeover document.

Met with Occupational Health and Safety committee, uneventful. Also tabled with Water Protector’s bake sale!


Nick – all the regular stuff, no finance committee happened because there was nothing!


Hope’s report read by Levi – busy as usual! Tabled for fight the fees, and talked about Dal BoG meeting.  Met with Equity officer hiring committee. Met with Bill about Responsible Investment Sub-Committee, will go over this next council. Went a variety of CFS-NS events. Please vote!


Isabella – the day to day! With the addition of elections and the galley BoD hiring. Went to Kim Tallbear talk which was well attended!


Action item 5.1 – Hiring UHP for Accessibility needs. Jasmine Maher is recommended by the hiring committee – they were in unanimous consent about this person. Motion passes

5.2 – electing for Galley board of directors. Mason seconds. Only received 1 name – consider tabling.

Jess Cohlette, David Shuman – self-nominates, only have two names so will move to table motion for next council meeting. Nick seconds. Motion tabled to March 1st meeting.


New Business – letter of apology. Only for council member’s eyes.


Otherwise – motion to adjourn, Mason seconds, passes.


We’re done!

Live Blog: 26/01/2020

good morning! council has been called to order!

agenda has been adopted!

amendments to minutes:

Levi as non-voting member because they were acting as interim chair

Include mason’s name on minutes

Remove David’s name from list of voting members

Move to correct Madeleine’s name in oral reports

all amendments pass

minutes approved

Oral Reports


Aideen – Ginny was going to fine 1st floor Alex for weed smell, Aideen got the fine revoked.

Also mold risk in chapel still not addressed, meeting with Katie on thursday.


Madeleine – Personal issue – met with Neil, in future working to remove “no exceptions policy”


Lindsay – Dal Science Society are not accomplishing things


Emma – DSS doing study snacks. Planning trip to sugar moon farms! Co-ordinating winter GM


Mason – Planning an event for Journalism students to help them manage a major project


Sam – sent accessibility form to Isabella and Hope


Tessa – went to rally and helped with accessibility form


Izzy – no updates


Reports of Executive Committee


Levi – condolences to those affected by the Ukrainian Airlines crash. lots of stuff relating to the history of student activism and an action for lowering tuition. Attended meeting for Alex Fountain lecture. Attended Alumni Association meeting. Advancement Committee meeting – mostly reports. Lots of Rallies! Specifically for Wet’suwet’en, and no War with Iran, and Santina Rao. Submitted motion at CFS-NS annual GM. Upcoming – Winter Elections! and UHP hiring!


Patsy – a bunch of new societies want to ratify! Working with athletics on a Healthy Active Living Workshop.

Nick – maintained union finances, especially focused on insurance. Finance Committee met. Has been helping Societies with the funding process. Went to the BAC, spicy meeting! They want to raise tuition folks. Athletics wants funding because their equipment is old. Upcoming – Finance, Audit, and Risk Committee (27/02/2020)


Hope – very similar to Levi’s report. Lots of fight the fees actions. Attended lots of solidarity rallies and the screening of Invasion at Dal. She encourages everyone to watch it! Upcoming – CFS-NS AGM! Also keep your eyes peeled for more actions!


Isabella – lots of the usual. Fixed the by-laws formatting issues! Social Media for all of the events happening! Got supplies from SoHo.


BIRT KIC (King’s Improv Collective) be ratified as a Tier I society for the remainder of the 2019/2020 academic year.
Moved by Patsy Ginou, seconded by Levi.

People are very excited! It’ll be less intimidating than the Dal one!

Motion Passes


BIRT ____________, _____________, and ____________ be elected to the UHP for Accessibility Needs Hiring Committee.
Moved by Levi Clarkson, seconded by Hope

Very esciting to consider accessibility being evaluated at Kings!

Hope nomiates Sydney Patterson, Zia Shirtliffe,  Aideen Reynolds, and Mery Bullock.

Nominations closed.

Everyone will get three votes.

Sydney – uses they/them pronouns, 3rd year, complicated relationship with disability. Thinks they have perspective on this issue, want to help with this.

Zia – wants to contribute to accessibility due to a variety of issues that affect her.  Wants to make accessibility easier.

Mery – 2nd year and affected by issues of accessibility on king’s campus  . Wants to improve accessibility on campus. Has worked to advocated for accessibility before, a very big passion of hers. She has a lot to say

Aideen – personally very passionate about accessibility. Very conscious of her privilege. Affected by mental health issues.

As votes stand: Sydeny, Aideen, and Mery are nominated.

