Welcome to council everyone!

10:07: Meeting called to order by Raeesa. Land acknowledgment.

10:08: Adoption of the agenda, with added Finance Committee recommendations for society funding and a society ratification motion.

10:10: Approval of the minutes from previous emergency council.

10:11: Oral reports of the councillors.

Tessa: Attended the BOG meeting, where the Internationalization plan was discussed at length.

Victor: Day Students’ Mixer happened, upcoming meal ticket distribution, movie night and trip to Noggins Farm.

Sara: Attended Finance Committee on Friday.

10:28: Oral reports of the executives.

Gibby (President): Hiring process of an Accessibility Officer has nearly come to an end, the school is in negotiations with a candidate and hoping to have them start on November 1st. Meeting with Isa Wright about starting a mental health forum at King’s. A student brainstorming session about developing mental health supports facilitated by Isa will take place on November 2nd. Fall elections will open on Monday, and KSU exec have started tabling on Wednesdays and Thursday to increase awareness about the union.

Kaitlyn (SLVP): Society training event. Meeting about field trips for first years. Meeting with city councillor Waye Mason about providing student feedback about a proposed bylaw.

Kerri, the FVP, was not present at the meeting. Their report is available in council documents.

Natalia (EVP): Planning around solidarity with the upcoming DAL TA strike. Meeting with a student about their idea for field trips for first years to learn about Halifax. Held a meeting with Jordan about hosting an event about consent in November.

Aidan (CVP): Organizing bylaw review committee, which will meet for the first time tomorrow. Hiring the new CRO. TWAK, general social media stuff, advertising the Fall GM.

10:56: Action Items

10:57: 5.1 BIRT Paige Chaisson, Terra Carter and Neyve Egger be paid for their work as O-Week Coordinators.

Motivated by Victoria Gibbs.

Seconded by Natalia.

10:58: BIRT the UKing’s Lit Society be approved for $298 in accumulated funding.

Moved by Victoria Gibbs.

Seconded by Tessa.

Motion passes.

11:00: BIRT the TTRPG Society be approved for $70 in contingent funding.

Moved by Victoria Gibbs.

Motion passes.

11:02: A third funding motion which I could not catch for the liveblog; please consult the meeting minutes when released or visit the KSU office if interested.

11:03: BIRT South House, the UKing’s Lit Society, the Unconscious Vocal Collective and the Dal/King’s Debate Society be fully ratified.

Moved by Kaitlyn.

Motion passes.

11:04: New business.

Gibby: Wants to discuss how we will support the upcoming TA strike at Dal.

11:13: Motion to add a BIRT the KSU issue a statement by Wednesday October 19th in support of the strike, including acknowledgment of the adverse effects students may face and resources to help them with this.

Moved by Gibby.

Motion passes.

11:14: Motion to adjourn.

Motion passes.

Thanks everyone!


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