Nominations pass


BIRT the King’s Wordsmiths receive $25.00 in contingent funding for their event, Winter Poetry Contest.
Finance Committee Recommends Approval.
Moved by Nick Harris, Levi Seconds

Wordsmiths do 2 competitions, money for $25 gift certificate to the King’s Bookstore

Motion passes

BIRT the Contemporary Studies Society receive $716.51 in non-contingent funding for their conference from February 8, 2020.
Finance Committee Recommends Approval.
Moved by Nick Harris, Mason seconds

Historically, the KSU funds part of the conferences at kings. Money for food largely. All as been cross-referenced with money from last year. Very consistent!

Motion passes

1 min amending numbering of agenda, to be consistent. motion passes

BIRT the Pride Society receive $100.00 in contingent funding for their event, Queereokie, on January 31, 2020.
Finance Committee Recommends Approval
Moved by Nick Harris, seconded by Levi

Core event on campus. Everyone loves Queereokie! Money is for pizza. Name is Y2Gay! It’s gonna be good! Motion passes


BIRT the Pride Society receive $180.00 in contingent funding for their event, Gender Celebration II, on January 28, 2020
Finance Committee Recommends Approval
Moved by Nick Harris, seconded by Isabella

Gender Party I was a success – this is a sequel. Same breakdown as last time folks. Sam and Tessa are active listeners cannot vote. Motion passes


New Business – motion to adjourn! we’re done!


Live Blog: 24/11/19

Hello! This is the (likely) last council meeting before the break!

We’re just waiting on quorum to start!

Meeting has been called to order and the land acknowledgement has taken place

1.1 Adoption of Agenda

Hope moves to add 5.11, Emma seconds

BIRT the KSU write to the King’s administration asking them to officially condemn Dalhousie’s failure to act and protect students while urging a tighter policy; and

BIFRT we ask the King’s administration to reiterate their commitment to protecting students on such matter in light of this event

Motion passes

Agenda adopted by unanimous consent

2.1 Emma not in minutes as a voting member, added by unanimous consent

minutes adopted.

3.1 Aideen met with Katie Merwin, some wins some losses

Wants another meeting in December

Room check procedure posted to facebook

Protested Laura Lynn Thompson

3.2 Me! Went to Finance Committee, and helped Aideen w/ residence work

3.3 Emma met to clarify waiver problems

3.4 Lindsay attended several events and committee meeting

3.5 Sam went to Academic Committee Meeting and the Anti-O workshop with Frank from South House

3.6 Tessa brainstormed work around accessibility, went to Academic Committee, etc.

3.7 Izzy and Adrianna brainstormed for the upcoming BoG meeting

4.1 Report of President

4.1.1 Tabled with CFS and Mason to give out ISICs

grant with NSCAD student union denied for curious reasons, a new proposal has been submitted for workshops around sexualized violence

4.1.2 Outcomes panel for Sexualized Violence and Prevention Committee, also did half-day retreat to discuss related things to the outcome panel – Bill requested their presence, Implementation of Bystander training, lots of work around sexualized violence!

4.1.3 CFS meeting, ask Levi or Hope about the minutes! Levi is at CFS AGM in Toronto and there is a BoG organizing meeting on the 27th!

4.2.1 Nick and Patsy met with Katie on mental health – not a lot happening on the school’s end. Patsy thought it went well. 2 Healthy Active living events happening, 1 before break and 1 in january on bullet-journaling. More to come!

Society training still in process.

4.2.2 Met with a committee about the Tri-Bay renos – mostly confidential but if you have questions ask Patsy!

Athletic stuff is in the works

4.2.3 Not much! Academic Committee happened!

4.3.1 All the regular stuff! People got paid, levy checks are going out, finance committee met

4.3.2 BAC met, Tri-Bay renos also a hot topic there!

4.3.3 nothing in external – other to report

4.4.1 Hope hosted 2 workshops facilitated by some awesome folks! Trauma informed Active listening with Jordan Roberts and an anti-o with Frank from South House.

4.4.2 ESG committee met, frustrating time. Any questions, feel free to ask! Final Policy meeting on the 29th, focus on regulation of fund managers and sustainability.

4.4.3 Went to a climate strike! Just a small one but its good to remind the province!

Went to Student Government Roundtable – lots of work there, also frustrating as large emphasis on correcting superficial problems rather than the institutional ones creating them.

Released the statement approved last council denouncing white supremacy on campus

4.4.4 There’s another Climate strike on the 29th! and a BoG organizing meeting on the 27th and the RSC Dance Party is soon as well!

4.5.1 Office-y things. minutes, agenda, etc.

Updated description of KSU in the academic calendar

Updated By-laws and formatting

Made name-cards and updated the chalkboards!

4.5.2 Made an extra TWAK! Normal Social media and poster stuff

4.5.3 Not much

5.1 BIRT no December meeting

passes unanimously

5.2 BIRT the scribe gets paid $300 for their work this semester, moved by Isabella

Seconded by Izzy

motion passes

5.3 BIRT the Chair be paid $425 for their work this semester

PoO: Chair surrendered to SVLP as motion directly impacts chair

Nick seconds

Motion passes

Chair given back to Chris

5.4 BIRT King’s Students For Sustainability be ratified as a Tier 1 society for 2019-2020 academic year


motion passes

5.5 BIRT Le Salon receives $16.00 for their movie night

Seconded by Madeleine

All for movie snacks

no q’s or debate

motion passes

5.6 BIRT King’s Dance Collective receive $517.50 for pole-dancing

Seconded by Patsy

This is a regular thing at King’s! A bulk cost for up to 20 people!

Patsy does extra motivation.

Motion passes

5.7 BIRT RSC receive $80.00 in non-contingent funding for their event, RSC Dance Party on the 29th

Seconded by Hope.

No questions or debate

Motion passes

First approval for a resource centre!

5.8 BIRT King’s Jewish Bookclub receive $112,00 in contingent funding for their event, Wardy Jewish Book Club Party on December 9th, 2019.

Seconded, and passes.

5.9 BIRT Pride Society receive $164.00 in contingent funding for their event, Gender Celebration on the 26th.

Seconded by Sam.

PoC: Sam and Tessa are active listeners, are being paid – no quorum here

Waiting to locate someone to call in.

We got a hold of Levi!

No q’s or debate

Motion passes! Thank you Levi!

5.10 BIRT the Unconcious Collective Ensemble receive $363.18 in contingent funding for their event, #Mood, on November 30, 2019 and December 1, 2019

Seconded by Tessa

Motioning to amend some errors in the agenda.

Nick apologizes for the errors

Motion to amend errors passes

No q’s or debate

Motion passes

5.11 BIRT the KSU write to the King’s administration asking them to officially condemn Dalhousie’s failure to act and protect students while urging a tighter policy; and

BIFRT we ask the King’s administration to reiterate their commitment to protecting students on such matter in light of this event.

Seconded by Isabella

It’s important to release campus specific statements! – Isabella

Motion Passes

6.1 Nick moves to adjourn

Aideen seconds

And we’re done!

Council Meeting: Dec 02/18

The meeting has been called to order, but we don’t have a scribe! We are now on recess.

Item 2: statement by the EVP about the letter released on Thursday.

Isabelle had been working on a letter for the university and chapel.

She would like to apologize for the harm and oversights that were made through the statement.

Marie would like to apologize as well.

Item 3: Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2018

Item 4: Reports of the Executive Committee

Report of the President. Maritimes Rise, panel of sexual violence and the law, actions surrounding the prison industrial complex, trying to get the university to have a smoking space on king’s campus. Tabling about the MOU. The sexualized violence policy is done.

Report of the slvp. Academic committee meeting (preliminary meeting). Athletics and Bell Lets Talk: finding different ways to talk about mental health. Athletics won’t be doing Bell let’s talk. They will be looking for new organizations to donate to.

Report of the FVP. (it was very short)

Report of the EVP.  Organizing meeting about the BOG. Tabling at Dalhousie in the LSC (weird flex but ok). Fight the fees trivia. The sexual violence and the law panel. Call in vs Call out workshop coming up, as well as how to receive disclosures. Action for the BOG next week.

Report of the CVP. (also short)

5. Oral reports and goals of councillors.

Action Items


BIRT Zoe Brimacombe receive $425, the first half of the Chair’s honourarium.

Moved by Lianne Xiao

It passes.


BIRT Gina Grattan receive $425, the first half of the Chief Returning Officer honourarium.

     Moved by Lianne Xiao

It passes.


BIRT Angela Capobianco receive $300, the first half of the Scribe’s honourarium.

     Moved by Lianne Xiao

It passes.


BIRT CUBE Coordinator Ellen Zagar be paid a $200 honorarium for coordinating the KSU’s intramural program for the first semester.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

It passes.


BIRT CUBE Coordinator Mal Thomas be paid a $200 honorarium for coordinating the KSU’s intramural program for the first semester.

It passes.


BIRT the King’s Students’ Union write an open letter to our MP Andy Filmore stating our support for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and opposing the back to work legislation passed on November 26, 2018.

Moved by Isabelle Reynolds

It passes.


Content warning

The student who asked for this motion asked to include a ‘whereas’ clause concerning the fact that the recently was an incident of aggravated sexualized violence on campus, including the drugging of the drink student in the Wardroom.

BIRT the King’s Students’ Union release a statement acknowledging the presence of, and the systemic masking of, sexualized violence on King’s campus, and acknowledging that inaction obscures the existence of sexualized violence and protects abusers, which allows for continued abuse and perpetuates rape culture on campus; and

BIFRT the King’s Students’ Union demand that the University administration acknowledge that a Sexualized Violence Policy is the beginning, and not the end, of combatting the culture of sexualized violence that exists systemically on King’s campus; and

BIFRT the King’s Students’ Union Executive through the role of the External Vice-President be tasked by the King’s Students’ Union Council with creating a campaign specifically related to the reality of sexualized violence on King’s campus.

Moved by Isabelle Reynolds


BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $82.50 in contingent funding to host a Wardy Channukah party on December 10 at 8pm.

Finance Committee Recommends approval

Moved by Marie Dolcetti Koros


Whereas the King’s Students’ Union posted a statement on November 29th, 2019 calling for the renaming of the “Christmas Brunch,” and;

Whereas the intent of the statement was to call on the University of King’s College and the University of King’s College Chapel to host more religiously inclusive events, and;

Whereas the King’s Students’ Union failed to consult communities that would be directly affected, specifically Jewish students, before publishing the letter, and;

Whereas the King’s Students’ Union deleted the statement posted online, following harm directly perpetuated against Jewish students, and;

Whereas the Jewish community has already been organizing against anti-Semitism, occurring independently of the King’s Students’ Union, and;

BIRT the King’s Students’ Union retract the original statement, and;

BIFRT the King’s Students’ Union support the independent organizing of the Jewish community, and of any other religious minorities existing on campus.

Moved by Lianne Xiao


New Business.

8. Motion to adjourn – adjourned!

Council Meeting: Nov 18/18

Welcome back to the council live-blog! We currently do not have quorum. We will be sitting around till we get it – oh the joys of politics!

We now how quorum, thanks to the many councillors who agreed to be on speaker phone. Exciting!

Called to order!

Amendment to agenda: add item number 4, oral reports of councillors.

A couple of other motions have also been added – we will get to them soon.

The minutes from last meeting are adopted.

3.1 Report of the President, read by the SLVP.

Two town halls were held for the sexualized violence committee policy. Lianne attended and organized Maritime RISE conference. October 22nd and 23rd, she attended a keynote for the launch of ReconciliACTION. Fifteen and Fairness tabled in the Wardy, and she also sat on various committees. There is an upcoming panel on sexual violence and the law.

3.2 Report of the SLVP

Throwback October 12th 13: attended councillor training. Attended the AGM, meeting with NSPIRG, the KTS. Externally: helped out with Fight the Fees campaign. Prepared for the fan fall fest. Both teams won! End of November: there will be volleyball tournament. CUBE is happening. Next Sunday: bouldering! November 5th: the slvp is SINGING in a choir concert omg this is wild, Michael Greenlaw will be singing Hayden? Wow my mind is blown.

3.3 Report of the FVP (on speakerphone!)

Last two weeks: very relaxed. Marie did some intensive consultation prior to passing the budget, lots of internal organizing, discussed O-Week finances. Marie has been going through the union’s financial statements, and she loves going to the bank. (Can’t say I relate to that, but to each their own I guess.)

3.4 Report of the EVP, read by the CVP

Isabelle organized a soft fight the fees meeting, discussed the MOU, and organized tabling around the renegotiation of the MOU. November 8th she organized a meeting on the December 6th BOG. 2nd consent culture event was on the 29th: a workshop on active listening. November 7th: meeting concerning a panel she will part of (sorry it’s hard to keep up with all the things). Oct. 23rd she attended the launch of ReconciliACTION. She will be holding two MOU related events in the last month of November. November 27th: third consent culture event.

3.5 Report of the CVP

The fall general meeting took place, Izzy attended the campaigning for 15 and Fairness. TWAK is still a thing! Office hours: 10:30 to 11:30. Izzy attended the RISE keynote at MSVU. Upcoming dates: izzy will set up a BRC meeting.

4. Oral Reports of Councillors

Nick attended on conference on accessibility, and is thinking about making it the base for an event. Cédric and Patsy have attended the GM, sexual violence policy town halls, and so has Emily. JS went to the slavery inquiry and had a separate meeting with Bill Lahey and Tim Curry to make the journalism school safer and more welcoming for radicalized students. Meeting people in the J-School to encourage anti-oppression training.  Hope has also attended various of the above-mentioned meetings, and went to the active listening training, got her password for her email and will attend a dal science society meeting tomorrow!

5. Action items

5.1 BIRT the Students for Sustainability be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Marie motions to suspend the rules and go through business out of order ( she needs to leave soon)

5.2 BIRT the Unconscious collective vocal ensemble receive 333.74$ for various events (haven’t had the time to note it all down, Zoe is talking fast!) The motion carries.

5.6 BIRT that (blank) be elected to sit on the university board of appeals.

The board appeals is for any academic appeals that are put forward, and it’s important to have a student representative there.

The floor is open to nominations.

Marie nominates Levi Clarkson. Levi has been involved with the union in various capacities, and will do a great job!

Levi is elected and the motion passes!

Marie is now getting off of speaker phone. Chris will now call in.

Back to 5.1!

5.1 BIRT the Students for Sustainability be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year

A new society! Michael has been meeting with students who are working on it. Their goal is to promote sustainable practices and encourage people to think about sustainability.

It passes!

5.3 BIRT Sodales, the Dalhousie/King’s debate team be ratified as a tier 1 society.

It passes!

5.4 BIRT that (blank) and (blank) be elected to sit on the university equity committee.

Ciara Gordon, Marlee Sanson, Levi Clarkson, Dominique Amit are nominated.

Marlee Sanson and Dominique Amit have been elected to fill in the blanks. The motion will not be passed with their names to fill in the blanks.

5.5 BIRT (blank) be elected to sit on enrolment management committee.

Beth Airton has been nominated.

Beth is elected, and the motion passes.

There is no new business. We are adjourned. Yay!

Council Meeting: Oct 28/18

Currently, the entire council is locked out of the boardroom. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

We are in! We don’t have quorum yet though – oops.

The Chair’s laptop started playing Marianna’s Trench.

Ok so we don’t have quorum, so we’re going to see if we can get someone on speaker phone???

Lianne will call in! God bless.

We are going to rush through this – Lianne has 15 minutes. Speedy council today.

Agenda adopted! Now: the minutes have been approved.


The exec reports have been tabled. Onto action items.BIRT the King’s Student’s Union send a letter to our MP,Andy Fillmore­­­, outlining our support for the Liberal Government’s introduction of legislation which would allow people who have served their sentences for cannabis possession to apply for a pardon. We will also voice our position that incarcerated persons currently serving sentences for cannabis possession should be granted the same opportunity.

      Moved by Isabelle Reynolds

The motion carries.


  • Be it resolved that the King’s Student’s Unionwrite our stance opposing Halifax Smoking ban and encouraging the University of King’s College to create a designated smoking area on University property.

Moved by Isabelle Reynolds

The motion carries.


  • BIRT the Political Lesbianism Society be ratified as a Tier I society for the 2018/19 academic year.

Moved by Michael Greenlaw

The motion carries.


  • BIRT the HOST society receive $48.00 in contingent funding for their event Experiments Club: Tempera paint on October 29th.

Moved by Izzy Ortner

Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion carries.


  • BIRT SNARC receive $60.00 in non-contingent funding for their Book Club event featuring: the worth of women on November 6thor 8th.

Moved by Izzy Ortner

Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion carries.



  • BIRT the King’s PRIDE society receive $30.00 in contingent funding for their field trip to the Glitter Bean Café and South House on November 2nd.

Moved by Izzy Ortner

Finance Committee recommends approval

The motion carries.


  • BIRT the Early Modern Studies Society receive $72.00 for their First Year Introduction & Guy Falkes event on November 5th at 4 pm in the Wilson Common Room.

Moved by Cédric Blais.

The motion carries.


BIRT the King’s Spanish Society receive $72.00 in contingent funding for their Conversation and Movie Night on November 8th.

Moved by Cédric Blais.

The motion carries.


BIRT the King’s Jewish Book Club receive $15.00 in contingent funding for their Discussion on Jewish Eroticism event on November 1st.

Moved by Cédric Blais.

The motion carries.


We’ve reached the end!

Council took 10 minutes and 20 seconds today. Wow. I can’t believe we made this happen. Everyone got funding!

Next council meeting: November 18th (after the fall reading week)